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One day as he was in the kitchen cleaning up, he spied someone out of the corner of his eye.

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To his amazement, he gazed upon a semitransparent apparition of an old lady swinging a bell. As he approached the figure, it vanished as silently as it had come. The wraith has been seen numerous times by other employees as well. A cook who has been there for many years is so accustomed to the haunted place that it seems lonely to him without something happening regularly. The staff on duty has often heard the distinct sound of ice blocks being dragged across the floor. Objects that are put down in obvious places tend to disappear, only. She, too, was never seen again.

James Telford fell victim to the trail in December of and Frances Christman in December of There are many other reports of disappearances on the trail dating back to the s. Some are documented and some are not. There was one person who was found murdered on the trail—Frieda Langer was the only missing person to ever have been actually recovered from the bizarre path. Her untimely demise, however, remains a mystery. A few locals swear that they have hiked the trail many times without incident. Most of them avoid the foreboding woods for fear of encountering the unknown that lurks within the deep thicket, awaiting the next unsuspecting hiker.

Those who have hiked the woods and lived to tell about it are fortunate in that the woods were probably not hungry that day, or they had already had their fill. It is the pale, white figure of a man crouching before the door of the Laurel Glen Mausoleum with a wreath and key in one hand.

The mournful figure is watching the door, as if waiting for its inhabitants to sally forth from the burial vault. No, the personage is not a ghost but the statue of John P. Bowman who, along with his family, is buried in the great vault. The statue has graced the steps of the vault since , when the wealthy farmer had the chamber built to house his wife and two daughters.

Within the crypt that was erected with the help of 25 sculptors is the life-size statue of his oldest daughter, Addie, who died when she was an infant. Also within its walls are the busts of his other daughter, Ella, and his wife, Jenny, who tragically passed away within seven months of each other. The mausoleum would be the talk of Vermont. Ten years later, in , Mr. Bowman himself passed on and was interred in the burial vault. The reason for the statue of his likeness at the steps of the chamber remains a mystery to this day.

Sulphur Matches and Moriah's Ghost

Strange things have been reported around the mausoleum at night, but what is more horrifying is the Bowman House across the street from the cemetery, because it is extremely haunted. Many think it is the ghosts of Bowman and his family still dwelling within the mansion. An unidentified woman has been seen on countless occasions in the house. A painting once flew off the wall at a little girl who stuck her tongue out at it. This phenomenon was witnessed by several people who were taking a tour of the great home. The mansion stood vacant for some years before it was recently purchased and renovated for its new owner.

The woman now in possession of the home has reported seeing the spirits of the Bowman. She had to convert that area into a bedroom with a bathroom and even a little kitchenette, according to reports in the local Rutland papers. It becomes vacant save for the ghosts who run its domain in the dark of the night. Q: What is your favorite haunted place? There are a handful of places that I always go back to, that I never get tired of and not just because of the history and all of the years of ghost stories behind them. One of them is the Lemp Mansion in St.

I think my fascination with the history of the family and my respect for the family just makes me feel comfortable there. Second would be a place in Illinois called the Old Slave House. But it has a really horrendous history regarding a guy who leased slaves to work salt lands. He ended up kidnapping free African-Americans and pressing them into slavery. He kept the slaves chained up in the attic of the house. The Bell Witch cave in Tennessee is also very high on my list.

One night, a friend and I were walking down the hallway there, and a guy walked across the hallway in front of us and disappeared into a room on the other side of the hall. I have no doubt that it was a ghost, considering the room was empty when we got there. I have to list that as one of my favorites. Q: Why be a ghost investigator? How does it happen? Q: What are important items to bring with you on an investigation? All of the gadgets and gear are great, but, for me, I find it hard to use electronic equipment and then offer that as any kind of proof.

Only because there are so many things that can go wrong with electronics as far as trying to use them for evidence. I was able to do that with a pen and a piece of paper. People are the key behind the story—they are the essential element to all of this. If you have a video camera, bring it along, you want to remember what the place looks like. If you want to use electronic equipment, definitely use it if you know how to use it.

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I always tell people, never go do this stuff by yourself. I had gotten a call from these people who were hearing footsteps in their attic every night. They were sure that their home was haunted. And they had actually done some research into the history of the place. The real story behind it was that it had been owned by a farmer who had committed suicide when he lost his farm back during the Depression.

He had gone up to the attic and hung himself. Not only do they have a good story, but they have a good story that was happening every night. So I thought this was the perfect chance to get to really experience something. So I went out to their house and it got late, and we were all sitting around in the bedroom being quiet and we started to hear footsteps walking around in the attic—I could hear them plain as day. I climbed up into the attic with a flashlight now a little nervous myself at this point , shined the light around, and I saw not one ghost, but two walking around.

