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It's available for pre-order now. See all 14 questions about The Pearl Sister…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Fantastic addition to the Seven Sisters series! I think I say this after each one I read, but I think this has been my favorite. However, once I got to know Kitty I was hooked.

So excited to continue these Fantastic addition to the Seven Sisters series! So excited to continue these sisters stories. View all 9 comments. Mar 13, Babydimps Suzy rated it it was amazing. Well, this book is nothing short of spectacular! I cannot begin to explain the joy and fulfillment I get from reading the books in this series. I absolutely fell in love with Kitty and her story. Set in Australia, I truly felt as if I was taken into another world. View all 20 comments. Poignant, enthralling, and exceptionally moving! The Pearl Sister, the fourth instalment in the The Seven Sisters series, is predominantly set in the dusty Australian heat during both the early s and twenty-first century as it delves into the life, ancestors, and heritage of CeCe, the struggling, awkward artist who seems adrift and in desperate need of some inspiration, companionship, and contentment.

The prose is expressive, eloquent, and heartfelt. The characters are complex, genuine, and en Poignant, enthralling, and exceptionally moving! The characters are complex, genuine, and endearing. And the plot is a compelling, heartwarming saga filled with familial drama, introspection, love, loss, grief, determination, passion, and loyalty, as well as an in-depth look at the culture, history, and politics of Australia, including the effects and influence of both the aboriginal people and the pearling industry.

The Pearl Sister is hands down another mesmerizing, superbly written time-slip novel by Riley that continues to highlight her incredible talent and imagination as a masterful researcher and storyteller. Thank you to NetGalley, especially Atria Books, for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. CeCe is a young woman who has always felt ill at ease in her surroundings, unable to find a sense of peace or home. The death of her beloved father Pa Salt sends her into further despair. England no longer feels like home to CeCe so she makes a rash decision to abandon ship and travel to find her family roots in Australia.

Making her way to Australia, CeCe diverts her trip down under to stop over in Thailand. On the exotic beaches of Thailand, CeCe falls into the arms of Ace, a man with many secrets. When CeCe finally makes it to Australia, the story of her past unfolds, involving a young woman named Kitty McBride, from Edinburgh, who made the trek to Australia over a century ago.

At the same time, she negotiates new feelings in love, her culture and her aspirations in the art world. Australia, despite its stark contrast to her life in London and upbringing in Switzerland, awakens something special in CeCe, something she will not be able to leave behind. Every year since Lucinda Riley has introduced her Seven Sisters series, I sit rather impatiently waiting for the next edition to be published. The Pearl Sister is another bulky book, at over pages long, but do not let the breadth of this book intimidate you in any way.

I found the pages literally fly away once I settled in comfortably to read this book. I will also mention if you are new to the series you can read these books as standalone novels. Riley is careful to include plenty of detail and a strong back story, so you never feel out of the loop. Going on her personality traits and flashes of behaviour I have seen in the previous novels of this series, CeCe seemed a little immature for my liking.

I loved her immediate growth and maturity that developed soon after she left England. The sequences in exotic Thailand, took me right back to this perfect holiday retreat, which I have personally visited in the past. Riley presents this setting with plenty of vivid detail. I liked the inclusion of Ace, the mysterious man who CeCe encounters in Thailand.

It added both romance and an extra thread of mystery to the novel. When CeCe arrives in Australia, the past narrative thread soon kicks off. As with all of the previous novels in this series, Riley always balances a contemporary storyline, with a family link to the past.

It is this storyline that is rich in historical detail and romance. I found that the past narrative generally helps to drive present day story forward. Although I have read a good deal of books set around the pioneering days of Australia and the pearling industry in Broome, I was amazed by the accuracy and detail included in this aspect of the novel.

Riley includes the effects of the Stolen Generation and the impact of aboriginal missions, which are still being felt today. All credit is due to Riley and her dedication to her research in this area of her latest novel. I always love how each and every one of the books in this addictive series is able to combine a number of genres in the one unforgettable novel. If you select The Pearl Sister to read, expect a touch of romance, a contemporary storyline, a touch a mystery and a full bodied historical fiction novel.

When I reached the close of the book, I really did not want it to end, as I know now I have a big wait ahead of me for the next chapter in the series, The Moon Sister.

