Protecting Your Teens on Facebook

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Those of you who have joined team DeleteFacebook may avert your eyes.

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Here we walk you through the important settings you can change and behaviors you can implement to lock down your privacy on the social network. Note: To change many of the settings below, Facebook will ask you to input your password. If you only do one thing on the list in this article, do this: enable two-factor authentication 2FA. This means someone trying to break into your Facebook account needs more than just your password, they also need a second token that you own, be it a code or a physical key. The chances of someone having this in their possession are pretty small, so this step will stop most intruders in their tracks.

Facebook will walk you through the steps to enable 2FA on your account to help you get set up. You have a few options available to you for how you want to authenticate: you can choose to use a code sent to you by text message, which is easiest but not completely secure, or to use a code generated by an authenticator app on your phone, which takes a little more setup work. If requested, Facebook can alert you to any strange-seeming logins to your account.

You can be alerted via email, text message, Facebook message or even a Facebook in-app notification. That quiz you took years ago about your star sign that you promptly posted and forgot about?

A Parents’ Guide to Protecting Kids’ Privacy on Social Media | The Mac Security Blog

You could have any number of apps like this quietly sniffing your information in the background. How to do it on your desktop: In your settings, go to Apps and Websites. Scroll down to the Security section and tap Apps and Websites. Note, there is also a Business Integrations section, separate to Apps and Websites , that you might want to check for connected services too.

The whole idea of Facebook is to reach out to friends and family and grow your network, but spammers and fake profiles seem to be some of the most enthusiastic users of the platform lately. How to do it on your desktop: In settings, select Privacy.

Protecting Your Teens on Facebook

Scroll down to the Privacy section and hit Privacy settings. Scroll down to How people can find and contact you. But if Facebook is your primary means for earning a living, or communicating with customers or your fanbase, this setting is worth your consideration. At no point will any of your trusted contacts have access to your Facebook account personally, nor will they be able to commandeer it at any time — they will be able to send you a code and a URL to help you log back into your account in case of an emergency.

8 Things Parents Can Do To Keep Their Teens Safe on Social Media

Hit Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you are locked out. But many of us also find this kind of tech creepy and intrusive. Scroll down to Privacy and open Face recognition. Select No. Scroll down to Review and ensure both are set to On. Why make the details of your personal life open and public for all the cybercriminals in the world to mine? Leaving your posts all public-facing is a gold-mine for criminals looking for details to try and guess security questions, or impersonate you to scam friends or family.

Unfortunately, the risks to Facebook users are no longer just from external forces trying to break their way into your account. For example, tweets are set to be public so anyone can see them, unless the you change your settings in your Twitter profile.

Tumblr is an open blog, so anyone with the URL of the blog can see it unless you change your visibility settings. For help on how to check and change privacy settings, click below. Stress the importance of never sharing their password with anyone, even a close friend or sibling.

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Have them construct a complicated password that is difficult to guess, using numbers, symbols and capital and lower-case letters. Encourage your teen to report cyberbullying posts, and to talk to a trusted adult if someone they know is cyberbullying or being bullied. Everything can be shared with the entire world. Address the potential consequences of sharing electronic images or texts—There are personal and legal consequences, especially if your teen is under the age of The SafeWise Team is here to help you keep your home and family safe.

At SafeWise we combine our years of experience in home safety and security with user reviews and feedback to help take the guesswork out of living safe.

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Protecting Your Teens on Facebook Protecting Your Teens on Facebook
Protecting Your Teens on Facebook Protecting Your Teens on Facebook
Protecting Your Teens on Facebook Protecting Your Teens on Facebook
Protecting Your Teens on Facebook Protecting Your Teens on Facebook
Protecting Your Teens on Facebook Protecting Your Teens on Facebook
Protecting Your Teens on Facebook Protecting Your Teens on Facebook
Protecting Your Teens on Facebook Protecting Your Teens on Facebook

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