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Study This. Acts Acts 18 Acts Footnotes: Acts Or both.

Who Was Sceva in the Bible?

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The Seven Sons of Sceva the High Priest

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The seven sons of Sceva

Learn more today! A fixed state of mind that prevails in the physical consciousness.

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  8. The " seven sons" are the seven centers of thought and action in the body. The word of Truth cast out evil spirits and healed the sick at Ephesus , and this work was imitated by strolling Jewish exorcists.

    Acts19vs13to20: THE SEVEN SONS OF SCEVA.

    They used the same formulas that Paul used, but they had not been converted, or mentally purified, and the evil spirits turned on them and overpowered them so that they fled. We find people who want to be healed without repentance ; they want to be freed from the penalty of error but do not wish to do right.

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    4. These ask for word formulas, magic, and they create a demand for the exorcists that imitate the Truth but are not in the understanding of the change of heart and thought that must accompany all true healing. When we find that through the mere use of words and formulas there is no permanent casting out of the evil that besets us, fear falls upon us and the name of the Lord is magnified.

      Legend of the Sceva House 1 of 2

      The burning of the books of those who practiced "magical arts" means the total denial of all formulas and aids that are not based on understanding of Truth. View the discussion thread.

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