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Gligoric, secretary of the Serbian Academy of Sciences in Belgrade, for supplying the biography of Dr. Julius Haber, of New York; Dr. Edward W. Philips of the Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem, for information on several individuals mentioned in the Diaries; Dr. Rabinowicz of Scarsdale, New York, for his help, and for preparing the list of code-words used by Herzl; Dr.

Joseph Wenkert of the Central Zionist Archives of Jerusalem, for references to the original manuscript of the Diaries and other help; Dr. Alfred Werner, art historian, of New York, for help on artistic questions; Dr. Notes aarif bey. See Arif Bey, Mehmed. See Actions Committee. South African Jew, resident of Johannesburg. He was a despotic ruler, who, after his defeat in by the Russians, became more and more inaccessible even to his ministers.

In he suspended the constitution and lost Cyprus to the British. Tunis was occupied in by the French; Egypt in by the British; and Crete, following the Greek-Turkish war of , was placed under the control of the European Powers. Internally, the Sultan and his ministers played one minority group against the other; this led to a series of uprisings and reprisals, of which the bloodiest were the Armenian revolt in and the subsequent massacre of Armenians by Kurdish irregulars and by Turks in several cities of Anatolia.

Turkish statesman. A scion of the old and noble Germeyanoglu family. Entered the imperial service in i, and, from to , served as governor of Prizren, Tuna, Bulgaria at the time a part of Turkey , Ankara, Baghdad, and Diyarbekir. In he was appointed Grand Vizier with the title of Prime Minister, and after two months was sent to Kastamonu, again as a governor. In he was appointed minister of justice in which capacity he served until the restoration of the Constitution Authored a large number of historical studies of which the most important is his Jewish Life in the Middle Ages , , Although greatly interested in Palestine as a Jewish cultural center, he was opposed to Herzl and his political Zionism.

Town in Egypt located on the Mediterranean seashore some 10 miles to the north-east of Alexandria. The name of the river of Hades the nether world. Virgil, Aeneid VI 1 A literary year book, published by the Hebrew publishing house of Achiasaf in Warsaw. In Turkish times Palestine was divided into several sanjaks districts. One of these was the Sanjak of Acre which included the entire Galilee.

Acre is a port-city lying to the north of Haifa at the northern end of the Haifa Bay. This smaller committee was called the Inner Actions Committee. Constantinople attorney, of Jewish origin. He published several books on Oriental and Jewish topics and contributed numerous articles to journals and encyclopedias. English Jewish writer, traveler, lawyer and manuscript collector, son of Nathan Marcus Adler, chief rabbi of England, half-brother of chief rabbi Hermann Adler. Between and he made three trips to Egypt and Palestine. Austrian lawyer and financial expert.

Received his Dr. Travelled abroad, lived for a while in Turkey. Settled in Vienna in From to was official in the Vienna Ministry for Social Affairs, thereafter worked in a bank in Vienna. He was opposed to Zionism. Title of the hereditary head of a section of the Ismailite sect of Islam whose adherents live mainly in India and East Africa.

Hungarian Jewish physician and author. Founded in , and edited, the satirical weekly Borsszem Janko, the Hungarian equivalent of the English Punch. Was a member of the Hungarian Jewish Literary Society. See Agai, Adolf. Italian cleric, was appointed papal nuncio to Munich in , and to Vienna in At the request of the Hungarian government he was recalled from Vienna. In he was made cardinal and in vice-chancellor of the Catholic Church. Turkish intellectual and writer.

Was an autodidact and in the beginning of his career enjoyed the benevolence of Grand Vizier Mithat Pasha. In Rhodes he established a private school and wrote novels. Later he became vice-president of the Council of Health and with a subsidy from the Sultan began to publish a daily paper in which he supported the policies of the regime. He also edited many historical and philosophical books, as well as novels. After the revolution he was appointed professor of history at the University of Istanbul. Turkish politician and journalist. Graduated from the Galatasaray Lyceum, then went to France to study agriculture.

Became supervisor of education in Bursa, Turkey. Because of his liberal tendencies his position became untenable, and he escaped from Turkey and became one of the leaders of the Young Turks in Europe. He attacked the Sultan in his newspaper Meyueret Consultation and his other writings. After the restoration of the constitution, he returned to Turkey, was elected a deputy from Istanbul, and the first president of the National Assembly. Russian publicist, head of the Russian Slavophile Pan-Slavic movement. In he published his Moskovski Sbornik Moscow Essays whose second volume was confiscated by the Russian censorship.

