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This adult follow-up is the story of five young brothers who have been living without grownups, awaiting the return of their father and poised to discover the secret behind his disappearance. Expect insights into family, forgiveness and literature, in a tale with echoes of John Irving. His new novel, set in and around a refugee camp in an unnamed country occupied by the US, exhibits his trademark black comedy. From post-industrial Birmingham to the London riots and the current political gridlock, it takes in family, literature and love in a comedy for our times.

Her most recent album depicted the collapse of her marriage. Expect more of that here, along with sparky, forthright stories of drink and drugs and growing up in the limelight. Nervous States: How Feeling Took Over the World by William Davies Jonathan Cape 20 September Davies, a rising star in the world of political thought, has written a much-needed book that provides an original explanatory framework for our current predicament — Trump and Brexit included.

Our Boys is an non-judgmental book, as moving as it is thoughtful. It is as stylishly written as it is scholarly.

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The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis Allen Lane 2 October In the hands of a different author, and at a less astonishing time, the subject of this book might seem unpromising: an investigation into the US departments of energy, agriculture and commerce. Bureaucracy has rarely seemed so important. He was a former politician and member of a famous family and his murder caused a huge scandal and was investigated by the fledgling Metropolitan police.

Her publishers must be hoping readers of The Suspicions of Mr Whicher will be drawn to an equally shocking but more literary crime. At its centre is his body, and what it is to be a black man in the US. The former first lady is the first to finish and she follows in the footsteps of nearly all her predecessors since Lady Bird Johnson in producing a post-White House autobiography. Red Moon by Kim Stanley Robinson Orbit 25 October A few decades from now we have colonised the moon, in this thoughtful thriller about space exploration and political revolutions on earth. Thin Air by Richard Morgan Gollancz 25 October A bodyguard packing military-grade body tech finds murder and corruption as commercial interests collide on Mars, in the latest from the author of Altered Carbon.

Rosewater by Tade Thompson Orbit 20 September UK publication for this award-winning tale of an alien biodome which lands in near-future Nigeria. The only bright times are summers in Cornwall — until the shadow of war falls … McKay is at her best in this poignant family drama. My Mum Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson Doubleday 4 October Tracy is all grown up — but will her anarchic zest for life change when she acquires a rich new boyfriend? The Way Past Winter by Kiran Millwood Hargrave Chicken House In a harsh perpetual winter, Mila and her sisters eke out a precarious existence — until their brother is taken by strangers.

A compelling icy adventure from the author of The Island at the End of Everything. A beautiful, fictionalised memoir combines intelligence and appealingly scratchy artwork with serious soul-searching. The personal and political have been woven tight throughout the trilogy, mixing riots, cabaret, communism and noirish artwork. Running Upon the Wires by Kate Tempest Picador As one love affair ends and another begins, Tempest renders the heightened emotions with her customary blend of arresting rhythm and linguistic energy. Can We All Be Feminists? Identity by Francis Fukuyama Profile 4 October Fukuyama explores the rise of identity politics, assesses the tensions created in liberal democracies by demands that are not solely economic, and asks what might be lost in a rejection of universal forms of recognition.

The Future of Capitalism by Paul Collier Allen Lane 4 October Across the west societies are becoming increasingly divided both economically and politically. Collier, an economist, examines how these rifts have emerged and proposes ethical as well as economic prescriptions to help heal them. The world-conquering author Haruki Murakami. Written with a sharp contemporary flavour Normal People by Sally Rooney. The vagaries of fate, chance and the human heart Love Is Blind by William Boyd.

Insights into family, forgiveness and literature Pastel on canvas. Gift of Sylvester Dering, Shelter Island, N. Standing figure, seen to the knees; her left hand holds a straw hat and in the right is a shepherd's crook; a lamb is beside her; she wears a dark green dress, pearls are about her neck and in her hair, and a brown scarf floats back of her and hangs over her left arm.

‘The Iron Lady’: What Meryl Streep and Co. Got Wrong About Margaret Thatcher

Signed: J. Southold, L. Standing figure seen to the knees, with her left elbow resting on a parapet; she wears a blue-green dress with violet bows and there is white lace at the throat and elbows. This and the following canvas have bullet holes which, according to tradition, were made during the Revolutionary War.

