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Their story will be completed in book 4.

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They did not get an HEA at all in this book. I will say that the only reason I may go on to read book 4 is more so for the recap of the other amazing characters in this series. I am sorry to say but singer type of romance stories are not really my thing. It's very sweet as well hide spoiler ] My review: If anyone read book 1 of this series like me, I was dying to go on to Clare's story and see her get her HEA. Aiden was sweet, romantic, adorable and NOT a manwhore. I liked that she was able to move on finally - because the beginning was very depressing. In regards to Kate's scandalous relationship, I do not believe that Jack overreacted at all.

I think if Kate was a little bit older, he may not have reacted that badly, but I think this quote says it all I know that love cannot have an age, but there really is no other way to see this situation then an older man taking advantage of a younger girl. I am not saying that I didn't like this part of the story - I did, but I am saying as an outsider or as a parent, I can totally understand where Jack was coming from with his anger. I am glad that by the end he was able to let go and hopefully when I get to their book, I will see even more growth on Jack's part with making becoming friends with Reid again.

So now that I've been introduced to Aiden's brothers, you can tell where my reading is taking me next! I am freaking addicted I tell you! View all 55 comments. Jan 10, Tina rated it liked it Shelves: zreads , romance-contemporary. But of the two romance storylines that take place in this book, hers felt the realest.

One of the things I notice in Marie Force's books is that a lot of times her characters fall in love really fast. I mean, right away the ILY's are dropping fast and furious. As a reader I am not always convinced that these couples are in love. I didn't feel as if I went 3. I didn't feel as if I went on their romantic journey with them. In this case though, I felt Clare and Aidan's romance more keenly than I have some of the other characters in this authors' books.

So yeah, I found myself surprisingly really enjoying Clare and Aidan. I loved his family. The b-plot romance was more thorny. It featured eighteen year old Kate, Clare's daughter, and Kate's much older romantic interest, the year old Reid. I am not personally a fan of May-December romances.

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Even back in the day of earlier Harlequin's I'd get seriously squicked out at those young 18 y. SO yeah, I was uncomfortable with Kate's romance. I was also on board with some of the characters being uncomfortable or even disapproving of it. I can also see Jack Kate's father being upset. He sent his daughter to Nashville to follow her dream and asked his friend to look after her not to sexxxx her up.

So yeah, I can see that. But the housekeeper? Leaving the house in disgust? And while I can get Jack being upset did he have to be so ginormously disgusted that he had to cut her off from the family, as if having sex with an older man gave her contagious atomic cooties or something? And then there is Andi Jack's wife. Oh, no, honey. You don't get to get up on your high horse. After shacking up with and getting knocked up by a married man, you kinda forfeit the higher ground here.

If Kate hadn't been such a cry-baby she could've smacked Andi down. But as it was all Kate did was sob. A lot. The funny thing is, I actually got more comfortable with the romance as the story progressed and as more and more people lost their shit over it. I probably sound like I didn't like this book, but that isn't the case. I am enjoying the trilogy. One thing is for sure, the two books I've read so far are creating a passionate response in me and makes me want to get the next one.

Oct 11, Kathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: widow-widower , 5-star-reads , read , older-man-younger-woman , kindle. Wonderful read. I read this in one day and hated every time life got in the way and I had to put Marking Time down. I loved seeing Clare Jack's comatose wife in the previous book, Treading Water get her happy ending- oddly in Treading Water I was mad that Clare woke up from her three year coma and almost ruined Jack's relationship with Andi.

In Marking Time I was pissed at Jack and Andi for making Clare's life difficult- they weren't cruel to her but it's not easy waking up from a coma and seeing your beloved husband getting married to a beautiful, kind, and pregnant other woman. The second story line revolved around Jack and Clare's middle daughter, Kate moving to Nashville to become a country music star and falling in love with Reid, a man her father went to college with. This story line had me going back in forth between rooting for Kate and her much, much, much older boyfriend and feeling uncomfortable about the relationship because as Jack said " View all 4 comments.

