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One of these powerful celestial figures we already have seen in the Meteor shower, which began just prior to the Birth of Jesus Christ. As we found in our research of this dragon star, a key relation to the planet Saturn, was found in that, the star Eta-Draconis was unique in its regular transit across the Meridian at midnight of May 23rd, for over years, that was documented by the Mayans in their astronomical texts. This "Dragon calendar" is shown below as it appears in the "Madrid codex. This not only provided another conclusive celestial link between the signs of BC and BC, but also tied the celestial events in Draco at the north-pole, to the Jupiter-Saturn unions on the ecliptic , in the context of Precession.

These links between the planet Saturn and the star Eta-Draconis emphasize the original dominion of the dragon, especially his temporal lordship, at the pinnacle of Creation, while the Meteor shower depicts the dragon cast down at sunset, signifying the twilight of the radiance of this spiritual dominion.

This brings us to a third ruling aspect of the central theme of Jupiter-Saturn triple conjunctions in celestial history, the phenomena of Precession. As we have seen, in the precession of the equinoxes , the Celestial Prelude of BC, coincided with the dawning of the Precessional Age of Pisces, announcing the birth of Christ, three years later.

These individual year ages in the grand ruling cycle of Precession, represent one aspect of the spiritual significance of precession as it relates to the Jupiter-Saturn unions. There also is an apparent symbolic correlation between precessional ages and spiritual administrations, which we can get an idea of in the Try-God Timeline. The Ages of the precession of the equinoxes relate more to the return of the galactic cycle, as seen in the coming alignment of our solar system with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way, in Sagittarius in the next few years. This is linked to the popularity of in Mayan Astrology.

Once the implications of Biblical Astronomy are ascertained regarding the significance of the 12 Signs of the zodiac , we can apply this theme to the precessional age in question, to gain additional spiritual insight into the message of the celestial showcase. Formerly, these precessional ages were considered almost exclusively from the viewpoint of Astrology , whose corrupting influence has muddied the pure waters of Biblical Astronomy. This is another powerful indicator of the fall of Lucifer, as the rise of the new Morning Star takes place. This brings us to the fourth major aspect of these Jupiter-Saturn unions, and how they ultimately recognize, and point towards the birth of the Promised Seed, Jesus Christ, the purpose of the ages.

As we will see in even greater detail regarding the signs surrounding the birth of Moses, God set the celestial orbs in their coordinated paths to witness to His glory, and the arrival of Jesus, His only begotten Son. All Nature stands, to honor and recognize this long awaited and sought for, Day of the Promised Seed.

All human kind will ultimately bow to the majestic authority of Jesus Christ our Promised Seed. All Creation will soon worship the glory of the King of Kings, or come to nought. The Jupiter-Saturn triple union marking the birth of Moses took place over a two-year period from BC. The Israelites traditionally recognized the importance of Jupiter-Saturn celestial unions, and even as they believed these signs would precede the birth of Jesus, so they held the same belief regarding the birth of Moses.

In this study we will consider, in detail, over 35 noteworthy celestial signs surrounding these three major unions of Jupiter-Saturn during this period, along with secondary signs of significance and their Biblical ramifications. Not only did all three of these Jupiter-Saturn unions take place in the Constellation Taurus the Bull, but Jupiter and Saturn remain for the most part, stationed in Taurus for nearly this entire two-year period. The general meaning of Taurus in its Biblical significance is the coming Judge and Ruler.

This meaning is preserved in ancient Egyptian Astronomy and their pagan star religion, as the Apis Bull. Apis referred to the head or chief savior, who was associated with Isis in the ancient Egyptian cult of the Bull, and was also another name for Saturn. As the Isis-cow which gave birth to the sacred Apis Bull of Memphis, her following eventually spread beyond Egypt, to Syria, Palestine, Greece, and throughout the whole Roman Empire, where she was worshipped until well into Christian times.

Serapis was the god of the underworld, a healing god, a god of fertility, and also the protector of sailors. Hislop confirms this background in the following statement:. This is significant history to be cognizant of as we proceed in our study, especially since we have already noted, in connection with the Dendera zodiac where a celestial cow with a bright star, or the Sun between her horns, was the hieroglyphic symbol for the star Sirius, also tied to the etymological structure for the word O-siris.

