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All that jazz: from New Orleans to Hollywood and beyond. Milano: Olivares, c Anderson, Christopher. Max Reger and Karl Straube: perspectives on an organ performing tradition. ISBN alk. Anderson, M. Strange Mr. New York: Viking, Appel, Alfred. Jazz modernism: from Ellington and Armstrong to Matisse and Joyce. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, Atkins, Chet, and Michael Cochran. Chet Atkins: me and my guitars. Foreword by Jerry Reed; photographs by Wolf Hoffman. Milwaukee, WI: Hal Leonard, c ISBN pbk. Attanas, John. Yo-Yo Ma: a life in music.

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Abstract Abu-Rayya, M.

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Premiere partie [From the paternity of the husband in Roman law and in the former French Jurisprudence. First part]. Full-text Amoroso, M. Revista de Antropologia, 54, Full-text Amparo, S. Full-text Amphilo, M.

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Full-text Ampofo, A. The sex trade, globalisation and issues of survival in Sub-Saharan Africa. Research Review, 17, Feminisms and acculturation around the globe. Abstract Ampuero, R. Full-text An, N. Effect of American acculturation on cigarette smoking behavior among six major Asian American subpopulations in California. Annals of Epidemiology, 15, Lisboa: Lidel Editores. Other work suggests that yeh ZYXW may be an antivirulence locus whose expression promotes persistent, asymptomatic bacterial infection. In this study, by using the method of literature research, 35 prescriptions related to asthma therapy has been screened out from Hui medicine through collecting the ancient and modern literature.

A comparison of fragrant medicine between the name in Arab and Chinese herbal medicine is done. The countif function in Microsoft Excel is used to get the prescriptions of the drug on the frequency statistics, summarizing the common drugs of Hui medicine for asthma are Pinellia, almond, white sugar, walnut.

According to the commonly used drugs, the pathogeny and treatment principle about Hui medicine for asthma is preliminarily inferred combining literature research and the related Hui medical theory. In this study, those prescriptions have been classified into 21 cases which are effective and can be used in medical therapy according to the relevant literatures with the development of the Hui people in their long process of formation of the unique diet culture, 14 useful and convenient Halal diet therapies are made up according to the indications, therapies, party name and composition.

Halal diet and "medicine and food" herbs are preliminarily analyzed and summarized, which can be convenient for the people to reduce pains through the diet and improve health awareness. Gebruik van elektriciteit: Domotica: Huis van de toekomst: Klas 4 vwo docentversie. Deze module behandelt elektriciteit en automatisering in huis. We richten ons daarbij ook op het huis van de toekomst.

Bij de elektriciteitsleer ligt de nadruk op het gebruik van elektriciteit in huis , bij de automatisering op intelligente systemen in huis. This should, therefore incorporate the need for continuity of natural resources and production, the need for continuity of culture and the balances within culture, and development as an "optimum process" that can enhance quality of life.

The Bali Sustainable Development Project has developed seven special criteria : 1 ecological integrity 2 efficiency 3 equity: 4cultural integrity 5 community 6 to integrate key factors, such as economy, environment, and agriculture and tourism; and 7 to enhance the capabilities of its institutions at all levels to address all needs and improve quality of life. Responses from the people were very enthusiastics and positif because according factual issues in that destination, the people want to participate directly to increase the profit from that tourism activities.

The impact of nonpolar lipids on the regulation of the steryl ester hydrolases Tgl1p and Yeh 1p in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae degradation of steryl esters is catalyzed by the steryl ester hydrolases Tgl1p, Yeh 1p and Yeh 2p. The two steryl ester hydrolases Tgl1p and Yeh 1p localize to lipid droplets, a cell compartment storing steryl esters and triacylglycerols.

In the present study we investigated regulatory aspects of these two hydrolytic enzymes, namely the gene expression level, protein amount, stability and enzyme activity of Tgl1p and Yeh 1p in strains lacking both or only one of the two major nonpolar lipids, steryl esters and triacylglycerols. In a strain lacking both nonpolar lipids and consequently lipid droplets, Tgl1p as well as Yeh 1p were present at low amount, became highly unstable compared to wild-type cells, and lost their enzymatic activity.

Under these conditions both steryl ester hydrolases were retained in the endoplasmic reticulum. The lack of steryl esters alone was not sufficient to cause an altered intracellular localization of Tgl1p and Yeh 1p. Surprisingly, the stability of Tgl1p and Yeh 1p was markedly reduced in a strain lacking triacylglycerols, but their capacity to mobilize steryl esters remained unaffected.

