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It may locate something in time and place with a prepositional phrase or a series of such phrases, but it's still lacking a proper subject-verb relationship within an independent clause: In Japan, during the last war and just before the armistice. This sentence accomplishes a great deal in terms of placing the reader in time and place, but there is no subject, no verb.

It describes something, but there is no subject-verb relationship: Working far into the night in an effort to salvage her little boat. This is a verbal phrase that wants to modify something, the real subject of the sentence about to come up , probably the she who was working so hard. It may have most of the makings of a sentence but still be missing an important part of a verb string: Some of the students working in Professor Espinoza's laboratory last semester. Remember that an -ing verb form without an auxiliary form to accompany it can never be a verb. The phantom tendril grips trees and rocks, probing for substance… then fear returns and the lost one slashes the phantom, sending it back to its purgatory….

Once the warden of the plains, tasked with protecting the Unum's tower and striking down the ghostly Eidolon forms that rose from the depths every night. Night after night, he cut them down. Not allowing them to take form. The one night, he disapeared, lost… forever. I see… the tendril once again.

Instead of striking it… the lost one… he extends a hand to the Eidolon?! What was he thinking? He's like Mukha on the tower. Every day, Mukha clamored across the tower ledges and scaffolds - nothing happened, day in and day out… Routine took his fear away. Tenno - I see the tendril has him now. The lost one. He's become an anchor for the Eidolon - to pull itself into our world! The lost one struggles, pulling back, but it's too late!

The Eidolon begins to emerge. But… the lost one realizes - he stops… he lets go…. And so he falls. Falls from this world of the living and down, down, into the next. Mukha, that was so stupid. The Fortuna Fragments are various journals that are scattered and hidden throughout the Orb Vallis , which visually resemble Debt-Bonds. I founded Solaris United the day an old woman had her pet taken from her. The day my best friend watched her arms be given to someone else. The day my mother lost her head. Biz just appeared one day. Sparky, you should have seen us.

Fireballing refineries by night, dutiful clean-up crew during the day. My job was to get people believing in us. Believing we could change things. Everyone i knew, everyone who believed in us, everyone I convinced to sign on Parents, lovers Zuud's sisters. Leg's folks. All gone. Except us, and a few others. Me, Biz, Zuud, Little Duck. I washed my hands of it. They were bloody enough. So I ain't got no fam - biological or logical, Mumsie and Dadsie got burned up workin' for Solaris United the first time.

Figured I'd be a ventkid, but then the Temple came lookin' to collect on what I took from 'em, an' left me barely a head. So, really things could only get better from there. Can't be a ventkid all MOA'd up. Don't fit, can't crawl, can't board. So i make my biological fam right here in me shop. Y'can see the resemblence. Runs in the family. Mister The Business has been really good to me since Always comin' over with somethin. I tell him he doesn't have to, but he says to me "In revolution, it is the weakest who sacrifice the most. You've done your part, that I might do mine. It's nice and all, but why's he looks so sad about it?

I need it, they do it. I might just replace his with some of my own. Get inside his head, chek? I mean, I'd rather be gettin' my music to the people, but who says I can't also be a beautiful spider at the center of a big ol' web of subterfuge and intrigue? I was hangin' in my rack the other cycle, 'bout to power down, an' I hear Boon and Roky and the venters bangin' skeg on the pipes and ducts.

They had a good bounce goin' so's I start singin', as I do. Got a little loud, and the skeg stops. I get all quiet like. Really stepped in it, thinks me. Then the grill pops and Boon's got his head in my hab sayin "Keep it goin'? Neighbors neither. Then the grill pops and Boon's got his head in my hab sayin "Hey, keep it goin'? Ventkid, yeah. That's me. Quills wanted me sellin' arms to the Tenno.

Back in Fortuna. Not bloody likely. Shady, side-mouthed, doubletalking ambidexter-feeling muckers. Never trust anyone who don't speak plain. Told 'em thanks but hop it. Quill smiled that smile. The smile I hate the most. The smile of a body who thinks 'e's two steps ahead. I didn't know you were coming today! Maybe copy in your supervisor and half the security team? I wasn't told about any files! Tell who, Jubb! The Quills! Unless you'd like to pencil me in! For a two-thirty next week! Who are you? So, Solaris United was on its feet again.