They were furry, they had tails—there were two great big raccoons in the attic. And every night, they would wake up when it got dark and go out to look for food. These things were so big that when they walked around up there, it sounded just like a person walking. I can laugh about it now. I always tell people you should never jump to conclusions. It is also know by locals as Pea Patch Island because of a local legend about the origins of the island.

The legend has it that a ship carrying peas ran aground on a river shoal and the peas sprouted, which started the formation of the island. The pentagon-shaped building covers approximately six acres, the 32foot-high walls vary from 7 feet to 30 feet in thickness, and the complex is surrounded by a moat 30 feet wide. The entrance is very imposing, with a drawbridge crossing the moat and torches on each side of the gate. When you walk through the front gate of the fort, you get chills. If you listen closely, you may hear something from the past. Living conditions were extremely harsh for the prisoners.

An estimated 3, of them died here, so it is no wonder that it is considered one of the most haunted places in the Northeast. In the dungeon, there have been reports of unexplained noises.

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People have heard moaning and chains banging. There have been many pictures taken at Fort Delaware that have unexplained features in them. Some have orbs, some have shadowy mists, and some have claimed to capture the ghost of a Confederate soldier standing in a doorway. There is also a cemetery on the island where most of the soldiers who died there were buried, and it is also a noted haunted area. Fort Delaware is now a state park. In September and October, they have candlelight ghost tours that have been quite eventful for the people brave enough to take them— some have had their own brush with the supernatural whether it be a strange photograph they took or spotting something ghostly.

When talking to any of the employees or the people who do the reenactments at the fort, they all seem to have a few strange stories to tell. The spirits on the island are not harmful, but it is sad that, after all this time, they are still prisoners there. Apparently, for them, the war never ended.

Some people have even seen misty and shadowy figures by the old cemetery at night. The most notable story in Old New Castle pertains to the Dutch soldiers. They are frequently seen walking up and down the old deserted remains of the docks at Battery Park, which is located on the Delaware River. The reported sightings are usually of full and occasionally of partial apparitions walking the old dock. Sightings of the Dutchmen have been reported throughout the year, but autumn is when the ghosts are most active.

There are two soldiers who are often seen in the early evening, and there is one headless soldier who has been seen marching along the shoreline. There is not a lot known about these soldiers or why there are still here. Could they still be trying to protect their city from the Swedes? Could they still be waiting for a ship to dock?

The only thing that is known for certain is that these spirits are persistent and very active. There are still cobblestone streets, old cemeteries, and churches around New Castle. When walking down the street, visitors get the feeling of being in a quaint, old colonial town. There are also many ghost stories that come from this area. In some of the houses, footsteps are heard walking up and down the stairs with no living person to account for them. In Delaware, no smoking is allowed in public buildings, including restaurants and bars, yet some of the taverns in.

At the time, slaves were commonplace, and. Workers and visitors alike believe it to be haunted. One worker witnessed an apparition of a Civil War soldier in The entity walked in one of the front doors, paused in the foyer, continued up the staircase, and then dissipated into thin air. This is where the worst spirits are. There is a feeling like the Amityville House. The dirt floors might still hold buried dead, and who knows what horror lurks from the days when the basement was used as the slave quarters for the mansion. Intense temperature drops accompanied with feelings of being watched were both experienced in one of the archive rooms— a room that was documented as being used as the operating room when the mansion was used as a hospital.

The basement, which housed the former slave quarters, held extreme feelings of negativity and anger. Unexplained footsteps were experienced in the hallways more than once during the weekend. WMGHS also photographed an abundance of orbs, mists, and vortices during the investigation. When the Confederates marched into Maryland, General J.

Stuart took possession of the mansion. During the course of the Civil War,. Patrons are of all ages and backgrounds, and at any time a table can be hard to come by. Customers and employees have reported many strange occurrences over the years. One customer reported a man in 19th-century clothing near a downstairs window; another regular witnessed a woman in white descending the staircase from the restrooms upstairs.

Employees have seen a woman with a wide-brimmed black hat in a studio upstairs and a child running along a hallway. Dark figures are seen quite often, and many have reported feeling uneasy, sensing they are being watched. The Maryland Paranormal Investigators Coalition has done a few investigations and workshops there. During one of the workshops, a trunk on the second floor near the bathrooms shook and rattled while five people looked on. November 15, , marks the discovery of the mutilated body of 9-year-old Marie Smith. A student at Bradley School, she was on her way home that afternoon, but never made it.