Edited several magazines. His works were published in 7 volumes. Leader of the Armenians in Tiflis. See Marmorek, Alex.

The folk tales of old prepare a child for life

Succeeded to the throne in Alexander, bernat - Hungarian Jewish philosopher and aestheticist. Co-editor of the Hungarian series Treasury of Philosophical Writers. The second largest city in Egypt, situated on the shores of the Mediterranean. Today it has a population of well over a million. Algeria, jews of. Jews have lived in Algeria since the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus 70 a.

In anti-Jewish riots took place, were repeated in , and again in His original name was Gustaf Noring and not Nordling, as Herzl mistakenly states in the March 7, entry in the Diaries. He was bom in Sweden, worked as a journalist in Berlin specializing in Near Eastern subjects. Strousberg q.

There the Sultan succeeded in winning him over by the promise of a high position. Around he entered Turk- ish government service, became a Turkish citizen, converted to Islam, and married a Turkish princess, Hayriye, daughter of General Mahmut Pasha Ben Ayad who was of Tunisian origin. He was appointed Turkish Consul-General in Rotterdam and undertook secret diplomatic missions for Turkey. However, around he fell in disgrace or became disillusioned, began to work against the Sultan, and later joined the revolutionary Young Turkish movement. In absentia he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Its full name was Royal Commission for Alien Immigration. It was set up by the British Parliament for the purpose of studying the problem of immigration into Great Britain. He appeared before the Commission on July 10, European manner. Herzl uses the phrase in connection with the methods of time-reckoning used in Turkey. German Jewish weekly published in Berlin, from to Its point-of-view was liberal-religious.

German Jewish weekly, with a liberal-religious point-of-view, founded by L. Philippson and published in Berlin from to Jewish service organization founded in i in France. Its aims are to work for the equal rights and moral development of the Jews everywhere and to support those who suffer disabilities because of their Jewishness. Goldschmidt and Narcisse Leven See Israelitische Allianz. Austrian resort, near Bad Ischl, to the north of Aussee q. Banker in London. Novel by Herzl published in by H. Seemann Nachfolger, publishers in Leipzig, Germany, and was subsequently translated into many languages.

It tells the story of the Jewish society in a rebuilt Palestine in a period which was at the time of his writing 20 years away in the future. The oldest synagogue in Prague. Legend attributes its construction to exiles who came from Jerusalem after the destruction of the Temple in 70 c. However, it is more likely that after a renovation of the building it was given the name Alt-Neu Schul Old-New Synagogue. The first of such known restorations took place in or The synagogue must have been about a hundred years old at the time.

City in France. Capital of the Department of Somme, 72 miles north of Paris. The modem name of Asia Minor, the Asiatic part of Turkey. See Anderssen. Chess champion. The story told by Aelian and Gellius of the Roman slave Androclus who escaped from his master and encountered a lion in the desert. He removed a thorn from the lion s paw, and subsequently, when he was recaptured, was thrown into the arena to fight a lion.

The lion, which happened to be the animal helped by Androclus, recognized him and he was thus saved. Its aims include the furtherance of social, moral and intellectual progress among the Jews and the defense of their rights. In the A. The reference is to the representatives of the Anglo-Jewish Association q. Daughter of Prince Moritz von Sachsen Altenburg. Was married to Grand Duke Constantine Constantinovich q. Began his career in as a teacher. Entered government service in Was appointed judge of the commercial court in and in became a member of the Court of Cassation.

Was appointed senator in ; Attorney-General of the Court of Cassation in In was sent as Ambassador to London. Yiddish expression meaning free-thinkers, atheists. The narrow gulf, about 12 miles wide and miles long, leading from the Red Sea q. Turkish carriage or coach driver. Arabian fairy tale. See Dream of the pitcher. Press Service in Vienna. Campbell, George John Douglas Took active part in politics, was secretary for India from to , Lord Privy Seal several times. His son, the 9th Duke, married in Princess Louise q. Turkish court official. Entered the services of the Sultan as a secretary, and, by , rose to the position of a confidential chamberlain.

After a fall from favor he had to flee from Turkey in While abroad, he fell ill and the Sultan permitted him to return to Turkey insisting that he resume his position. Arif Bey returned to Constantinople but did not re-enter the court service. At the end of the 19th century most of Armenia was under Russian rule.

