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Yes, the SEC only has jurisdiction over one market — America, but here are the four reasons why other jurisdictions will probably follow the SEC rules:. Unless Europe takes a differentiated position soon, the market will follow the SEC rules. You can use this to evaluate the value of both Banks and Fintechs, as we described in this post from Both CAC and LTV are complex in their own right, but it is the interaction between the two that is so often confusing or difficult.

Churn is the kryptonite of Superman Marketing. The problem with Churn it is not directly under the control of Marketing. This is where Product is key. Churn means customers cancel the service and then Marketing have to win new customers, which is far more expensive than retaining them.

Life Time Value is not static. LTV is all about getting the balance right between cross selling, upselling and low churn — too much selling to customers may increase churn. Product strategy, pricing, marketing, customer service all have to be in alignment. The story of Banking in the 20th century can be summed up as Low Churn. We are statistically more likely to get divorced than change banks.

There was no point in changing Banks, because the difference between banks was marginal. The Fintech disruption changes that. Now customers have more real choice and regulation is seeking to protect consumers from lock-in strategies that make it hard for them to switch.

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Crowdsales are a great way for companies to sell a service aka reduce CAC. It is Internet Marketing Crowdsales have been around for a while, but Utility Tokens enable Crowdsales on steroids. Two ways that a Utility Token is different from a traditional crowdsale. Invest in Security Tokens of ventures that offer great Utility Tokens. The future cryptocurrency landscape will have 4 different types of assets. Cornering a big market — like say Gold or Bitcoin — requires a lot of capital.

Thus, section of the Indian Penal Code provides punishment for forgery. It is stated in para 9 of the complaint that the proceedings are valuable documents and making false entries therein is a forgery. In para Definition of dowry. He had also obtained Rs These are the only allegations made against the The facts brought out during investigation are L Khanna who remanded him to judicial custody till pending further investigation. S Sodhi that they have done an excellent job for the appellants and therefore we will like to thank these counsel and also the Additional Solicitor General, who all have rendered valuable assistance In that process all her properties became personal property of Mr.

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Will is a valuable security and the The item No. The trust of PDB dated 4. Bye-law 12 deals with the powers of the Chairman. Clause b thereof empowers the Chairman to grant loans to persons with or without security , but from August 30, , the power was restricted to grant Chokhani entered into a cross-contract with the same firm of brokers for the sale of similar securities of the same face value on behalf of Bhagwati Trading Company.

He informed The evidence is only to the effect that they had negligently put their signatures on those vouchers while passing the vouchers for payment. There is no evidence to show that the Can't display summary as content is Scanned, Please open the judgment to see full content. State of West Bengal R The trial court had acquitted the accused in that case on the ground of falsely personating another and presenting a document for registration, of an offence When the allegations made in the FIR are examined A Khan, MP.

The said officer Shri Ramana Murthi did not conduct any enquiry himself, rather he entrusted the same to one Shri M. After conducting Such a fact had been disclosed by his accomplice Shri T. Sunil Reddy and other persons like Shri Lokesh Kumar, etc A Khan, MP, the reputation of Respondent 2 was put at stake. BR No. He also alleged that his wife is suffering from some peculiar psychiatric condition But when the Judge is fairly certain that there is no prospect of the case ending in conviction the valuable Forgery of valuable security The law regulates social interests, arbitrates conflicting claims and demands.

Security of persons and property of the people is an To make that right meaningful the procedure adopted should be suitably moulded and sic the accused given an opportunity to adduce evidence on the nature of the sentence. The allegations nurtured on behalf of first informant are not sufficient to draw the inference of delivery of property or valuable security in favour of applicants under the fear.

The learned But so long as However, in this case the allegations were regarding the forging of the That in the year at New Delhi or Mumbai Sh. Sunil S. Petkular A Guru Swarup Srivastava A-1 for having falsely received the goods to be a valuable security to receive financial assistance from NAFED and also to dishonestly Further, this making of false documents is in respect of valuable security , i. Further, this forgery is for the That the accused persons made false documents in respect of valuable security , i.

That as the accused persons cheated the complainant, made false documents and made these documents for valuable security and used these documents as genuine Raja was already facing trial. Further, it was also pointed out that Shri P.

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Chidambaram was also guilty of breach of trust on the question of national security for not disclosing that Raja any valuable thing or pecuniary advantage? Chidambaram has deliberately allowed dilution of equity by Swam Telecom P Ltd. Under Section IPC, whoever fraudulently or Prior to July , witness Regarding the cheque for Rs , his explanation was that he had given that cheque as security for a loan to be given to him but as no such loan Section : Forgery of Valuable Security , Will, etc.