We also tested a possible cross-regulation of Tgl1p and Yeh 1p by analyzing the behavior of each hydrolase in the absence of its counterpart steryl ester hydrolases. All rights reserved. Gebruik van elektriciteit: Domotica: Huis van de toekomst: Klas 4 havo. Er komt een vervolg module domotica 2 als. The etymology of the terms in Hui hui yao fang Huihui Formularies is complicated. There are obvious mistakes or indefinite decipherments and interpretations of the terms in Song Xian's Investigated Annotations of Huihui Formularies.

There are also missing annotations for those transliterated terms. To tackle such defects, 12 such terms are deciphered and annotated here. Alpine research now aims to promote an integrated vision of Alpine territories focusing on creating and maintaining spatial and temporal networks of sustainable relationships between humans and the other components of the ecosphere.

It combines resource usage with conservation of the biological and cultural diversity that makes up the Alpine identity. Five dimensions allowed. Following the anti-religious campaigns of the communist regime and the wide destruction of the Cultural Revolution, Hui Muslims began gradually to reclaim their Muslim heritage in the late 70's. A major aspect of the rediscovery of their Islamic heritage was the Rehabilitation and reconstruction of Islamic Architectural buil Prognostic analysis and comparison of colon cancer in Han and Hui patients.

To investigate the relevant prognostic factors and their differences between colorectal cancer CRC patients of Chinese Han and Hui ethnicities in the Beijing region. Among the patients, and were Hui and Han, respectively. Characteristics including sex, age, diet, tumor size, primary tumor site, Dukes' stage and degree of differentiation were analyzed for their influence on prognosis. Data on dietary structures were recorded through a questionnaire survey conducted during the patient's first visit, return visit or follow-up checkups.

Six risk factors age of onset, dietary structure, tumor size, Dukes' stage, location of cancer and degree of differentiation in both Han and Hui patients were identified as prognostic factors P dietary structure was a statistically significant factor, and diet varied significantly between the two ethnic groups. Dietary structure has a significant influence on colon cancer prognosis among Han and Hui patients with colon cancer in Beijing, which may cause a difference in their survival rates.

Full Text Available The Chinese Hui population, as the second largest minority ethnic group in China, may have a different genetic background from Han people because of its unique demographic history. In this study, we aimed to identify genetic differences between Han and Hui Chinese from the Ningxia region of China by comparing eighteen single nucleotide polymorphisms in cancer-related genes.

For example, the allele frequencies of four SNPs rs, rs, rs, and rs showed different genetic distributions p0. These results suggest that some SNPs associated with cancer-related genes vary among different Chinese ethnic groups. We suggest that population differences should be carefully considered in evaluating cancer risk and prognosis as well as the efficacy of cancer therapy. Provides examples involving area and volume. Contains 25 references. Investigation of natural radioactivity level of the waters in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

This paper reports the investigation results of natural radioactivity level in river, lake, reservoir, spring, well and tap water in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. There were totally samples collected from 84 measuring points. The results show that the radioactivity level of varied water bodies of the region was within normal natural background.

Temperature and humidity are the main factors affecting the drying of Hui ink. For the experiment, fresh Hui ink billets from two big ink industries were selected. We tried to find the fast and efficient drying conditions of Hui ink and calculate effective diffusion coefficient by performing manual control of temperature and relative humidity RH. Several dry kinetic models were fitted. A constant temperature incubator was utilized for temperature control, while humidification and dehumidification were implemented accordingly for RH control.

The process of ink drying was recorded, and the drying effect of Hui ink was estimated through expert decision. A major aspect of the rediscovery of their Islamic heritage was the Rehabilitation and reconstruction of Islamic Architectural buildings. As of today, Ningxia counts 4, mosques and other religious buildings. The present article seeks to introduce the architectural tendencies at play in this reconstruction, specifically the role of competing Arabic and Chinese influences.

Evidence of familial aggregation analysis and different clinical traits among different regions and ethnicities indicated that the pathogenesis of PCOS is associated with multiple genetic and environmental factors. The overall aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between three susceptibility gene polymorphisms and PCOS in Hui ethnic women. Clinical data and serum hormone characteristics of case and control groups were collected and analyzed.

The three susceptibility single-nucleotide polymorphisms have been replicated in both case and control groups. Gene polymorphisms were detected by direct sequencing after polymerase chain reaction. Methods: We developed and validated mapping algorithms using data from two HIV clinical trials. We compared ordinary least squares OLS models of increasing complexity with the more flexible two-part, beta regression, and finite mixture models.