Eventually, year-old Frank Heidemann, a German immigrant, confessed to her murder and was convicted and sentenced to death by electrocution. While this reads as a triumph for investigator Raymond C. Schindler, one finds many disconcerting discrepancies in the confession of Heidemann, leaving one to wonder if an innocent man was, in fact, put to death. She reported leaving her office in the basement one evening and while pushing the door closed, she felt it push back at her.

On October 7, , the suburban community was stunned by the brutal murder of year-old Jeanette Lawrence. She was last seen alive that night waving goodbye to Mrs. Sandt, the woman whose 4year-old daughter she babysat.

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Her body was found at p. The story of her murder, his trial,. On another occasion, he and two of the chefs went down to the basement to finish up and leave for the night. They witnessed an old woman at the end of the basement. The manager called out to her and advised her that the restaurant was closed and she needed to leave. She did not respond. A garbage collector had an encounter with the old woman ghost while making his pickup early one morning.

The ghost even called him by name. Upon investigation, no one is ever found. The New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society investigation included an interview with a family whose house is located across the street from the haunted Kluxen woods on Central Avenue. Their further investigation of the woods and surrounding streets did nothing more than to secure a few photos with orbs in them.

Daytime photography of the woods shows the foundation remains of the Kluxen Winery. As legend has it, The Spy House was converted to an inn during the Revolutionary War in order to prevent it from being destroyed by British troops, who believed that the home was occupied by Colonial spies. The building was first converted into a museum in the s by Gertrude Neidlinger. In , a woman named Jane Doherty started ghost tours at the infamous house. This was eventually stopped by the board of trustees, and the inside of the house is now closed to the public.

However, the house is still said to be inhabited by a number of spirits. Peter, a young and playful spirit, is known to cause disturbances with any electronic equipment used in the house. Abigail, probably the best known of the spirits, has been seen in the back upstairs window, staring out to sea—she has also been heard sobbing at times over her husband, a sea captain, who was lost at sea during the war.

Other spirits that have been seen include that of a sea captain, the Reverend William Wilson once an owner of the house , and the spirit of Thomas Whitlock himself. During our investigations of The Spy House, many photographs of spirit orbs around the house were taken. Today, it unfortunately has been closed down, but visitors can still roam the outside area of the infamous house. Photo by Alison Lynch. The aura and feeling of the spirits of the house can definitely be felt. This could simply be a legend created to keep children away from a busy highway and intersection; however, a strange energy does seem to surround the site.

According to legend, her spirit lingers at the intersection at the end of the ramp, hoping to prevent any future deaths. Some also claim that, if you put your car in neutral, the car will roll backward up the hill. Skeptics claim the ramp and surrounding ground and hills create an illusion that looks as if it is sloping downward when, in fact, it is not.

The police keep a close watch on the area, so attempts to visit are not recommended. Patrols have been known to ticket people whose vehicles linger at the spot and also fine those who try. Holly, New Jersey, was built in and was designed by the famous architect Robert Mills the designer of the Washington Monument. It is a large, rectangular building made of stone and iron that looks more like a castle than a prison from the outside.

It was used continuously as a jail until Since then, local legends have spoken of the ghosts that inhabited the building. One in particular was the ghost of Joel Clough, a convicted murderer who killed his mistress with a leg from a table. He was held in the death row cell, which consisted of an eyehook in the floor that he was always chained to and an extremely small window. He was eventually hanged in the s and, since then, other guards and prisoners reported hearing his moans and chains rattling from that cell.

The guards and inmates also reported seeing someone in the empty cell as well as objects levitating inside. In , the county began a restoration project, transforming the rundown building into a museum and returning it to its original condition. As the work progressed, the construction workers began reporting strange events such as loud noises, disembodied voices, and screams coming from various areas of the building. Eventually, some workers were leaving early so they would not be the last ones in the building. The county officials decided to contact our organization, South Jersey Ghost Research SJGR , to see if we could verify the claims of the workers and put their minds at ease.

I was on each SJGR team that went out to the museum. I witnessed some of the supernatural events firsthand. On each investigation, I set up a motion detector in the death row cell. During each trip, the motion detector was set off by an unseen force. On the second visit, I also obtained an EVP seconds after the motion detector went off.

A stretcher that was located in the cell next to the death row cell relocated itself and it was actually the reporters who noticed it first. Other members of the SJGR observed an apparition in one part of the building and found a single barefoot print on a dust-covered floor of.