Signed: burn Pinxit, Lent by Richard C. Greenleaf, Life-size, standing figure,. William Greenleaf Mercht. He wears a white wig, ruffled white shirt, robin's egg blue waistcoat and fawn colored coat and knee breeches; a draped dark green curtain forms the background. Daughter of Judge Robert Brown and wife of W. John Greenleaf. Life-size, seated figure, seen to the knees; she wears a lownecked white satin dress trimmed with white lace, and a lavender scarf; her left arm rests on a balustrade; a tree trunk is at the left with sunset sky beyond.

A plain with trees; in the there are small foreground figures of Indians and horses near a group of tents; a river is in the middle distance. Signed: Ralph Albert Blakelock. Gift of George A. Hearn, Indians are dancing hand in the background low hills and bank; trees stand out against a golden sunset sky.

Signed: R. Lent by George A. Hearn, 19 French; born at Paris; died there uncle, Jerome Nicholas Bollery; Pupil went to Lyons in and spent four years studying with and assisting Horace Le Blanc. Henri Joseph van. French; born at Lille; died there The figure of Liberty, holding high the flag in her left hand and a drawn sword in her right, urges on two lines of soldiers to the attack.

American; born at Cincinnati, O. Illustrator and. Japan with an itinerant candy vendor Ameya , dressed in blue; he is surrounded by Japanese women and children, who wear street. Signed: Blum. Gift of Estate of Alfred Corning Clark, Several boats with sails up; in the background is the city; gray sky and water. Signed: Boggs London Italian; born at Ferrara; lives in of Florence Academy. Went to London Pupil to paint portraits; settled in Paris in Signed: Boldnii. Bequest of Mrs. Martha T. Fiske Collord, in memory of Josiah M.

Fiske, French; born at Bordeaux; Son and pupil of Raymond at Bellevue. Bonheur and brother of Rosa Bonheur. Marie Rosa. French; born at Bordeaux; died at her home, the Chateau-de-By. School rector. A brown and white and tail with head erect; landscape background. Stairway H. Lorillard Catharine of Wolfe, Bequest B Rosa BonH.

Signed: heur- British English ; born near Nottingham; died at London. Made frequent journeys to London to study the works of Constable. Landscapes and genre. The beach at low tide with shallow water inside a sand bar; groups of fishermen and women are at right and left. Gift of Henry G. Marquand, The river with the towers of Mantes cathedral in the distance; two peasants are seated in the foreground on a point of land. Bulletin, 5, p. Jesup, 5. French; born at Bayonne; lives in Paris and Rome.

Chiefly portraits. He gave to the Museum chant, financier, and collector. Life-size, seated figure, seen to the knees. Isaac D. Fletcher Collection. Bequest of Isaac D. Fletcher, 19 Catherine and Mary Magdalen two singing angels are at are seated at her feet; the right and at the left an angel is playing the harp. The upper left panel depicts the calling of St. Andrew; below, he is a witness to the wicked mother being killed by fire from heaven. In the lower right panel, the Saint witnesses a bishop being tempted by the devil in the form of a beautiful woman; above, St.

In the uprights separating the principal panels are eight small, single, full-length. Andrew and the woman who prayed to Diana on behalf of her sister; the woman brings St. Andrew to her sister; St. Andrew drives away the demons in the form of dogs; the dead Christ, upheld by angels, stands in the tomb; St.

Andrew raises the dead youth who has been strangled; and St. Andrew brings to life the four drowned men. The Virgin, wearing a dark blue robe, is seated in a ruined courtyard and holds the nude Child on her lap in the foreground at the right are the three kings bearing gifts while Joseph, wearing a green robe, kneels at the left; beyond, the ox and the ass are seen within a tower at the left, and at the right, two shepherds look through a window while one of them warms his hands at a fire within the court; four child angels hold a green canopy above the Virgin; landscape background with Jerusalem at the left, a lake and castle at the right, and numerous figures in the middle distance.

Dutch; Jan born about at Andries born about ; Utrecht; died there Jan was a landscape painter; the brother, Andries, often added the figures. Apprenticed to a goldsmith, then studied painting with Fra Filippo Lippi and worked as assistant to Antonio 1. An open square in the city; at the left the Saint is stopped by a funeral procession and brings the body back to life. The story told at the right is in three scenes: St.

