The Evolution of Emma Adler

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A tale of sexual awakening and comeuppance. This is not your typical spanking novel.

A Fish Out of Water

The backdrop of Depression Era Texas is rich and full of detail. I felt transported to a time of desperation, a time where so many felt desolate yet longed for more than what life had dealt them. The language absolutely thrilled me because it was spot on for the era. This is a coming of age story about Emma who begins as the target of prejudice common of the era, the victim of slurs against her heritage, and the poverty her family finds themselves in. Doris de Vris likes to pretend to be Emma's friend. However, everything Doris does comes with an ulterior motive.

Emma has resigned to just take it partly believing that she deserves it and partly because to her it's all worth it for a nickel malt every now and then. An unexpected tryst between the two ensues after discovering Mr. Emma's world has been blown wide open sexually while at the same time she has to overcome Doris turning on her viciously. Her self-discovery continues after an unsavory encounter of dark discipline from Doris' father. Instead of breaking her spirit Emma finds a personal power within her that had never existed before. She hatches a plan to get revenge on Doris and her father.

Her new-found inner voice fuels her on. I enjoyed Emma's journey through a sweet romance and unlikely friendship that ultimately aides in her perfect revenge.


While this book contains the darker element of discipline I think what makes it so hot is Emma's developing sense of self and strength that comes out of it. She doesn't allow herself to be victimized. She takes that power and uses it to empower herself. The discipline is harsh, but hot. The story line is engrossing and exciting. The back story is rich and the characters are incredibly entertaining.

In the end this novel goes down as one of my all-time favorites. I would give it five stars in every category. I can't wait to read The Hickory Switch and find out what happens next. It is a really good erotic story. It is about a poor girl, Emma, who is shy and always dreams about California, and her friend who is spoiled and selfish. Website Higher Degree Research Students. Nathan Burke. Project: Facultative parthenogenesis and the evolution of sex. Website Erin Macartney. Project: Paternal effects as condition-dependent life history traits.

Project: Environmental effects on sperm competition and fertilization. Website Volunteers. Emma Dawson-Glass. Project: The evolution of condition-dependent life history: from morphology to lifespan.

Evolution of a Scientist

Website Ronda Lau. Project: The role of amino acids and vitamins in development. Erin Macartney. Project: Effects of environment on sperm morphology and performance. Margo Adler PhD, Project: Making the best of what you've got: The role of trade-offs in ageing, resource allocation, and interactions of the sexes Present occupation: Beaker Street science outreach program. Project: Morphological variation and diversification in Australian neriid flies. Present occupation: Research assistant, Monash University.

Claire Santhaseelan. Project: Maternal effects in parthenogenetic chironomids. Chris Allister. Project: Dietary ecology of neriid flies. He helps Taisuke recall his lost memories by bringing Yuuta, Nami, and Yoko to where Taisuke was staying.

Although he is not a power user, Rei actively helps in the retrieval of Akuro's Heart. He and his younger brother Jun are the only two members that help Taisuke on his assault on the U. Naval Base. Rei is characteristically seen with a lit cigarette. Tezuka Anzu is the eldest sister of the seven Tezuka children and is 16 years old. She is not a Comrade; however, her skills with computers prove to be of great use. According to information given in the story by Yukie, Anzu is very similar to her father because she is just as tech savvy as him.

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After the failed attempt to retrieve the Heart from the base in Japan, Anzu ends up staying with Oda and Amamiya. With the two former reporters, who have since lost their jobs due to their investigation of the Heart, they created a website containing information on the Comrades and the Heart of Akuro using the alias, "Rain.

Tezuka Jun first appears following Nami at her school and he is the second oldest male in the Tezuka family at 27 years old. He is a soft spoken individual, and apparently he has a "mother complex" according to Rei and Anzu. He is the second child in the family to acquire powers. His power appears to be the ability to control electricity. He wandered throughout Asia in search of peace of mind and learned martial arts in the process, which he later taught Taisuke.

Tezuka Aoi is the fourth member of the Tezuka family and is 10 years old. She transfers into Yuta's class and is seated next to him, later becoming pen-pals with Kurumi, a girl who bullied her out of jealousy over Yuta. She has developed a strong attachment to Taisuke during the two-year timeskip.

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  • She is also a power user, which apparently allows her to run quickly and resistant from getting hurt from long falls. Growing tired of being left behind she demands to be part of the team. He is small and timid for his age and is picked on by bullies.

    Evolutionary Biology Lab -- People

    He lives with his last living family member, his mother, until she commits suicide due to the Akuro. Hirose gains the power of void; this allows him to shoot a ball that makes anything disappear. After gaining his power, with Katsumata's mind alterations, Hirose's personality changed into that of a destructive and ruthless sociopath, and he murdered many people.

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    After absorbing the Heart, Hirose revealed that he desired to kill every other life form on Earth, making a world for himself. When he absorbed the Heart, his void increased greatly, to the point of hollowing out an entire mountain in one blast. His body becomes intangible due to being the void itself.

    Inspector Katsumata Shigeki is the lead investigator of Hirose's incident. He seems to be a normal police officer but is soon revealed as having powers and no regard for human life. He holds a piece of the heart, and like the other two wielders, Yukie and the Poet, Katsumata can alter the minds of other comrades by touching their heads. Yura Takumi is an artist who loves drawing people he knows with the aim of knowing them better, being scared of losing his right arm, because if he loses it, he won't be able to draw anymore. He has the ability to create pressurized air bubbles in which the explosive powers are strong enough to make whatever they hit disappear.

    He enjoys using this to destroy people's heads, as well as destroy the art that he has finished. He survives the suicidal urge when Hirose absorbed the Heart, but lost his left arm as a result. Two years later, he becomes a homeless hermit who works alone, with the aim of seeing Akuro's heart one more time just to paint it. He hates Katsumata because he used and betrayed him; he once saved Nami's life and he killed D2.

    He is killed by Hirose while trying to take the Heart. He has the power called " Kamaitachi ", which is the ability to use wind to slice objects. He can also use the wind to take flight. During his first meeting with Taisuke and Yuta he tries to kill them, but is ultimately scarred by Taisuke, which creates a grudge between the two. He commits suicide with his own wind blade when Hirose absorbs Akuro's Heart. Due to his appearance, he suffers an inferiority complex, especially against those who tease and ridicule him. His power is "Shinigami's Contract", in which the shinigami will kill anyone once that certain person has broken their "injunction" bounded to them beforehand, which they are usually tricked or swayed into by Okada.

    The shinigami is invisible to everyone but Okada and the people who broke a promise with him. He allows himself to be killed by his own "Shinigami's Contract" after Hirose absorbs the "Heart of Akuro" by revealing to her that he broke a promise in the past. The shinigami is seen after that though, suggesting that it has a personality of her own, rather than being a personification of Okada's unconscious desire. Mitachi Kanon is the "red haired girl" who killed Nami's brother. She is a carefree, yet insane and immature girl who kills mostly for her own amusement. Her childish nature is accentuated by her tendency to refer to herself in the third person.

    The Evolution of Emma Adler The Evolution of Emma Adler
    The Evolution of Emma Adler The Evolution of Emma Adler
    The Evolution of Emma Adler The Evolution of Emma Adler
    The Evolution of Emma Adler The Evolution of Emma Adler
    The Evolution of Emma Adler The Evolution of Emma Adler
    The Evolution of Emma Adler The Evolution of Emma Adler

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