The Treaty of Berlin envisaged certain reforms which, however, Turkey failed to carry out. This resulted in embitterment among the Armenians who thereupon began to organize revolutionary groups both in Turkey and in other countries. An Armenian armed uprising in Turkey took place in and led to bloody reprisals and to massacres of Armenians in The European powers felt that it was their duty as Christian countries to come to the defense of the Armenians, but the form and extent of their intervention were dictated as much by political considerations as by humanitarian interests.

See also Nazarbek, Avetis. German Jewish banker, commercial councillor and early Zionist leader in Berlin. Born in Constantinople of Armenian parents. Entered the Turkish foreign service in Became secretary of the Turkish Embassy in Paris in Was appointed member of the Council of State in and became under-secretary in the Ministry of Finance.

Was twice and under-secretary in the Foreign Ministry. In was nominated Ottoman High Commissioner in Bulgaria, and in was again under-secretary in the Foreign Ministry with the rank of a Vizier and the title of Pasha. Urban district in Kent, England, 20 miles west of Dover. See Sephardim and Ashkenazim. Established in at 10 Pall Mall, London, S. Its members are devoted to literature, science, public service and the arts. It still exists today. Resident of London, interested in the Armenian question.

Village in Upper Austria, on the Vienna-Linz railroad line. On the basis of the brief reference, contained in the January 4, , entry, it was impossible to identify this individual. Viennese writer. From to member of the editorial staff of the Neue Freie Presse q. Author of successful comedies, and books of social criticism. Austrian politician, jurist and industrialist. Became in district chief Bezirkshau. Princess of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg- Augustenburg. Wife of Kaiser Wilhelm II q.

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Resort town in the Austrian Alps. Austin, Alfred Poet laureate of England, critic and journalist. See Pinsker, Leo. Capital of the Department of Vaucluse, 30 miles from the Mediterranean. Russian Jewish physician and Zionist. In he stood by Herzl during the crisis over the East Africa proposal. Companion of Honour , K. German statesman. Turkish Jewish official. After the restoration of the Constitution was appointed Senator. Austrian Jewish lawyer, legal consultant of the imperial house.

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Nissan Back, who died in , had three sons: Samuel, Meir and Hayim. Of Samuel it is known that he was born in and that Sir Moses Montefiore q. English statesman, philosopher and essayist. Health resort town in West Germany, 17 miles north-east of Frankfort. A grand duchy, became a state of the new German Empire in Austrian statesman, was born in Sorochow. Turkish Jewish civil servant. Was assistant to the Board of Legal Advisors Bagdad or Baghdad. From to Bahr lived in Vienna, then moved to Salzburg, and in to Munich. See Bayram. British engineer. In the same year became consulting engineer for the construction of the Aswan Dam on the N ile.

Designed pneumatic shield for the construction of the first tunnel under the Hudson river, Was co-planner of Firth of Forth Bridge. Was knighted in Herzl uses the term Baldov as a code-name for E. Crespi q. Balmoral castle. Private residence of the British sovereign in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. German Jewish communal worker. Leader of the Berlin Hovevei Zion. Was influential in diverting the efforts of the Jewish Colonization Association q. Attended the First Zionist Congress and tried to agitate for the piecemeal colonization of Palestine.

Russian Jewish banker. When the Jewish Colonial Trust was founded he became one of its directors. After the Russian Revolution his fortune was confiscated and he died impoverished, lonely and miserable. French agricultural expert. Chief agricultural adviser of the I. Used to visit periodically the early agricultural settlements in Palestine. English financier, made a fortune in diamonds in South Africa. The latter was amalgamated in with the interests of Cecil Rhodes q.

Bamato died by committing suicide at sea off Madeira. Barrington, sir eric Private secretary to Lord Salisbury q. Later became undersecretary for foreign affairs. English barrister. Civil Lord of the Admiralty , Served in South Africa Jewish adventurer. Bom in Constantinople, studied at the Alliance q. Following brief sojourns in Austria, France and Algeria, settled in Philippopolis, Bulgaria, in , joined the Hashahar Zionist youth movement there and founded and edited its magazine Carmel in French with a Ladino q.

