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Cordelia Castel

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book is based loosely on the story of Cinderella in the fact that the main character Cendrilla lives with her evil stepmother and stepsisters, with elements of other fairy tales thrown in. I read the original title Cendrilla and enjoyed it then, but Magestaff is so much more!

I enjoyed every minute of it, and the new cover is stunning and definitely gives more of a feel to what the story is about! If you enjoyed the original story then please go back and give the revamped version a read! One person found this helpful. This is not a direct fairy-tale adaptation, but is rather set in a fairy-tale land where you are always coming across elements very reminiscent of old stories.

The world of these stories is of course fraught with dangers, and in this version there is no guarantee of any happy ever after.

The Magestaff

Case in point: I bet you thought that after Jack chopped down the beanstalk everything was tickety-boo, but for the Jack who is the heroine's companion for much of the story it was a disaster. As for the heroine, Cendrilla, she has the wicked stepmother and cruel stepsisters and even ends up going to a ball and meeting a prince, but what comes in between is a parade of unpleasant encounters and not one fairy godmother.

The titular magestaff, a gift for an act of kindness, is a quarterstaff with the ability to make her unbeatable in combat, and so she becomes quite an accomplished champion of justice. I suspect more will be revealed about the magestaff in future books. The writing is strong and descriptive and the various threads are deftly woven together. There is almost too much going on, with no truly restful interludes, and many "oh, no!

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I expect there will be romance later in the series, but there was very little in this book, and that one-sided. It makes a fine young adult read and has attractions for all fairy-tale fantasy lovers. Loved this book a new twist on a very old story. Format: Paperback. This book is amazing. A fantastic story for anyone to enjoy, I'm an old fossil and I thoroughly loved it.

Come and join Rilla as she bucks against being sold in marriage to a wife-eating ogre and decides that her life story is hers to write Think of all the amazing heroines that were written either in books or in film and roll them all up into one feisty blonde haired 16 year old and you'd get Rilla, she's my champion and I'm firmly in her corner. Beautifully written with surprises, twiSt's and turns that will keep even the most inquisitive guessing. A fabulous start to an amazing adventure.

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Join Rilla as she starts on her journey. A book to add to your library I receieved an arc copy of this book and this is my honest and open opinion of this book.

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  4. It's brilliant! This new first book in the Perrault Chronicles series is an excellent read, and so different from the original book that it's like a whole new story.

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    I like the interweaving of so many fairytale characters throughout - such as Puss in Boots a new character this edition , the Gingerbread Man here as the johnnycake boy etc, not to mention Cendrilla herself, based on Cinderella! I've really enjoyed reading this book as it's well-written, full of action, adventure, and the great characters really drive the pace and keep you hooked from beginning to end. I'm definitely going to continue reading the rest of the series, and would recommend the stories to anyone who likes their adventures with a fantasy and fairytale twist.

    Format: Kindle Edition. Great story, a little trite at times but generally an interesting blend of revamped fairytales with a strong main female character lead. I have read and enjoyed all seven books in this series, finding Cendrilla's character improving as the series went on hence why this one is 4 stars when I've given 5 to later books..

    She starts off as something like a typical damsel-in-distress but soon learns that the only way to improve her circumstances is to do it herself. Other characters are not always as they initially seem and are well developed through the series, sometimes switching entirely from villain to hero or vice versa. Definitely recommended. I really enjoyed the book. It was well written and I liked how the story had some references to fairytales.

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    I loved the characters and their personalities. I look forward to the next book in the series! I received an arc for a voluntary review. See all 12 reviews.

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