The teams also obtained numerous photos, video clips, and EMF readings. Certainly, the iron is what brought colonists such as Robert Erskine here. Erskine built the original manor in By , a town had been built to support the iron-making business at Ringwood. It was completely self-sufficient with stores, houses for the workers, a gristmill, a saw mill, farms…and a graveyard. During the Revolutionary War, Ringwood Manor served as headquarters for General Washington, a supply center for troops, and a main transportation route. Many soldiers died here—and all do not rest in peace.

When sick and wounded French soldiers died, they were buried in. Most people listen.

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Indeed, the advice most heard from those who know Ringwood Manor is this: Leave before nightfall. A wood-frame Victorian building that had once been used as a private residence seemed the perfect location for us. After converting the upstairs portion of this turn-of-the-century structure into a four-room shop, we were open for business, selling antiques, curios, and various occult supplies such as candles, oils, spell books, and tarot cards.

Lights would sometimes turn themselves off and on, doors would open by themselves, and objects including heavy ones would mysteriously move from their shelves. One time, a radio that was playing in the room switched from one station to another all on its own. Today there is still an indentation in the ground where they lie, and voices, speaking in French, are often heard at night. Horse hooves have also been heard crashing toward the bridge, and sometimes the scent of horse manure floats out of the adjoining field, though no horses have been there for a century.

One of the best-known spirits to haunt Ringwood Manor is Robert Erskine. In the early s, people began to see Robert sitting on top of his tomb, holding a lantern. Sometimes he held a ball of blue light, which would follow people over the bridge leading out of the cemetery. A century later, the blue light stories persisted—now following cars. Maybe not. Although the manor was completely rebuilt in , ghosts from all times still congregate here. Psychics, paranormal investigators, and ghost hunters have all noted their presence. Cameras are not allowed on the premises.

The second floor is especially active. Crying, objects falling and breaking, and thudding sounds have been frequently reported. They come from a small bedroom in which a maid was supposedly beaten to death. Footsteps, voices, and a clammy feeling all indicate spirits are present.

In any part of the house, a frigid coldness, a light floral fragrance, or even a blue aura announces the presence of Miss Eleanor Hewitt , or Miss Nellie. Miss Nellie, the last private owner of the estate, often makes her presence, and her displeasure, known. When statues are moved, papers disappear, and books appear.

At the rear of the shop was a musty little room that was used for vintage clothing. No matter how high the thermostat would be set in the winter, that room would always remain chilly. And even on the warmest of summer days, a strange coldness would linger in the air. On numerous occasions, I strongly sensed that something unseen was there in the shop with me, watching me. I admit that it gave me a very creepy feeling, but at no time did I ever feel really terrified or threatened by it.

However, we did have a customer in the shop one afternoon who appeared to be extremely uneasy. She browsed around for a bit and then, with a terrified look on her face, ran out the front door and down the steps as fast as she could. It was quite a strange sight to see. But one thing I do know for sure is that something, for some reason, haunted that building and wanted its presence to be known. As you enter the gates, you are taken back in time. The fort interprets life as it would have been in Many people immediately sense the supercharged atmosphere that has seen many conflicts.

Fort Ontario dates to the mids and has been held by the British, French, and United States at different times in its history. Fort Ontario has been held by the United States since Three ghosts that are prominent among the many that seem to remain here are Lt. Basil Dunbar, George Fikes, and a nameless ghost in a blue uniform.

Dunbar was killed during a duel with Lt. Penier in , and George Fikes died here in Syracuse Ghost Hunters have reports of activity in all areas of the fort, but most predominantly in Officer Quarters 1. Many have reported doors slamming, footsteps, and the laughter of children. During an investigation, our team left a nightvision video camera on the third floor and left the building. When the team returned, they heard a banging that echoed throughout the building and seemed to be coming from all directions.

It is the lake and its shores that are said to be haunted by the spirit of an Indian princess. In order to save her people from the rising waters, she ties herself down with stones, rows out to the middle of the lake, and slips over the edge into the water. It was formed by an isolated piece of glacier about 20, years ago. When the ice melted, it left a depression behind, called a kettle. The depression filled with water to create a kettlehole lake. In December , four members of a skindiving team touched the bottom, disproving the old legend that the lake was bottomless.

Their love was forbidden and she was set to marry another. One night, she attempted to swim across the lake to her waiting lover, but she drowned halfway across. The legend goes on to say. When the tape was played back, they heard the sound of footsteps during the time the building was empty. An employee of the fort dressed in clothing from the late s and was filmed walking down the stairs.