Eugenius, while gravely ill, hears that a relative has died without receiving the last sacrament; St. Zenobius therefore takes blessed water and salt to the bedroom of St. Eugenius, who rises from his sick bed, crosses the square, and in the foreground is seen sprinkling the holy water over, his relative who revives.

There are three other panels of this series; two are in the Mond Collection in London and one in the Dresden GalThese panels were probably intended to decorate lery. Jerome, supported by two monks, kneels at the right and receives the last communion from a priest who wears a rose-colored chasuble and blue stole; two Painted for acolites stand at the left holding candles. Three predella panels. Tobias, wearing a blue doublet and red stockings, kneels at the right near the seashore, and takes out the fish's heart, liver, and gall; at the left stands the angel, who a.

The body lies on a red-covered stretcher and is being carried through a city street on the shoulders of four prelates who wear white robes, green cloaks, and white and gold mitres; two acolytes precede them and four citizens follow the bier; the Baptistery and Campanile of Florence are in the background; in the immediate foreground is the dead tree which burst into leaf at the touch of the Saint's body. Pupil of his father, a designer of embroideries, and of Le Moine; traveled in Italy.

Decorative subjects; de-. Bust of a large-eyed, redwith lipped young lady powdered hair and blue ribbons, a low-cut white satin dress, and a blue shawl; gray background. Fletcher, 7. The picture illustrates a legend according to which the Greek poet, Arion, while returning home from a musical contest in Sicily where he had been a victor, was shipwrecked; he was saved by dolphins who were attracted. Arion, with a red drapery about him, lyre, is seated on the back of a dolphin; mermaids and mermen surround him; beyond at the left is the prow of a burning ship.

Gift of Leon Gauchez, Signed: E Boudin Amelia B. Lazarus, British-American; Educated in at London. The burghers, grouped in an open square, are protesting by clouds of tobacco smoke against their Governor's decree forbidding tobacco smoking. The Governor and his wife stand in the doorway of their house at the right.

Canvas mounted on wood. Painted by Geo. A Brittany peasant girl is an orchard and holds upon her lap a child seated who has a red apple in each hand. Signed: W. Appointed official portrait painter of the city of Louvain in Also painted religious subjects. Milanese ; born about to in the Milanese He is supposed to have been district; died about These panels were originally part of a frieze in the palace of San Martino di Guznago near Mantua and have generally been considered as the work of Bramantino. Each: H. Tempera on Wood. An open courtyard with seen to the knees back of a ledge on which the nude Child stands; the Madonna wears a red robe and a blue cloak lined with green; an apple is in her Madonna.

An open court with the king seated on a high throne at the right; before him a man prepares to divide the child between the two kneeling mothers; beyond are groups of people and two men stand in the immediate foreground at the right. She is seated on the bent trunk of an apple tree. Signed: Jules Breton. A such as here depicted is held once a year at Kergoat near Douarnenez and Quimper. Probably British, end of eighteenth century. Bulletin, , Gift of Mrs. Wheeler Smith, Slate or black marble. Gift of J. Half life-size, seen to the waist, full-front; she wears a black dress high at the neck with a white ruff at neck and wrists, a black cap which shows her light brown hair, and a double string of pearls knotted about the neck and falling straight from the In her hands she holds an undetermined leather knot.

Florentine ; born ? Garbo and later with Pontormo whom he assisted; influenced by Michaelangelo. Portraits and mural decorations. Inscribed on armor of his right elbow: C H. Purchase, Rogers Fund, The Bay of Salerno with fishing a the boats stony beach is in the foreground; sunlight; white buildings are at the base of the cliffs that follow the curve of the shore at the right. Cummings at New York. A Catskill farmer's daughter is seated in a rocking-chair in a country kitchen. H, 30 in. Brown, N. Purchase, Hearn Fund, Open country with horsemen in scarlet and yellow jackets preceded by a pack of hounds.

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Signed: f. A room in the palace is crowded with courtiers;. Jan the Elder; called Fluweelcn or Velvet Bruegel. Flemish; born at Biussels; died at Antwerp. Son of Pictcr Bruegel the Elder; the family name was sometimes signed Breughel. Pupil of Peter Goetkint at in he settled where after a visit to Italy. Antwerp, Landscapes. Jan, the Younger. Flemish; born at Antwerp; died after Pupil of his father, Jan the Elder.

