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The village is 30 miles from the Austrian border, and can be visited from Austrian or German resorts. Accommodation and tickets are in short supply, so enquire now. Take a ride in a horsedrawn carriage or on the Rosshutte Mountain Railway. Obergurgl This is one of the highest villages in Austria at over 1,m 6,ft.

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View Tiefenbach and Rattenbach glaciers using cable cars, chair lifts and mountain paths. Kitzbuhel A medieval walled town roughly halfway between Salzburg and Innsbruck, it is a major centre for festivals and close to Schwarzsee lake. It is handy for excursions around Austria. Salzburg also has connections with The Sound of Music, and days out to the mountains and lakes are easily arranged. Innsbruck The capital of the Tyrol is a great historic and cultural centre. Bad Kleinkirchheim The home ski resort of Austrian legend Franz Klammer, this pretty little Carinthia town is also popular in summer for its hot springs, mountain biking and hiking, plus nearby Millstatter lake.

Grindelwald One of the most popular of the Bernese Oberland resorts, it is overlooked by the Eiger and a good base to go up the Jungfrau by train. Enjoy cruises on lakes Thun and Brienz. Montreux At the eastern end of Lake Geneva, Montreux is famous for its jazz and film festivals. Explore the lake on its Swiss and French sides. Zermatt Overlooked by the Matterhorn, this is one of the best-loved and most dramatically-situated Swiss resorts.

Historic Verona is less than one hour from resorts around the south of the lake. Be sure to visit the botanic gardens at Villa Carlotta. Cable cars and mountain railways will get you up the mountains, and you can also stay in the quieter nearby resort of Les Houches. Activities include horse-riding, hiking and boating. Geneva is close by, so you can find Swiss traditions such as alphorns in this area.

From the top you can see four countries. Berchtesgaden Overlooked by Watzmann mountain, it is close to Salzburg in Austria. The JulianAlps provide a dramatic backdrop, and Lake Jasna is close by. Bled This is one of the most attractive lake towns in Europe, and a great base for walking or rides in a horse-drawn carriage. Visit the church on a tiny island in the lake, reached by gondola. Spring wildflowers are spectacular. Alesund Renowned for its art nouveau architecture, this town on the coastal cruising route is a great base for day trips.

He is a big fan of Europe s glorious lakes and mountain scenery and frequently pays return visits. Budapest and Krakow also have good flight connections. A disadvantage of flying is that it can then take two or more hours to reach some resorts, by car or coach. Travelling throughout by train is a viable alternative, especially for France and Switzerland, changing stations in Paris after arriving on Eurostar.

You can also travel by car, but an overnight stop en route is recommended. When to go Any time from Easter to the end of September, but pack some warm clothes in spring when the wildflowers bloom and autumn. Resorts can be crowded in July and August, especially if close to cities. Also pack warm clothes if venturing to mountain summits, even in high summer.

Tour operators Inghams celebrates its 75th anniversary with holidays to 19 countries. Dertour , www. Ffestiniog Travel , www. Tourist information Switzerland: www.

Joseph Conrad

I f my arms were just a few inches longer I could touch the floodlit minarets of the Blue Mosque as I hang out of the window, drinking in the impossibly romantic scene surrounding me. After all, this is ancient Byzantium, imperial Constantinople, the place where the Roman Empire morphed into the louche decadence of the Byzantine Empire. As Istanbul, it was the great imperial capital of the Ottoman Empire. This was the place that officially introduced Christianity to the western world as a state religion rather than an underground cult.

It was, for nearly 1, years, the capital of the Islamic world and it was the end of the Silk Road, the greatest trade route on the planet. Istanbul is the only major city that stands at the edge of two continents, one foot in Europe and one in Asia, divided by the Bosphorus. It is thousands of years old. And it is stunningly, staggeringly beautiful, if ragged around the edges. My hotel, the Mas Evi Blue House is one of a positive army of restored Ottoman mansions in the old city.

