Psalm 118 (This Is The Day)

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Psalm 118:24

Opening Call to Worship vv. This particular verb is rare. In other contexts, it indicates circumcision, but here probably refers to driving back enemies in battle. The psalmist calls out to those who will open the temple gates in vv. He may enter based on the righteousness which God provides. Thanksgiving Liturgy vv.

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Because of the importance of supporting two walls, a cornerstone was of greater value than a regular stone. In vv. Advance your knowledge of Scripture with this resource library of over 40 reference books, including commentaries and Study Bible notes.

  1. Las relaciones lenguaje-pensamiento: O el problema del logos (Estudios Críticos de Literatura y Lingüística) (Spanish Edition).
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Psalm 118 (Antiphonal)

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    Psalm 118 (This Is The Day) Psalm 118 (This Is The Day)
    Psalm 118 (This Is The Day) Psalm 118 (This Is The Day)
    Psalm 118 (This Is The Day) Psalm 118 (This Is The Day)
    Psalm 118 (This Is The Day) Psalm 118 (This Is The Day)
    Psalm 118 (This Is The Day) Psalm 118 (This Is The Day)

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