The Best Man Goes Both Ways

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You can get this over with even faster, if you so choose: you aren't proposing to your girlfriend again, after all. Send a text message if you are really a man of few words, be sure to confirm that he's around during the date you've set for the wedding. Below are a few ideas for text messages you can send:. I know earlier we downplayed the whole jumbotron idea, but assembling your guy gang for your favorite concert or to root on your local sports team is a great way for male bonding.

So grab some tickets and bring the most critical men in your life together for an event and it's a fun and easy way to pop the question to all of them at once. The card is made of white smooth heavy card stock and a black paper bow tie is attached to the front of the card with volume stickers. Invite the guys out to a cigar lounge and ask the proprietor to add a note to each of their cigar choices, asking them to be your groomsman. Having all the guys in one spot without any distractions will allow you to relive old memories, and thank them for always being by your side.

To make it even more classy, get them a personalized cigar gift to present to them and thanking them for always being there for you.

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It features a Japanese quartz movement with a classic and simple design. It even has a month warranty and offers repair services. Each watch comes in an eco-friendly box and ready to be handed to your groomsman. Gather your man group for an outing on the links and gift a cigar for the day.

The message will be as clear as the greens on an approach shot when they read the personalized label wrapping their stogie. Pick your favorite colors, and label them according to their names and wedding titles. This is a gift that will turn heads and get the boys revved up for the big day. Potatoes are the versatile food that can be used for almost any meal. Do you hang with a real beer drinking crowd? If so, these personalized beer mugs will do the trick. Invite your boys over and slide these ounce steins across your man cave bar to each of them. Celebrate your big news with an ice cold beverage from one of these bad boys.

What better way to ask your loved ones to be your groomsmen or best man than with this box and cuffs. This is a heartfelt thank you to be worn the day of the event and then cherished for years to come. These Personalized Silver Oval Cuff Links will add that subtle touch to the men's formal wear on the day of your wedding, and they serve as a wonderful gift that can be used in the future for other special events.


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So ask your men in style with these traditional wedding cufflinks that are silver plated and feature a non-tarnish finish. Grab this awesome Uncle Sam card from Zazzle and package it with something your guys want, like a bottle of booze. You add a little extra humor, make the entire gift a USA theme. Get stupid and get down on one knee and ask them to be your groomsmen just like you did when you asked your fiancee. If executed correctly it will make for a funny memory. Check out the video below to see it in action. You have the option to choose from solid colors, heather gray or dark heather.

It sure is one fun way to ask your groomsman to stand beside you on your special day.

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You can easily pair this gift with other groomsman gifts like shoes, tie, cufflinks, socks or even sunglasses. Got a gift for rhyme and rhythm? Write a quick, possibly silly song that chronicles something funny you know about your friend or some of the dumbest things you've done together. Even if you keep it light, writing a song is a pretty great way to show your groomsman that you value their friendship and want to keep him around.

Getting Started With Growing Mangoes

Extra points if you can figure out something that rhymes with "groomsman" It might be hard to pull off something with this product quality, but if you and your fiance are up for it you can use the video below for inspiration. This app allows you to book a celebrity of your choosing to record themselves reading the text you provide.

The celebrity will record the video and send it back to you. No matter how you choose your groomsman proposals, make sure you find the best gifts possible for them - they deserve it! Whether you use gifts to get the guys on board with joining your wedding party or save the gifts for thank-yous after the reception is shut down, they'll appreciate whatever you choose for them, in addition to free food, getting to look really classy for a day, and hanging out together afterlife and adulthood makes it harder to find time to do so.

My father loves a certain Chaunsa variety, my mother swoons for the extra-sweet Dussehri, and I owe my allegiances to the aforementioned Alphonso. My friends from Delhi and Mumbai would fight over how the Alphonso was either the worst or best mango in the world, depending on which city they came from. I, however, come from central India, and its ruling clans and their battles are lesser known.

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So, in the middle of all this mango imperialism, I could not even talk about the humble but delicious Badami variety that ruled our hearts and tongues for a good two months of the year. Which is why when I was first drawn by the intense smells of fresh Pakistani mangoes flown in from Karachi at Apna Pakistan, I was seriously questioning my allegiances to my country.