In the pavement cafe below me, a solitary dervish is whirling in stately, rather sad splendour, his religious ritual demoted to a tourist attraction as the backpackers around him ignore the performance in favour of the honey-flavoured nargile hubble-bubble pipes , lounging back on carpeted benches like denim-clad pashas. In its day, it was, quite literally, the centre of the universe, home, court and government — with many thousands living and working here at the hub of an empire which stretched from the gates of Vienna across North Africa and deep into Asia.

All this history and more just in Sultanahmet, one tiny corner of this huge city; it is literally breath-taking. Sexes are separated, but the experience is very public, with you stripped down to a small pair of briefs and scrubbed ferociously by cackling bath attendants who alternate the loofah with buckets of water before an optional vigorous massage.

Great fun, and you feel amazing afterwards. G www. Yerebatan Sarayi Underground Palace , actually a Byzantine water cistern of vast dimensions and grace, much of it built from recycled classical stone so the soaring columns have unlikely inscriptions. It is a popular venue for concerts. The change in the city has been palpable since I first start coming here about 20 years ago. Even while the more religious government is quietly encouraging fashionistas to adopt the veil albeit an extremely glamorous version in silks and satins , the artistic community is noticeably breaking free of the strong Islamic tradition which kept it bound for centuries.

Touristy but fun. Turkish night in the Galata Tower — a typical Turkish feast, belly dancers and the best views in the city in the ultimate tourist attraction. Go open-air summer clubbing at Reina on the shores of the Bosphorus, with the Istanbul in-crowd. Have a night at the opera or ballet at the Ataturk Cultural Centre,Taksim www. Babylon is fast becoming one of the great names of the club world, attracting international DJs and live acts for late, late nights.

One slight downside to this is that while Turkey is still good value outside the eurozone , prices have risen steeply. Getting there is cheaper than ever with the advent of low-cost flights and there are still plenty of back-street cafes where you can get a kebab for a couple of lire. However if you want the views, Ottoman court cuisine or the increasing array of chic designer restaurants and clubs that grace the new city around Istiklal Caddesi and Taksim or the shores of the Bosphorus, expect to pay international prices for jetset pleasures.

While the humble kebab might dominate, Turkish cuisine is one of the great culinary traditions of the world. The aubergine is also ubiquitous, but Ottoman chefs had different ways of dealing with it. The same goes for shopping. Wander the alleyways between the baskets of lucky blue beads, mounds of saffron and peppercorns and sugary lokum Turkish Delight , gleaming silver jewellery, leather bags in a kaleidoscope of colours and fake designer labels.

And everywhere a magical fantasy of intricately patterned rugs from all corners of Anatolia, souvenirs with memories to last a lifetime. Getting there Easyjet www. UK tour operators offering short breaks to Istanbul include Anatolian Sky www. Accommodation If you want to be conveniently located for sightseeing and stay in a charming small hotel, look at staying in the Sultanahmet.

If you prefer somewhere convenient for restaurants and nightlife or the larger, glossier hotels, head for Beyoglu the new city. To escape from the crowds with a little luxury, look at one of the boutique hotels down near the water on the Bosphorus. London-based Melissa Shales is thoroughly spoiled, writing about the Mediterranean culture, the great African outdoors and history everywhere. She is also chairman of the British Guild of Travel Writers. Lightweight and stylish, the V-Man comes with a sevenpiece adapter kit as well as a special USB adapter and can be used to charge almost any gadget, including mobile phones, MP3 players and digital cameras, within one to two hours.

Each guide has a pull-out map of the whole country, clearly-mapped itineraries including postcodes so that they can be used in conjunction with sat-nav and lists of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. Terms and conditions apply. Closing date April 30, There are three different Fizbags, all beautifully-designed.

The Original, in its own matching pouch, weighs just 30g and measures only 11cm x 6cm but expands to 35cm x 40cm, large enough for everyday use and available in handheld or shoulder bag style. With twice the capacity, the Big Shopper is ideal for taking beach towels and flip flops to the beach. The Fizpouch is a 22cm x 14cm-sized organiser which fits inside a large handbag and has compartments for your phone, iPod and sunglasses plus a zipped pocket for money and credit cards. The bags come in a variety of designs. Available from www.

