A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition)

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What happens when he suddenly returns? Cracking Kuchiki by Quillest reviews A bet between Renji and his friends turns into an all-out battle involving Seireitei. The prize? Unequaled bragging rights and a huge pot. The risk?

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Their jobs, possibly their lives. The task? Get Kuchiki Byakuya to completely lose his composure. Suddenly A Bride by 00Zero reviews Rin thought it was a joke when she accept his proposal, a little boy, but what would she do when he come to demand her to fulfill their promise? And as it appears, there is no way out of it. What Happened! As very weird things start to unravel it leaves the two vampires more clueless then they where before. Can they find answers? Kinderkrieg by Jubalii reviews In the grand scheme of things that seems to go awry at Hellsing, Seras Victoria being a pint-sized 'pire tops the list!

However, Alucard, Integra, and Walter must rush against time to turn her back to her natural age before her instincts fully take over, lest she be terminated for the greater good. Fabricated Memories by 00Zero reviews He liked her more and more. The way Rin tried to get rid of him amused him. It would've work any other time, but not tonight. He wasn't the old fashion Hideki and wouldn't wait until the marriage night.

Before the sunrise, she would be his. The Sequel is up. This is a more in depth look into the original story. I got the idea while watching Hellsing duh and after completing the first story and reading the feedback I have decided to rewrite the story. Follow Me into the Darkness by Stormie Greye reviews After the murder of her parents, young Seras Victoria is everything but alone: a mysterious, dark stranger with glowing red eyes has been watching over her, waiting.

When she suddenly finds herself adopted by the Hellsing family, the ancient vampire just may have his opportunity to claim what is his. AU; AxS. A one shot of what could have happened in that hotel room. Suddenly by Jubalii reviews He was surprised to find that although he knew nothing about her, his sudden attachment to the woman only grew deeper with each passing day.

Just shoot me now. Caught in way over her head and nearly succumbing to blood-lust, Alucard must keep watch over his blood child. But will a kiss shared between the two when the clock marks the new year bring about a different lust in the vampires? Distortion by Winterwing reviews When Rin is abandoned by Sesshomaru, he leaves her with a bell. Ten years later at the brink of war, he never expects to see her again.

But she doesn't remember who he is and his gift to her is not how it should be. Lost in Memories by LightningAtom reviews Rukia was just a normal girl who existed during modern times, but how can she adapt when she accidentally goes back into history? Desperate to find someone to trust, but when she finds him, times deny them. Can they overcome their difference of times? Lullaby by M. Hayden reviews " The First Time by 00Zero reviews It was the first time she has tastes it.

And what did Sesshomaru do to her? Her heart's going to jumped out of her chest. The Ties That Bind by TheDepths reviews Every house has their secrets, and when a figure from the past returns, the Kuchiki find that although the skeletons in the closet are best left alone and the dirt best left swept under the rug, not everyone wants to keep it that way. Not everyone was satisfied with how it ended. Her face was burning hot, turning even redder at the thought, if that was even possible.

But to Rin, a cut means her lord is hurt, and that breaks her heart. More pointless SesshyRin fluff. Reviews are appreciated! This is the result of some of my researches. This is not fanfiction, but I hope you will like it. The Elders made a final decision in which she had married Byakuya in order to overcome the clan crisis. A Joyless Memory by Thedeadwilleatyou reviews People always said i had a wild imagination as a kid, even as i got older they thought my imagination would be with me forever.

But then i heard whispers and saw lifeless eyes everywhere i looked. They never left me alone, constantly chanting in my ears in tounges and demonic voices. I told others but they just thought it was my imagination until they ended up dead. Love of an Adopted Brother by Aii Sakuraii reviews Apa yang terjadi saat Byakuya menyadari perasaannya terhadap Rukia adalah perasaan seorang lelaki yang jatuh cinta pada seorang wanita? Thirty Years Later by Jubalii reviews It really wasn't about the thirty-year-span; it was what happened after he returned that made a difference.