During the filming, everyone could hear what sounded like a harpsichord. Reenactors that spend the night here will awaken to the sound of voices. The voices will continue and get louder until they get up to investigate. The reenactors search for the culprit but never find anyone.

The barracks were the site of a conflict between Privates Marks and Clemmins. Apparently, Marks had turned in Clemmins for misuse of rations. Clemmins was imprisoned in the guard house, where he drank poison and died shortly after. A visit here will certainly pique your supernatural interest. Maybe you will see the phantom regiment on the parade grounds or the ball of light that is reported near the guard house.

Lonely and heartbroken, she has become like the Sirens of Greek myth, luring men to their deaths. Locals claim that there is at least one drowning per year at the lake, and most of the victims are male. In addition to drownings, there are reports of odd moving lights and a misty fog that hangs over the lake. Cold fingers grab swimmers who venture out too far.

The most common reported event is the sound of someone sobbing. Witnesses say that the weeping is heartbreaking and sounds as if it is everywhere. Is it the princess still mourning the loss of her life, or is she still looking for a beloved face among her victims? During the evenings, Martha kept a candle burning in the window so her husband could find his way home. One day, she received the terrible news that she had dreaded—Mr.

Mesereau had been killed. Upon hearing this news, Martha retreated to her bedroom and, as the legend goes, died of a broken heart in that room. Other reports from workers at the inn have included strange noises and locked doors opening by themselves. It is believed that Martha still waits patiently at the inn for her husband to return.

Rich in historic detail and charmingly enhanced with timeless antiques, the inn now serves as a restaurant, and wedding and party facility. Although the mansion has been extended to include new rooms, the original part of the mansion still remains intact. In , Mr. William Mesereau went off to war. Martha, his wife, stayed in the mansion, anxiously awaiting his return from the war. Looking out of her bedroom. In the hallway on the first floor of the original part of the mansion, one light on the chandelier hanging from the ceiling will not shut off.

Even when the switch is flipped and the electricity is turned off, this one light stays on throughout the night. Many have inspected the chandelier and could find no cause for this to happen. Apparitions would appear on video monitoring equipment, music would be heard after hours when no one was there. Footsteps would be heard above the studio the only thing above the studio was a crawl space , and occasionally clocks would fly off walls. Employees told stories of books flying across rooms and strange cold spots.

The studio cat would avoid certain areas—acting as if he were scared to death. Roxy Studios became a music studio back in and has changed ownership four times since then. Two of the previous. There is an oil painting of Martha Mesearu in the original part of the mansion.

This portrait hangs in the first floor hallway and is quite an attraction to many visitors. However, the portrait also holds an experience of its own. When construction to expand the mansion was in progress, noises could be heard from the original part of the mansion. One evening, this portrait mysteriously caught fire! There was no one inside that part of the inn at the time. Luckily, a worker happened to walk through and saw the fire. Although the portrait was not destroyed, it still retains the burn marks on the bottom part.

It is said that the reason for these unexplained noises and the fire was Martha, expressing her dislike to the changes which were being made to her home.

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Cold chills were felt in the room near one of the chairs where EMF meter readings were high. Many photographs taken throughout the inn showed only one spirit orb. It was almost as if Martha was following us as we inspected her home. The first died of a brain tumor and the second overdosed in the studio. It is believed that the spirits of both owners still linger in the building. Since , these strange phenomena have occurred.

Customers are not usually affected by the haunting and only a handful of them have actually witnessed anything unusual. Recently, a longtime employee of Roxy was found dead in his home. Paranormal Investigation of NYC was asked to investigate these allegations and have found cold spots and have heard strange voices on the EVP recordings we captured there. One voice is of a child crying. The spirits of Roxy have never caused any harm; people have always said that Roxy had a life of its own. The pool never reopened. It sits alone, a hulking, decaying mass, with razor wire fencing surrounding the entire pool and graffiti on every wall.

There are no public records of deaths at McCarren Park pool. But still, people have claimed to see the ghost of a little girl roaming the area at night and have heard her calling for help. Since the mids, numbers of homeless people have also died of various causes while taking refuge in the pool area. Park permits do not allow entrance into the pool area. All investigations must be conducted on the outside perimeter. Paranormal Investigation of NYC investigated the pool perimeter and picked up odd EMF readings and cold spots that would drop more than 50 degrees.

Orbs were the only thing that showed up on film. EVP recordings were impossible due to heavy traffic noise. The pool was closed in to begin the repairs, but then the community stepped in. A blockade of residents protested fixing. This cemetery, with just plots and numerous unmarked graves, can be dated to the late s—the very beginning of settlement in the area. The site has very little use now. WNY Paranormal believes the high paranormal activity at this site is due to the flow of an underground saltwater source and the kinetic energy generated by a nearby railway.

