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Toddler Games for Learning Shapes. Educational Education. Add to Wishlist. Smart Shapes is a learning game, where children study geometric shapes playing several kids games.

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Our shape games will teach toddlers to call, draw and match shapes. Also, it will develop fine motor skills, logic, memory. The main advantages of our shape games for toddlers: 1 Baby learning shapes - a circle, a square, a triangle, a rectangle, a pentagon. Such smart baby shapes will not leave indifferent any small kid and will make learning shapes the most favorite activity.

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Kids games smart shapes include a shape sorter, shapes matching, shapes puzzle. The names of all forms are pronounced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction. The knowledge of new foreign words will have a positive impact on the further study of languages. How to play our kids games: Shapes for toddlers a simple and intuitive interface. After getting acquainted children start learning shapes.

Let’s Learn Colors & Shapes Workbook Grade Toddler-PK Paperback

In the center of the screen, behind the icon with a trencher-cap, all merry shapes are hidden. Learning shapes begins with a red square full of life. Then the babies paint its contour and it becomes animated. The rest of the shapes learning a similar way. After that, they will choose one of 6 games for toddlers to check and fix the received knowledge: 1 dragging the shapes into the contours suitable for them; 2 shape builder - creating various items with the help of shapes a snowman, a roly-poly, a fish, a house, a tree, a candy, a truck, and so on ; 3 sorting shapes descending on the balloon into the contours to the right and to the left of the screen; 4 finding a pair for a shape out of a number of dancing forms; 5 pulling out an apple, putting shape puzzles on top of each other; 6 feeding a funny animal with food of different shapes, watching the body shape changes after certain shapes are eaten.

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Smart baby shapes games can be recommended as: 1. Let's Learn Shapes with Shapely-CAL , developed by Creative Adaptations for Learning CAL , is a book of poetry - in large print and braille - plus raised, textured illustrations that can be read by blind children and adults without the intervention of a sighted person. In this delightful page tactile shape book, Shapely-CAL literally rises up to introduce your child to all the many shapes that make up our world - from raindrops to footballs.

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Every child in the classroom, blind and sighted, and every member of the family will have hours of fun with Shapely-CAL. The book is bound in a bright yellow cover and contains eight popular rhymes familiar to children. A separate text interprets detail.

Lets Learn Shapes Lets Learn Shapes
Lets Learn Shapes Lets Learn Shapes
Lets Learn Shapes Lets Learn Shapes
Lets Learn Shapes Lets Learn Shapes
Lets Learn Shapes Lets Learn Shapes
Lets Learn Shapes Lets Learn Shapes
Lets Learn Shapes Lets Learn Shapes
Lets Learn Shapes Lets Learn Shapes
Lets Learn Shapes

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