Penitence by Jubalii reviews Long ago, a young witch lived in the land. For the price of love, she paid her life. The events surrounding that fateful execution are not well known, lost to time. Only one being still alive remembers that day, and is more than willing to share its horrific details to his master. A Long Day by seishu-kun reviews When there's nothing much to do, Soul Society is occupied with parties and gossips. What would happen if one night of drinking and talking with friends would start an avalanche of new thoughts? A Reason by Avenging Neko reviews This is a rather strange one shot sort of… introspection on what Seras Victoria has gone through in her life and unlife.

Some could consider it my take on her reason to stay a virgin. Eternal by Hirana08 reviews Five years have passed since the last time Rin and Lord Sesshomaru saw each other. Now when they can meet each other again, and Rin can make her decision, an unexpected event occurs. The great dog demon has to participate in a competition for his heritage: the Western lands. But what happens when Sesshomaru finds out that he might loose everything that's important for him?

Shared nightmares by Jigoku Pie reviews Seras is suffering from nightmares, and when she suffers, Alucard suffers, and we can't have that! Alucard's attempt at comfort! Fluff between A S, enjoy! Listen to it, it's adorable. This is also a birthday present for Jubalii! Snow, Moon and Flowers by Marishaten reviews The assassin who fell in love with the princess. When she asks Kaede why he hasn't come, she tells her that he has probably forgotten her. So Rin goes on this very instance journey to find Sesshomaru and ends up really finding herself.

But he wants to shield Rin's innocent mind from it for as long as possible! Might add some other characters in later chapters or might not? Inspired by the P! ATD song of the same name. Hopefully only a one shot. Firewood by MissElectra reviews Rin goes out to gather some firewood and realizes her true feelings for Sesshomaru. However, will he ever see her as an equal and a woman or will she always be a little human girl in his eyes? Well, Aren't You Cute? X3 No, that's all the summary you get. Broken Toy by Avenging Neko reviews Who likes playing with a broken toy? Selfish children who refuse to share, even by throwing it away.

A rather strange one-shot. Separated by the hands of the Orphanage. Will they find themselves with each other again? Ratings may change. Caeli et Inferno by Jubalii reviews It's been years, and the Hellsing family has once again forgotten its greatest weapons. Now, the darkness that once brought about the end of an era is rising, and with it two beings who have slumbered for far too long. The Hidden Shinigami by Byaku - Ulqui reviews Kuchiki Byakuya finally loses his composure and none other to the boy he dislikes the most.

What is up with Ichigo? Looks like somethings has just started to find out what they really are capable of. This is my first fanfic hope you like it, please review but don't be too critical. CH24 UP! Sesshoumaru's instincts come to the surface, and acknowledge Rin as his Inumochi. All of my stories will soon be posted there in their entirety including the lemons that can't be posted to ffnet.

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The Ancient Lord by Storylady35 reviews Two lands are split by a grand and anceint forest. There is a single path to cross it and if left some are never seen again. Those who are, tell tale of magic and wonder. A young princess leaves the path and finds wonder and magic. A Demons Spell by Tsukiko the Inu-Goddess reviews After running away from her home, Princess Izayoi is captured and mated by the Great Dog Demon, and now he tries to win her heart after hurting her by accident.

Sesshomaru, his only son also begins to have feelings develop for his fathers new plaything, and now that the countryside is under attack, What is Izayoi to do now but fight and maybe fall in love. Please review! He returns to Romania and declares himself "King of all vampires. Alucard mussings by cheeselord reviews Just a simple train of thoughts of an old monster, nothing too complicated.

Slightly SerasXAlucard. She's also ten years old and living on the streets. She has only one friend; an older girl with black hair and red eyes known as Ally that she sees every few days, and always when the sun sets. What Could Have Been by Avenging Neko reviews Seras Victoria hasn't been a vampire for long, only about a month, and she's not very comfortable in her Master's presence yet.