I deal for your holiday hotel room while getting ready to hit the town, Rockstar from Urbanz is a funky, powerful speaker which connects easily to your iPod, MP3 player, phone or laptop. G You can WIN one of three of these great little speakers, go to www. They include its popular Natural Hair Removal gel, which is now available in a smaller, g take-anywhere tub. The easy-to-use formula, made with only natural ingredients such as honey, sugar and lemon juice, smoothes easily onto legs, arms, underarms and bikini lines and is perfect for keeping your skin beach-ready at all times.

These innovative shoes are perfect to slip into when the heels hurt too much and the accompanying lightweight shoulder carry bag makes them perfect for travel. In a range of styles and colours, the shoes are available online from CocoRose at www. Offer valid until June Rock your world — and win a Rockstar S ome of your best photo opportunities on holiday may come from being around the pool, out on a boat or even maybe snorkelling or windsurfing, but how do you protect your camera from the water?

A new completely waterproof camera case from OverBoard may be the answer. The Waterproof Zoom Lens Camera Case can still take pictures with a regular digital camera when submerged down to 19ft and the telescopic lens addition makes this product stand out.

The case is largely transparent and keeps your camera, or even mobile phone, completely sealed and protected, allowing good quality pictures in or out of the water. Just go to www. I am balancing on a floating jetty in the dark trying to unlock the door to the boat that has become my home this week. If only I had a torch, but needless to say, it was the one thing I never even thought to pack. If a kind Frenchman in a nearby boat had not come to rescue me and my family, our trip might have come to a sorry — as in wet — end.

Instead, it was the start of a fabulously relaxing holiday, one where we literally watched the world go by as we cruised from town to village, tying up as and when the fancy took us. If a week messing about on rivers appeals, there are two kinds of boating holidays to pick from; which you choose depends on how adventurous you are feeling.

There are self-drive boats, like I was on, where you are given a quick lesson in operation and navigation and then sent off to explore the local rivers and canals, or luxurious hotel barges where all you have to do is relax and enjoy. Self-drive boating holidays Self-drive boats are brilliant for friends and families who like the freedom of the open river and are happy catering for themselves. They come in all sizes, sleeping from two to 12 people and have various levels of comfort, for instance some have en-suite bathrooms and electric flush toilets — believe me, much more preferable than the usual pump-action loos.

Most rivers have locks, but many are manned and others are automatic so you just push a few buttons and hey presto. The only slightly tricky thing is docking, which requires team work between the captain and rope man or woman , who needs to be agile enough to leap off as the boat comes towards the bank. It sounds scary but you soon get the hang of it. Galleys are small but equipped with the basics, such as a gas hob, oven and kettles. G Some companies offering waterways holidays are not bonded so your holiday is not protected if something goes wrong. The best advice is to pay by credit card as your money will be refunded in case of a company failure.

The same advice applies if you fly from the UK. There are a few. It took the taxi that picked me up at the end less than two hours to get back to base.

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  • The Viking Highlands: The Norse Age in the Highlands.
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  • The Mississippi Territory and the Southwest Frontier, 1795-1817.
  • French Riviera: The Artists Paradise?

Hotel barges If you prefer a more luxurious holiday, with someone to captain the boat, do the cooking and plan excursions, a hotel barge holiday has your name on it. Barges usually hold between four and 12 people.

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  8. You can book a cabin as an individual or couple, but they are also perfect for anniversaries — such as a milestone birthday or wedding celebration — as you can charter the boat and bring along family and friends. In this case, you will be able to make changes to the schedule, staying longer here maybe, or missing going there.

