Longnose and the Tooth Fairy

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She's way younger than you'd think. And she might be descended from the Tooth Mouse

It has the most teeth i have ever seen. The Garr was forced to migrate north because of his color. This migration took place during the Civil War.

I Accidentally Killed The Tooth Fairy

So the Garr moved to safe ground here in Minnesota. His migration was also inspired by Pirates.

Tooth fairy

This is a duck billed platupus bone. It is very old and fragile. The platupus is not native to America. It is ugly and scaly, I hope I don't run into them daily! This is the skull of a bottom-dwelling fish or reptile. It needs a long, pointy snout to dig deep in holes for its food. The Long-nosed Gar is a fresh water fish. It is a fish that preys on anything that it can swallow. Also thatcan grow very large. I know what kind of animal this is Anyway it has no eyes duh! AN D it has a long nose which is probably meant for eating fish or who knows what.

It has really sharp pointy teeth that are very smaall. Science Buzz is supported by the National Science Foundation. Science Buzz.

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Be a part of the Buzz! Register or log in. If these axe heads could talk Incense burner Luring lunkers through the winter ice Milkweed Multipurpose Pathogens My, what big feet you have! This tiny bottle represents a vast empire Triceratops horn core Trilobite fossil Troodon tooth Turkey pygostyle Wet your whistle! Museums don't know everything. In was asked visitors to tell us what they knew about this object. Gene says:. Pages home faq tutorials printables share photos twelve days ornaments!

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Shrek the Third Shrek and Co, return for more adventures. Shrek however wants to return to his cozy swamp and live in peace and quiet. So when he finds out their is another heir to the throne, they set of to bring him back to rule the kingdom. Meanwhile, Prince Charming enlists the fairy tale baddies to steal the throne away. Shrek It ain't easy bein' green -- especially if you're a likable albeit smelly ogre named Shrek. On a mission to retrieve a gorgeous princess from the clutches of a fire-breathing dragon, Shrek teams up with an unlikely compatriot -- a wisecracking donkey.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue During a summer stay on the mainland, TinkerBell is accidentally discovered while investigating a little girl's fairy house. As the other fairies, led by the brash Vidia, launch a daring rescue in the middle of a fierce storm, Tink develops a special bond with the lonely, little girl.

Determined to mend the girl's relationship with her distant father, Tink turns away her rescuers in order to help her new human friend risking her own safety and the future of fairykind. The Tale of John and Marie ParaNorman In the town of Blithe Hollow, Norman Babcock is a boy who can speak to the dead, but no one besides his eccentric new friend, Neil, believes his ability is real. One day, Norman's estranged eccentric uncle tells him of an important annual ritual he must take up to protect the town from an curse cast by a witch it condemned centuries ago.

Eventually, Norman decides to cooperate, but things don't go according to plan. Now, a magic storm of the witch threatens Blithe Hollow as the accursed dead rise.

Together with unexpected new companions, Norman struggles to save his town, only to discover the horrific truth of the curse. With that insight, Norman must resolve the crisis for good as only he can. Shrek the Halls The Christmas tree isn't the only thing green in this new holiday classic. Shrek is back and trying to get into the spirit of the season. After promising Fiona and the kids a Christmas they'll remember, he is forced to take a crash course in the holiday.

But just when he thinks he has everything for their quiet family Christmas just right, there is a knock at the door. The Princess and the Frog A waitress, desperate to fulfill her dreams as a restaurant owner, is set on a journey to turn a frog prince back into a human being, but she has to do face the same problem after she kisses him. Happily N'Ever After 2 Fairy tales collide when Mambo and Munk tip the scales of good and evil once again. The Ugly Duckling and Me!

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The Hans Christian Anderson tale gets a new treatment, this time with a rat trying to exploit the talents of a little ugly duckling for profit. Beauty and the Beast Follow the adventures of Belle, a bright young woman who finds herself in the castle of a prince who's been turned into a mysterious beast. With the help of the castle's enchanted staff, Belle soon learns the most important lesson of all -- that true beauty comes from within. Three Wishes for Cinderella The film stars Libuse Safrankova as the title character, a young woman who is put upon by her stepmother and stepsisters.

The film employs a twist, though, when a handsome prince comes knocking. Cinderella does not simply fall into the prince's arms. In this version, he must actively pursue the young woman who is a skilled sharpshooter prone to wearing hunting outfits. Cinderella also has three wishes at her disposal, gained from three magic nuts. Mirror Mirror After she spends all her money, an evil enchantress queen Julia Roberts schemes to marry a handsome, wealthy prince Arnie Hammer.

There's just one problem - he's in love with a beautiful princess, Snow White Lily Collins. Now, joined by seven rebellious dwarves, Snow White launches an epic battle of good vs. Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors Russian:??????????? Korolevstvo krivykh zerkal is a Soviet fairy tale film directed by Aleksandr Rou based on a story with the same name by Vitali Gubarev. Both the surreal story by Vladimir Gubarev, together with the film, written in a Through The Looking Glass style.

Alice-type Soviet girl, named Olya O. Yukina meets her counterpart Yalo T. Yukina , while looking into the mirror. Yalo is an absolute antipode to Olya, for example where Olya is precise and neat, Yalo is absent-minded, careless, etc. The explicit plot relates to Olya learning to see herself differently, but this occurs through an experience in the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors which serves as a mechanism for commenting on the ability of a society to manufacture a false reality.

The Enchanted Grove Lizuca is only six years old, not much older than her pet dachshund Patrocle, when her mother dies and she is left to live with her grandparents on their farm. Before long, Lizuca's father comes to take her away to live with him and his new bride, a vile woman who considers children the bane of all existence. Lizuca and the dachshund escape the wicked stepmother and spend the night in a hollow tree, a tree that changes into an enchanted land where Lizuca like Alice through the Looking Glass discovers a world of characters in the form of bees, frogs, the four seasons, Snow White, her dwarves, and other fairy tale creatures.

This magic place is threatened by the evil stepmother's plan to sell the grove that protects the secret land to developers -- a decision that puts the woman on trial before this perfidy can be realized. Jack the Giant Killer The terrible and trecherous Pendragon plans to gain the throne of Cornwall by getting the king to abdicate and to marry his lovely daughter. To help him he has his dreadful witches in his castle and his almost unstoppable sorcery. A giant under his control abducts the princess, but on the way home with her the giant meets farming lad Jack who slays him.

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This is only the beginning.

Longnose and the Tooth Fairy Longnose and the Tooth Fairy
Longnose and the Tooth Fairy Longnose and the Tooth Fairy
Longnose and the Tooth Fairy Longnose and the Tooth Fairy
Longnose and the Tooth Fairy Longnose and the Tooth Fairy
Longnose and the Tooth Fairy Longnose and the Tooth Fairy
Longnose and the Tooth Fairy Longnose and the Tooth Fairy
Longnose and the Tooth Fairy Longnose and the Tooth Fairy
Longnose and the Tooth Fairy Longnose and the Tooth Fairy

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