Unfortunately, Sir Integra is dead, and Alucard is free to do as he pleases. It just so happens that 'as he pleases' involves taking her with him. You have become unholy in such a way you can never be saved. You have become a Fallen, you wings will be tainted with the essence of sin and you are never welcome to the hall of God ever again. A small portion of their life on the way to the next gig and how they perform on stage. Haunting Memories by AnonymousCryxxx reviews Memories are relived as an old enemy reappears It doesn't just want to get rid of Hellsing and Alucard Who will prevail in stealing Seras' heart?

Love triangle? There was only one thing that could destroy him…only one thing for which he desperately sought to conceal but how long could he keep this up? His past begins to haunt him as he questions all of decisions, including his love for somebody that nobody would approve of. Sesshomaru is jealous because Rin has been proposed by other man.

You are male, too," she teased. He took her in, and raises her and when she reached the age of sixteen, she starts training to be a Hellsing soldier. Alucard's and Seras' feelings grow for each other as she gets older. The River's Just a River by Jubalii reviews She loved playing the imagination game, but more often than not she was left in tears. Just a little something I made on the fly. In My Day by Jubalii reviews Seras learns the problems that come with reading a book. Bad summary is bad. I'm sorry. Rated T because M maybe going a little too far. Rukia Lang is the call girl who's about to be put out on the street because money is tight.

Okay, so she's not really a call girl but little does Byakuya know that his DECENT proposal sets both their lives on a collision course for love in this romantic fic. It shamed her to think that she was under Alucard's control at a single touch. Caught between her human morality and her body screaming to be sated by him, Seras fled her master before he could fulfill their bond.

Alucard was furious at his childe! He would not allow her to escape her vampiric fate! However, one thing stands in his way. Hellsing: the nightfall by GLeo reviews I have only recently read Hellsing and watched all the Ova's. I really liked them and I wanted to make a contribution to the fanworld of Hellsing myself. The story 'picks up' where Hirano left off - the return of Alucard, 30 years after the battle in London. It turns out that there were unexpected 'calls from the past' awaiting him. Black Nightingale by DarkPhoenix reviews A broken demon wants nothing more to do with the world that looks down on him, settling fro the company of a small black bird that harbors a secret and song.

Dropping the lawyer gig, he is now Dr. Kuchiki sent to Africa to help. But what happens when he sees Rukia, the spitting image of Hisana, there as well. Will sparks fly? Or scalpels? You're what! Dear Dr Paws by Avenging Neko reviews My cat Seras is acting really strange, whenever she's in heat, she only likes my dog. Is there something I can do? Yours Sincerely, Integra Hellsing. Rated for violence and maybe something later, hehe.

She really puts a lot of effort into the job and one day she receives another task: take care of the vampire locked deep within the mansion. How will she manage it? Please, tell me, how long was I out? We need to talk by Jigoku Pie reviews Another Hellsing mission, except this time Seras isn't saved, until after that is Eros by yukiero reviews Her beauty is incomparable. She is humble and every man fell in love with her. What will happened if a lord will fell in love with her beauty? They are separated by fate and stand no chance to heal their longing love.

Tomorrow and Then by DreamingatNight reviews Five years have passed since we last left off, and now it's time for Rin and Sesshomaru's story to continue! Rin's on her way to becoming a great priestess and Sesshomaru is gaining more power, but their paths are sure to cross. Only what stands in their way of being together may be a foe whose power cannot be defeated. It is in this comforting solitude that the two are able to take a moment to really appreciate the joys they find in each other. One-shot, shortfic, fluff. Realization by Rizula reviews Everyone thought Sesshomaru asexual, even Sesshomaru himself.

