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Hay consejos especiales disponibles para usted y las personas que la rodean. Estos recursos incluyen:. Es importante que usted no vuelva a fumar.

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Preterm Birth [last updated Nov 27; accessed Mar 22]. A third area revealed discarded materials and remains of seals, sea otters, shark, whale, fish, deer, rabbits and birds. Canine skeletons were found in living spaces, suggesting that the early coyote-dog breed had domestic status. The most exciting find were the six interments from three distinct time periods. Four females and two males were discovered ranging in ages from 20 to A six year old child was one of the three earliest inhabitants. No one knows for sure when the first people came to live here, however the research team was able to date some of the remains back to BP and a cranium was found to be of the Paleoindian group.

These remains were almost completely fossilized. The first people were specialized hunters on land, but did not appear to be skilled in hunting marine life. Two women were from the middle occupation in Based on the discovery of distinct individuals and specific offerings for each, it was seen that the different groups used the defined sacred area for their burials.

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What a thrill it must have been to uncover Mujer de Humo, who was from the late occupation and interned years ago. She was given the name Mother of Smoke because she was buried with her sacred pipe. She was 30 years old, laid gently to rest and not tightly bound in the traditional way. She was found in the area where ceremonies were performed.

This was significant in archeological records as her remains lay very near a wooden pole.

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Kiliwa and Paipai groups performed ceremonies around a sacred pole. It is said that it helped them to connect with the spirits. Mujer de Humo was also buried with her two canine companions and a ceremonial stone tablet. Mujer de Humo walked here over years ago. Science discovered her, sifted through the burial site, carbon dated her remains, but they will never make her bones come alive. We will never hear her voice or her sacred songs, but one can imagine how she spent her days in this pristine environment. She gazes at the sparkling ocean filled with abundant life and listens to the surf breaking against black volcanic rocks.

The sky, a brilliant blue clarity, backdrops the flash of white as a seagull flies by. There can be no doubt that she swam in the sea to collect the tiny abalone with its delicate, sweet meat.

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The castoff shells are still found in abundance years later. At night this woman gazed at the same full moon we know today. Without ambient light the blazing star- studded heaven was fully reflected.

La mujer de humo

An open fire warmed her at night as she sat closely with friends, while they boasted about the catch of the day. Near what is now modern Highway 1, Mujer de Humo walked through the coastal scrub; her two faithful canine companions bounding off to chase after a rabbit.

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She would know where to find the fragrant white sage for her ceremonial pipe; the sacred knowledge of its healing benefits were passed on to her by the elders. On her long silent walks she watched the vulture soaring on the thermals. The breeze softly spoke to her as she moved through great stands of agave. The agave was an important source of food and fiber for weaving nets and fishing lines.

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The people collected the aquamiel, drinking it with gusto. This juice fermented naturally into a drink called pulque. Her people told stories that kept the ancestors alive.

Mujer De Humo Mujer De Humo
Mujer De Humo Mujer De Humo
Mujer De Humo Mujer De Humo
Mujer De Humo Mujer De Humo
Mujer De Humo Mujer De Humo
Mujer De Humo Mujer De Humo
Mujer De Humo Mujer De Humo
Mujer De Humo Mujer De Humo
Mujer De Humo

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