The Pearl Sister

Thank you for another monumental novel in the Seven Sisters series Lucinda Riley. View all 6 comments. Jan 29, Umut Reviews rated it liked it. Intermittently below me, there were small clusters of twinkling lights indicating human habitation, each light containing a life, a family, a set of friends None of which I felt I had any longer' This book is the 4th book of the seven book series inspired by the ancient myth of the Seven Sisters of Pleiades. There's a wealthy man whom the girls call Pa who adopts 6 baby girls and names them after the Seven Sisters star galaxy.

Maia, the beauty; Ally, the leader; Star, the peacemaker; CeCe, the pragmatist; Tiggy, the nurturer; and Electra, the fireball. They live in a mansion in Switzerland. They have a Nanny who looked after them all their lives Ma. However, she is missing, and we don't know the reason behind it. One day, Pa dies suddenly of heart attack and leaves different clues to each sister to find their origins. Each book is a story of one sister trying to find their origins and their adventures while doing that. So, we go back and forth between present day and the past while we learn about their real families.

We will have the 7th book tie everything together after reading about the 6 sisters. This book is the adventure of the 4th sister, Cece, to find her heritage. She is one exotic looking young woman, the artist of the family, and in my opinion the most complex of the sisters so far. This gives us clues already that she has a diverse heritage. And eventually, we follow a very interesting story taking place in a land far far away. Cece and Star The Shadow Sister joined the family just after one another, and became inseparable since then.

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Star, being short of her words, Cece finds herself speaking for both of them. She's very extrovert, and maybe too much at times. But, we discover her vulnerable self behind that strong front, and how she struggles to find her self worth. I will say as little as possible about where and when the story takes place, as I would love everybody to go through the journey and have their own surprises as I did.

I would really recommend you to read as little as possible upfront. I enjoyed in every book to discover where the clues take them, as it's a part of the mystery. In this one particularly, I found the events of the past, very thought provoking and interesting to learn about. The writing is very beautiful, very lyrical as it always is with Lucinda Riley. Here, it's not the destination, but the journey : So, the length of the books didn't bother me in any of them they are on average pages each!

I have only one criticism for the books, since we now are on the 4th book. I love the stories that take in the past and how they bring us to the real family of our sisters. However, the story line of the past, all follow the same 'lost love' concept because of some unfortunate events. It started to feel like a soap opera. The stories of the girls in the present day are much more diverse and original, different than one another.

I hope we can see the same diversity in the next book for the past as well. I also have some news. Apparently, this series is coming to TV!! I would love to watch it. The 5th book, which will be Tiggy's story is also coming in Autumn according to Lucinda Riley's page. She was writing it in Scottish Highlands, also researching for it. So, we know a part of the location : Can't wait!

The Pearl Sister by Lucinda Riley was an excellent historical novel, the fourth in a series of books about six young women who had all been adopted as babies and brought up as sisters. The girls are devastated when their father dies and they all come home for the funeral. They are all given letters written by their father with clues to their natural parents. This fourth book in the series is about CeCe who travels to Australia in search of her family. Now that I'm reading Star's story in The Shadow Sister, I know that The Pearl Sister is about the artistic, outspoken Ceecee, who at night is tormented by nightmares she doesn't talk about, who makes art but doesn't brag about it, who has dyslexia, and loves Star in a codependent way.

I didn't care much for Star's story by the end, so I hope I like this book more. View all 8 comments. The Pearl Sister perfectly highlighted why, because it never felt like I was reading a book of that length. The past is who I am… The story the author told, took me to present day Thailand, Australia and the UK, as well as Scotland in the 5 - "So far, it's been an utter The journey she then takes to discover her true self is an unputdownable read. For us…" I think the authors own words succinctly sum up my thoughts about how highly I rate this book for the quality story-telling and depth of background for everything that happens — I am a fiction novelist, but I take the background research to my novels as seriously as any historian.

Never a truer word was written, and once again it delivered an absolutely outstanding read to add to The Seven Sisters series as a whole. Tiggy is up next later this year in The Moon Sister and from the little glimpse you get of her at the end of this one, I cannot wait too read where the author takes her on her journey of discovery, and who she will meet along the way. ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review. View all 4 comments. I have so far read all the books published in this series except the second one and it's such a wonderful series.

I really love how reach book takes one of the sisters through a journey, not only to a faraway country, like Australia in this book, but also a journey into the past. The best dual storyline books are the ones where both tales are equally interesting and Lucinda Riley has managed to achieve that with this book. I loved how the contemporary story first takes the reader to Thailand and I have so far read all the books published in this series except the second one and it's such a wonderful series. I loved how the contemporary story first takes the reader to Thailand and then to Australia as CeCe searches for clues to her past.

