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The first yellow fever outbreaks in the United States occurred in late s. Nearly years later, in the late summer of , refugees from a yellow fever epidemic in the Caribbean fled to Philadelphia. Within weeks, people throughout the city were experiencing symptoms.

By the middle of October, people were dying from the virus every day. Caring for the victims so strained public services that the local city government collapsed. Philadelphia was also the seat of the United States government at the time, but federal authorities simply evacuated the city in face of the raging epidemic. Today, a vaccine prevents yellow fever in much of the world, though 20, people still die every year from the disease.

A Turn of the Century Reading of Yellow Death: A Story of Medical Sleuthing

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Britain took possession of the Dutch Cape colony in A glossary, index, and source notes are included, as is a fascinating list of the known volunteers and the part each played in the risky experiments. It might be wise to booktalk this title in autumn, when mosquito-bite scratching is done for the season.

A Turn of the Century Reading of Yellow Death: A Story of Medical Sleuthing

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Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. The patient rapidly develops jaundice and complains of abdominal pain with vomiting. Bleeding can occur from the mouth, nose, eyes or stomach. Once this happens, blood appears in the vomit and faeces. Kidney function deteriorates.

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Half of the patients who enter the toxic phase die within 10 to 14 days, the rest recover without significant organ damage. Yellow fever is difficult to diagnose, especially during the early stages. It can be confused with severe malaria, dengue hemorrhagic fever, leptospirosis, viral hepatitis especially the fulminating forms of hepatitis B and D , other hemorrhagic fevers Bolivian, Argentine, Venezuelan hemorrhagic fevers and others flavivirus as West Nile, Zika virus etc and other diseases, as well as poisoning.

Blood tests can detect yellow fever antibodies produced in response to the infection. Several other techniques are used to identify the virus in blood specimens or liver tissue collected after death.

10th death linked to France's 'yellow vest' protests

These tests require highly trained laboratory staff and specialized equipment and materials. Forty-four endemic countries in Africa and Latin America, with a combined population of over million, are at risk.

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In Africa, an estimated million people live in 31 countries at risk. The remaining population at risk are in 13 countries in Latin America, with Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru at greatest risk. There are an estimated cases of yellow fever causing 30 deaths worldwide each year. Small numbers of imported cases occur in countries free of yellow fever.

Although the disease has never been reported in Asia, the region is at risk because the conditions required for transmission are present there. The yellow fever virus is an arbovirus of the flavivirus genus, and the mosquito is the primary vector.

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It carries the virus from one host to another, primarily between monkeys, from monkeys to humans, and from person to person.

Through The Yellow Death Through The Yellow Death
Through The Yellow Death Through The Yellow Death
Through The Yellow Death Through The Yellow Death
Through The Yellow Death Through The Yellow Death
Through The Yellow Death Through The Yellow Death
Through The Yellow Death Through The Yellow Death
Through The Yellow Death Through The Yellow Death

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