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What do we focus on? In the end this is a subject we have to agree to disagree on. People who are often just as lost in life as you or I. On February 7, , Kristina Stratton ran into her burning home to rescue her four kids from their upstairs bedrooms.

Recognize the Heroes In Your Life This Father's Day

The children made it out safely, but Stratton succumbed to the flames. Our mothers are our Number One Hero, according to our surveys. Fathers occupy second place in our hero surveys, but they are a distant second. For the past several years, psychologists have been able to pinpoint the precise reasons why people need heroes. Our heroes appear to serve four important functions, which spell out the word DIME: 1 Defense and protection; 2 Intelligence and wisdom ; 3 Moral modeling; and 4 Enhancement and inspiration.

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Kristina Stratton is certainly not the only mother who has died while defending and protecting her children. Hundreds of mothers around the world perish each year while shielding their kids from danger. Legendary stories of mothers sacrificing their lives abound, and in fact there are so many tales throughout the ages that Snopes and other fact-checking sites question their veracity. Other colleagues of mine at Richmond, Craig H. Kinsley and Kelly G.

Lambert, have discovered that motherhood changes the brain , producing maternal behaviors directed toward protecting their young from danger. Scientists are beginning to uncover evidence that intelligence is inherited more from mothers than from fathers. In addition, mothers tend to be fiercely committed to passing on wisdom to their children.

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My own mother taught me that the most important things in life are intangible and cannot be bought — love, integrity, character, and honesty. Many of our most cherished heroes credit their mothers for teaching them fundamental truths about life. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.

Then you have to be dependable. If you want people to trust you then you have to be trustworthy. Practice who you want to be every single day. Some people, unable to go to school, are more educated and more intelligent than college professors. Our mothers are heroes to us because they role-model the highest standards of human conduct. She was as gentle as a dove. Our respondents to our hero surveys never fail to mention how much their mothers made them better people. My mother told me I would. Inventor Thomas Edison shared a similar story. They help us all reach for the stars and maximize our fullest potential.

Mothers are our Number One Hero because of the free offering of love that they give us. They are there for us when we need emotional support. Mothers hug us. They comfort us when we cry and let us sit on their laps. They kiss us on our cheeks before school and at bedtime at night. Yes, social norms are changing and we now see more fathers taking on the role of nurturers than in previous generations. But the emerging science of heroism helps explain why we reserve a special place in our hearts for our heroic mothers.

Since the advent of language, human beings have been magnetically drawn to tales of inspiring heroes. The powerful allure of heroism is wired into us, and science appears to support that claim. Game of Thrones , one of the most highly acclaimed series in television history, owes much of its success to its effective portrayal of heroes. There are at least five deep hero archetypes that Game of Thrones uses to create alluring heroes.

The Underdog Hero. There are over a half-dozen characters in the series that win our hearts because of their ability to overcome their underdog status. Tyrion Lannister is a dwarf whom everyone seems to underestimate.

  • The Serpent of the Valois.
  • Heroes: What They Do & Why We Need Them | A Commentary on Today's Heroes.
  • The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1);
  • Jon Snow is the bastard child of Ned Stark, a status that relegates him to third-class citizenship, yet his overall goodness and courage allow him to climb the social ladder. Two legitimate Stark children, Sansa and Arya, are diminished and underestimated due to the lowly status of women in Westeros, yet their resilience and cunning enable them to overcome evil. Daenerys Targaryen is, at the outset of Game of Thrones, mere breeding stock for the Dothrakis yet she emerges as the most powerful ruler of the seven kingdoms.

    In many classic fairy tales, the hero is oblivious to their true special identity, which is often that of a king, queen, prince, or princess. Jon Snow suffers the status of an outcast, and unbeknownst to everyone he is actually the true heir to the iron throne. Bran Stark has been reduced to a crippled boy but soon discovers his true identity as the three-eyed raven who can see the past, present, and future.

    Parents Are HERO - Dad Saves The Baby From Trouble ★ Funny Dad And Baby Video

    Bran grows from nothingness into omniscience. The Redeemed Hero. Stories of redemption abound in Game of Thrones. One notable redeemed hero is Theon Greyjoy, an arrogant jerk who develops severe PTSD after enduring lengthy mental and physical torture at the hands of Ramsey Bolton. Humbled almost beyond repair, Greyjoy slowly regains his confidence and appears to be climbing to the status of a leader as the series enters its final season.