Oct 28, Splage rated it really liked it Shelves: read , boss-employee-work-together , hero-heroine-wounded-handicapped , child-from-previous-relationship , couldn-t-put-down , hero-heroine-dr-nurse , contemporary , divorce , hero-heroine-widow-er , older-guy-younger-girl. View all 3 comments. I'm really enjoying this series. I'm so glad Claire got her happy ending. This one explains why she let Jack go so easily. It wasn't easy, just what she believed would be best for everyone.

Loved Aiden and glad he got his HEA as well. Both of them deserved it. Happy reading! Marie does it again! I loved this book. I saved this trilogy until they were all out and I am devouring them one after another. I loved seeing Clare regain her strength and to get a little angry.

Her actions seemed a little too good to be true in Treading Water, not that I didn't understand her motive I just doubt I would be that big a person : I loved Aidan, so much depth hidden by a sexy, grumpy exterior. I thought he was perfect for Clare, she has been through so much she needed a man who WOW!

I thought he was perfect for Clare, she has been through so much she needed a man who could relate to tough times and struggling to get past them. I wasn't sure about the relationship to start with, but now I'm rooting for them. We shall see I hope Marie doesn't leave me hanging in Starting Over. Off to begin Starting Over I hope my hubby isn't expecting dinner soon Jan 07, Jodster's rated it it was amazing.

What a book.. Marie you have done it again. Where do I begin Lets see she was raped, scared for her children's lives, hit by a car, left in a coma for three years and when she woke up life was not as she had left it Knowing he would stay with her out of love and devotion and the vows he took That is a lot to take on just coming out of a comma. Going away to find herself and for some "me" time is just what she needs.

She does not expect to find love Loved it from beginning to end The Claire was with his family Who like Claire has secrets he rather not tell. My heart broke for Aidan when he talked about his Sara and Colin. It was heart breaking I can see the anger Aidan carries with his as a husband and as a doctor It was just heart breaking reading that story. He seemed to be a different person after confiding in Claire Aidan was amazing with the girls and the way he got them to tell him and kept it secret until she was ready to tell him was keeping me on the edge of my seat.

When he asked her to marry him I though wow Then it didn't. I felt so bad for the both of them..

Navy Skills for Life – Water Survival Training – Treading Water

It seemed as they really did love each other. I mean she picked Reid over her Daddy and that says a lot. I think despite that fact that there was a huge age difference and the fact that everyone was against them it would have worked out He had every opportunity to fess up and he did not. He screwed up and Kate had every right to leave him. You need trust and the trust was lost.

Jack, Jill, Kate and Maggie Maggie is all upset as she feels left out as she is young. Loved how Aidan was with her Loved the irony of Maggie packing away her Barbies so she would be treated like a grown up and then ending up falling and hitting her head and basically being in a coma for a short period of time.. Of course it is a story and it all works out in the end It was fabulous I loved every bit of it.

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Really looking forward to more of Aidan's family, Kate and Reid and off course the whole gang In this Continuation of Treading Water, we follow Clare Harrington while she tries to find her place in the world after missing the last three years of her life. She heads to Stowe, Vermont in hopes that some time away from "her home", will help her with her recovery, mind, body and soul.

What she doesn't expect is to meet Aiden O'Malley, the handsome man she hired to restore her bothers vacation home. While Clare and Aiden learn more about each other, her middle daughter Kate heads to Nashville In this Continuation of Treading Water, we follow Clare Harrington while she tries to find her place in the world after missing the last three years of her life.

While Clare and Aiden learn more about each other, her middle daughter Kate heads to Nashville, Tennessee to try and "Make it Big" in the music industry. While living in Nashville, Kate falls hard for Reid Matthews, who was supposed to be looking out for her, instead of trying to keep his eyes off of her.

But when their secret relationship is ripped wide open, will Kate be strong enough to stick up for what she believes is true, or will other Oppourtunities arise that will tear them further apart. Just like with Treading Water, Marie creates a story that not only takes on through a sea of emotions but on an adventure from Stowe, Vermont to Nashville, Tennessee, back to Rhode Island.

I really enjoyed getting to know Clare as a person, and not just the girls mother. She needed to find herself again, not as Jack's wife, not as a mother, but as Clare, the woman. And boy I liked their flirty banter, I liked to see Clare making a life for just "herself", where before, she was more involved in everyone elses life. She was able to heal and with the healing, find LOVE again, with a great man, who was lonely for way too long.