We mainly focused on drought adaptation actions and planning implemented at the government level under the double pressures of drought and allocation. We described a suitable adaptation pathway for socio-economic sustainable development and discussed existing adaptation barriers. Construction of modern efficient water-saving agriculture lies at the core of drought adaptation, with socio-economic sustainable development being the ultimate goal. To achieve this, policies and institutional, engineering, technological, structural and social initiatives and measures—classified into macro adaptation strategies and specific coping measures—are implemented.

Adaptation often encounters obstacles, e. The adaptation pathway involves the construction of modern efficient water-saving agriculture. Agricultural water savings are then transferred to developed industries, which back-feed socio-economic sustainable development in the NX region. CERN Multimedia. This report is an appendix to the Hawaii Wind HUI efforts to dev elop and operationalize short-term wind forecasting and wind ramp event forecasting capabilities.

The report summarizes the WindNET field campaign deployment experiences and challenges. The data provided at these monitoring locations, which were strategically placed around the Big Island of Hawaii based upon results from the Oahu Wind Integration and Transmission Study OWITS observational targeting study Figure 1 , provided predictive indicators for improving wind forecasts and developing responsive strategies for managing real-time, wind-related system events. The goal of the field campaign was to make measurements from a network of remote monitoring devices to improve 1- to 3-hour look ahead forecasts for wind facilities.

Based on the data of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region forest resources inventory, field investigation and laboratory analysis, this paper studied the carbon sequestration status of forest ecosystems in Ningxia region, estimated the carbon density and storage of forest ecosystems, and analyzed their spatial distribution characteristics. The results showed that the biomass of each forest vegetation component was in the order of arbor layer Spruce Over-mature forest had the highest arbor carbon density among the forests with different ages.

However, the young forest had the highest arbor carbon storage 1. Overall, the average carbon density of forest ecosystems in Ningxia region was Carbon density and storage of vegetation were Carbon storage in the soil was 8. In the southern part of Ningxia region, the forest carbon storage was higher than in the northern part, where the low C storage was mainly related to the small forest area and young forest age structure.

With the improvement of forest age structure and the further implementation of forestry ecoengineering, the forest ecosystems in Ningxia region would achieve a huge carbon sequestration potential. In fact, this paradoxical narrative device brings about a reflection upon fiction, its perspectivism, its modelling capabilities and heuristic capacities.

Full Text Available Quality of life is an important indicator in assessing the burden of disease, especially for chronic conditions. The Health Utilities Index HUI is a recently developed system for measuring the overall health status and health-related quality of life HRQL of individuals, clinical groups, and general populations. This study is of interest to data analysts, policy makers, and public health practitioners involved in descriptive clinical studies, clinical trials, program evaluation, population health planning, and assessments.

Logistic Regression Model was employed to estimate the associations between the overall HUI scores and various chronic conditions. The HUI scores ranged from 0. The mean HUI score by sex and age group indicated the typical quality of life for persons with various chronic conditions. Full Text Available Objectives. Materials and Methods. The trypan blue exclusion assay was used to determine cell viability and cell numbers.

Flow cytometry was used to assess cell cycle distribution and apoptosis. The concentration of cyclin D1 was analyzed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The median effect principle was used in drug combination studies. An orthogonal experimental design was used to estimate the effects of each herb at different concentrations. The HeLa xenograft mouse model was used to compare the antitumor activity of drugs in vivo. According to the median effect principle, Angelica sinensis Oliv. AS, Tabanus Ta, and Pollen Typhae PT, which were proven to have a significant synergistic inhibitory effect on the proliferation of HeLa cells, were added to the original eight positive herbs.

By orthogonal experimental design, LJH and Tu were considered unnecessary herbs. Through molecular biology approaches both in vitro and in vivo, research into single drugs, and analysis using the median effect principle. Identification and phylogenetic analysis of a sheep pox virus isolated from the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China.

Through immunofluorescence testing, isolated viruses, polymerase chain reaction identification, and electron microscopic examination, the isolated strain was identified as a sheep pox virus. Secondary clientelism is a special exchange relationship derived from primary clientelism. Using the lime market in Hui Town as a case, this paper tries to explore why this kind of markets could achieve market order from the perspective of the interconnection of market structure and market culture.