I've got friends in Fortuna. The first time SU tried to knock the crown off Nef's head it almost got every last of them killed. Some of them, it did. You don't go in. That's how you burn up. You wait 'til the fire's starved of oxygen. That's where you go in, assess the damage and clean up. Deck 12 is where I live. Tell me now! Orb Mothers It's been developed What's been developed?!

The Orb Mothers The Orb Mothers cannot be what? Biz saved me from a swabbing latrines on Phobos. He made me what I am. But only because I left before I became what he was. Everything Jubb knew Biz had to know. Eudi had to know. They, and everyone in Fortuna, could be proper beached if I didn't. Pencilnecks like Jubb don't risk their hide unless they mean it. Had to go back. If I didn't, if something happened to Fortuna, I'd never sleep proper again. No more treasure hunting for LD. No more rescues.

Back to where it all happened, and hope that this time it wasn't burning, and me along with it. Chatter wakes me, tells me a woman is at my lock, asking for water. Her carapace is scorched. Her raiments, burnt. I fetch water. When I return there are five more women. All singed. They say they are from… Deck There is no Deck I am certain I have seen those faces before. I fetch more water. I return, they are gone. I return to my rack, feeling… I return to my rack angry at the inconvenience is what I do! The gentleman Business visited with me.

Fragments and Run-ons

Why so much talk when there is so much to do? The gentleman Business communicated the belief that… such nonsense… that I must 'make peace with what happened on Deck Deck What is this Deck Chatter had stopped speaking entirely, then. That's what your visitors wanted you to know. That fire was not for y…" Ach! Nonsense and stupidity and a waste of my time! So many visitors, every one of them hoping to take something away.

Dealing with them is like an uncomfortable dream, while speaking with Chatter is like being shaken awake. Are they real? How real are you, when you're sleeping? How real are you, floating, dreaming you are somewhere else? That's what Chatter wants to know. The greatest damage done by avarice for the sake of avarice is precisely that it, without remorse or relent, demonstrates the easy sale of men and women who lend their bodies, their intellects, their voice The Temple of Profit is an ideology that teaches one thing only.

And that is how you keep people beaten. By starving them not only of models of something better, but draining them of wholesome inspiration, denying them examples of a higher way of being and sapping them of any belief that they can achieve it. His name was Sigor Savah. I was a younger man then, an assistant to the efforts of Morphology Specialist Sigor Savah, though I don't think he ever knew my name.

Morphology Specialist Savah's job was to catalog and assess whatever lifeforms - dead or alive - were uncovered as Venus sprang back to life. That man sacrificed everything - career, future, perhaps even his life - to save a kavat, if you can believe that. I know because I helped him. Though he never knew that, either. The kavat, Specimen VK-7, had been tracked to her lair and was to be destroyed. Sigor prevented that at the cost of his liberty, and was soon to lose his life. Coward that I was I told myself there was nothing I could do. Then she was there.

In front of my hab, waiting, looking at me with more intelligence than any kavat should have. And she dropped keys at my feet. The keys to the security center. It was I who opened the door to Sigor's cell. It was I who ensured one cargo pod in particular was replotted, to intercept an outbound Solaris rail tractor. It was I who sealed multiple bulkheads, to stem the flow of troopers meaning to end them both. I remember Sigor best this way: he puts own an instrument, respects me enough to look me in the eye, and he tells me: pause - much slower, savoured delivery "Every living being longs to be whole.

Every living thing yearns to defy death. If from death you returned, yet the part you loved best did not That is why I helped him. In saving that animal Sigor Savah had saved himself. How many of us can say that? I was not about to stand by and let the Corpus steal from him the one thing that was truly his.

Cetus, is where Sigor went. The Plains. His story is out there, if you want to hear it. To this day, I hope he is, too. In this life a person has to find that which is more important than themselves. The Orb Vallis died a long time ago. It should not exist. But here it is. It has a second chance. If that's not hope, then what is? I respect anything… that fights its way back from death. A sculptor sees the shape within the rock.

Their skill lies in removing anything that is not that shape, delivering something beautiful and lasting into the world.