Flemish; born at Antwerp; died there Rixe de Jeu entre of Peasants out doors after a game fighting Pay sans. Flemish; late fifteenth century. A disciple of Memling who lived at Bruges between and So called from his series of pictures in the cloister of the Black Sisters at Bruges.

Full-length figures of a mother children standing in a garden; the mother's reddish brown, and dark green drapery falls. Signed: George De H. Forest Brush Life-size, Stairway full-length figure seated in an arm-chair; his legs are crossed, his left hand rests in his lap, and the right is on the arm of the chair; green carpet; brown wall with one. Italian Florentine ; born at died there Florence; Pupil of Piero di Cosimo; influenced by Perugino, Francia, and Franciabigio; was assistant to Albertinelli and in was employed in. John are in the foreground at the is. American; born at Hartford, Conn.

Painted chiefly Venetian scenes. Signed: Gedney Bunce. Gift of the artist, 19 American; born at New York City; at Boston. Life-size portrait, seen almost she has light brown hair with a crown of leaves; blue-black gown. Triptych with the She wears a red robe Virgin and Child in the center.

The Child is in brown. Angels and saints are on either side of her throne; the saints being at left, Paul brown mantle over blue robe , John the Baptist red cloak ; at right, Peter green and. John the Evangelist blue cloak over red robe. On the left-hand shutter are. On the right-hand shutter, two.

The Crucifixion and the Pietk. The background gold and the predominant colors are red and black. The compositions are borrowed from the altarpiece of the Cathedral of Siena finished by Duccio in In the background the followers of Bacchus disport. Italian real name Bernardino Jacopi. At his feet an eagle stands on two books. Lawrence, in a deacon's vestment, consisting of a white alb and a dalmatic of cloth-of-gold, carries the palm branch of martyrdom and the gridiron. The panel is apparently the It has been ascribed right-hand shutter of a triptych.

Gift of Henry P. Butler, 3. French; born at Montpellier; died at Paris. Figure subjects. Born She bequeathed to City; died there Life-size, nearly full-length, dressed in white satin trimmed with fur. Cabanel painted this subject several times; the first. Wolfe's order; a still smaller replica is in the Gibson Collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of. London; died there Pupil of Hoppner; visited Italy and was influenced by the work of Claude Lorraine.

At first painted portraits; later only at. Signed: D. The Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, See Maitre de Flemalle. Italian Venetian ; real name Antonio Canale. Entrance Grand Canal; in the foreground is the Piazzetta with groups of people, the column of St. Theodore, and a corner of the library of St. Signed: J V Cappel - le? Bulletin, ,. Paris holds Helen in his arms her the toward ship which is anchored at the carrying in armor are attacking the byhis right; companions of whom are some standers, moving away at the left;.

Studied architecture at Danish Royal Academy; chiefly self-taught. Marines and still life. A grayish basket with a white cloth hanging over the edge; a fish lies and clams are at the right. Gift of William A. Read, Italian Venetian ; born probably in at Venice or Istria; died shortly before Pupil of Lazzaro Bastiani; follower of Gentile Bellini.

Onuphrius, the one to the left being St. Landscape background with animals; in the distance there is a town on the bank of a river at the foot of a cultivated hill. Inscribed with a false. Began life as a banknote engraver; studied in Europe in and in Initialed: J H. Rebecca A. Goldsmith, Signed: satt. An elderly lady, seen to the waist wearing a dark blue dress and a lace scarf over her head, sits behind a tea-table on which is a set of blue and gold china.

Half-length figures; the Virgin in red robe, blue mantle, and white scarf holds the nude Child to the high priest, a long-bearded old man wearing an orange cloth about the head and a white embroidered vestment that a clean-shaven man at the left holds back, disclosing its red lining. Joseph is back of the Christ Child, and at the right is a woman in green who has a scarf of silk, pink in the lights and lavender in.

The table cover in the center is gray. Landscape background. This is a copy of a painting perhaps by Giovanni Bellini, several. Another version was in the Orleans Gal-. In was appointed Director of the Ecole des Beaux-. Bulletin, 1, p. Bequest of Robert G. Dun, Life-size, seated, seen to the waist; he wears a red robe beneath a white surplice and on his head is a red biretta. Life-sizefigureof an oriental woman, seen to the knees; she is standing against a red curtain and looks out of a window at the right; her left hand. A scene in southern France with wooded hills; on the nearest hillside at the left of the center is a.