Analysis demonstrates that, the coupling induction of structural embeddedness and cultural embeddedness is the deeper mechanism for the market development. Although the new business ideology and transactional dependence on networks originate from market structural transitions, active construction and choice behaviors of the manufacturers still manifest great importance. Each of the initiative was conducted in partnership with industry technology and equipment providers to facilitate utility deployment experiences inform decision making, assess supporting infrastructure cost considerations, showcase state of the technology, address integration hurdles with viable workarounds.

For each initiative, a multi-phased approach was followed that included 1 investigative planning and review of existing state-of-the-art, 2 hands on deployment experiences and 3 process implementation considerations. HELCO became one of the first utilities in the nation to install and operate a high resolution WindNet network of remote sensing devices such as radiometers and SODARs to enable a short-term ramp event forecasting capability.

To compare the effects of flipping moxibustion of Hui medicine combined with western medication and simple western medication for rheumatoid arthritis with cold dampness bi syndrome. Eighty patients were randomly assigned into an observation group and a control group, 40 cases in each group. Oral methotrexate 1 time a week and sulfasalazine twice a day except the day for methotrexate were used in the two groups.

Patients in the observation group were treated with flipping moxibustion of Hui medicine, twice a week. All the treatment was given for continuous 4 weeks. The effect was evaluated. The total effect rate in the observation group was To assess the improvement of intelligence quotient through an Universal Salt Iodization Supply Program, among children. In , the average IQ of children aged was The average IQ was between in different counties and cities, with significant differences P 0.

The average IQ of children aged in was However, the average IQ was still lower than the average level of the whole Gansu province in By the long-term economic activities, Hui merchants formed a set of business ethics incorporating the law, religion and morality. Under the guidance of this unique idea, Hui 's economy achieves sound and orderly development, and their nation becomes more and more prosperous and powerful.

ICLA 2016 Abstracts General Congress Sessions

Impact of anthropogenic and natural environmental changes on Echinococcus transmission in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the People's Republic of China. Echinococcus transmission is known to be affected by various environmental factors, which may be modified by human influence or natural events including global warming. In turn, this has resulted in many changes in the habitats for the definitive and intermediate hosts of both Echinococcus granulosus and E. Ecological environmental changes due to anthropogenic activities and natural events drive Echinococcus transmission and NHAR provides a notable example illustrating how human activity can impact on a parasitic infection of major public health significance.

It is very important to continually monitor these environmental including climatic factors that drive the distribution of Echinococcus spp. De middeleeuwse ambachtelijke wijk van Pamele stad Oudenaarde, Oost-Vlaanderen. Het onderzoek in het Huis de Lalaing. De pottenbakkersovens. In april werd pottenbakkersafval aangetroffen bij graafwerken op de binnenkoer van het Huis de Lalaing te Oudenaarde.

Dankzij de snelle tussenkomst van het stadsbestuur, en in het bijzonder van de toenmalige schepen van cultuur, Jean-Pierre Van der Meiren, werden de werken stilgelegd. Het bedreigde terrein, dat eigendom is van de stad, werd voor archeologisch onderzoek ter beschikking gesteld van het I. De opgravingen werden voltooid in januari This report is an appendix to the Hawaii Wind HUI efforts to develop and operationalize short-term wind forecasting and wind ramp event forecasting capabilities.

The report summarizes the WindNET Phase 1 efforts on the Big Island of Hawaii and includes descriptions of modeling methodologies, use of field validation data, results and recommendations. The objective of the WindNET project was to investigate the improvement that could be obtained in short-term wind power forecasting for wind generation facilities operating on the island grids operated by Hawaiian Electric Companies through the use of atmospheric sensors deployed at targeted locations.

WindNET is envisioned as a multiphase project that will address the short-term wind forecasting issues of all of the wind generation facilities on the all of the Hawaiian Electric Companies' island grid systems. With complex terrain and marine environment, emphasis was on improving the 0 to 6 hour forecasts of wind power ramps and periods of wind variability, with a particular interest in the intra-hour hour look-ahead period. The WindNET project was built upon a foundation that was constructed with the results from a previously completed observation targeting study for the Big Island that was conducted as part of a project supported by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL and interactions with the western utilities.

The observational targeting study provided guidance on which variables to measure and at what locations to get the most improvement in forecast performance at a target forecast site. The recommendations of the observation targeting study were based on the application two techniques: 1 an objective method called ensemble sensitivity analysis ESA Ancell and Hakim, ; Torn and Hakim, ; Zack et al, ; and 2 a subjective method based on a. Gu, J. Liang, Y. Zhang, Time-changed geometric fractional Brownian motion and option pricing with transaction costs, Physica A ].

