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Let's look at the different perceptions of warlock. Consequently, a lot of Wiccans and Pagans tend to distance themselves from the word. Other writers have said that the term was originally used in Scotland to mean a cunning man, or a male witch, but that in recent centuries it has shifted to hold negative connotations.

In recent years, dictionaries have expanded on its meaning, including the definition "liar" in the explanation. Some of this may have to do with misinterpretations of meanings by monks who were trying to convert the Scots from their early Pagan religions to Christianity.

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After all, if a clan's cunning man was referred to as a warlock, and his activities clearly went against the teachings of the Christian churches, then obviously the word warlock must have connotations of evil. Some Pagans are trying to reclaim the word warlock , much like the GLBT community has taken back queer and dyke. Partially because of this, a theory that has gained popularity is that warlock may have its roots in Norse mythology. In one of the poetic eddas, in The Saga of Eirik the Red , a sacred song called the Vardlokkur is sung, to ward off evil spirits during a religious ceremony. The idea is that the Vardlokkur , as applied to a person, is a "spell singer," rather than a liar or oath-breaker.

Meanings and Use of the Word "Warlock"

He says,. Jackson Warlock, who runs the Reclaiming Warlock blog, says ,. Finally, the word warlock is used in some oathbound traditions of Wicca to mean a binding or tying. The person who binds an initiate during a ceremony is sometimes referred to as a warlock, or the ties themselves are the warlocks. So, what does that mean for today's Pagans and Wiccans? Can a male witch or mage refer to himself as a warlock without a bunch of negative fallout from the others in his community?

Archmaester Marwyn studied with warlocks.

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At the beginning of Daenerys Targaryen 's stay in Qarth , Xaro Xhoan Daxos warns her to avoid the warlocks in the city. After Daenerys's visit to the House of the Undying and the subsequent death of the Undying Ones , [4] Xaro tells her that Pyat Pree is gathering the surviving warlocks together to work ill on her.

Sworn and Beholden

As Daenerys is searching for a ship at the Port of Qarth , a Sorrowful Man attacks her with a manticore. In Winterfell , Maester Luwin tells Bran Stark that magic does not work, but Bran reminds him there are mages and warlocks in the east. Luwin corrects Bran, telling him that these are men who simply refer to themselves as mages and warlocks.

On the Balerion , Daenerys thinks of various threats she faces. She remembers it is said warlocks never forget a wrong.

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  4. Pate recalls that Archmaester Marwyn had spent eight years in the east, and during that time, among other things, had studied with warlocks. Quellon Humble confides to Victarion Greyjoy that his brother, Euron Greyjoy , has three wizards aboard the Silence , queer terrible men but Euron has made them his slaves. Victarion tells the dusky woman that Euron's wizards had seen that the Shield Islands would fall to him.

    Euron tells Victarion that he had captured four warlocks in a galleas out of Qarth. On board was a cask of shade-of-the-evening , along with some cloves and nutmeg and forty bolts of green silk.

    Meanings and Use of the Word "Warlock"

    The warlocks told him a curious tale, which Euron does not elaborate upon. Euron killed a warlock who threatened him and fed him to the other three. In Meereen , Daenerys learns from Xaro that she had not been gone a fortnight from Qarth when Pyat Pree set out from the city with three of his fellow warlocks to seek her in Pentos , in order to seek revenge on her for the burning of the House of the Undying. Inspired by Euron's captive warlocks, Victarion spares the life of Moqorro , who is knowledgeable of Slaver's Bay and dragonkind.

    When Aeron Greyjoy is held captive by his brother Euron in the hold of the Silence , he notices mutilated warlocks.

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    One of the captives cries a word, "Pree". Xaro : There is a saying in Qarth. A warlock's house is built of bones and lies.

    Daenerys : Then why do men lower their voices when they speak of the warlocks of Qarth? All across the east, their power and wisdom are revered. Pyat Pree has blue lips, and it is truly said that blue lips speak only lies.

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