Come, My Beloved: A Novel

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When she is thirteen, she is sold to the Garners, who own Sweet Home and practice a comparatively benevolent kind of slavery. There, the other slaves, who are all men, lust after her but never touch her. Together, Sethe and Halle have two sons, Howard and Buglar, as well as a baby daughter whose name we never learn.

When she leaves Sweet Home, Sethe is also pregnant with a fourth child. After the eventual death of the proprietor, Mr. Garner, the widowed Mrs.

Plot Overview

Garner asks her sadistic, vehemently racist brother-in-law to help her run the farm. He is known to the slaves as schoolteacher, and his oppressive presence makes life on the plantation even more unbearable than it had been before. The slaves decide to run. Unbeknownst to Sethe, Halle is watching the event from a loft above her, where he lies frozen with horror. Afterward, Halle goes mad: Paul D sees him sitting by a churn with butter slathered all over his face. Paul D, meanwhile, is forced to suffer the indignity of wearing an iron bit in his mouth.

Come, My Beloved by Pearl S Buck

Garner, he has her whipped severely, despite the fact that she is pregnant. Swollen and scarred, Sethe nevertheless runs away, but along the way she collapses from exhaustion in a forest. A white girl, Amy Denver, finds her and nurses her back to health.

Come Away My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts

When Amy later helps Sethe deliver her baby in a boat, Sethe names this second daughter Denver after the girl who helped her. Baby Suggs cleans Sethe up before allowing her to see her three older children. Sethe spends twenty-eight wonderful days in Cincinnati, where Baby Suggs serves as an unofficial preacher to the black community. On the last day, however, schoolteacher comes for Sethe to take her and her children back to Sweet Home.

Rather than surrender her children to a life of dehumanizing slavery, she flees with them to the woodshed and tries to kill them. Only the third child, her older daughter, dies, her throat having been cut with a handsaw by Sethe. Sethe returns to the house at , where Baby Suggs has sunk into a deep depression. The community shuns the house, and the family continues to live in isolation. Meanwhile, Paul D has endured torturous experiences in a chain gang in Georgia, where he was sent after trying to kill Brandywine, a slave owner to whom he was sold by schoolteacher. One day, a fortuitous rainstorm allows Paul D and the other chain gang members to escape.

This is a book to be savored in smaller bites in order to get the full benefit of the information. Readers of Israel , My Beloved will gain a deeper understanding of both Jewish and Christian history. Through the eyes of Sara, readers develop a renewed compassion for the Jewish people and the persecution they have endured. Colorful description keeps the reader involved in the story, and does not slow the pace with too many details.

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Characters are well developed, considering many of them appear only briefly in a few chapters. Israel, My Beloved , takes the reader through Israel's history, while at the same time challenging the reader to consider the type of relationship God desires with his chosen people. I wish Kay had some more of the same type of books. I have read Israel, My Beloved three times and have started on the fourth time. Every time I read it, I learn more. I have just completed a study on the book of Daniel and having read her book helped me with the study—names, dates, etc… A great book.

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Come, My Beloved

Download Cover. Register Trade. Quantity: eBook available at your favorite eRetailer. A Word from the Author "This is a story—an epic—that will impassion your heart Write A Review Thank you for your review! It has been submitted and will be reviewed for approval.

Come, My Beloved: A Novel Come, My Beloved: A Novel
Come, My Beloved: A Novel Come, My Beloved: A Novel
Come, My Beloved: A Novel Come, My Beloved: A Novel
Come, My Beloved: A Novel Come, My Beloved: A Novel
Come, My Beloved: A Novel Come, My Beloved: A Novel
Come, My Beloved: A Novel Come, My Beloved: A Novel
Come, My Beloved: A Novel Come, My Beloved: A Novel
Come, My Beloved: A Novel Come, My Beloved: A Novel
Come, My Beloved: A Novel Come, My Beloved: A Novel

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