    Hotel barges are all about luxury and personal service. What to do? On a hotel barge or self-drive boating holiday you can be as active or as lazy as you wish. Most hotel barge operators lay on daily excursions to chateaux, vineyards, private gardens or museums, and you can go or not as the mood takes you. They also carry bicycles so you can get off and pedal to the next lock, or just have a walk if you prefer.

    On your DIY boating holiday, you can moor up and go exploring or have a lazy few days sunbathing on the vessel. You can carry bikes on the boats; most companies have them for hire or bring your own. Or maybe go horse riding, play golf and visit local markets. It is the ultimate in a freedom holiday. Who goes where? France has 10,km of navigable waterways — both rivers and canals — and is the most popular spot for DIY boating in Europe.

    Belgium, Holland, Italy and Germany are less popular but all have their fair share of waterways if you want something different. Le Boat, part of TUI Travel, has DIY boating holidays in all these places, mostly one week, cruising one way, but you can add seven days and return to the original base. Short-break boating holidays were launched in and are a great way to get a taste for this type of holiday. Travel to the base to collect your boat, plus fuel, meals, drinks, excursions and bike hire are all extras, and you might have to pay mooring fees in busy places.

    Hotel barge operators include all meals, drinks, use of onboard bikes and scheduled excursions in the price so there is nothing more to pay unless you go horse-riding, play golf or do some other activity. Travel from the UK to and from the pick-up point — usually a hotel or railway station — is extra. I Costs may include bike hire LeBoat. For something different, Hoseasons has DIY boating holidays on the Mazurian Lakes in Poland, sailing along canals and rivers, and through forests, as well as the favourite places in Western Europe.

    France is also the leading destination for hotel barge holidays. For the ultimate in exclusive, check out Saint Louis Barge — literally one barge with room for six passengers and four crew that sails six-night cruises on the Gironde, between Toulouse and Bordeaux. Great for charters but individuals can book it as well. Obviously, summer months will be the warmest, especially in the South of France.

    What to pack Hotel barges are informal so pack what you feel comfortable in. A small torch to fit in the handbag is also highly recommended! Small suitcases are easiest to store on the boats. Sample holidays G Le Boat ; www. G European Waterways ; www. Other boat and barge holiday operators Boating Europe: ; www.

    I f the thought of leisurely cruising along a canal in Burgundy in the lap of luxury with a gourmet chef and all meals and wine included appeals, then why not enter this competition to win a fabulous six-night hotel barge cruise — courtesy of European Waterways.

    The hotel barges accommodate between four and 12 passengers and are ideal for people looking for either an individual cruise with other like-minded people, or for those wanting a whole barge charter for a family or group of friends. All vessels are fully crewed with a Captain, gourmet chef, hostess and a tour guide.

    The cruise will depart on a Sunday and end on the following Saturday. For a chance of winning this wonderful holiday, visit the European Waterways website www. Question: In which year did European Waterways first start operating? Closing date is April 30, Only one entry per household. In countries devastated by conflict, natural disaster or poverty, our staff battle epidemics, run emergency clinics and provide basic health services.

    Find out where we work, what we do and how you can help at www. Its annual Long-haul Report shows the island chain has maintained its position as top-selling faraway destination for after topping the table — with Thailand and the US also staying in second and third respectively. Meanwhile, China and Hong Kong have moved into eighth place, with Kuoni saying that is seeing more creative itineraries and adventurous multi-centre, tailor-made holidays. N ew mums can get away from it all with their babies, thanks to a new five-night Italian villa break.

    The Mum and Baby Experience, claimed to be the first of its kind, offers stays at a five-bedroom Tuscany villa on selected dates in May, June and September. We provide the perfect environment for them to relax and recharge their batteries, with their babies. Massages and beauty treatments are available and there is an Italian cookery class. Babysitting is also offered, so mums can take time out on their own. Breakfast and dinner is included, as are Perugia airport transfers.

    For information, email Rita Kobrak on: ritakobrak mum-and-baby-experience. Just quote TLM Magazine when booking. Coach website A new website — www. The most comprehensive guide to coach tours, it features more than UK coach tour operator members of the Coach Tourism Council CTC , which promotes travel and tourism by coach.