Then we show the two problems will be solved under our new assumption. Traduire encore Bertin aujourd' hui : pourquoi faire? The role and significance of Luo Zhiyuan's Shu yi hui bian in the history of plague in Lingnan south of the five ridges. Being the earliest monograph on plague in China, Luo Zhiyuan's Shu yi hui bian, not included in the National Catalogue of TCM Books, include the following contents: personal idea on the etiology of plague; Luo's friend Wu Xuanchang' unpublished Shu yu zhi fa on the treatment and manifestations of plague; Luo's specific recipe for plague based on medified Wang Qingren's Jie du huo xue decoction based on Wang Qingrens yi lin gai cuo; therapy for critical cases; many therapies applied on Lingnan, including experimental recipes, external therapy, preventive methods, and preventing recurrence methods; Luo's special administrating methods, including persisting day-and-night method, immediate persisting method, single-dose persisting method, and double-dose persisting method.

He also gave several cured case records. His book, featuring unique idea with good effect, was repeatedly printed and extensively distributed, exerting influence, more or less, on the plague monographs of later ages, and occupying important position in the history of plague on Lingnan and the whole country as well. His idea of "that poisons and static blood" in pathogenesis and therapeutic principle of antitoxicity and activating blood is coincided with the results of present day clinical and laboratory studies.

His administration of medicines is heuristic to the therapy of critical cases with Chinese medicaments and to the recognition of pathogenesis, etiology, and treatment of modern plague as well as other diseases of similar etiology and pathognesis and is worth of further study. Full Text Available Abstract Echinococcus transmission is known to be affected by various environmental factors, which may be modified by human influence or natural events including global warming.

The current agriculture -ecology -economic system in the Ningxia Hui is still in the situation of coupling,and would have positive results eventually. With the acceleration of urbanization in China, most rural areas formed a widespread phenomenon, i. And it formed a unique hollow village problem in China finally.

The governance of hollow village was the objective need of the development of economic and social development in rural area for Chinese government, and the research on the evaluation method of rural hollowing was the premise and basis of the hollow village governance. In this paper, several evaluation methods were used to evaluate the rural hollowing based on the survey data, land use data, social and economic development data.

And these evaluation indexes were the transition of homesteads, the development intensity of rural residential areas, the per capita housing construction area, the residential population proportion in rural area, and the average annual electricity consumption, which can reflect the rural hollowing degree from the land, population, and economy point of view, respectively. After that, spatial analysis method of GIS was used to analyze the evaluation result for each index. Based on spatial raster data generated by Kriging interpolation, we carried out re-classification of all the results.

Using the fuzzy clustering method, the rural hollowing degree in Ningxia area was reclassified based on the two spatial scales of county and village. The results showed that the rural hollowing pattern in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region had a spatial distribution characteristics that the rural hollowing degree was obvious high in the middle of the study area but was low around the study area. On a county scale, the specific performances of the serious rural hollowing were the higher degree of extensive land use, and the lower level of rural economic development and population transfer concentration.

On a village scale, the main performances of the rural hollowing were the rural population loss and idle land. Samen kom je er wel. Full Text Available Together you will get there. A graduation article on the Skejby halfway house: a house where delinquents and students live togetherThe Skejby house is unique and produces remarkable results. The aim of Skejby is to ease the transition between imprisonment and reentry in society. The experiment, in which students and prisoners live together, originates from the idea that behavioral transformation is realized most effectively within a socially engaged group.

The principal of collective responsibility is dominant in Skejby, resulting in a feeling of belonging to a group among the delinquents. In this group, the students serve as prosocial role models. In contrast to the reintegration program in Skejby, the Dutch reintegration program mainly consists of one-to-one consultations between the delinquent and the probation officer. The reintegration thus does not take place in a group to which the delinquent can relate, while it is precisely this unique communal feeling of belonging that induces behavioral change in the prisoners.

Skejby heeft als doel om de overgang tussen gevangenis en samenleving zo klein mogelijk te maken. Het experiment, waarbij studenten en delinquenten samen wonen, komt voort uit het idee dat gedragsverandering het best bewerkstelligt wordt binnen een sociaal verbonden groep. Karl VI. The consciousness of rationality and improvement are advocated in religious consciousness, and some closed and alienated religious consciousness has been reformed radically and aimed for essence.