Signed: Bulletin, , p. Signed: Ch. Chaplin Paris; died there Painted still life, interiors,. Les Apprets d'un Dejeuner. On a stone shelf are a slice of meat on a pewter plate, a wine bottle, a silver mug, and part of a loaf of bread with a knife sticking in it. Purchase, Wolfe Fund, 19 American; born at Franklin, Ind. Pupil of B. Hayes in Indianapolis; J. Portraits, still life, and landscapes. Three fish partly lying on a platter' on which is a red apple; two green peppers, a bright red bowl, and a tall copper vessel are on the dark green table.

Chase is she and wears a pink bodice and white right; sewing. His hair is black daintily resting on a delicate stick. Signed: Whistler Wm. Bequest of William H. Walker, This temple to the goddess Athens about B. Canvas, oval. Roch in yellow tunic and blue hose with a brown cloak, St. Lucy in a green robe with a red cloak. Painted by an imitator of Cima. To the right is the corner of a building with two large columns; in the foreground men are fishing on the beach; at the left are the towers of a Attributed to city and vessels at anchor near shore.

The bridge extends diagonally across the picture; the city in sunlight is shown on the farther bank and the foreground is in shadow. Settled in Ohio; land; died near Catskill, N. In the middle diswith an old castle; sunny foreground with broken rocks and a bent pine which overhangs the rushing water. Signed: T. Cole Roma 1.

Premiership of Margaret Thatcher

Gift of William E. Dodge, In the foreground is a mass of ruins with of masonry giant piers and vaulted roofs across the middle distance is a at the right; diagonally series of broken aqueduct arches; beyond, the Campagna stretches to the foothills of the Alban mountains, which. Signed on the back: T. Cole, Florence, ; inscribed: Presented to W. Adams by T. Cole Samuel P. Avery, The picture shows the Connecticut River near Northampton. In the foreground is a rocky hilltop with bare trees at the left and near the center an artist in the middle distance at the right a plain is sketching; with a winding river stretches to the distant hills; storm clouds are at the left.

Russell Sage, An imaginary landscape with a gnarled tree at the right, a rocky ledge in the foreground where a rider on a white horse is fording a rushing river, and in the distance a steep crag. Life-size portrait, seen to the waist; she wears a sage green low-necked dress; gray-green background.

Gift of friends of the artist, In the foreground are the waters of the Giudecca with shipping; above the line of buildings at the left rise the Campanile and the domes of Santa Maria della Salute; in the distance at the right are San Giorgio Maggiore and the entrance to the Grand Canal. The sunset glow blends with the full moon. Signed: Samuel Colman Arid plains with a stream of water running through the center of the picture toward the right; in the middle distance are limestone rocks which appear like castle towers; in the distance the Spanish Peaks are seen against a late afternoon sky.

A broad expanse of rolling country with a narrow road winding toward the foreground at the left; the distant blue hills are partly hidden by rain clouds. Painting for a fan. At the dancing and a man stands back of her; are at the right; in the center, above a building, is a cartouche with landscape. Signed: P. British English ; born at East Bergdied holt; at London.

Copied drawings of Girtin; studied at the Royal Academy Schools. London from until his death. A cow is drinking A picture of similar subject and composition is in the National Gallery at London No. The portrait came direct from the Life-size figure seated on a bench in front of a family.

Born ? Greenleaf, 19 Greenleaf, 3. Life-size portrait of. French; died after ; influenced by the Franco-Flemish portraitists of the court of Francis I. French Barbizon ; born died Paris; at Ville d'Avray. Pupil of Michallon and of Bertin in Paris. Landscapes and Baptiste. Recorded in Robaut, No.

The Conversation

Purchase, Wolfe Fund, In the foreground at the right, a bark with the ferryman and two peasant women is being pushed off from the shore, where there is a large tree with. Jesup, Buildings show on the wooded hills of the opposite bank. The same place is represented in C of the Wolfe Collection. This picture dates from the period Robaut's catalogue, number A narrow stream bordered with willows; the skiff is in the foreground; a church tower in the distance; a silvery gray color over all. About The sun has set, but some clouds still hold. Full-length, life-size figures, standing At the left, St.