But when the demon lord awakens new feelings in himself, he is confused and desperate. And what does poor innocent Rin have to do with all of this? Lord Kaito by Storylady35 reviews When a demon comes out from the ocean, looking for Sesshomaru, and finds Rin, he takes matters into his own hands. However, on discovering Rin's feelings for the Dog demon and on how they hurt her, Kaito offers her a way out. But things are not as they appear. Forgotten by 00Zero reviews "Rin," Lord Sesshomaru called to her, the woman with the mind of a child.

She stood in a big open field of all kinds of flowers as if she was one of the flowers herself. Rin, a beauty that no one, human demons alike, could pass without turning back to look at her twice. But sadly, she was but a child. Her mind had reduce to that of a child. O Death! She is nothing but a pure and innocent baby girl that defeats him even without knowing. But what will happen when fate brings them together and he founds out that she is the one that will either bring his fall or his raise?

First Blood by DistantStorm reviews A story told in small pieces. The journey from girl-child to woman, after Rin's first kill, leading to a very different destiny than the one her Lord decided for her. London's top cop, Seras Victoria, goes beyond her lengths to solve this haunting case that kills cops. All the secrets and lies unfold as a Drug Lord sets his eyes on Seras. Pride by Rose White reviews Pride, noun: Pleasure or satisfaction taken in something done by or belonging to oneself or believed to reflect credit upon oneself.

Kuchiki, Byakuya has gone to great lengths to protect his pride and over the decades the form of that pride changed. He loved her. She is sent to Earth for insulting another angel. She meets the demon, Aizen's right-hand demon, Byakuya, and is in danger of Falling. Can anything save her? The Sakura Bonsai by Sakuya-han reviews Kuchiki Byakuya returned home late at night, on his own birthday Believing he disappointed Rukia by not turning up in time for the birthday dinner she held for him every year But did he..?

Short drabble for Byakuya's birthday. I know it's a bit late for that.. But you know what they say. Better late then never, right? But whose dream is it? Harem Seriously, you've been warned. If that be as a possession that you plan to toy with, I will not object. You have just recently informed me of the meaning of what I am to you: A possession.

But I have understood for a long time before now that I am yours. In every way physically and emotionally possible. Only a possession, he says? Sesshomaru's POV. Unchained by Blood by hikarieris reviews 50 themes. Pairing: Byakuya Kuchiki x Rukia Kuchiki. Byakuya is the President of a major corporation and Rukia is a hostess at an exclusive club in Ginza.

When they meet The Dream by LemonXFantasy reviews The stirring of intoxicating sensations never before experinced by Rin 16 overflow into an abstract mirage of the celestial moon and her Lord. Forgiveness by MauiOmurice reviews She'd long since come to the conclusion that holding on to the memories would only make her weaker.

Either way, she'd never see him again. It was for the best to move on. For surely, she thought, he'd have forgotten all about her. Trust by Prof. Airiess reviews Sesshomaru took Rin in to turn her into his child sex slave. Will Rin's childish charm be enough to end the pain? Will Rin ever be able to trust Sesshomaru enough to love him? Just one night by quechan89 reviews He was left misery after the death of his wife and rather living in her shadows than moving on.

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But a night had changed everything. He had found her, among thousands of people, he finally found his wife and aim to bring her back. However, what will he do if she was not what he had thought after all. Rukia is Snow White, Byakuya is her prince. The Huntsman is a somewhat tortured Renji, and the villain of the vain Queen will be played by Yumichika.

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Various other characters will pop up in minor roles. Byakuya x Rukia. Tortura bien llevada by lindakennedy reviews Serie de Drabbles. Capitulo Final. Long spoon by Senile-felineS reviews "Thou dost need a full long spoon if though wouldst sup with the devil. How did this happen? Conforme pasa el tiempo descubre nuevos cuando recuerda a aquel Youkai. Sakura no Eda by Arden Tenjou reviews A story of Byakuya's changing feelings for Rukia, and the conflicts which arise.