Kalender uit Tweede Wereldoorlog kom huis toe. Dit het higiene on- moontlik gemaak. As hulle voaraf geweet het dat hulle 'n maand daar sou deurbring, sou die mee- ste sekerlik al die eerste week omgekom het. Maar hulle het elke dag geglo dat hierdie mis- kien die laaste dag in die donker houthuis sou wees. En waar daar nog hoop is, is daar nog lewe.

Altyd honger. Einstein today; Einstein aujourd' hui. Aspect, A. The most important contributions of Einstein involve 5 fields of physics : the existence of quanta light quanta, stimulated radiation emission and Bose-Einstein condensation , relativity, fluctuations Brownian motion and thermodynamical fluctuations , the basis of quantum physics and cosmology cosmological constant and the expansion of the universe.

Diverse and renowned physicists have appreciated the development of modern physics from Einstein's ideas to the knowledge of today. This book is a collective book that gathers their work under 7 chapters: 1 , a new beginning; 2 from the Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen's article to quantum information cryptography and quantum computers ; 3 the Bose-Einstein condensation in gases; 4 from stimulated emission to the today's lasers; 5 Brownian motion and the fluctuation-dissipation theory; 6 general relativity; and 7 cosmology.

Slimmer netwerk gaat het huis uit. Zevenbergen, R. At a time when action- and task-based learning is sustained by the European Council, this paper explores which types of tasks are given to second language learners today and what aspects these tasks have in common. The paper analyses two recent issues of scientific journals and one collective book. The analysis shows that the majority of pedagogical scenarios described in these texts claim to adopt an action- and task-based approach. However, in reality the way they define a task does not always correspond to the definition given by the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The described tasks are exclusively dedicated to higher and professional education; they are mostly single tasks, but they can also be projects and simulations including several successive tasks. They generally correspond to the learners' future reality, with themes that are. Vreugde en verdriet in die huis van Jakob.

Full Text Available Happiness and lament in the house of Jacob The birth narrative in Genesis is a coherent mini drama in its own right, although it is embedded in the patriarchal narratives and as such furnishes important background to the unfolding drama in Jacob's house. In this narrative, the reader is invited right into the intricate family relations of a dysfunctional polygamous marriage, where two rivals communicate with each other and their mutual husband by means of the names given at birth to their children and the children of their slave girls.

This article focuses on the quest for happiness, which is evident in the births and name-giving in the house of Jacob. Although true happiness remains elusive, at the end both women receive their dues. The text is thus left open ended. God keeps a balance between the two contenders, but the birth of Rachel's son calls for a.

To screen and optimize the processing technology of Aconitum flavum. The acute-toxicity, anti-inflammatory and analgesic experiments were used as indexes. Four processing methods, including decoction, streaming, baking and processing with Chebulae Fructus decoction, were compared to screen the optimum processing method for Aconitum flavum. The baking time was also optimized. The optimal baked technology was that mm decoction pieces was baked at degrees C for 3 hours.

The baking method is proved to be the optimal processing method of Aconitum flavum. It is shown that this method is simple and stable. The World Conference of Science Journalists was an opportunity for the awardees to develop their skills and network with some of the most influential science journalists in the world. Apart from times of high intensity conflict, the two main forms of violence at sea are piracy, and maritime terrorism. If the former is perpetrated at private ends, the latter is politically motivated.

A piracy-terrorism nexus, if widely spread, could have lethal consequences for a weakened world economyBoth of them share a physical environment favorable to illegal activities.

Art africain - Grande Porte Fang

The oceans covering nearly three-quarters of the planet, freedom of the high seas make them impossible to control. Enduring piracy activities around Africa displays it at will. In parallel, Islamist terrorism implements its strategy targeting the world economy of which sea trade is one of the main pillars. Both activities are also closely linked to criminal activities: Terrorism for logistic purposes, while piracy is one of its main maritime components.


Recognizing the close relationship between both activities, along with the complementarities of some specific skills could bring them even closer. Such an unnatural alliance could bring together the seamanship of pirates with the planning expertise of highly motivated terrorists. Full Text Available Livestock is one business that was developed in order to meet basic human needs of the flesh. In its development, livestock will produce waste harmful to the environment.

The purpose of this study to determine the characteristics and environmental management of farms, the quality and quantity of waste and its impact on the environment and to know the public perception and labor to the impact of livestock on the environment, economy and social life of communities around the farm and ranch labor. Characteristics and environmental management by the entrepreneur obtained by distributing questionnaires livestock determination of the sample by random sampling, samples for the determination of the quality and quantity of livestock waste with purposive sampling.