There followed a second period of wanderings through Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Smyrna and the Balkans. When he learned about Herzl and political Zionism, he engaged in energetic Zionist propaganda, often walking from one country to another. See Guesde, J ules.

City and county borough in Somersetshire, England, miles west of London, on the Avon. English liberal politician and civil servant. Married Constance, daughter of Sir Anthony de Rothschild, in Was created a baron in Viennese writer, librettist, humorist, journalist and editor. Edited for many years the Wiener Illus- trierte Extrablatt.

See Luitpold. Two Moslem feasts, one following the fasting month of Ramazan q. On this feast it is the custom to give presents. This is why the Sultan was in need of special funds as the Bayram approached. It was completed in , its first minister was the Rev. Hermann Adler q. In his place was filled by the appointment of the Rev. Gollancz, M. British statesman and novelist. In he published his novel Tancred q. In parliament he was prominent as leader of the Young England Party, in became leader of the House of Commons and Chancellor of the Exchequer, and in , and again from to , Prime Minister.

In he purchased for England , shares of the Suez Canal company with money borrowed from the Rothschilds, thereby gaining control of the Canal. In he was created an earl. Throughout his life Disraeli evinced great interest in the Jews, their history and their situation. Outlying district of Constantinople on the Bosporus. They were Dr. Julius Beck received his M. Bernhard Beck ; Dr. Ferdinand Beck ; Dr. Ignaz Beck ; Dr. Gustav Beck According to S.

Landau, Sturm und Drang im Zion- ismus, Vienna, n. Beck who treated Herzl was formerly a physician of the Turkish army. French Jewish scholar and civil servant, bom in Lorraine. Was counsellor of Henry and Emile Deutsch de la Meurthe. At the end of his career Becker was honary receiver of finances in Paris. Was member of the Legion d'Honneur. French dramatist. His first important play was Les Corbeaux The Ravens, , a somber picture of the impoverishment of a middle class family.

His second noted play, La Parisienne , was an analysis of self- deceiving immorality. Jewish sculptor, bom in Brunn, studied in Vienna, and from on lived in Paris. His work is represented in the U. Austrian Jewish poet and dramatist, whose lyric poem Schlaflied fur Miriam is one of the finest examples of the use of Jewish themes in modem literature. In he escaped to Switzerland, and in settled in New York. Agricultural settlement moshava near the seashore 25 miles south of Tel Aviv, founded in by the Hovevei Zion q. A cement-like facing and binding material, invented by the sculptor Samuel Friedrich Beer q.

See Beylerbey. Secretary to Memduh Pasha in A seaboard city on the eastern Mediterranean. Today the capital of Lebanon. Beirut incidents. In September bloody clashes took place in Beirut between Christians and Moslems. Beirut, vilayet of. British financier and South African diamond magnate. Resident of Galata q. Belgian Congo. Colony of Belgium in south-central Africa with an area of , square miles.

It obtained independence in i Russian Jewish lawyer, professor and Zionist leader. Studied in Odessa, became professor of law and economics at the university of Sophia, Bulgaria, Participated in the first Zionist Congresses. In settled in St. Petersburg and took a leading part in Russian Zionism. Was the author of several books on Zionism, among them the first Zionist Bibliography containing ca.

From to was chairman of the secret Zionist center in Russia. Was arrested in and expelled from Russia. He settled in Palestine where he became a member of the Tel Aviv city court of arbitration. Bellamy, edward American author who in his socialistic novel. Russian Jewish bibliographer, one of the founders of the Hovevei Zion in Vilna. One of the early adherents of Herzl, was a delegate to the first Zionist Congresses.

In Herzl was a guest in his house in Vilna. Was a representative of the Jewish Colonial Trust q. Pioneer of the renascence of modem Hebrew.

In lived in the United States. One of the two Hebrew names of Herzl; used also as one of his code-names. Son of the founder of the New York Herald, became its managing editor in , and its proprietor in In he organized a Palestine pilgrimage of the members of the Order of the Ancient Maccabeans, a Zionist organization, of which he subsequently became Grand Commander. French politician. Studied law, became a lawyer, then a magistrate; was elected as a radical deputy to the Chamber from to In became a senator.

Became under-secretary of state in and again in Wrote several books on French history and politics. French administrator and financial expert. Viennese Jew. Michael — Austrian Jewish educator, translator, author, editor and publisher. Founded, together with Ehrenpreis q. Upon the appearance of Herzl, became one of his earliest followers, and translated his Judenstaat q.