Peter, with key and of trees. Leonard, in a monk's brown habit, holds his prison. An early work painted about Known as fetters. Ferrarese-Bolognese ; born about at Ferrara; died at Mantua. Supposed to have been a pupil of Cosimo Tura and of Francesco Cossa. French; born at Bedarieux; died at Paris. Pupil of Cabanel, Cogniet, and Bouguereau in Paris.

Norwich ; born at NorStudied architecture in at London. London; also etching. A country road with a row of thatched cottages at the right; low bushes at the left. Gift of. The River Severn the foreground at the left are a number of people; the cathedral and town are on the far bank; cloudy sky. Canvas Gift of George A. Hearn, 2. Pupil of Steuben and of Hesse in Paris, where the greater part at. Signed: Gustave Courbet. Mary Goldenberg, Effet DE Neige. A massof rocks is at the shadow a doe and a fawn; groups of trees with reddish leaves are lightly covered with snow; in the foreground at the right is a frozen pool.

Opera, in a red, gold-trimmed tunic over a suit of chain mail, sits on the corner of the table holding aloft a dice box. It is at the moment in the first act when he sings, Two knights lean over the "Oui, I'or est une chimere. The pipe is held by the nude man with his back to the spectator: brown woods in the. Clara B. Obrig, in memory of her husband,. A boy, about ten years of age, dressed in black velvet, lolls in an upholstered chair watching soap bubbles that he has just blown; at his right is a table with a glass of soapy water, books, a Life-size, seen to the waist; he is standing in his studio at work.

The original portrait, painted in , was burned in the sculptor's studio at Windsor, ; this replica was painted in in the possession of the painter. Venus, seated upon a huge sea-shell, is upheld by sea gods, nymphs, and dolphins; above are cupids bearing flowers and zephyrs receiving two white doves that have been brought by Love in a golden chariot. Elizabeth W. Chapman, Pupil of his father; influenced by Albrecht Diirer and probably by Griinewald. After he used a small winged serpent as signature. Portraits, biblical and mythological subjects; was also an en He is seen to below the waist; the left hand grasps the hilt of a sword or dagger and the right rests upon the pommel; he wears a black velvet biretta with jeweled plume and a black velvet doublet over a gathered white shirt with lace collar; scarlet background of Saxony.

Life-size figure of Judith, standing back of a table on which lies the head of Holofernes; she is elaborately dressed and holds a sword in her raised right hand. Signed with the winged Bulletin, Lucas, the Younger. German; born 15 15 at died at Weimar. Half-length figure of and suckling the nude Child; she seated Madonna, wears a black bodice and a red mantle; two cherubs hold a black drapery which forms the background. Attributed to Cranach the Younger.

Italian Florentine ; born at Florence; di. Pupil of his father, Andrea di Credi, a goldsmith; assistant to Verrocchio. Full-length, of the Madonna, wearing a violet robe kneeling figure and a blue mantle lined with yellow; her hands are clasped and she looks on the ground with a beneath Him; at the infant St. Circular; diameter 36 in. Bulletin, of a wall. John; at the right Nicodemus holds the shroud with both hands; at the left Joseph of Arimathea supports the head of Christ and beyond is Mary Magdalen.

In the immediate foreground are the emblems of the passion; landscape background with castles, villages, and distant blue hills. Formerly attributed to Jan Van Eyck. Full-length, standing figure of a blue and yellow armor; his right hand youth rests on his hip and the left holds the red and white striped staff of his broken lance, a part of which is sticking in the head of a green dragon that is coiled on This and the the ground at his feet; gold background. Probably the center of the upper tier of an anHalf-length figures; the dead Christ is supported in the tomb by the Virgin who is at the left with her arms about His neck; her cloak and hood are blue and her PI.

Gift of Frederic Coudert, John; known as Old Crome. British Norwich ; born Influenced by Hob at Norwich; died there The foreground the right and cattle grazing to the left. Canvas transferred from wood, A road with rising ground at the right. American; born at Rossville, L. Open country with rocks and cattle the immediate foreground and trees at the left; farm lands and wooded hills beyond and a glimpse of a river in the distance; misty atmosphere. Cropsey Sarah Ann Ludlum, In the center, near a group of trees, a woman who wears a red bodice is milking a cow; at her left a dog is seated near a brass can; two cows are lying down in the foreground at the right; at the left is a stream with cows wading in the middle distance.