Once the older astrological gods of the lunar calendar were overlaid on this calendar matrix, it kept the oldest astrological gods of the Egyptians, presiding over the entire temporal order of their Empire. A similar dynamic is found in connection with the Mayan culture and Astrology , which we have previously discussed in connection with the Eta-Draconid Meteor showers. In the star religions and pagan Astrology of the ancients, this title was embodied in Kronos , the god of time.

But from Tur, in the sense of a Bull, we get the Latin, Taurus. It also illustrates the central position of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in this process. However, as we strip away these false astrological veneers and ancient heathen idols, we can restore to a great degree, the original beauty of the starry witness as God intended it to be. January 11th, Venus the Morning Star is partially occulted by the Moon in Sagittarius.

Here the approaching victorious Morning Star is partially covered by the Crescent Moon, in an attempt by the enemy to obscure its immanent defeat to the forces of light. Mercury-Gabriel is in Capricorn, relating the sufferings of Christ, foreshadowing the Passover Lamb sacrifice, which Moses would install as a holy feast in the O. Thus in the first two aspects of these initial signs marking the birth of Moses, we are shown the sufferings and glory of the Lord, but not the mystery of the Age of Grace between these events, only prophesied of indirectly, both in the O.

Scriptures, and the Stars. We never see the sufferings mentioned apart from the glory of Christ in the Scriptures, and we expect the same in the Stars. March 17th, BC. This in effect, serves as a prelude to the first Jupiter-Saturn union in Taurus, three months later. As the Lawgiver, He instituted the feast of the Passover lamb in Israel, as part of the 10th plague pronounced on Egypt, immediately after which Israel was released from bondage by Pharaoh. With the Sun in Aries, close to the spring equinox , we see a potential precessional marker for the Age of Aries, during which the birth of Moses took place, looking toward the coming Piscean Age, marking the birth of Jesus Christ the ascendant Morning Star.

Here the lesser light ruling the night attempts to obscure the vision and coming judgment of the true and righteous Man-Bull, Jesus Christ. It also carries more immediate implications for the birth of the Lawgiver Moses. This dual theme depicting the participants in the war in heaven, will run as a consistent thread through many of these signs surrounding the birth of Moses, which will be pointed out in various ways as they arise. May 8th, BC.

Jupiter-Venus are in Conjunction during the next massing of planets in Taurus. Here the theme of planetary massing, previously in Aries now moves to Taurus the Bull, in the third sign of the birth of Moses, with the bright and Morning Star-Venus in union with the King planet-Jupiter, signifying the coming judgment of the King of Kings-Jesus Christ, embodied in his forerunner and Lawgiver Moses. Joining this massing of planets in Aries is the Moon, aligned with the enemy, continuing her enmity in the previous lunar occultation in Taurus. May 11th, BC. The continuing theme of the enmity of the forces of darkness is seen here in Saturn, along with the series of lunar occultations of the star Aldebaran, against the aligned forces of light in Taurus.

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May 13th, BC. Here we see the enemy reasserting his power as god of this world [ II Cor. As we noted in the introduction, this theme of war in heaven signified by the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction cycles throughout history, is a consistent thread of truth running throughout the celestial tapestry of Biblical Astronomy , which we will see consistently throughout this set of signs marking the birth of Moses. June 25th, BC. The first Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus. This is the first of the three primary unions between Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus within the two-year period of BC. During this planetary Conjunction in Taurus, Mercury-Gabriel is in Leo, approaching the King star-Regulus, where they would unite three days later on the 28th of June, in the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

If left the ground and climbed toward the sky over the tobacco fields, trying to fly over the ditch by the side of the road. The sky and the car were almost the same pale-blue color. Halfway up the arc of its climb, the car rolled, like an airplane doing stunts. I could see the workings beneath it. They were lewd, as if the car was naked. The car seemed to hang at the top of the arc, its black belly exposed, and then it fell. The car fell into the ditch and kicked up dirt that floated and drifted in the air around it. It landed on its top and the wheels kept spinning. The roaring engine died when the car hit the ditch and I could hear the spinning wheels.

They made a rumbling and whirring sound. I jumped off the porch and ran. I was thirteen years old and I was running toward death. There was a breeze ruffling something; making something pink move and dance. I kept running. I saw a woman lying on the white line in the middle of the road. The breeze was moving parts of her pink dress.

