Princess of Kerehba

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He is at the heart of a love triangle as his ex-girlfriend Hyo-rin intervenes after the marriage. The situation worsens as the second-in-line Prince Yul wishes to reclaim the throne. She is the first love and secret girlfriend of Lee Shin. He had proposed to her, trying to avoid an arranged marriage, but she declined, believing that her dream to be a ballerina was more important.

After winning a competition, she realizes her true feelings for him. One day, Hyejeonggung, the mother of Yul, who has plans to reclaim the throne, approaches her. With Hyejeonggung and Lee Shin's friends, Hyo-rin manages to put Chae-gyeong in a perilous situation. Everybody thinks Hyo-rin is perfect, but she carries her own untold secret. He was still a child when his father died in an accident, leaving the title to Lee Shin's father.

He and his mother left the palace and since then lived abroad. He has lived a carefree life with no royal obligations, so his outlook and actions are no different from those of other ordinary high school kids. Gentle, attentive, and intelligent, he likes gardening and reading. His character is the reverse of the haughty prince, Lee Shin, and he always takes good care of Chae-gyeong. He was originally troubled by his mothers ambition for the lost throne, but soon finds himself wanting to reclaim his title as he falls for Chae-gyeong.

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This 1. With all the rental furniture and props included, the set cost almost 5 billion won. The emperors room is decorated in amber and olive colors, while the room of the empress is decorated in black and gold to express regality and authority.


The room of the crown prince is located in the east wing and is in blue while the room of the crown princess is decorated in romantic pink. Other areas are the grand reception room and the indoor garden. Classic and modern styles coexist in the overall design of the studio set. The scene in which the royal family played a royal sport similar to golf took place in Gyeonghuigung. The image of the palace buildings behind Gyeongbokgung Palace was designed by using computer graphics. Sightseers at these locations need to remember that some visual scenes were created with computer imaging.

This Renaissance-style building with antique white exterior walls is in harmony with the gardens surrounding it. The building is easily accessible on foot from Jongno.

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It has a beautiful campus designed with modern architecture. All the school scenes were filmed at Kaywon. However, since it is an educational institution, sightseeing at the school is restricted. Their misunderstanding grows and they quarrel every day, worrying the people around them. But after they reveal their love, they boldly kiss in the middle of a crowded street.

Princess of Kerehba

This scene was shot in the heart of Myeongdong, one of the busiest shopping districts in Korea. If you happened to be impressed by this scene, you should visit Myeongdong where you can enjoy sightseeing and shopping. On Yul's birthday, the couple visits this inn with their friends, who force them to spend the night in the same room. In one scene, they playfully change their clothes, but the ambience becomes more and more romantic.

Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado and her family - The Imperial Household Agency

If you felt your heart beat during the shower scene of model-turned-actor Ju Ji-hun playing Lee Shin in the drama , you may want to visit this inn, located in Yangpyeong. House of Mind, which has two buildings six rooms , features unique architecture, and was shown many times by the media before filming even began. It is exceedingly popular, so weekend reservations must be made a month in advance.

Why Does South Korea Consider Ayodhya It’s ‘Maternal Home’?

They go by car and arrive at the seaside. Do you remember the scene in which Lee Shin affectionately gazes at Chae-gyeong as she sleeps? They enjoyed moments together walking on the beach, grocery shopping, and making an enjoyable dinner.

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    It is a major tourist destination in Gangneung and was designated as an Important Folk Material no. Accommodations are not available, but this place is open for sightseeing. This is the world's largest museum that is wholly dedicated to teddy bears. The museum has on exhibit a wide collection of teddy bears from all over the world and is a great place to take pictures.

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    As Chae-gyeong thinks about Lee Shin back in Seoul, she is shocked when he suddenly appears. During the meeting, discussions included cooperation to deepen and strengthen the excellent relations between the two countries. The Crown Princess and the President share a great interest in and commitment to environmental issues, and spoke about the Green Climate Fund and its importance ahead of the climate negotiations to be held in Paris in December.

    It was built in the style of traditional Korean architecture, with modern elements. Photo: royalcourt. During the ceremony at the National Cemetery's Memorial Tower. More than , people are buried at South Korea's National Cemetery. Three of the country's former presidents and people who died in national service have been laid to rest here.

    The Prime Minister then hosted dinner at his official residence. On arrival at the Prime Minister's official residence. We are using cookies to provide our services.

    Princess of Kerehba Princess of Kerehba
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