Quote: "He was surprised that when he saw her, he did not feel brotherly affection. Nor did he feel happy to be fulfilling Hisana's last wish. He looked on this child and was reminded of what he had lost. This story is about Alucard right upon his arrival back at Hellsing. It is a continuation starting with the Manga's last scene in the tenth volume. Rated 'T' for safety. Drinking the blood is inevitable. Just a matter of time. Are they doomed to never return to heaven? Or are they given tasks? Made to redeem themselves in the eyes or their father? Well one girl is about to find out, which will either result in the worst month or her life Fear by Violet Stwy reviews Vas a cuidarle.

Rukia no puede morir. Rin has Sesshomaru - one of the most powerful and deadliest demons - wrapped around her finger. She just hasn't realized it yet, and Sesshomaru believes it's about time to show her just how much she means to him. Rin wants more affection from him, and he does not know why he is attracted to her. His behavior confuses Rin. Yet, he's not the only one who wants her and could someone be pulling the strings and cause war? Bajo la Lluvia by Heileedrelli reviews Seras muere de aburrimiento y afuera la lluvia promete un momento divertido. Chinese Whispers by moon ash reviews The new captain of squad five, Ichigo Kurosaki, is lost without modern technology, and in an effort to modernise the Soul Society, the Internet is installed into the Seireitei.

Chaos ensues. Meanwhile, Byakuya and Rukia are finding the Internet to be a useful tool in unearthing hidden feelings and unspoken desires. Crack fic! Dark Paradise by moon ash reviews Rukia Yamamoto, a multi-millionaire heiress, is abducted by Aizen. Byakuya, a famous model and heir to the Kuchiki gang, is entrusted with her welfare. As they grow closer and closer, they fall in love. Is it real love or simply Stockholm Syndrome? I'm the Son and Heir by moon ash reviews When young Byakuya meets Rukia, a girl of much lower status, he begins to sneak out at night to meet her, his interest soon growing into love.

As the two fall deeper and deeper however, they become careless, something which will haunt them into adulthood. Volver a vivir by Valgreys reviews Secuela de "No te hago falta". Seras victoria Many years has passed since after the war with Naraku is over. Rin grew to be a beautiful young maiden, and Sesshomaru had come to realize she was no longer the child she once was. He had always adored and favored her. But what will he do as his feelings for her change and he begins to see her as a woman than a child? Rin x Sesshomaru. So when his parents adopted sixteen year old Rukia Kumori, he refused to acknowledge her presence, even going as far as to be mean to the poor girl but when the reason for her actual adoption is revealed, can these two put their differences aside and tolerate each other as husband and wife?

Kenpachi Z x Tatsuki A and more! Alexis: Draculina Princess by SabbyBina reviews With the future plunged into war with humans against vampires. The queen must send her princess back to the past so that she can be raised by Alucard and Seras. Can Alucard and Seras get along to raise this princess and help her restore to her own time? Listen to One Story by nikorudied reviews We could have closed the curtains with a happily ever after for this two but where would the fun be in that? A story resurfaces from a Kuchiki's past.

Before the dreaded word slip from her lips, he cut her off. It doesn't matter now. Doom by Reviews Eater reviews As soon as he looked into the dark adorable eyes, he knew his fate bad been sealed. He was doomed. Or grow her. Sesshy by A. Aviles reviews Lord Sesshomaru's arrogance gets him into trouble when he meets a young demon. In an instant, the brat casts a curse that changes him. How will he deal with this? And, more importantly, how will Rin feel taking care of a demon who has to look up to her? His Claims- His Lover by 00Zero reviews Both his arms blockaded each of her sides, trapping her against a big solid tree while his lips came crashing forcefully against hers.

Her struggle was to no avail against the strong dog demon lord. In a flash, her protesting hands were firmly locked above her head by Sesshomaru's large ones. Shinigami Flu by Amethyst Skulkyrie Cain reviews Rukia falls ill, and Byakuya puts Ichigo and Renji in charge of his office for three days so that he can care for her. Romance - not incest, they aren't blood related. Don't like, don't read. Regalo de Navidad atrasado. T just in case. Accident by Shinomori's Woman reviews It was just an accident Then why did Master Oogway say, "There are no accidents.