I looked down at the woman in the road. She was an older woman; she was a thin black woman dressed in her Sunday church best. I looked both ways down the road. There were no other cars. The whole world was filled up with me and an elderly black woman in a pink dress lying like a rag doll in the middle of a road surrounded by North Carolina tobacco fields. Then, a car came. Now, I wanted to cry. But now, I wanted to cry.

Her eyes were open and she was staring at me like I was the only thing in the world. Her mouth began to move, too, like she was talking. She was staring at me, her eyes wide-open and not blinking — staring at me and her mouth opening and closing. Maybe just for someone to come and take this woman away, to rescue me from her staring eyes and her silent moving lips. But, I had to look at her, to look straight back into her eyes — I had to — because I knew that if I looked away it would be like I just left her to die. So I looked back into her eyes, trembling and wanting to cry again. And her mouth kept moving.

Talking to me.

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Telling me not to leave her. I felt that inside. I knelt beside her and held her hand and would not leave her. When I heard my grandmother holler, I jumped. For a second I guess I thought the sound came from the woman on the road. But it was my grandmother. She was waddling down the dirt road from the house as fast as she could go. She could envelope the whole world, hold it all tight against those huge bosoms. Then my grandmother stood next to me on the road, breathing hard. She put her hand on my shoulder. But now I was crying. The woman lying in the road kept looking at me, her eyes never leaving my face.

The ambulance was right behind him. The highway patrol came too and the road was full of cars, blue and red lights flashing; all gathered around the old black woman lying broken in the road in her pink dress. They put the woman on a stretcher. Too bad she tore it up like that. All the cars drove away and the flashing lights were gone and silence fell again, like a blanket, over the tobacco fields. Not even the sound of the dove over at the old millpond. Nobody ever taught me how to pray.

But I tried to learn that night. I could lie at night and hold my hand to my face, almost touching my nose, and not see it. That night, in my feather-bed, I looked at the blackness over my head and tried to pray. But I do remember why I stopped. Luminous, and staring at me. I watched them all night. I could have reached up and touched them. But, I just lay there and looked back at them until morning came.

It was when the first filmy rays of light broke into my room, when things were just beginning to turn into clumps of gray, that the woman spoke to me. I said I would remember.

Jill Presto (New Earth)

Then the eyes and the voice were gone and the day had come. She said they must be from over in Yellow Springs, or maybe Greenville. After a while, I quit thinking about the woman. It was a memory I would always have. I took some flowers and laid them on her grave, in front of the stone that had her name carved on it. I was wearing my uniform. I was in the Army and on my way to Iraq. I knew I would run toward death again; toward bodies tossed like rag dolls and lying broken on the ground I knew I was looking down at my own broken body.

I looked up to see Marlie Robinson standing above me looking down at my broken body, I asked her not to leave me. I asked her to remember my name. Marlie Robinson held my hand, she never left my side. The club was packed, Kings, queens, fags and hags, wall to wall gayness. Nicco was excited, this was His maiden voyage to a Gay club in the heart of the big Apple. He strolled into the bathroom And spotted Adrian. He was much older than Nicco, but he was breathtakingly Beautiful.

Not pretty. Not lovely. Glamour, mystererious, the whole nine yards. Thrash was a gay bar—and there was something great about the place—tribal. He was in on a pass—his friends were happy to dance with him, talk, whatever. Thrash was safe. No rapists, no weirdos. Just Nicco and he-shes. So He left to drain the dragon.

And there she sat——before the vanity mirror. Oh man…blow to his fragile 20 year old ego.

How could a man be more beautiful than a woman? But he-she was. There was the barest flicker of eye contact…a polite nod, and he was back out again. He loved men—and it did not matter that he was not looking for a lover. Here he could just enjoy the raw male power of the place. But there was Adrian…making him feel perfectly shoddy. Like an imposter. It had taken three looks to know her for what she was. No hiding the wrist structure—or the ankles…but all the rest…a perfect ten, drag queen extraordinaire.

It takes a lot of balls to have your Johnson removed…. This one was fully equipped—and still managed to pull off the female thing better than Nicco could with his flimsy first attempt. But what was she doing in the ladies room? There was a club full of guys who would have squired her as readily as they did him—a fact that remained a mystery, but a happy one. In the straight world, Nicco was always second choice—or even third. Here he was the belle of the ball…his choice of dance partners. Here his every word was a witty gem, and the circle of laughter followed him like a halo.