The activity increases dramatically each time a train passes by the site, especially during the latter parts of the evening. More than 50, men lost their lives in the three-day battle, and thousands more were injured. To treat the wounded and dying, many makeshift hospitals were created. Barns, homes, and even a wooden covered bridge, Sachs Bridge, were used to treat the wounded. The bridge was built in by David Stoner. WNY Paranormal discovered during our investigations that there is a caretaker spirit in this cemetery known as Mary Chaddock.

It was initially the team sensitive who discovered Mary by being drawn to a large pillar stone at the back of the cemetery. At this stone, we captured an incredible EVP, had a team member physically stopped in their tracks by an unseen force, and captured a moving partial apparition on video.

Our research team then conducted some extensive research into Mary through local historical records and files from the gravesite. We initially had trouble finding a connection, but the information Mary imparted to our psychic did finally corroborate with the person named on the tombstone. Historical research uncovered that her name was actually Margaret Mary Chaddock—with that discovery, all the historical pieces fell into place. Our team sensitive then used dowsing rods beginning at the large stone pillar to have the spirit lead her to the gravesite.

Mary continues to stay by the large pillar stone at the back of the cemetery. She likes to communicate through EVP, physical sensations, and can often be seen at night roaming among the trees and tombstones, watching both the living and dead. On many occasions, our sensitives. Many psychic photographs and electronic voice phenomena EVP have been captured at the bridge. There are even more accounts from believers and skeptics alike of strange occurrences happening all around the bridge. Many describe having uncomfortable feelings at the bridge, as if they are being watched.

Others have described being touched by unseen entities. Some people have even reported witnessing apparitions and unexplained sounds and smells at the bridge. A few minutes later, we could all hear loud booms coming from the field adjacent to the bridge. There were 10 of us there that night, and everyone was hearing the booms. They were so powerful that you could feel it hit your chest. We could see orange bursts of light coming from the field that occurred with the booms. Others could hear gunfire and the sound of running horses. Even though Brendan Keenan had a video camera running throughout the phenomena, none of the sounds or orange lights showed up on film.

About 15 minutes after it began,. The temperature also increased significantly. Built in , the inn put the town of Tannersville on the map, as the town was actually built around the inn and its original 98 acres. This historic inn has welcomed generations of locals and travelers who have passed through its doors for the past years. The inn has been owned by the Jakubowitz family for the past 34 years. The inn is also said to be inhabited by a number of spirits, most likely of former owners and guests who find the inn too enchanting to ever leave.

The Legendary Tannersville also has its dark side. Learne family, who had owned the building, were all killed by the Indians who inhabited the area. Learne was hung from a tree and her children were murdered. On a Real Hauntings investigation, we did find much evidence of spirits following us throughout the evening. My hair was pulled, and cold chills and cold spots were felt in certain areas. EMF readings were high in certain spots. Also, as we were filming an interview with a worker at the inn, we got a shot of an orb in motion on video camera while the worker and interviewer were sitting in a carriage said to be haunted.

Another employee at the inn also reported strange happenings, such as objects being thrown off shelves and unexplainable noises in the night. From this investigation, we concluded that many spirits do still haunt The Legendary Tannersville Inn. Amongst these falling-down graves. Wiped out by the Black Plague and the Industrial Revolution, the oncebustling town is now appropriately named a ghost town.

The first time Ghost Hunters Incorporated ventured into this cemetery was back in , and it would be the stepping stone from which all of our other investigations would grow. Greg Newkirk, one of our team members, had discovered the cemetery while researching a location to conduct our first real investigation. He led us on a latenight excursion there.

The cemetery has a history of strange occurrences unrelated to the paranormal, including grave robbing and, disturbingly, a murder. Standing at the very front of the cemetery is a large gate with the name of the graveyard you are about to enter. As you cross this gate, you begin to notice how vastly large and spread out this resting place really is. Now mostly overgrown and barely remembered, it is here that many hear the sounds of human footsteps when no one is there. It is also where people have claimed to hear the sounds of tunes being whistled in the night when no one is around to do so.

Some have reported seeing phantom women dressed in long, white gowns walking amongst the trees there. Others have claimed to have heard the sounds of children laughing. One particularly odd event that has taken place many times during our numerous investigations there is the sounds of pickaxes hitting the ground in a town that has not had miners in it for more than years.

The unmistakable clang of the metal hitting the ground resonates through the air, leaving the hair on the back of your neck standing on end. As we entered, I was really uneasy about everything. As the night went by, all of sudden you could hear a noise out in the woods, and everyone just stopped dead in their tracks and listened.