    It is a simple, user-friendly guide to finding an excursion, short break or escorted coach holiday to anywhere in the UK, Europe or beyond. Take a hike A free Hiking Programme for guests staying in Austrian alpine town Innsbruck or its 25 holiday villages includes guided hikes, a free hiking bus and even free boots and rucksack for those without their own. Guests must have an Innsbruck Card, which also offers reduced or free admission to attractions and costs from 25 euros for 24 hours. The Majestic Line operates cruises aboard two traditional craft, the Glen Massan and Glen Tarsan, both of which accommodate a maximum of 11 people.

    The sailing season is being expanded with the addition of two new six-night west coast and Hebrides cruises, departing from Oban in July and September. Strong demand for the cruises means the award-winning Scottish company will also add at least two more Skye and Inner Hebrides cruises for the season.

    18 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

    Meals are all freshly-prepared using locallysourced ingredients, and the ships have a salon area at the rear so guests can relax on deck. Wildlife that can be seen from the deck and trips ashore includes eagles, otters and seals. Go to www. I s your wine expertise lacking? Open to everyone, they comprise in-depth tastings, practical exercises and visits to nearby chateaux. After completing that level, a two-day practical course May and October ; euros helps students improve their wine-tasting ability and learn the principles of successful food and wine matching.

    The Grand Crus level course May ; euros , for students who have completed either of the other courses, is a three-day discovery of the Bordeaux vineyards and their wines, visiting four areas — the Medoc, Sauternes, Graves and SaintEmilion. A two-hour introduction course, again in English, is held daily except Thursdays and Sundays in July and August. Prices do not include flights or accommodation.

    For details, visit www. The Florida park will feature multiple themed attractions, shops and a restaurant. The Hogwarts Express train transports students to a world of magic and wonder in the Harry Potter books and films. With malaria hotspots changing frequently, it is important to keep up to date.

    Visit www. Pacific trio Luxury tour operator Tailor Made Travel features three Pacific hotels opening this spring. Never before has there been such a choice of family-friendly ships bursting at the seams with exciting activities and facilities for younger cruisers. Youngsters are no longer confined to fun and games in the kids clubs — good though they are. Some ships have dedicated deck areas for younger passengers, while others offer supervised excursions for older children who want to shake off mum and dad for a few hours.

    There are sports courts where youngsters can let off steam, mini-golf courses for a quick nine holes, table tennis and even giant movie screens where they can catch a film while playing in the pool.

    You are here

    Some larger ships also have water parks complete with water slides. Then there are themed parties, talent shows and tribute bands, plus family-friendly restaurants and speciallydesigned cabins designed to accommodate parents and up to three children. Cruising, it seems, has finally thrown off its reputation for appealing mainly to the retired set — and where families are concerned, it is growing up fast. But the key to happy holidays afloat rests on choosing the right ship as facilities can vary and some vessels are better for certain age groups.

    Only a few lines have nurseries on their ships and one of these is Cunard, where nannies take care of children on its two ships, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria. Norwegian Cruise Line is another good choice for toddlers as some of its ships have water-themed play areas or dedicated baby pools. Evening group baby-sitting is also offered. Under 12s Family-friendly ships have kids clubs, split into different age groups, that offer an action-packed programme of activities such as pizza-making classes, ice-cream parties, teddy-bear picnics, pirate parties and discos.

    The range of onboard activities has grown too. Some Royal Caribbean International ships have climbing walls, surf simulators and ice-skating rinks, while Norwegian Cruise Line has bowling alleys and water slides on some ships. Disney Cruises has a head-start when it comes to family cruises. In addition to the kids clubs, there is plenty of Disney-inspired entertainment.