Samples were taken at three points of different sewage farms and compared with the Minister of State for the Environment No. Samples were analyzed in situ and laboratory. To know the public perception and labor obtained by distributing questionnaires determination of samples with random sampling. Environmental management by the entrepreneur is less cattle. Public perception and labor to the impact of farm businesses is positive good. Objective To assess the improvement of intelligence quotient through an Universal Salt Iodization Supply Program,among children.

Methods and children were selected from primary schools in Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu in and respectively. Results In ,the average IQ of children aged was The average IQs were The average IQs of boys and girls were IQ of children from Linxia city and Yongjing county,were up to the theoretical level of ,with an average IQ at around 95 in other counties.

The average IQs between counties or cities showed significant differences. Conclusion The average IQ was close to the theoretical level with the gradual implementation of universal salt iodization program,showing that the iodized salt did play a key role on children's intelligence. However,the average IQ was still lower than the average level of the whole Gansu province in The assessment of socio-ecological systems can reflect the effects of nature,social economics,and human activities on the ecological environment,which is helpful to understand the context of complex social-ecological systems.

Desert areas are ideal for socio-ecological system assessments because the land cover of deserts seriously influences the improvement of the local ecological environment and social economy. Yanchi County in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is a typical desertification area where the ecological environment is very fragile. The government has implemented the Grain for Green Project and a prohibited-grazing policy to suppress and reverse desertification since ,and these ecological policies have positive effects on ecological restoration of desert areas.

Therefore,it is very important to control desertification and maintain the normal function of local social-ecological systems. In this paper,the social-ecological system disturbance in Yanchi County was analyzed to understand the changes of the local social-ecological system. The MODIS Moderate resolution Imaging Spectrometer normalized difference vegetation index NDVI data of the study region was applied to investigate the spatial distribution of the existing social-ecological system disturbance during In addition,moving window computational algorithms were used to calculate social-ecological system disturbance intensity and connectivity at different spatial scales.

The results showed that 1 the disturbance had different spatial distributions over different periods,and strong disturbances were mainly distributed in southern Yanchi County during ,whereas strong disturbances were distributed in the northern and central areas during Furthermore,strong disturbances were detected in three small areas:southeastern,central,and western Yanchi County during Moreover,the proportion of strong disturbances in the North showed an increasing trend.

Strong disturbances. How to read Ivan Hadjiiski today? Full Text Available The present collection of articles along with a few additional contributions contains the proceedings of a conference held at the university of Caen Basse-Normandie, France in May That two-thirds of the texts studied in this volume were published in the last decade of the twentieth century attests to the fact that rewriting has become a m This volume contains current work at the frontiers of research in infinite dimensional stochastic analysis.

It presents a carefully chosen collection of articles by experts to highlight the latest developments in white noise theory, infinite dimensional transforms, quantum probability, stochastic partial differential equations, and applications to mathematical finance. Included in this volume are expository papers which will help increase communication between researchers working in these areas. The tools and techniques presented here will be of great value to research mathematicians, graduate. Gas market is today strategical; Le marche du gaz est aujourd' hui strategique.

The energy market, and in particular the gas market, is today seething with excitement. In France, in Europe and in the rest of the world, the energy stakes are in the center of preoccupations. This article is an interview of Y. Darricarrere, general director of the gas and electricity division of Total group, who explains his opinions about the opening of European and French energy markets, presents the ambitions of Total group on these markets, and comments some recent events of the European energy scene: concentration between gas and electric utilities, the Suez and Gaz de France GdF project of merger, the risks linked with the coming in of national companies from producing countries, like Gazprom and Sonatrach, on the European market, the restriction of access of foreign companies to hydrocarbon reserves in Russia and Latin America come back of the 'energy nationalism' , Total's policy for anticipating the increase of the world energy demand and the depletion of fossil fuel reserves.

Hui et al.

Hypersensitive teeth has highly obviously increased numbers of tubules per Als de kat van huis is Het doel van dit Wageningen UR Wetenschapswinkel-project is het inventariseren van de omvang van het zwerfkattenprobleem in Nederland, de karakteristieken van de problematiek, de betrokken stakeholders en de mogelijkheden voor aanpak van het zwerfkattenprobleem.