One thing I really liked was that the expected love story didn't occur. I'm always pleased when a writer managed to surprise me and I'm delighted with the way the storyline took when it came to CeCe's private life. The second storyline, the one set a century before with Kitty McBride traveling from Edinburgh to Adelaide, it was just as interesting, although the romantic part in this storyline was a much more expected.

Still, I love getting a story set in Australia, learning more about the Aboriginal people and the unjust treatment they got. If there is one subject that always makes my blood boil is the white man's treatment of the natives in whatever land they set their eyes on. I want to end this review by saying that the books don't need to be read in order, yes it's probably wise to read from the beginning, but you quickly get to hang on the story, the background for all the adoptions, etc.

The different sisters make appearances in each other's stories and I quite liked that since I grew fond of each sister I get to know.

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I want to thank Pan Macmillan for providing me with a free copy through Netgalley for an honest review! Lucinda Riley's novels have always given me that "hygge" feeling and The Pearl Sister is exactly the kind of comfort reading I need on darkening Autumnal evenings. I haven't read all of the previous "sisters" series but this works perfectly well as a standalone novel.

This is the story of Cece who feels isolated after being estranged from her sister Star. We follow her quest for self-discovery firstly in Thailand and then in Australia. I thoroughly enjoyed accompanying Cece on her journey. If you have a particular aversion to coincidences in fiction, then perhaps this isn't for you but if, like me, you loved sagas like Barbara Taylor Bradford's A Woman of Substance, then this series will be ideal.

Received in Goodreads giveaways - thank you very much. I wasn't really looking forward to CeCe's story after she came across as controlling and brattish in Star's previous novel. However as always a different perspective changes everything. CeCe does a bit of a runner and decides to head to Australia to find her family, stopping over in Thailand. Thailand brings her the rest and romance she might need but it's when she gets to Australia the s plot really gets good. As with most dual storylines i Received in Goodreads giveaways - thank you very much.

As with most dual storylines it's the historical one that comes off better. The story of Kitty McBride is adventurous, romantic, devastating and inspiring. CeCe discovers her story from various sources and it all starts to fit together nicely. This series is over half way through now and there are still hints of unanswered questions running through. The books are massive in size but they are surprisingly quick to read, I get sucked in quite easily each time. Would thoroughly recommend the series and this book in particular - finally getting CeCe's point of view explains many of her quirks.

This was amazing , I love the way the author details the journey of each daughter and how they finally find themselves home. View all 3 comments. The Pearl Sister is the fourth installment of the planned Seven Sisters series, each book focusing on one sister. Pa Salt was a wealthy man who adopted six baby girls yes six, not seven - why? Now he's dead and has bequeathed an envelope of clues for each daughter should they wish to trace their roots. The fourth sister is Cece I've been concerned about this one as I haven't liked The Pearl Sister is the fourth installment of the planned Seven Sisters series, each book focusing on one sister.

I've been concerned about this one as I haven't liked Cece so far; selfish and controlling, she hasn't appealed at all. However, when we meet her in her own book she's reflective and lonely now that closest sister Star has discovered her heritage and has a new independent life away from her. Cece decides it's now the time to follow her own clues - an old photo of a man and a boy, and the name Kitty Macer - and after wallowing in a little self pity, travels to Australia.

One hundred years earlier, Scottish Kitty also arrives in Australia and attracts the attention of twin brothers. Marrying one of them, they settle in the the stifflingly hot Broome and take over the family pearling business. Kitty befriends a local Aboriginal woman named Camira, and through her we learn of the Aboriginal ancestors, their appalling treatment at the hands of the 'whitefellas,' their art, their walkabouts and their version of the Seven Sisters myth.

I also really liked Cece, who came into her own as her quest to find her origins continued. Her story dragged a little towards the end though, and I'm not sure what the point of the view spoiler [detailed detour to Thailand or the Ace storyline hide spoiler ] were unless they're revisited in later books. As to the mystery of the enigmatic Pa Salt, view spoiler [we're no further forward. I doubt there are any readers out there who believe he's actually dead though!