    Its Studio Sea family cruising tips G Each ship is different — so check the facilities carefully and assess which one will suit your children best. G Check the sleeping arrangements — some ships have inter-connecting cabins, others have special family cabins with sofa-beds or bunks that come down from the ceiling. G What are the dining arrangements? Ensure there are enough flexible options — buffet restaurants are normally the best bet. G Check the opening times of the kids clubs, any extra charges and whether you can leave your children on-board if you want to go ashore.

    Several ships are armed with the latest techno temptations to keep young cruisers happy with X-Box and PlayStation games plus video arcades and teenonly nightclubs. One of the easiest ways of travelling with young children is to jump on the growing number of ships now sailing from the UK, which cuts out the hassle of taking flights. The obvious place to go is the Mediterranean, which scores highly with children of all ages as there are so many different ports. Even if you decide to join one of the many cruises departing from European cities such as Barcelona, Palma or Venice, flight times are still short.

    Farther afield, the Caribbean is a popular cruising spot and tends to be a sun, sea and sand option with a more relaxed pace. However, the major downside is the flight, which is around nine hours. The Far East offers a tempting combination of culture, experiences and beautiful beaches, but with a 13hour flight this again is one for older children who can make the most of the shore activities. Less-obvious destinations for older children include Alaska, which offers adventurous excursions such as bear spotting, climbing glaciers or snowmobiling, and the Baltic, rich in history and culture.

    Royal Caribbean International ; www. The price includes return flights to Florida, a one-night hotel stay pre-cruise and the seven-night sailing.

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    4. Free Kindle and Nook Books for May 3, 2013.
    5. More information G The Passenger Shipping Association represents the main cruise lines and its website www. T ipping has long been a confusing issue among cruise-goers and in recent years it has become controversial. Royal Caribbean International, which bases its ship Independence of the Seas at Southampton, is reviewing its tipping policy because up to a third of its UK customers were not paying gratuities. UK cruise companies either include tips in the overall price or suggest amounts that should be given to staff at the end of the holiday, which are lower than those paid on their US counterparts.

      Another thorny issue has been the high price of drinks on ships. A recent survey showed that Royal Caribbean International and Norwegian Cruise Line charged the highest prices for a beer. Online travel agency Cruises. Single travellers can also sail off in style aboard Norwegian Epic as it is targeting innovative new studio cabins at solo cruise passengers, with prices to match. I slands have always appealed to me. The smaller and more remote the better. My favourite books were full of them — from Robinson Crusoe to The Search for Atlantis — and so it is with a strange sense of deja vu that I now land with my daughter Anouchka in Sao Miguel, the largest island of the Azores, a group of nine volcanic islands strung out across six hundred kilometres like some fabulous necklace, half the Atlantic Ocean away.

      From the air, they look exactly as I imagined them; skirted with sea-foam at the edges, excitingly pockmarked with volcanoes of all sizes some still smoking , and showing vast expanses of brilliant green. Arrival at the airport finds it reassuringly quiet. Life here exists at a slower pace; strangers are welcomed with genuine delight; there is little nightlife and hardly any crime; and the small scale and informal nature of island trips comes as a glorious change from the cattle-truck tours of the concrete Costas.

      Our stay is due to last a week, and to take in three of the islands; Sao Miguel, Faial and Pico. Festivals The Azores are part of Portugal, and there is a strong Catholic identity to the place, with incense and icons of the saints on sale in every little corner shop. But Azorean saints are a cheery lot; there are festivals almost every day, and on our first night in Ponta Delgada, Anouchka and I are gaily dragged by locals into one of their many street galas, with dancers, musicians and acrobats. Any excuse for a party, they say, when I ask them whose festival this is.

      Our friends of last night were being modest; the island is glorious in every way. Over the next few days, we visit pineapple and tea plantations; we sip strawberry juice by a volcano crater; we see the famous twin lakes — one green, one blue — at Sete Cicades and hear the sad, romantic tale of how they were formed the Azoreans are great tellers of tales, the sadder and the more romantic the better.