SR, one-shot. The Treasured Pearl by tieusang reviews As a child representing the Gods, her life would soon be in turmoil. She will pay the ultimate price. But her sacrifice will commence the ending the war and bring forth peace to the lands. Rin and Sesshomaru are on opposite sides of the Demon-Human war.

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She brings him to his knees twice during battles, will he get revenge? Enchanted by 00Zero reviews A demoness shows up. Shessomaru is enchanted by. She claims that Sesshomaru is hers, but Rin won't let that happen! And Who is this mysterious demoness? Slight ByaRuki, but only if you squint. What Dreams May Come by blackbubbledancer reviews After living in the Kuchiki house for a short time what dreams do manifest them selfs underneath all the smiles? Pero ella comienza dudar si es correcto permanecer a su lado Byakuya steps in. I'm terrible at writing summaries. Are you really still reading this?

Feedback is appreciated! Ugly Sesshy by Reviews Eater reviews "I have cast a curse on you. To lift the curse is easy. Without that you will never turn back to your old self. Not even when you kill me. But I bet you can't love anyone besides yourself. And most important of all, will you be able to take her heart? My Dark Prince by Shinomori's Woman reviews Darkness was slowly consuming his senses and he couldn't but give into its call. He couldn't help but satisfy his needs, his wants, his desire- Could she be the one to quench his thirst? Or will she lose herself amidst the spiraling chaos?

As she develops into a woman though, her feelings grow to be more than just those of a girl towards her master. Ties are severed, new enemies arise, and feelings are exposed as lives are laid on the line. My Husband is a Pharaoh by evenstar lady reviews To ease tension between the capital city and her province, princess Rukia is sent to be married to the Pharaoh, the seemingly cruel king of Egypt.

But when she meets the handsome Pharaoh Byakuya, he is everything that she had NOT expected him to be. AU ByaRuki, set in Egypt. Rated M for lemons. Chrysalis by Neisha reviews Her presence set a transformation in motion, one he refuses to regret. Cattini, Giovanni C. Lopes, M C. Santos, A C. Cornelli, Gabriele ed.

Formosinho, M D. Peschiutta, Hugo D. Diocese, Lamego. Diocese, Coimbra. Diocese, Guarda. Haase, Richard F. Murillo, Juan F. Piacentini, M F. Pinto, Rooney F. Pires, Ana F.

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Rosado, M F. Barroso, Ricardo G. Ferreira, Aristides I. Alvarez, M J. Coelho e Silva, Manuel J. McCaffrey, Robert J. Oliveira, Albertina L. Quiroga, Jorge L. Rating details. More filters.

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Sort order. May we renounce the animal orgasm, send our sexual energy back to heaven and stop sinning against the Holy Spirit. Christ, our sexual energy will redeem us. We will transform our lust into love, may it be a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block. Thank you to the editors for publishing this book into english, for more information on this subject I recommend the books of Samael Aun Weor.

A wonderful Book!!!!!!! Lewis rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Caroline Benson rated it it was amazing Dec 10, Apriani S rated it did not like it Mar 16, MooM rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Lina rated it really liked it Nov 21, Bobbie rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Claude Charbonneau rated it it was amazing Jan 24, Lydia Peever rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Aleks rated it really liked it Dec 28, Aqua fontana rated it really liked it Jul 02, Marina rated it really liked it Sep 13, Silvia Branzea rated it it was amazing Apr 24, Raghunath Reddy Daram rated it it was amazing Aug 02,

A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition) A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition)
A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition) A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition)
A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition) A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition)
A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition) A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition)
A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition) A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition)
A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition) A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition)
A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition) A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition)
A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition) A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition)
A força sexual ou o Dragão alado (Portuguese Edition)

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