This could be heresy, blasphemy, even pure treason!

Seventy years ago, India was partitioned into two states, India and Pakistan. Some of my closest Indian friends can still trace their ancestries to Pakistan. They all had the same story, grandparents who migrated from the western state of Punjab, or Eastern Bengal now Bangladesh settled in Indian Punjab, Delhi, or Kolkata, and began life afresh. It was later, in Dubai, when I first met people who had very similar stories but the other way around. People my age who were third-generation kids of those who had migrated away from India to Pakistan.

In talks over lunch, we would exchange stories of how similar our halwa puris were, or the nuances that made their kshir korma different from our dessert kheer. It was also in Dubai where I first tasted mangos that traced their origins to India but were loved all over Pakistan. The Anwar Ratol was one such variety.

Pakistanis swore by its sweetness. In his book A Tryst with Mango , Dr. It then goes on to quote a former Nawab ruler of Ratol, a village in the northern province of India, who claims that a sapling of this plant was taken from India to Pakistan during the partition. As kids we would pick up one or two, roll them between our palms and suck out the juice from them, a natural tetrapack. When the Indian mango season passed the mango season in India runs roughly from April to July and in Pakistan from June to September and the Anwar Ratol from Pakistan continued to flood Dubai markets, I started buying them for the mandatory ras at home.

The Anwar Ratols had to be pampered, caressed, and cajoled into oozing the juice, and then sieved into a large bowl, the old-fashioned way, the way my grandmother did, sitting for hours, extracting juice for the entire family: children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. This was slow food at its best in a pint-sized mango. Then there was the Sindhri, which came from the province of Sindh in Pakistan. In summers, Sindh swelters in heat and, as my Pakistani colleagues tell me, the hotter the climate, the sweeter the mango. Sindhri has a very thin yellow skin, has very little fiber content, and is big, sometimes too big to hold in one hand.

The taste is as sweet, though a tad less so than the Ratol. The people of Sindh—Sindhis—are known for their sweet tooth. Many Sindhis fled from Pakistan at the time of the partition and settled in makeshift colonies in different parts of India. An Indian Sindhi friend once told me she wanted to learn the script for Urdu, Nastaliq, because all texts in the Sindhi language were written in it.

That knowledge went missing when the people migrated, as did the quintessentially sindhi mango, Sindhri, which is rarely found in Indian markets, barring a few in and around Delhi. The owner, a middle-aged man in white kurta-pyjama , stood possessively beside the crates of mangoes as I examined each variety in my hands.

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  8. When I revealed this, he was astonished, much the same way I was when I first found the treasure of Pakistani mangoes. Deep in his eyes I could see that perhaps my revelation had broken his heart a teeny, tiny bit. The mango, however, is anything but. As a kid, it was my favorite, the juxtaposition of its twin tastes a fascinating puzzle for the senses.

    After thirty years, my fascination reached new highs when I found the sweetest version of this childhood favorite in the Pakistani varieties of langda. Over the last three summers, I have spotted more langda, far more Chaunsa, and yes, a huge bunch of Dussehri, at Pakistani stores across Dubai.

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    And each of them, I am forced to admit, has been sweeter and tastier than their Indian counterparts. My conscience was jolted. My taste buds—my traitorous taste buds—have been overjoyed. In some ways, the partition was probably the single most unfortunate event in the 5,year history of Indian lands.

    The Best Man Goes Both Ways The Best Man Goes Both Ways
    The Best Man Goes Both Ways The Best Man Goes Both Ways
    The Best Man Goes Both Ways The Best Man Goes Both Ways
    The Best Man Goes Both Ways The Best Man Goes Both Ways
    The Best Man Goes Both Ways The Best Man Goes Both Ways
    The Best Man Goes Both Ways The Best Man Goes Both Ways
    The Best Man Goes Both Ways The Best Man Goes Both Ways
    The Best Man Goes Both Ways The Best Man Goes Both Ways

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