When this paper was discontinued he returned to Vienna to the staff of Die Welt. From to , and again from , was on the staff of Monumenta Judaica. From to his death was teacher of religion in the Bilitz, Silesia, high school. Berliner, dr. German Jewish literary historian.

In he founded the Magazin fur die Wissenschaft des Judentums which he edited until He was co-founder of the separate Orthodox Berlin community Adass Isroel. He wrote studies on the history of the Jews in Rome, on the Targum Onkelos, on the life of German Jews in the Middle Ages, on the daily prayer book, etc. They were general dailies, but were to a large extent Jewish-owned and Jewish-edited.

The capital of Switzerland. German Jewish merchant in Munich. In entered into a partnership with David Wolffsohn q. See Kohan-Bemstein. Literally House of the People, Hebrew term used to this day in Israel to designate the lecture and meeting hall in the towns and villages. Viennese Jewish journalist, was first feuilleton editor of the Wiener Presse and the Deutsche Zeitung, then, from , permanent Viennese theater critic of the Munchner Allegemeine Zeitung.

From he was editor of the Neue Osterreichische Biographie. It was erected in , and is to this day the center of the Sephardi community of England. French resort town on the Bay of Biscay. English clergyman. Austrian statesman, consul of Austria-Hungary at Karlsruhe. Later he moved to Sophia, Bulgaria, and created there the first national Jewish organizations.

Viennese Jewish hat maker.

Cinderella's Secret Diary

In he edited in Berlin the monthly Zion. He was a religiously oriented thinker and several of his essays were addressed in particular to an orthodox Jewish audience. At first an adherent of Herzl, he soon turned against him and advocated a Jewish nationalism in the Diaspora with Yiddish as its medium. In his late years he joined the ultra-religious Agudath Yisrael movement.

Village in Salzburg, Austria. See Boyd-Carpenter. Was member of the Geological Survey of Egypt. In was appointed professor of geology, in received the Turkish Liakat medallion and in the German Leibniz medallion. On the basis of several field trips from to he wrote a thorough volume on the geology of Egypt, and laid the foundations for a modem stratigraphy of Syria and Palestine. Viennese free-lance scholar. Became in provincial president of Bukowina; from to governor of Moravia, then governor of Lower Austria. Polish Jewish financier, economist and military critic. Russian Coun- cillor-of-State.

Austrian Jewish politician and newspaper editor, was member of the Austrian parliament, and editor of the widely read Jewish weekly, Oesterreichische Wochenschrift. He was the author of a considerable number of books on Jewish history, literature, education and apologetics. Secret society organized by Ahad Haam Asher Ginzberg, in In its headquarters were moved to Palestine and its secret character was abandoned.

Its aim was to organize a national effort for the regeneration of the Jewish people in Palestine. Its members served as teachers and propagandists, but the organization had to disband in A Zionist society in England. Founded They disbanded in Lawyer and Zionist leader, joined the Hovevei Zion in Cologne, Germany, in his youth, and was one of the first to support Herzl. Was member of the committee which approved the Basel Program of I n the following year he accompanied Herzl on his visit to Palestine.

French general. In resigned in consequence of the Dreyfus q. See Chamisso, Adalbert. Italian cleric. Became titular bishop of Cardica in ; apostolic delegate for the orient and patriarchal vicar for the Latins in Constantinople in A district in the Belgian coal producing province of Hennegan.

The weekly economic and financial section of the Neue Freie Presse. French statesman. In he was President of the French Senate. French diplomatist. Advanced to the rank of Ambassador. Resigned and settled in Vienna. Was known as an art collector and organizer of art events.

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Staff member of the Paris Journal. Egyptian statesman. Foreign Minister, later Prime Minister of Egypt. Boutros Pasha, a Copt, was backed by the Khedive. English civil servant. British clergyman. BRAUN, baron adolf von Austrian statesman. For a short time was Austrian consul in Egypt. Was the son of I. Brecher, senior member of the banking house I. Brecher in Vienna. Banking house in Vienna. See Brecher, Dr. Town in western Austria, capital of the Tirol-Vorarlberg province.