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I was a sculptor, of sorts. My task was the considered removal of those who obscured the shape of what we wanted to be. With their deletion a just society came into clearer focus. Small actions lead to powerful outcomes. One example: a young man is repoed, and Eudico resurrects the resistance. Wise conservation is all about understanding… patterns. Cause and effect. When orchestrating change in an ecosystem, ask: how will the system reconfigure in response to this new species.

New forests? Redirected rivers? Diverse and beneficial new breeds? It is all connected. It was Legs' punishment that inspired Eudico to resurrect Solaris United. Lean and wise, it is time for the hungry, furious wolf to enter the woods. For the Corpus to receive a selective nd beneficial extinction.

Used to be every time an old love ended and a new one began, friends would say "You seem so much happier now. Just to feel it on my lips again. Like summoning a ghost. We met in unspoken agreement. You called me by the name of the one who had hurt you. My name for you was the name of the one who had wounded me. We played the part for each other.

When I spoke, I spoke for them. Through you I told the one who had wounded me all the little things I never had the chance to. Cooked them all the meals I never got to share. Made all the jokes. Laughed all the laughs. With them, through you. And you, with yours, through me.

There's a dream I have every now and then. You are you, in your own first body.

Understanding fragments

And I am there in mine. I stand on the shore. You stand in the sea. I watch as the waves roll in, but never break against your back. They whisper right through you, and you fade away from me. I still have your glove. Just the one. The only thing I have left of you. In quiet moments I lay it on my lap, lace my fingers through yours, and make promises. I sold my arms to buy you and arm. I sold my legs to buy you a leg. I sold my lungs, my bones, my heart… to buy a safe place to cradle your beautiful head.

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I bought you back from them. I brought you back to me. You in the body I had bought for you, me in the body I had earned to replace the one I sold. Sat so long on the Taxman's shelf, you barely knew who you were. And you certainly didn't know me. These days you work the canal with few memories of who you were. And I'm in the business of keeping promises. Partnership Fragments are small Sentient figurines scattered and hidden throughout the Corpus Gas City. Things have never been this bad. The currents are strengthening in that rank cesspool of a Board. Nef Anyo has consolidated his power on Venus, winning Frohd Bek's favor.

All eyes are turning toward their new darling. And the currents I seek advantage and advantage appears! I'd long thought that old fool Regus dead, but here is - rich and gullible as ever! With an offer of shared wealth. Says he has tech like I've nver seen!


Old War tech. And he wants an investor. Oh, I'll invest all right This is about more than investment. Regus surprises me. How a man of his limited intellect came by such wonders is What he has is Where did he find this technology? It stinks of Tau, but the advantages to be had in the exploitation of it Regus' price was high, but I dangled the Board's most enticing intellectual property, SysComm, to seal the deal. Then I placed a contract, loaded with escape clauses and loopholes, in that slack, idiot's fingers And he signed! The fool signed without even reading it! Regus has changed. Or, perhaps, he is not such a fool He is no longer so agreeable.

Rather he came to our meeting with a raft of his own, radical, proposals. An entire shift in direction. And then, as I made to leave, he smiled. He smiled and, for just a second, I don't think his face was human at all. This is all wrong. I'm tearing up the contract. I have a terrible feeling that if I do not escape this partnership immediately, I never will. That was not Regus. It was never Regus.

It revealed its true face to me and I've entered into a partnership The world-builders, the world-killers. Our enemy under all. This contract is worthless. Instead, they demand submission. Assemble the disciples. Arm the Condors. Those oversized crustaceans have no idea who they're dealing with. That did not go as planned. Thousands against one. That massive grotesque tore through my forces like a shark through a shoal. We never inflicted so much as a scratch. Now it perches outside my home. The message is Clear. I am to make Amalgams, and if I cross them, the Ropalolyst makes an ash cloud of this city.

If my rivals find out, I'll be executed for treason. What choice do I have contempt but to comply? The message is clear. Good news! The Amalgam program has entered into a fruitful partnership. Pursuant to our agreement, their identities will be kept confidential, and a strict no-fly zone shall be instated around their craft. In time the nature of our project will be made known. Until then know that we work for a brighter Corpus future! Life is Profit. Somachord Tones are parts of a song scattered throughout the Origin System.