But before then, we have two sisters to go; next up is Tiggy This is Cece's story - I always look forward to the next book in this series to find out where that sister came from and how she came to be adopted by Pa Salt. The stories are always intriguing as, after Pa Salt's death, each sister searches for her heritage. Cece's search takes her far away indeed and she finds a rich history with surprising characters. The historical backstory was fascinating and I loved reading about Kitty, Andrew and Drummond.

I think this would make an excellent series - I hope it is cast well. Looking forward to the next sister's story! View 2 comments.

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I read it for the first time through back in early , so not that long ago. The other two books I originally read a few years ago and then the third one was a first read for me. And then there was the Chrissie relationship. The romance between CeCe and Ace seemed much more fully formed compared to Chrissie which I felt was unfortunate. I felt like she whined about her inabilities and short comings for most of the novel but then in the end accepted them——ish. In fact I connected with her a great deal. She always seems to feel out of place among all of her other sisters but yet she does seem to know herself better than the others.

There were times when I hated Kitty so much for being stubborn and unfair toward Drummond, but in the end she was who she was and I thought her story wrapped nicely and came full circle—-if not a little too neat. He was charming and had my heart from the first moment we were introduced to him in this story.

Listening to this book a second time around gave me some time to reflect and think about it more than I did the first time around. The first time through I was rushing to get through the story. But this time, I was listening to it in my car and doing house work and I was able to really think about how this one came together. In the end I think I am going to have to give it 4 stars. This is slightly less than the original read through. Still an absolutely marvelous book.

Read it for the exotic setting I want to go to Australia now! See my take two review here See my original review here View 1 comment. Sep 17, Thebooktrail rated it it was amazing Shelves: highly-recommended , books-set-in-scotland , books-set-in-australia. I spent a delicious day reading this and nothing else. What a treat it was. Intertwining stories, another mystery of a sister finding out who her real parents are, travelling to Australia, to Alice Springs no less to find out. I loved the going back in time to meet Kitty — a woman whose life is linked to Star.

The characters are strong and well developed and despite the flit in stories and focus, this was to the strength of the novel. A magical mystery tour of hope and dreams I was very excited to read about the story of the art clues in the Aboriginal world — this is something I know nothing about and Lucinda really opened my eyes to the love and honour of that community.

From the beaches of Thailand, to this quiet and gentle of places on earth, I was captivated and totally engrossed. A beautiful nod to the art and heritage of the Aboriginal communities and the art work through the novel was a touching homage. The locations evocative, the descriptions exquisite and the story woven like ribbons through time and history.

So exquisitely done and the I was transported to a world of amazement as well as art. The author has quite clearly gone to an awful lot of trouble to get the detail and feel of the time and places exactly right, the colours of the palette to evoke the stories, expertly mixed.

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This was absolutely beautiful. Pearl sister is my favourite of the seven sisters series so far. I have smiled, cried, laughed, gasped a few times and thought about the storyline when I was not reading it. The characters were just brilliant I could relate to the storylines and characters in so many different ways I felt like my own life was projected in some ways.

The historical aspect of Australia and the pearling industry was amazing to read about as all the ancestral stories in the seven siste This was absolutely beautiful. The historical aspect of Australia and the pearling industry was amazing to read about as all the ancestral stories in the seven sisters have been. As per Riley has given me wanderlust and I actually felt inspired to be a bit more creative because of this book! I'm just in love right now. Feel like crying now the book is over and I don't know what to do with myself now I can't read more about Kitty and Cee.

Nov 09, Alexandra Fuller rated it liked it. I had enjoyed the first three of this series by Lucinda Riley and had eagerly awaited the issue of this one. I was a bit disappointed as I felt she did not convey the relationship of the main character with her Australian roots as well as she had with the back stories three earlier sisters. I felt the main character was lacking in things to illuminate her personality, she came over as very weak. I felt also that the author was searching for ideas to bring the story together but she did not succe I had enjoyed the first three of this series by Lucinda Riley and had eagerly awaited the issue of this one.

I felt also that the author was searching for ideas to bring the story together but she did not succeed in doing this very well and some of the links were very tenuous. Nov 21, Amy rated it liked it. As usual a fast and easy read. I had some issues with the writing and character portrayal For example CeCe didn't know what genocide is???

And who Darwin was?? Being dyslexic doesn't mean you are lacking general knowledge! Autumn Leaves. Saunders-Smith, Gail.

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Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1) Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1)
Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1) Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1)
Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1) Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1)
Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1) Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1)
Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1) Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1)
Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1) Its Autumn (The Adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1)

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