The term valuable security is defined by Section 30 IPC as follows: Valuable security. The words valuable security denote a documen Thus, a document whereby any right is created, extended, transferred or extinguished, etc. In the instant case, the allegation of the State Aligarh, which is a valuable security and used the certificates for the purpose of cheating the Government of Jammu and Kashmir and swindled lacs of government exchequer by receiving it as his salary and O, the attesting The University vide letter dated , informed Respondent 2 that his contract is terminated and all his dues including final bill, earnest money and security Jose -vs- State of He has also not asked him to sign or seal anything which may be converted into valuable security.

Accordingly, no offence under Section IPC would be Forgery of valuable security , will, etc. The Apex Court in the case of The cheating has been defined under Section of the IPC, whereby whoever by deceiving any The guilty intention is an essential But so The proceedings could not be quashed only because the respondents had filed a civil suit with respect to the It is submitted that such a demand Harassment of the woman where such harassment is with a view to coercing her or any person related to her to meet any unlawful demand for any property or valuable security would also On 21 May, being assured of her safety and security by local relatives, well-wishers and a Panchayat member, she again went back to her husband's place.

But there had been During her stay at her husband's place, her stridhan properties including gold ornaments and valuable articles were left with her mother-in-law, who, however, refused to return In the present case it is not contended by the complainants that there was any dispute between the parties about any property or valuable security given or agreed to L for causing loss to the company On their assurance, a cheque of Rs. It is the In the present case, looking at the allegations in the complaint, I The type of people to whom the lease can be granted in terms of Rule 9-A are bound to be poor and backward and would According to the complaint, the respondents had thereby committed breach of Experienced Consultant May assist you in preparing Immig.

As against this, in the advertisement given by the petitioner, the An important and valuable right is given to Otherwise, the social order and security would be put in jeopardy and to grave risk. The accused will have field day in destabilising the economy of the State Penal Code.

The learned Judicial Magistrate, Chandigarh after recording the preliminary evidence, concluded prima facie that rent note is a valuable security. There were sufficient It shows that the said decision was confined to its peculiar facts. It has no bearing or relevance to the facts of the Our algorithms sense that you may get better results by trying out the same excerpt in our CaseIQ TM interface. No Case or Topic can be added. You have reach your max limit. Click to upgrade Your Package to have this feature. Practice Areas.

Indirect Tax Cases. Direct Tax Cases. Intellectual Property. All Practice Areas. Delhi High Court Madras High Court Bombay High Court Supreme Court Of India Calcutta High Court District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Karnataka High Court Andhra Pradesh High Court Allahabad High Court Kerala High Court Rajasthan High Court Gauhati High Court Jammu and Kashmir High Court Madhya Pradesh High Court Gujarat High Court Income Tax Appellate Tribunal Patna High Court Orissa High Court Privy Council Himachal Pradesh High Court Central Administrative Tribunal Jharkhand High Court State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Uttarakhand High Court Chhattisgarh High Court Debts Recovery Tribunal Central Information Commission Competition Appellate Tribunal National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Company Law Board National Company Law Appellate Tribunal National Green Tribunal Tripura High Court National Company Law Tribunal Meghalaya High Court Sikkim High Court Central Electricity Regulatory Commission Manipur High Court Securities Appellate Tribunal 9.

Armed Forces Tribunal 5. Intellectual Property Appellate Board 5. Board For Industrial Financial Reconstruction 3. Competition Commission Of India 3. Appellate Tribunal For Electricity 2. Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property 2. Authority For Advance Rulings 2.

Commissioner Appeals 1. Settlement Commission 1. Appellate Tribunal For Foreign Exchange 0. Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property1 0. Assam High Court 0. Board Of Revenue, Allahabad 0. Board Of Revenue, Uttarakhand 0. Collector Appeals 0. Consumer Disputes Redressal 0.

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Cyber Appellate Tribunal 0. Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal 0.

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Deputy Collector 0. Dhaka High Court 0. First Appellate Authority 0. Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission 0. Two efficient evaporator circuits surround the interior chamber in a strategically-designed arrangement to ensure the highest levels of temperature uniformity with either one, or both of the refrigeration systems functioning.

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You care about the environment. You want your lab to contribute to a better environment. You need lab activities to meet and, if possible, exceed environmental standards. You want optimal performance with less environmental impact.



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