Four parts are required to completely unlock a playable background music in the Orbiter 's Somachord located in the Personal Quarters. They are identified as purple bars arranged in an circular arc, reminiscent of the Mandachord 's note table. Similar to Cephalon Fragments they are found on every location in the Solar system after the completion of The War Within quest and are identifiable by a unique purple icon on the mini-map if equipped with a Loot Radar mods.

They will not spawn unless one member of the squad has completed the Personal Quarters Segment , but can be scanned by anyone regardless of whether they have unlocked their Personal Quarters. Frame Fighter Character Data are used to unlock respective new Frames in the Frame Fighter minigame and spawn once a player has unlocked the Ludoplex. Only one of these fragments are required to unlock one character for use in the fighting game.

They are identified as a blue, floating orb. Similar to Cephalon Fragments and Somachord Tones they can be found on every location in the solar system. Anyone can scan them regardless of whether they have the minigame or not. Update Hotfix Before Update With Update Update: Specters of the Rail. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. You're going to ruin the surprise!

Contents [ show ]. Plains of Eidolon. Swazdo-lah - a common greeting Sho-lah - 'farewell' Surah - 'friend' Dah-dap - 'thank-you' Ai yo - a common exclamation. Could be thought of as 'oh my' Lok heb - 'hail' Chut! Flensers: those who carve up the Temple's flesh. Retrievers: those who wring all oil from scrubs at the end of a shift. Whatever you wish to gain or lose is a door, behind which lies grace. Childhood Games. As times have improved this trait has become a key part of Ostron culture. Golden caviar: harvested from abyssal depths such as the Geonate Shelf.

The way it seemed to fall in love with tearing them apart, over and over and over…" Interviews in the Field, Eidolon Plains, conducted by Sigor Savah. Sigor Savah Transmission. Every living thing longs to be whole. Every living thing yearns to defy death If from death you returned, yet the part you loved best did not… what then?

Specimen VK-7, unlike the others, did not come from a gene record. She was found frozen, in a sealed closet close to the environmental control station. Her unassuming tomb for millennia. Here, then, was an intact example of Orokin-era fauna. I was Corpus: a scientist second and a businessman first.

Enough to buy a handsome slice of any planetoid of my choosing. I had the corpse lain on a dissection rack, ready for a full surgical examination. Then, like any animal dreaming, the paw… …twitched. I glanced at the vitals scanner, expecting to see some anomalous electrical reaction taking place, contracting ancient muscles… But no…What I saw there was a beating heart.

I did not revive specimen VK Before my eyes she willed herself back to life. It was… the most… beautiful… thing I had ever seen. Life is profit, profit is life. I found her sharp gaze unsettling. The way she would watch my every move from her cage unnerved me. We put the fragment on CommentsPage. When it's time to embed the fragment in a query, we simply use the You can see the full source code to the CommentsPage in GitHunt here.

A key advantage of GraphQL is the tree-like nature of the response data, which in many cases mirrors your rendered component hierarchy. This, combined with GraphQL's support for fragments, allows you to split your queries up in such a way that the various fields fetched by the queries are located right alongside the code that uses the field. Although this technique doesn't always make sense for instance it's not always the case that the GraphQL schema is driven by the UI requirements , when it does, it's possible to use some patterns in Apollo client to take full advantage of it.

In GitHunt, we show an example of this on the FeedPage , which constructs the follow view hierarchy:. The FeedPage conducts a query to fetch a list of Entry s, and each of the subcomponents requires different subfields of each Entry. The graphql-anywhere package gives us tools to easily construct a single query that provides all the fields that each subcomponent needs, and allows to easily pass the exact field that a component needs to it.

To create the fragments, we again use the gql helper and attach to subfields of ComponentClass. If our fragments include sub-fragments then we can pass them into the gql helper:.

Fragments of Extinction

We can also use the graphql-anywhere package to filter the exact fields from the entry before passing them to the subcomponent. So when we render a VoteButtons , we can simply do:. The filter function will grab exactly the fields from the entry that the fragment defines.

Fragments Fragments
Fragments Fragments
Fragments Fragments
Fragments Fragments
Fragments Fragments

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