Not sure I'l ever get used to that one! May 22, Tim Martin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Trying to steer clear of feudal, house, and familial politics back home, he only wants to love his wife and fight for his people even as he suspects he is fighting for ideals that his superiors secretly snicker at. The opening, quite gripping chapter is a space battle with Cassius the leader of his squadron, men and women he leads to death and defeat against what was probably always insurmountable odds, as he was on the losing end of a massive interstellar war as his side, the feudal Archduchy, surrenders to the Commonwealth, an empire in spirit if not in name that is 30 times the size of the Archduchy.

After the war, his home planet of Crius virtually destroyed by orbital bombardment, his wife Judith, sister, the entire family dead in the destruction, the rulers of the Archduchy either dead, terrorists, or working with the victors to make themselves rich, and Cassius a wanted war criminal for terrorist activities after the war, though he was always a very well-known figure to both sides , Cassius is in hiding. Doing his best with medication, alcohol, and a somewhat carefree life, Cassius strives to forget the lost friends, family, and nation as well as the horrible things he did after the Archduchy had surrendered.

Cassius through the vast majority of the book navigates a virtual minefield of double crosses, spies, assassins, liars, blackmailers, and worse as each play dangerous games with very high stakes one game placing the entire human race throughout the stars at grave risk, no matter their allegiances during the last war as the galaxy gears up for a war perhaps a great deal bigger than the last. The world building was superb, it felt like a rich, layered space opera setting with a sense of history and not a setting tied too much around one idea though the rights of sentient beings and in fact what is a sentient being were major issues touched upon again and again in the novel, a concept that had much wider implications than it first appeared, very well done.

We are introduced to a rich world of Watchers, rogue A. The characters were vivid and interesting, all of them morally gray at best to varying degrees and pretty much none of them what they appear at first. Cassius himself was a very interesting character and while not always completely laudable for his actions, did hold to a moral central core far more than most of the other characters in the novel past and present. I had few complaints about the book and some of those complains could easily be addressed in the sequel.

Isla had a fascinating past and while a major character for much of the book, sometimes it felt like she drifted away from the attention of the narrative, though that was probably unavoidable. She was continually surprising and I had a difficult time predicting her actions, though in truth I think many characters in the novel had that same problem as well. She was definitely a difficult character to pigeon hole.

I would like in a sequel to get more of a sense of the Community or the Elder Races but there was more than enough information in this novel to make sense of how they related to Cassius and the events of the book. There was a lot of betrayals, intrigue, and double crosses in the book and it almost edged sometimes in being too much to keep track of though this never happened as the strongly character driven aspects of the intrigue made it easier to follow than it otherwise might have been. Pacing was absolutely excellent as the e pages just flew by as I would spend hour after hour immersed in the story.

Looking forward to the next book in the series! View all 8 comments. As always, my opinions, while completely awesome and undeniably correct, are completely my own. This book starts during what turns out to be the last battle of a huge war between the Crius Archduchy and the Interstellar Commonwealth. This first chapter can be called nothing but epic. And even though the scale is soon lowered the epicness never goes away. Cassius is a great character from the start, even though he is beaten and in hiding he is proud of who he is.

Lucifer’s Star

Although he probably should not be proud of his hiding skills. But like I said the scale is lowered and what at first looks to be a grand space opera with huge battles becomes a character driven story of intrigue and deception with huge Battles. And the characters doing the driving are first rate. I loved them all, even the ones I hated, if that makes any sense.

I blazed through the book so fast it felt like it only took a few seconds but I loved every second of it. I give it 5 stars out of 5 and I wish I could give William a hand. Check out my other reviews on my blog https: Jul 21, Shawn D Robertson rated it really liked it. Let me start by saying how viciously intricate the plot of this book is. The backstabbing runs deep and you really never know who to trust. The pacing is fast, making for a quick read. The characters are well constructed and they stick to their motivations, even when we didn't know all those motivations from the outset.

The main character Cassius Mass , in particular, exemplifies the nature of the book.

He's bitter, jaded, screws himself over, and while he is clearly confused about much in his l Let me start by saying how viciously intricate the plot of this book is. He's bitter, jaded, screws himself over, and while he is clearly confused about much in his life, his better qualities often shine through. It is clear that Phipps and his partner loved what they created, and Charles brought it to life in a big and darkly beautiful way.