The book travels back and forth between Clare and Kate. Kate is starting her own adventure in Nashville, where she wants to be discovered. I really liked Kate, even from Treading Water.

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I loved the relationship she formed with Andi towards the end, always thinking she was very loyal. I have to say, the relationship between Kate and Reid was sweet, and you could tell that he really was in love with her. I don't want to give anything away, but I have to be honest and say that I think things between them happened for a reason, and you were able to tell the difference in maturity level between the two. Once you read the book, you might agree!! Marking Time was a beautifly written book that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. I was sad, happy, laughing than Angry I say angry, but on more of an Empathetic level I was angry for the characters and angry at certain characters.

But all in all Marking Time hits the Mark, and will touch your heart. Marie Force has created a world with these characters that we will all be asking for more of. The third book, Starting Over, will be released late December, and I have a feeling that it might just be my favorite, yet!! Sep 24, Anne OK rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads. Clare is now faced with moving on and starting anew after awakening from a coma and making some decisions that she may regret.

Her eighteen year old daughter is likewise starting on a new adventure of her own in Nashville. New characters are introduced that will tug at your heartstrings and elicit emotions that make you yearn to know more and more about their lives. With the third book, "Starting Over" to "Marking Time" follows up where the first book in this beautifully written series left off.

With the third book, "Starting Over" to be released on December 27th, I won't have to wait long to learn more and to get another glimpse at those we've already met. That makes me a very happy reader. As always, Marie Force writes with depth, precision, quality and her ever present ability to draw her readers into her stories and hook them completely. You may encounter a rocky road to romance, hot topics, debatable issues, and questionable decisions, but you'll always find a wonderful Happily Ever After. All these emotions are what completes the perfection of a "Force" book!

Apr 26, Mareli rated it it was amazing. This second book of the series is focused on Claire, Jack's ex-wife and her try to get back in control of her life. Her daughters are flying out of the nest and she's alone. His ex-husband has a new wonderful family and she feels she has nothing left. So she leaves the home of her marriage and goes searching a new meaning in her life. She meets a great Irish man with a wonderful family and he meets Clare's daughters and maybe a new family for himself.

Great family story! Dec 03, Ju rated it it was amazing. I was glad that Clare came to terms with everything. I loved Kate's story and being someone that lives in Nashville, loved reading about this area.

I didn't love the ending for Kate and Reid. I wanted more. It left me sad. Nov 23, Dinjolina rated it liked it. First of all View 1 comment. Starting Again Two of the Harrington women need to find themselves. Kate is on her way to Nashville to start her music career but has a little hiccup. Claire needs to find her happiness after the divorce. She goes to oversee the makeover of her brother's house in Vermont and meets Aiden.

He's the contractor doing the work. May 28, Suzanne Barrett rated it really liked it. After waking from a three-year coma and discovering Jack, her husband, has a lover and they are expecting twins, Clare Harrington makes a selfless decision to let him go. But what's she going to do with her life? Not caring to stay in the home Jack built for her and left to her, Clare decides to spend time in Stowe, Vermont, helping her brother renovate his house. She hires carpenter Aidan O'Malley to do the work.

Aidan has secrets he'd rather not discuss, but he's attracted to Clare who is several years older. In the meantime, Clare's middle daughter Kate has set her heart on making a name for herself in the music world and persuades her parents to let her spend a year in Nashville. While there, Kate falls in love with a much older man. Clare and Jack must come together to resolve the problem. I thoroughly enjoyed Marking Time and was happy to see Clare find her true love. As in Treading Water, the family dynamics are great—one of Ms.

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Marking Time (Treading Water Series Book 2) Marking Time (Treading Water Series Book 2)
Marking Time (Treading Water Series Book 2) Marking Time (Treading Water Series Book 2)
Marking Time (Treading Water Series Book 2) Marking Time (Treading Water Series Book 2)
Marking Time (Treading Water Series Book 2) Marking Time (Treading Water Series Book 2)
Marking Time (Treading Water Series Book 2) Marking Time (Treading Water Series Book 2)

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