Mountain peaks rise above the mist that fills the valleys; in the foreground is. Greenish waves with a rowboat at the left in which stands the figure of Christ wearing a white robe and a red mantle. Signed: Elliott Dainger-. American; born at Boston; lives in London. French Barbizon ; born Francois.

Cattle are the shallow water near the shore at the right; a boat with two figures and on the bank a wo I5 in. Signed: Daubigny At the left is a group of and a woman is young watching cows that wade in the shallow water; ducks are in the marshy foreground; on a hill in the middle distance is a village with a square trees.

Signed: Daubigny 1. At the left is a sandy beach with fishing boats anchored in the shallow water. Signed: Daubigny. The river is in the foreground and flows off toward the right; on the far shore at the left a woman kneels washing clothes, and another woman, in blue skirt and white blouse, stands a little higher up on the bank; under the trees nearby is a rowboat; beyond is a village with gray-roofed cottages; light blue sky with pinkish clouds. Marshy foreground with two storks standing on a point of land; an empty boat is at the right; trees and shrubbery in full summer foliage form the background.

The river is in the foreground; on the cows are wading at the left and a woman is washing in the center; beyond are thick clumps of trees with a group of taller ones at the left. Studied lithography with Ramelet in Paris, in which city most of his life was spent. Painted chiefly satirical subjects. Les Avocats. Three men, wearing black and gowns, stand, with papers under lawyers' caps their arms, talking in a hallway.

Signed: h. Lent by George Blumenthal, John; at the right Mary Magdalen kneels with clasped. DAVID background with a lion walking across the plains and beyond buildings which form a hollow square. Christ stands at the right, the Virgin and two other Marys at the left. The figures are shown about half-. Child on her lap and prepares to feed Him with a spoon held above a bowl; in the background at the right is a window with a view of a farm-yard.

This is one of several replicas; the one in the Traumann Collection in Madrid is probablv the original by David. She is a blonde about twenty, wearing a short-sleeved, high-waisted white gown of the fashion of the Directoire with a pink ribbon about her slim waist 1. Her chair, upholcovered with a salmon-red shawl. The background is an austere gray wall with a window at the left. Through its panes, one of them cracked, one sees a and a white kerchief about her neck. The lean on an iron railing; a plain high building beyond.

The motive of the picture is a quotation from Meredith: "Huntress of things worth pursuit of souls; in our naming, dreams. Ares was the Greek god of Against a background of mountains and evening sky appears a level line of struggling figures that fill the lower part of the picture from one side of the frame to the. American; born at Amesbury, Mass.

The evening star shines in a cloudless greenish sky. A broad expanse of hilly green country with deep shadows from white and gray clouds. American; born at Bristol, R. A young girl, wearing a red coat and a straw hat trimmed with flowers, is seated with her hands crossed in her lap; against the white wall back of her hangs a Japanese print and on a table in front of it stands an Italian drug-pot; leather-bound books are on a stand at the right.

Signed: H. French; born at Paris; i at Fontainebleau. Pupil of Abel de Pujol, and David, Ingres. Turkish guards, with their officer mounted on a white horse, are dashing toward the left through a city street; the background consists of a plaster wall in brilliant sunlight with a Moorish balcony over which hangs a rug; down a narrow street at the left the blue sky is visible.

Life-size, almost to the waist; she wears a Bavarian Tyrol costume consisting of a striped brown blouse with red bodice and black kerchief. Signed: Defregger. French; born at CharentonSaint-Maurice; died at Paris. Rebecca has been carried from the burning castle of Front de Boeuf where she has been kept prisoner by Bois Guilbert. A retainer lifts her upon the horse ridden by one of his Saracen slaves; at the right the knight is arriving at a gallop from the burning castle, which is seen in the distance.

Signed: Eug. Delacroix See Neuville. French; born at Paris; died there Pupil of Flandrin and Bouguereau. Still life. The objects to be painted were from the Louvre Collections. Miss Wolfe by An rock crystal beaker, mounted in gold with Stairway engraved brilliant enameling, and other objects are grouped on a table which is partly covered with red drapery. The incident foot and French soldiers depicts sappers commanded by General Faron, who stands in the center of the picture; this division having taken Champigny, December 2, , is defending a chateau at the fork of two roads, against a return attack of the Saxony and Wiirtemberg A wall, through which divisions of the German army.