It occupies a beautiful site on a slope rising from Lake Constance. See Beit, Alfred. Austrian Jewish journalist, publisher and bookseller. Worked as a journalist since ; was editor of the Wiener Korrespondenz. Owner of a large bookstore and publishing house at 5 Wahringerstrasse in Vienna. In , at the Potsdam conference, it was assigned to Poland and renamed Wroclaw. French teacher in Vienna. French dramatist and journalist. Most of his plays deal with social and moral problems.

In was elected member of the Academy. The ancient Brundisium; seaport and fortified town in southern Italy, situated on the Strait of Otranto in the Adriatic Sea. In entered the Chamber of Deputies and became a leader of the Radical Party.

Disney Princess My Secret Diary by Cinderella

Was president of the Chamber , , , and ; prime minister in and British east Africa. General term used to designate the following British territories in the central part of the African continent: Tanganyika, Kenya, Uganda; and the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. City in Austria today in Czechoslovakia , capital of the Brno province in southern Moravia, 70 miles north-north-east of Vienna.

Russian Jewish family of industrialists. In Herzl s days the family owned the largest sugar refinery in Russia. Lazar B. They founded the Polytechnical Institute and the Bacteriological Institute in Kiev, donated , rubles for the Jewish industrial school in Kiev, built the great synagogue there, and supported Jewish literature. It has been identified with the Wadi El-Arish q. Commander of St. Michael and St. George English irrigation expert.

A resident of Birmingham, England. Russian Jewish pioneer, born in Mohilev. One of the founders of the settlement of Moza q. Lived there for 50 years until his death. Russian Jewish physician, communal worker and Zionist leader. Practiced in St. In was elected deputy to the first Russian Duma.

In served in the Russian army as a doctor. In settled in Palestine. He composed several operas including The Beggars of Samarkand ; The Golden Cross ; Peace in the Land ; Bianca ; as well as piano pieces, songs, etc. Well-known French literary critic with a rather negative attitude to Jews. Italian soldier. Participated in the African campaign of , became a general in , and aide-de-camp of the Duke of Naples in The name of this individual was mis-heard, and consequently misspelled by Herzl.

His correct name was Bruyate q. Austrian Jewish lawyer, author and Zionist leader. Studied in Vienna and France. Under the influence of Herzl, worked among the Russian Hovevei Zion for their participation in the first Zionist Congress. Upon his return to France worked there too for Zionism. Was a leader of the Zionist opposition to the Uganda project q. Until worked in Russia as a Zionist propagandist. In escaped from Russia and settled in Palestine. He published a book in French on Problems of the Jewish Renascence Swiss town on the Austrian border with 5, inhabitants in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, consisted originally of two separate cities: Buda Ofen , on the left bank of the Danube, and Pest, on the right bank.

Upon their unification, in , the city received its present name. Country in south-eastern Europe, on the Black Sea. The Turks conquered Bulgaria in the 14th century and held it until From to Bulgaria was an autonomous and tributary principality under the suzerainty of the Turkish Sultan. In the mid s Russian influence increased in Bulgaria with a parallel intensification of anti-Turkish sentiment. It was felt as especially intolerable that Serbia should be an independent state, while Bulgaria, with greater economic and military resources, remained a vassal of Turkey.

On October 5, , Prince Ferdinand q. German soldier. At the beginning of World War I he was a Prussian major-general and commander of the ninth cavalry division. He fell in the war, at St. Croix in Belgium on the5thor7th of August Entered the Prussian civil service, , the diplomatic service, Minister to Rumania, ; ambassador to Italy, ; foreign secretary, ; chancellor of the German Empire, He was a deputy from Lyon, several times Minister, and was President of the Chamber of Deputies at the time of his death, in December, He translated Herbert Spencer and Schopenhauer into French.

He was violently attacked by Edouard Drumont q. The Burdeau- Drumont trial whose sessions were attended by Herzl, took place in WIie or tne elegant fashionable cates in am s'tuated on the Champs Elyses, generally regarded as the most beautiful avenue in the world. Bulgarian Jewish Zionist leader. Lived in Sofia. Attended the First Zionist Congress. Austrian diplomatist. Was made a Baron in , a Count in Began his career in the Austrian legation in Teheran, was from to attached to the Austrian embassy in Constantinople in various capacities.

In envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary in Sophia. Business agent of Izzet Pasha, q. Ancient country in eastern Asia Minor, extending originally from Cilicia to the Euxine. English lawyer of Belgian origin. From in Egypt, barrister at law in Cairo. Took a leading part in many important cases before the Mixed Tribunals after the British occupation of which he was a staunch supporter. French statesman, premier and president of France. He endowed hospital and educational institutions. Was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in In he forced Lieut.

