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'Africa must think big to thrive'

Do we understand what think tanks mean to our future? For a country to make sense of its local and global environments and respond in the most appropriate way, there must be a collective thinking centre that receives and processes information and makes strategic recommendations.

My argument is that no country should be too poor to fund its brain resources, a national think tank. Every state must invest in policy think tanks which support political leaders to elaborate a national vision, an agenda for development, and growth strategies to deliver it. They can be used to design, implement and monitor national development. However, this is not the reality, African governments underutilize the available resources of think tanks and still spend billions of dollars to keep foreign expatriates on pay roll.

This underscores the need to support think tanks such as APC through capacity building. It undermines their historical legacy. The African continent has long been a centre of knowledge for generations. Many of the famed Greek philosophers like Socrates, Thales, Aristotle, and Pythagoras spent many years studying in Alexandria North Africa , which was at the time, the largest educational centre of the world. Basing on this legacy, the African continent is home to a rich history of higher education and knowledge creation centres. This includes the University of Al Karaoulne at Fez in Morocco founded in CE as a Madrasa and identified by many as the oldest degree awarding institution in the world.

Today many think tanks continue to follow this path to transform society from ignorance and guide it to economic prosperity, that we now see in certain parts of Africa. Connect million persons to grid power. Connect 75 million persons to off grid systems. Adesina also reflected on African economies, noting that they have remained resilient and are not unravelling as interpreted in some quarters.

Why think tanks are vital for re-booting Africa’s development agenda

Africa must henceforth look inwards to tap resources for the development of a more inclusive continent. At the age of 12, Kevin developed batteries and moved on to develop a generator for his village, using metal scraps. He said that lessons learned from exchanges would help the countries, including Zambia, to find solutions to the economic and environmental challenges they face. Nigeria is represented by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo. Only action can facilitate those measures. UPND cadres give us a break for once.

We are fed up politicking day in day out. The best and most succesful AFricans are in Europe, who are doing well. Fors instance this person who has just posted this. Sounds like these things of thinking big are his field of specialty. Adesina is in the wrong country. In Zambia the whole govt only dreams about attacking HH to the extent that farming, electricity production, education, health and security have collapsed.

The obsession of winning elections even when PF have no idea how to run a govt is the opposite of what Adesina is talking about. These PFools are the most incompetent govt in Africa. Asking them to even starting think small is asking too much.

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This is jargon to Zambian political cadres who believe in pointing at what they see; not thinking big crafting the visions. What an empty and meaningless speech!

Nas & Damian Marley - Africa Must Wake Up ft. K'naan

How does an African failed state think and act Big? How does a broke African govt think and act big? Mulichipuba ba Tata inwe. Get a life and remain stupid as usual. No wonder Africa un developed becuase of people like you. Do you think good things come like magic? You canot think big if u are uneducated and u have no money to empower yourself.

Its misplaced ambition to be a medical doctor without going thru proper training which takes so many years. U cannot aspire to be a medical doctor, Economist,Engineer etc without a proper foundation and training. Mr Adesina should qualify his daydreams. How can Zambians think and dream big when their hopes and aspirations have been killed by capitalist crooks like Kaponya HH who sold Zambian assets and accumululated pension funds for selfish gain?

Thanks to the PF for reviving the economy within 5 years Zambia can be great again. As long as we have such crooks like Crooked Hichilema in our midst, their mercenary sponsors will always think of ways to enslave us. And before we start focusing on what they are saying in their ten-point plan, it may be necessary to look at one important thing they are not saying — the fight against corruption. They are hardly talking about corruption. Is it because they are corrupt themselves? Or is it because they have too many people who are corrupt in their midst?

This is a political party of tenderpreneurs calling themselves businessmen. Most of them are people who have profited from doing business with government. We all know what it means to do business with government in this country. The most corrupt business in this country is the business of…. Do you ever think through before submitting…or is it case of throwing a stone hoping it hits something Zambia is bigger than your PF or UPND.

Jay Jay, in politics is everything is interconnected. Kaponya HH wants to be above everyone and forces his minion followers to think small and within the box. My information is very revelant to these issues. UPNDs must be exposed for the scum they are. Crooked Hakainde has been trying to indoctrinate his minion followers using his nephew Wanzaelu Lloyd Himambo and it works. These UPNDs follow it like gospel truth. The most corrupt business in this country is the business of doing business with government.

The most corrupt group of people in this country is those doing business with government, the tenderpreneurs. To win government tenders, they have to bribe their way through.

Africa 'must think big for its children' - CNN

To get paid what is due to them, they have to pay bribes. There are people in the leadership of the UPND today who had appropriated the business of entire ministries to themselves and their associates. Given this situation, it is understandable why the UPND can hardly talk about corruption or include the fight against it in their election manifesto. There is no serious conviction when it comes to the issue of fighting corruption in the UPND. Sometimes they may make statements that they actually do not mean.

In , Hakainde Hichilema denounced Rupiah Banda and his sons as corrupt. But later, Hakainde changed his position and started accusing the Patriotic Front of persecuting Rupiah and promised to free him from such persecution if or when UPND came to power. What had changed? Only one thing had changed. And because of that, all the charges of corruption they had against him were dropped. Equally, the Patriotic Front of Edgar has ensured that all charges of corruption against Rupiah are ended in exchange for his political support in elections.

The Patriotic Front of Edgar benefited a lot from the financial support of people who were facing corruption and other criminal charges. Today, the UPND is also being propelled by similar corrupt elements — people who have stolen public funds through all sorts of dubious government tenders. Guy Scott can today talk of corruption in the Patriotic Front! When did that corruption in the Patriotic Front….

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When did that corruption in the Patriotic Front start? It was there even when he was vice-president of that party and the Republic. But Guy was one of the most defensive elements when it came to attacks on the Patriotic Front and exposure of the wrongdoings of its leaders and members. But today, Guy can talk about corruption in the Patriotic Front. What nonsense is this? What hypocrisy is this? It is important to pay a lot of attention to the characters comprising the UPND today. This is not the UPND of , which comprised many decent human beings.

Today, we have all sorts of crooks pushing the UPND agenda. What is driving them? It is nothing but the possibility of getting the government contracts they have lost, the possibility of having government jobs. They are guided by nothing…. They are guided by nothing other than the desire to get back to the same positions of eating they had in the previous regimes that they have today lost.

This is certainly not a recipe for them to govern well, if or when they get into government. Today, the UPND is a motley assortment of all contradictory elements brought together by the will to win power. The will to win power is the only thing binding them together. And they see a great possibility of that; they can smell power and they think they have arrived at the table. This is the only thing they have in common.

Africa Must Think Africa Must Think
Africa Must Think Africa Must Think
Africa Must Think Africa Must Think
Africa Must Think Africa Must Think
Africa Must Think Africa Must Think
Africa Must Think Africa Must Think
Africa Must Think Africa Must Think
Africa Must Think Africa Must Think

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