French; born at Clermont-Ferrand; died at Paris. Pupil of Delaroche and Decamps. Signed: L. Interior with a lady in a low-necked before an open desk, which is at seated pinkish gown, the left. The angel, in a golden garment, holding a gold harp, walks through a meadow dotted with white flowers; his great white wings spread wide and his eyes fixed in an ecstatic gaze on the sky. At the right the youth follows him dragging a and carrying his net over his shoulder.

Dutch; born at Amsterdam; died there Influenced by study of the works of Rubens and Van Dyck. Chiefly noted as a decorator who frequently used groups of children at play painted in monochrome Jacob. Monochrome on canvas. Gift of Bradley Martin, Six nude children gathering the haris Ceres; another has climbed a tree throws the fruit down at one below who catches it. Six nude children, three of them dancing and the others playing the fife, drum, and triangle.

French Barbizon ; born at Bordeaux of Spanish parents; died at Mentone. Apprenticed at fifteen to a china painter at Paris. The Virgin is seated under a tree; the Christ Child leans against her knee at the right and St. John on the other side. I2 in. Signed: N. Diaz Several large tree trunks spotted with sunlight; at the right a stooping figure wearing a red kerchief. In the distance is a clearing shining; from this a road leads into the heavy foliage in the foreground, and a bent figure is just entering the shady path.

A rocky hilltop with a footpath across the is the trunk of an oak with one branch and the others broken off; beyond at right and are trees in full summer foliage; blue sky with dark. Between the small, marshy pool in the foreground and the woods in the distance is the figure of a. Brown foliage which opens out in the center of the canvas, showing clumps of trees in sunlight. The pool is back of her and a wide stretch of dark blue sky and sunlit off after a rain. Weimar; died at Dresden. In of Alexander Thiele.

Dresden Gallery. Standing in the porch of the Temple, the Christ extends his arm toward a man who lies in the foreground; at the right are. Gouache in black and white on H. Signed: of Catharine Lorillard Wolfe, Mount VicDistant snow-capped mountains seen between two green mountain sides that slope down to the lake in the foreground.

Hudson River is in the middle distance, and beyond are the hills near West Point. Gift of George F. Shelton and Mrs. Markoe, in memory of their father, Theodore B. Shelton, Gray background. British; born in London; died there Portrait and historical painter; curator of the Royal Academy schools in London. The figure is seen to the waist with the head three-quarters to the right; he wears a black velvet coat the collar of which is edged with fur, and a full white neck-cloth. Standing figure of a young lady in a dark blue walking dress, holding a bouquet and a shawl in her left hand.

I2f in. Gaspard; known as Gaspard Poussin. Pupil of Nicolas Poussin, whose name he. Wild country with groups of trees on each side; mountains are in the distance and a stream falls in two cascades toward the foreground where there. American; N. Studied painting with Benjamin West in London; upon his return to New York went into business with his father and throughout his life alternated between painting, managing a theatre, and writing books.

Dunlap Gift of John A. Church, Caroline D. Holton, wife of John A. Conant of Brandon, Vt. Lifephilosopher, statesman, diplomat, and author. Inscribed on Canvas, oval. Lucas, French Barbizon ; born 1 at Nantes; died Jules. As a youth he was a at r Isle-Adam, near Paris.

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Studied painting under. Signed: Jules Dupre. French peasants have stopped haying balloon a at look to floating in the sky; in the center a rake in her hands, and at the with woman stands a with a red kerchief on her head. Fulfilment of the prediction The valley of Hamonaccording to Ezekiel, xxxix, 4. Gift in. This copy was made by Durand before oxecuting the etching. Full-length, nude, lying on the ground with a white and red drapery beneath. Signed: B Durand 35 in.

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Bequest of Maria De Witt Jesup, from the collection of. Anne, with fixed look, her head and chin covered with a white drapery, holds the sleeping Christ Child on her lap and rests her left hand on the Virgin's shoulder; Mary, her head lower than St. Anne's, with half-closed eyes and Several similar comjoined hands, adores the Child.

Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1) Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1)
Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1) Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1)
Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1) Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1)
Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1) Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1)
Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1) Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1)
Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1) Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1)
Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1) Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1)
Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1) Metropolis (Tales of Thatcher Gray Book 1)

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