Not two seconds after he said that— PING! The spirits who walk the grounds have made their presence felt and continue to carry on in the afterlife. Will they ever find peace and be able to cross over, or is this their eternal fate to walk the abandoned hills of their once-busy town? Set back along the rural U.

Route 6, you may miss it if you blink as you pass by. The church sits majestically, almost terrifyingly, on the hillside. A small graveyard surrounds the path as you walk up its lawn and reach its doors—and you realize you may be in for more than you bargained for. Reports of ghostly figures walking through the cemetery at night have always been plentiful.

He was gone only a matter of a minute, he returned to find every Bible in the building had been turned to the same page—a creepy passage in Revelations. In the time that he was gone, no man would have had the time to complete such an act. And no one had entered or left the building while he was at his car. In April of , Ghost Hunters Incorporated ventured to the church for the first time. From the minute we set foot in the place, things seemed eerie. From the balcony, stomping could be heard.

But upon inspection there was nothing that could have caused such a noise. A short while later, a green mist began to form on. Today, the building no longer holds regular services, but it does serve as the. And she seemed to be very active right around the time that our Lone Sentinel was dying. Trees and nature and things like that were very important to her. Andrew Bayne owned several acres of land north of Pittsburgh—land that became a precious commodity as the city of Pittsburgh rapidly expanded. Bayne gave his two daughters some land upon which to build their own homes.

In , Amanda married a prominent local architect named James Madison Balph. Balph set to work designing and building his dream house, and, in , the building that would go on to become the library was completed. The home is a stately three-story brick Victorian mansion that sits on a hill overlooking what is now a two-acre park.

Amanda was widowed in and lived out her remaining 13 years in the mansion. She had a vast collection of books. It was clearly visible by all who were in the room. Things then turned for the worse—the cameraman who had been filming this entire event suddenly began to choke for what seemed to be no reason. The group rushed him outside, and we immediately left. Another incident that happened to our group involved a book being hurled across the room after we provoked the inhabitants. When I stepped through the door, I was violently thrown into a wall by an unseen force.

We scrambled to get ourselves to safety and away from there. When she died in , her will stipulated that her home and property would be donated to the town so long as they promised to use the building as a library and to never harm the elm trees. Ghost sightings and strange sounds have been reported for decades at the library—the sounds of footsteps walking across the second floor when there was no one in the library above the first floor, strange numbers being typed on the computers by unseen forces, and lights being turned on and off, especially in the attic.

One staff member actually saw Amanda behind her one day in the late s. It looked just like her picture. There is no headless horseman in this legend, however. The place known as Sleepy Hollow rests in a wooded area behind the Kulpmont Cemetery located just outside of Kulpmont, Pennsylvania, near a town called Den Mar Gardens. The area is eerie, silent, and still considered to be part of the Kulpmont Cemetery. Numerous decapitated tombstones lie in a thick overgrown area of broken-down trees and weeds.

When entering Sleepy Hollow, you find yourself walking under what seems to be a tunnel of trees. The story of Sleepy Hollow sounds like that of a local legend, but curiosity has taken over many individuals who have decided to venture to this location. The legend says that many years ago, three young men ventured into the cemetery, that at the time was not overgrown.

The three young men, for reasons unknown, decided to tear down a large, cement cross, which stood in the center of the cemetery on a cement platform. They destroyed the. There are numerous unexplained accounts that come from this location. One popular legend states that at exactly midnight, you can hear an old organ playing. There have been other reports of hearing strange noises here as well. My group, the Eastern Pennsylvania Ghost Researchers, ventured into this location on two different nights.

When entering Sleepy Hollow, an eerie feeling had taken over. We felt as though we were being watched as we walked along the long, tunnel-like path. Various tombstones were barely visible in the thick brush along the path. Some of the tombstones were destroyed and looked very aged, while others looked as if they had been recently placed there. We then entered the center of the Hollow, which is where the large cross once stood. The cement platform is still there. We proceeded to walk along the path. While doing this, we received a few electromagnetic field spikes, and we were startled after hearing a few awkward noises after passing a fallen tree that had blocked off the path.

An uneasiness followed us throughout our investigation until we left Sleepy Hollow.

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The bed and breakfast offers its guests a sense of being transported back to the Victorian era. The home is beautifully decorated— decorative curtains and rugs adorn the building, and each bedroom where guests stay is also beautifully appointed, including the room called Victorian Orchard, which contains antiques from the late s. The first signs that showed the Karpulks that they might not be alone in their spectacular retreat began shortly after they had moved in.