Turkish official. Graduated from the School of Political Sciences in Entered the Turkish foreign service in , became member of the Council of State in Had the reputation of a ruthless and unscrupulous person. Was assassinated, in broad daylight, by an Albanian, on the Galata q. On the occasion of his visit to Palestine in , Herzl planted a cedar at Moza q. Turkish lawyer and statesman. Began his career as a clerk of the translation office in the Sublime Porte in , and transferred to the judicial service in In became a judge, and in President of the Supreme Court of Appeals.

In was appointed a member of the Council of State. After the restoration of the Constitution he was removed from office, deprived of his rank, and banished to an Aegean island. It was rumored that he was one of the personal spies of Sultan Abdul Hamid q. The Sheikh ul-Islam q. Belonged to an old Moslem religious family. Served in this post until After the dethronement of Abdul Hamid, he was known as an opponent of the new regime. He spent his last years in Egypt as an exile, and died there. First served as an oculist in the Turkish army with the rank of a captain, joined a secret society against the Sultan in and was banished to Tripoli in Nevertheless was appointed physician of the Turkish Embassy in Vienna, and kept Xu for ree yeats.

Ancient name of part of Mesopotamia. British statesman. Became mayor of Binghamton in , and member of parliament in In he became a member of the British cabinet as president of the Board of Trade. When the Unionists took over the government in , he was appointed Secretary for the Colonies. During this office which he held until , he greatly improved the relationship between the colonies and Great Britain. He described his discoveries in the North and South Pacific in several volumes.

It tells the story of the man who sold his shadow. See also Boncourt Palace. Charles, grand duke of baden, and Napoleon. Thus he inherited the title from his grandfather. He aided Napoleon and married his adopted daughter, Stephanie de Beauhamais, in Duke of Savoy. Succeeded to the duchy in , with his mother serving as regent until her death in The Animation Academy is where guests can get lessons on how to draw various Disney characters.

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They can also draw their own Zoetrope animation on bands of paper and test the results on one of the devices. There is also a sound creation game and a voice over game, as well as many other fun stations to explore. Located in Main Street, U. Behold an exhibition of original Disney artwork and see how an early concept sketch can become an animated character inside the building.

View drawings, sculptures and rare collectibles from more than 80 years of beloved Disney and Pixar cartoons and animated feature films—and learn how Disney artists created and eventually brought to life some of Disney characters, such as:. In , since Magic Access Member Service Center next to City Hall was under construction, the center has temporary moved to the building, replaced The Preview Gallery, while the Art of Animation is covered with a curtain whereas guests could enter and visit.

However, the building has been temporarily suspended from September 21 to 30 , and October 17 to 25 , for transformation work. It has provide extra functions that serve the Magic Access Members. The old building was replaced by a Meet and Greet attraction known as The Annex. When the park opened in , The Disneyland Story was one of the attractions that had closed in Inside were pictures and chronicles that presented how Mickey Mouse came to Hong Kong.

A zoetrope is a device that flashes a series of still images to produce the illusion of motion. As large disks whirl under a flashing strobe light, the Toy Story characters spring to life. Later, the display had moved to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Although the event officially ended on September 1 , its continued until October 31 , part of the "Disney's Haunted Halloween" event started form October 4.

Smashwords – Cinderella's Secret Diary – a book by Sara Shai

Guests will go directly to the building to obtain their very own Monsters University Student Cards. Guests also can meet and greet with Mike and Sulley in their MU looks outside the building during summer. Although the event officially ended on August 30 , it continued until September Guests also can meet and greet with Joy and Sadness. In 10th anniversary celebration , half of the building the renaissance age has been converted into Big Hero 6 Headquarters , where guests can meet and greet with Baymax since February 22 , , [15] and Hiro Hamada only on June 4 as an atmosphere character.

Shake It! Dance and Play It! Chapter 2. Fantasia Symphony No. Entertainment: Fantasmic! Television: A Poem Is Soundtracks: Soundtrack Monsters, Inc. TV series: Mr. Christmas: Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration. Sequel characters: Ms.

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Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659 Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659
Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659 Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659
Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659 Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659
Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659 Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659
Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659 Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659
Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659 Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659
Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659 Cinderellas Secret Diary 1659

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