Apr 28, C. Baum rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book thoroughly. It had some content that actually made me laugh The rest of the story is well written If you haven't read CT Phipps, you're missing out. Oct 30, Matthew Davenport rated it it was amazing. The world building in this book was amazing and we see a lot of detailed explanations in the interplanetary relationships as well as the individual cultures, all without taking away from the main story by being too filled with description. The descriptors come out naturally. Cassius is a clone of the sovereign, with cybernetic implants to make him the perfect warrior, the perfect royal heir, and the perfect sexual partner.

By the start of chapter 2, we find a down and out, drug and alcohol addled, his face and DNA changed to hide his identity, and living aboard a pirate spaceship with a questionable crew. From that point, his past begins to come back in a huge way and takes Cassius on a path that makes him question not only who he is, but also everything that he previously held as true.

He goes through a huge transition from the beginning of the book all the way to the end. When I said this book reminded me of a couple of other stories, it really did, but mostly in just elements.

There was even a moment that reminded me of the Borg from Star Trek. A lot of reminders, or ingredients, that made themselves into a great cake. And I love cake! Epic Space Fantasy that leaves me begging to learn more about Cassius Mass! Aug 30, David Hambling rated it really liked it.

Cassius Mass is on the run for war crimes, hiding out as navigator on a tramp merchant spaceship. Because Mass is really an ace starfighter pilot with over four hundred kills to his name, cybernetic enhancements and a proton sword hidden in his quarters. Because this is a darkly comic work which upends the usual expectations, with no Jedi, no Force and no good guys and survival Cassius Mass is on the run for war crimes, hiding out as navigator on a tramp merchant spaceship. The setting is the aftermath of a war between the evil and fascist Archduchy, which has been defeated by the evil and corrupt Commonwealth.

There are other parties involved too, including merchant guilds, slavers and aliens. The fun here is the combination of galactic warfare, from space battles to blaster shootouts to power-armor punch-ups and swordfights, with Phipps snark-infested dialog. He had a gold crown on his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. The time to harvest has come, and the fruit on the earth is ripe. Blood flowed out of the winepress. It rose as high as the heads of the horses for a distance of miles. It was great and amazing.

There were seven angels bringing seven plagues. All those who had won the victory over the beast and his idol and over the number of its name were standing by the sea. These people had harps that God had given them. All people will praise your name. Only you are holy. They were dressed in clean, shining linen cloth.

They wore golden bands tied around their chests. The bowls were filled with the anger of God, who lives forever and ever. No one could enter the temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels were finished. He poured out his bowl on the land. Then all those who had the mark of the beast and who worshiped its idol got sores that were ugly and painful. And everything living in the sea died. The rivers and the springs of water became blood.

You are the Holy One. You are right in these judgments you have made. Now you have given those people blood to drink. This is what they deserve. The sun was given power to burn the people with fire. They cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues. But they refused to change their hearts and lives and give glory to God. People bit their tongues because of the pain.

Birthing the Lucifer Star

But they refused to change their hearts and turn away from the evil things they did. The water in the river was dried up. This prepared the way for the rulers from the east to come. They came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They have power to do miracles. Great blessings belong to those who stay awake and keep their clothes with them. They will not have to go without clothes and be ashamed for people to see them. Then a loud voice came out of the temple from the throne. This was the worst earthquake that has ever happened since people have been on earth.

The cities of the nations were destroyed. And God did not forget to punish Babylon the Great. He gave that city the cup filled with the wine of his terrible anger. These hailstones weighed almost pounds [ h ] each. People cursed God because of this plague of the hail. This was one of the angels that had the seven bowls. She is the one sitting over many waters.

The people of the earth became drunk from the wine of her sexual sin. There I saw a woman sitting on a red beast. The beast was covered with evil names.

Birthing the Lucifer Star Birthing the Lucifer Star
Birthing the Lucifer Star Birthing the Lucifer Star
Birthing the Lucifer Star Birthing the Lucifer Star
Birthing the Lucifer Star Birthing the Lucifer Star
Birthing the Lucifer Star Birthing the Lucifer Star
Birthing the Lucifer Star Birthing the Lucifer Star

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