Dit onderzoek is in opdracht van. China's economic reforms have exacerbated the problems of over-grazing and desertification in the country's pastoral areas. In order to deal with rangeland degradation, the Chinese government has resorted to nationalization, or semi-privatization. Since the implementation of rangeland policy has. This book brings together the lectures given at the Les Houches summer school "Infrared space astronomy, today and tomorrow".

It gives a wide overview of infrared astronomy, a wavelength domain crucial for studies of the solar system, stars at the beginning and end of their lives, interstellar matter and galaxies at all distances. Recent developments in observational techniques have been tremendous. The first contributions give an introduction to the basic physical processes and methods of detection and data processing. They are followed by a series of lectures dealing with the wide variety of astronomical objects that can be seen in the infrared.

Het huis van ik : ideologie en theorie in het Nederlandse vormgevingsonderwijs. The House of I. Ideology and Theory in the Netherlands' Design Education is based on the hypothesis that Dutch Art Academies, which since the emergence of applied art education have focused expressly on training the professional artist type - in stead of a focus on the dependent artist type the.

Keywords: Traditional Chinese medicine; Bamboo salt; Dentin hypersensitivity; Thermosensitive gel; Scanning electron microscopy; Clinical trials Mechanism of the phenomenon needed further research. Pascal Yang Hui triangles and power laws in the logistic map. We point out the joint occurrence of Pascal triangle patterns and power-law scaling in the standard logistic map, or more generally, in unimodal maps. It is known that these features are present in its two types of bifurcation cascades: period and chaotic-band doubling of attractors. Approximate Pascal triangles are exhibited by the sets of lengths of supercycle diameters and by the sets of widths of opening bands.

Additionally, power-law scaling manifests along periodic attractor supercycle positions and chaotic band splitting points. Consequently, the attractor at the mutual accumulation point of the doubling cascades, the onset of chaos, displays both Gaussian and power-law distributions. Their combined existence implies both ordinary and exceptional statistical-mechanical descriptions of dynamical properties. Since the s the French public school system has virtually abandoned the attempt to teach moral values, leaving students morally disoriented.

The author finds this situation profoundly unhealthy and argues that schools have a responsibility to help in developing the ability of pupils to make moral choices and act accordingly. He rejects the rationalist view that science makes traditional morality unnecessary. At the same time, he recognizes the moral value of the scientific respect of truth and objectivity. He argues for a form of moral education which would inculcate respect for different points of view, cultural norms and religious beliefs, and which would not shy away from addressing morally important issues such as drag abuse, violence, sexuality, social justice, poverty, racism and environmental pollution.

Kak's quantum key distribution QKD protocol provides not only the distribution but also the integrity of secret key simultaneously in quantum channel. Full Text Available This paper aims at investigating the positions of the Balkans in ourcontemporary world in its continuous change — for instance the rapidEuropeanization for the protection of a common inheritance of Balkancountries. Moreover, this historical heritage is sometimes presented as a simple burden that should be overcome: the name Balkan has negative connotations, being associated with violence or primitivism. Furthermore I will present the arguments in favour of another way of interpreting the Balkans which consists in the understanding of thenarrower relation between European modernity and history.

Numerous studies in various fields economics, statistics, geography, etc. Nevertheless the development prospects of these territories permanently isolated by the sea, with reduced opportunities in terms of space, natural resources or human, or market size, are not necessarily doomed to failure. Think the future to act now; Penser l'avenir pour agir aujourd' hui. The object of the club 'Energy, prospective and discussions', created in september , is to provide the continuity of the engaged works in the commission 'Energy ' and to understand the ideas evolution.

The technical progress, the institutions, the shock of the societies and the cultures, of the nature, the world-wide, lead every day to forecasting, which are guidelines for the public decisions, more and more risky.

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  • This complexity analysis is needed for a long-dated energy policy. Thus the club analysed and compared the long-dated and international scenario; made the transfer of the information on the development concerning the energy and the environment; defined subjects of discussion; begun and managed scientific studies. This progress report presents the proceedings of the first year of the club. Full Text Available This paper aims to discuss the difference and the similarities between the public library and the Internet service, especially focused on web 2.

    This study applied comparative research method to elicit the difference between the public library and Internet service. This paper suggests that the public library could examine the information defined by the user and know its application in daily life to recognize its method of application in service designs.

    Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition) Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition)
    Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition) Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition)
    Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition) Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition)
    Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition) Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition)
    Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition) Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition)
    Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition) Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition)
    Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition) Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition)
    Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition) Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition)
    Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition) Mythe des origines du byere fang: Sémiotique du texte (Recherche et Pédagogie) (French Edition)

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