      We visit the sulphurous Furnas, with its boiling pools of mud and water, reminding us that although the volcanoes of theAzores may be dormant, they are far from extinct. It takes about an hour to fly from Sao Miguel, and if anything, this smaller island seems even closer to perfection. Living here is like being in love, says our guide; and I can definitely see what he means. Known as the Blue Island for its hedgerows of hydrangeas, Faial offers a spectacular range of scenery over a very small area, with green valleys on one side, and the apocalyptic results of recent volcanic activity on the other.

      There is a lighthouse half-buried in volcanic ash; a stretch of desert like a Martian moon; and all around the island there are fabulous places to swim; for although there are few beaches here, the tumbling lava has formed wonderful natural swimming places, sheltered from the open sea, where Anouchka can spend hours diving, climbing on rocks and inspecting the sea life trapped in the many pools.

      In the evening, the famous marina is the place to be. Nightlife is sociable rather than sophisticated, and there is a variety of restaurants and bars. Food in the Azores is best when it is simple. You can walk to the summit of the volcano, although it takes time two to five hours for the ascent, depending on the weather, and half as much again for the descent , and requires a registered guide. An island tour by taxi gives a short, but tantalising taste of the island, including extraordinary views from the peak itself, lakes, smaller caldera and the famous whaling museum — though Anouchka and I both agree that there are much more enjoyable ways to see whales on Pico.

      Whale-watching is a unique experience, and we are told that Faial is the best place to try it. Our motorised boat seats only eight people, and the organisers are very careful to ensure that the whales are not stressed by the presence of observers. More than one boat is not allowed; we keep a respectful distance at all times.

      G Eat outside your hotel as often as you can. Grilled fish is good here wreckfish, sea bass, mackerel. Also try: locally-produced cheeses; blood-sausage baked with yam or pineapple; fried squid; local beef. G Health and safety is still in its infancy here — so keep an eye on children, especially near the hot springs! The marine life of the Azores is spectacularly varied; some 25 different species of whale visit the islands, and on our first trip we see sperm whales, beaked whales, pilot whales and dolphins. Swimming with dolphins Our next trip is, if anything, more exciting — for returning to Sao Miguel, we are booked to actually swim with these creatures.

      The boat takes up to six people; and although no more than two swimmers are allowed in the water at once, we all have several chances to swim. But first we have to find the dolphins, and we pray that they will be in playful mood. Any sign of anxiety, and we must leave them alone — our guides make it clear that it is they, and not we, who are in charge. It takes us an hour to find our first school.

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      Anouchka and I take the first swim, lowering ourselves carefully into water that is a luminous blue and almost tropically warm. The depth here is between 1, and 2, metres, and clear right down to the bottom. I can see the dolphins some distance below. And they are singing — a long, resonant note that cuts through the water. Anouchka gives me a big thumbs-up; she can hear them too, and we follow them for five or more minutes until the school moves on and we return to the boat.

      We repeat the experience six times that day, and another five the next. We encounter bottlenose dolphins and spotted dolphins, and swim with both. Some of them come very close to us. But nothing beats that first contact with another species in its own element.

      Spire Manchester Hospital, Manchester

      Charm But how long can this idyll last? Reminiscences of Conrad. Conrad and Crippen. A First Meeting with Joseph Conrad. Impressions and Beginnings. The Discovery of Joseph Conrad. Joseph Conrad. Conrad in Cardiff. A Visit to Conrad in Conrad Collaborates. Some Personal Memories of Conrad. Conrad and the Royal Bounty Fund. The Flurried Years. Joseph Conrad: A Reminiscence. Everyman Remembers.

      The Diary of Hugh Walpole. The Conrad who Sat for Me.


      About this book Introduction These 60 recollections present some of the many facets of Conrad the writer, the adventurer and the recluse, the Polish gallant and the neurotic modernist, the Edwardian country gentleman and the penniless beggar. America chronology death interview knowledge.

      The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1) The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1)
      The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1) The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1)
      The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1) The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1)
      The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1) The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1)
      The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1) The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1)
      The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1) The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1)
      The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1) The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1)
      The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1) The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1)

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