They describe it as an energy that seems to inhabit the home. The first supernatural incident happened when Bob was in the basement and he smelled a perfume aroma. Bob also stated that it was a very heavy aroma. During another incident in the basement, he picked up the pungent aroma of body odor. After wrecking the cross, it is said that they got into a deadly car accident, and all three died.

There is another local legend stating that in the s and the early 90s, this location was used to perform Satanic rituals. Bob and Diane are two sensible adults and were not swayed by just two inexplicable instances, but other unexplained things kept on happening as they began to settle in. Major appliances would suddenly turn on without any reason, even after electricians were called and could find nothing wrong with any of them. Other electrical occurrences continued to manifest.

It was as if someone is here and continues to test us. Once, Bob found a cassette tape in the downstairs area, so he put it in the tape player and he began to hear church music playing. Family members of Bob and Diane and even guests still sense signals that the Angel Rose is indeed occupied by something that none of them can explain. Opened in , it quickly became the model for prisons of its time. Eastern State was built on more than steel and stone. It was built on principle. The criminal would be penitent. A commonly used device in containment, the strait jacket, was used quite frequently, although not always with its intended purpose.

Inmates would be bound tighter than was needed, and soon their body would become numb. Inmates were kept in this state until they passed out. Any movement of the arms would strain on the tongue, causing severe agony. Though Eastern State housed thousand of prisoners over the years, none is more famous than Al Capone. Capone served eight months in Eastern State for a concealed weapons charge with his bodyguard, Frankie Rio.

This activity allegedly continued even after Capone was released and followed him until his death. Washington, D. Although it is no longer an active prison, Eastern State is still used as a tourist attraction, and the experiences continue to this day. Cell Block 12 is reported to be one of the most haunted sections of the prison. Some visitors have reported the sound of laughter as well as the appearance of a shadowy figure roaming the upstairs hallways.

On a recent investigation, I myself encountered a strange mist coming from Cell Block Even an experienced investigator such as myself was prone to goosebumps in the dark, murky corridors of Eastern State Penitentiary. The shrill screams that followed, bouncing off the walls and piercing the very soul of a nation, can still be heard to this day.

The spectral appearances of Abraham Lincoln, among others, spark interest in history buffs and ghost hunters alike. John Wilkes Booth, a well-known actor at the theater, approached President Lincoln from behind and proceeded to shoot him in the back of the head near point-blank range. Lincoln screamed. Ten days before his assassination, Lincoln had a prophetic dream of his own. He wrote about this dream in detail in his journal. There have been reports of voices and laughter on numerous occasions.

The ghost of Mrs. The fatal shot heard that fateful night in silenced the nation. Many of the apparitions documented here were prominent citizens of the area. Such is the case at the Decatur House, where dark clouds of conflict still hover over this distinguished neoclassical structure. The grand mansion was designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, often referred to as the father of American architecture. In the s, this area was the heart of the social scene in Washington, D. Barron was the commander of the ship the Chesapeake, and had been the subject of a scandal in According to history, Commodore Barron failed to prepare his ship for battle, and it was easily defeated by a British warship.

Decatur agreed to a verdict that discharged Barron from the Navy for a period of five years. This action led to a year dispute between the two that eventually ended in death. The duel that followed mortally wounded the Naval hero, Decatur. The nation mourned. The night before the duel, Stephen Decatur stood at his window silently peering out. After his death, he was spotted so many times by onlookers at this window that it was eventually walled up.

So upset was she when her husband died that, to this day, you can still feel a sense of sadness in the air when you enter the house, and you can hear the sound of her desperate cries. On November 1, , President John Adams and his wife, Abigail, would be the first to get the honor of sleeping there. The history of the White House is a direct reflection of life in the United States. The mansion has always been center stage for celebrations, mourning, controversy, and perseverance.

It was completely gutted by fire set by the British during the War. Some presidents bore the weight of the nation on their shoulders during times of crisis. But no president has had to deal with the pressures that Abraham Lincoln endured—trying to hold a country together that was at war with itself. Not surprisingly, Lincoln is the most prominent spirit encountered in the White House today.

What is now the Lincoln Bedroom was actually the executive office when Lincoln served as president. The room is a hot spot for paranormal activity—staff have reported the lights turning themselves on and off, and doors opening and closing. But Lincoln is seen in other parts of the building as well.

I used to come in early in the morning and turn the lights on and walk down the hall in the dark.

Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost
Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost
Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost
Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost
Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost
Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost
Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost
Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost

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