    Seemingly irredeemable, Jaime has proven himself to be one of the more loyal and honorable Lannisters. In fact, he could be the only person willing and able to stop his evil sister Cersei. The Hound, who was once a vicious killer, is another character who appears to be slowly carving out a redemptive heroic path for himself. Heroic Transformation.

    Partner with fathers around the world by becoming a child sponsor.

    During their journeys, heroes undergo significant mental, moral, emotional, spiritual, and physical transformations. The two Stark sisters, Arya and Sansa, each undergo transformative arcs. Sansa grows in confidence and wisdom, whereas Arya grows into a fierce and daring swordsperson. Jon Snow, too, evolves from a mere guardian of the wall into a wise king of the north. Bran, of course, undergoes a striking spiritual transformation. Theon Greyjoy transforms twice, first from an arrogant lord into an emotionally destroyed cipher, and then from that cipher into a newly empowered lord.

    Daenerys owes her remarkable transformation to an unnamed servant to Drogo, a woman who teaches the future Queen how to empower herself in her marriage. This act of mentorship sends Daenerys on her heroic journey. In classic hero mythology, heroes receive assistance for someone older, wiser, or unusual in some respect.

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    Daenerys has had several mentors giving her advice over the years, the two most prominent being Jorah Mormont and Tyrion Lannister. Snow himself has served as a mentor to Samwell and to Theon. There have been plenty of dark mentors , too — people who appear to mean well but are intent on steering the hero down a dark path. Game of Thrones has won 39 Emmy Awards for a reason — the series has crafted highly memorable characters who have undergone dramatic heroic arcs. The main characters in our favorite stories are telling our story.

    No wonder we pay such rapt attention. Tiger, as you may know, burst onto the sport scene as a golf prodigy in the s. He dominated the sport as almost no one ever had. He even won the US Open while playing with a broken leg. Tiger seemed invincible. You probably know what happened next. He took a long sabbatical from golf to get well.

    When he came back, he was no longer a dominant golfer. Even worse, he began to suffer significant injuries to his ankle, knees, and back. In he could hardly walk and was worried he might never lead a normal life, let alone play golf again. He underwent spinal fusion surgery as a last resort, a procedure that would impair his ability to swing a golf club but would allow him to live a relatively pain-free life. He was written-off as a player who was once great but who would never again reach the pinnacle of golf.

    After recovering from this major back surgery, Tiger discovered he could still swing a golf club, although not in the same way or with the same flexibility and speed. He made adjustments to his swing and practiced as hard as he could, although his aging body would not permit him very much practice time. Still, there were doubters. It is being hailed as perhaps the greatest comeback in sports history. Human beings need good comeback stories. All of us experience loss and failure of some type. It can be a divorce, a disease, a tragedy, an injury, or a transgression.

    In coming back, Tiger role-modeled many heroic virtues — hope, hard work, determination, resilience, and inspiration. These card-dads were beer-guzzling, lazy, smelly, recliner-sitting guys who occasionally yell at football on TV and snore when spoken to. Where was the card that showed my dad? The guy who gets up and out the door to work before anyone else in the house is even awake? The man who serves his family by making breakfast on his off days?

    The one who is up early on Sunday bringing donuts to church and leading kids in Sunday School? The sensitive guy who slipped gifts under my pillow as a kid and still knows how to pick the perfect gift for me as an adult? My husband owns three businesses and still tries to eat dinner with his family more often than not. He'll come home with a shirt my son needs or a special snack the kids like. He leads kids in singing at church on Sunday morning so he can be in the same room with my daughter.

    I bet we all know a few amazing dads like the ones in my life. What a blessing these super men of God are to their families.

    Dads, The Heroes We Need Today

    I imagine if we start paying more attention to the strong dads in the world, and spend less time joking about the stereotypical deadbeat dad, more men would begin to rise to the occasion. Each one compared dads to the strength, courage and honor of Superman, Ironman and Thor. Not only do I want the dads in my life to know how super I think they are, I want my kids especially my son!

    My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
    My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
    My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
    My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
    My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes

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