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Breadcrumb #3000chairs: the empty chairs of Syrian child refugees – in pictures

I sort of imagined the chair wondering who would come and join it, what stories it would overhear. Would the next backside be harsh and boney, or soft and voluptuous? Would they be alone or would someone sit across from them; would they laugh or cry or fight together? You get the idea…. Deb Vaughn writes this poem:.

Grief sometimes comes in empty chairs or empty stares and sometimes whispers "why weren't you there? Patience sometimes builds with empty chairs and empty stares and sometimes we wait for love to come say, "thanks… for waiting and believing in me…". The loneliness in empty chairs and empty stares forgotten dates and poignant waits is do-able bear-able Yes.

It really is…. God's unseen Body sits across in that empty chair and loves and listens and waits until we stop to hear Him.

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Words of poetry from Singing Owl :. Sunrise is shining Across our floor, Coffee is steaming In your favorite cup. Wake up! Your chair awaits, Come start the day, With muffins and me, Let's plan, let's play! Lorna at See-Through Faith offers this poem:. Leah at This Far by Faith has also shared some thoughtful reflections:. More than anything, this empty chair reminds me of the fall Saturday two or three years ago I had to go downtown to Border's to get a copy of Jim Wallis' book, God's Politics , because the one I'd bought weeks earlier on eBay hadn't arrived and I was scheduled to facilitate the discussion of the next chapter at our next FaithOrderWitness — FOW — meeting the next Wednesday.

In both my virtual and real lives I've told people relatively little about the past dozen or so years because 1 the entire narrative takes hours; and 2 no matter how I try expressing any of it, every single person trivializes it, explains away all of it with a trite and untrue platitude, and manages at least one majorly offensive remark to which responses I could have made include things like: no , I do not remotely "have no education"; no , everyone in the world does not lose every one of the several dozen friends they'd expected to grow old er with; no , God does not laugh at our plans, but expects us to make plans and frequently transforms our preparation into something better and wilder than we could've imagined; no , I do not need "a pill" try the full range of SSRI's and benzodiazepines ; no , I do not need "a caring counselor" even being aware that "to reduce costs, a skilled clergyperson often is the best answer.

I know, I've been complaining about the way the church has become over-clericized and over-professionalized…. This is the style of chair where you find people sitting together in public; it makes me think of casual yet revealing conversations and making plans for the future, of people who've recently met and of people who've known each other forever.

Is there an empty chair at someone's table for me? Even more to the point, if again I risk inviting someone to fill an empty chair at my table, will they agree, or will this time be like most of the others?

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  8. Will I ever again have a social life beyond the church events I drag myself to? We speak words between us that we recognize But which cannot be looked up. They are our words. They come from very far inside our mouths. You and I, we are the secret citizens of the city Inside us, and inside us There go all the cars we have driven And seen, there are all the people We know and have known, there Are all the places that are But which used to be as well.

    This is where They went. They did not disappear. We each take a piece Through the eye and through the ear.

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    It's loud inside us, in there, and when we speak In the outside world We have to hope that some of that sound Does not come out, that an arm Not reach out In place of the tongue. The places in between places They are like little countries Themselves, with their own holidays Taken a little from everywhere. My Fourth of July is from childhood, Childhood itself a kind of country, too. It's a place that's far from me now, A place I'd like to visit again. The Fourth of July takes me there. In that childhood place and border place The Fourth of July, like everything else, It meant more than just one thing.

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    Names that take a moment to say, Names you have to practice. These were the names of saints, serious ones, And it was right to take a moment with them. I guess that's what my family thought.

    The connection to saints was strong: My grandmother's name—here it comes— Her name was Refugio, And my great-grandmother's name was Refugio, And my mother-in-law's name now, It's another Refugio, Refugios everywhere, Refugios and shrimp cocktails and sodas. Fourth of July was a birthday party For all the women in my family Going way back, a party For everything Mexico, where they came from, For the other words and the green Tinted glasses my great-grandmother wore.

    These women were me, What I was before me, So that birthday fireworks in the evening, All for them, This seemed right. In that way the fireworks were for me, too. Lately I've been missing her so much FlipThePoet Sep Hockey Girl. I'm beginning to like this Sport. Hockey girl. Kurt Carman Jun Crickets a chirpin' and a Frogs a croakin' Toe tapin' rhythm's got em all in motion.

    Edward Lear

    Corn fields swaying like a metronome Watching those two dance to cotton eye Joe! Fried Chicken, taters, eggs sunny side right, These are the memories I like to recite. I sure do miss you both. Hoeing okra and and mustered greens on Sunday afternoon. Making a sign for your hen house that read "Martins Chicken Hilton" and the day you died doing what you loved. I know your out there Cecil and Drewetta.

    I'll see you someday soon! Madisen Kuhn Apr Mara W Kayh Jan Bombshells and boobytraps. My life is a virtual battlefield complete with hidden traps, layered atop cowardly assaults between highly guarded spans of peace, Inside my house chairs and walls are coarsely blown to bits by verbal bombs, and stark fists of shrapnel.

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    Behind that simple smile, semblance of solid love so easily shaken, lies a ripened mine field I tread on tiptoes yet it erupts under calloused feet unprovoked, blasting color to grey as sacred sanctuary falls to scarred terrain. Spears lodged inside ribs I peel myself from the ground, shake off soot, wait for dust to settle before I march forward, again. Reminded me of the song by Pat Benatar, "love is a battlefield" But again, hate seeps in as well. Of Loneliness. There is a silence in the house An empty voice There is a lack of something And I cannot find it I wake up early And get out of bed late.

    I do little chores but I never get anything done I drive to coffee shops And cafes I search for places that have people But still I am alone And so I come home There is a vacancy here That I cannot explain There is a void that grows And every day it feels larger And the silence gets louder As if the space in which there is no one Gets bigger day by day The echo of it lengthens And the sound of footfalls And the creak of old wood stretches outwards And at the end of it all It feels like a stadium filled with no one An arena of empty chairs And all the howling, cheering life That isn't there.

    L B May With You Always". There should be wings of a hundred birds to churn this scorch with breeze to dry sweat shade glare to soothe the ache of a post-noon day There should be varied and a thousand greens with all betweens of innumerable trees till the blue of sky blends their deference And the river heaves its way along ever on eternal mission of earth and Heaven-- sure misses so much some days Cool remote Transcended as it be Replete with rains and relief of clouds The Angelus in the distance Leaning over her opened beer seated on bench adorably painted with joyful hands Who fondly held or hoped for her?

    The Table and the Chair

    This was observed after an event supporting the rehabilitation of the Lackawanna River. L B Jun Mum had been gone a couple of months, six I think… An ordinary day. Feeling hollow but doing OK …when I realized I could get rid of the sofa. She thought it was a bargain. I got rid. Even if it meant keeping the sofa.

    Have a Chair: Poems Have a Chair: Poems
    Have a Chair: Poems Have a Chair: Poems
    Have a Chair: Poems Have a Chair: Poems
    Have a Chair: Poems Have a Chair: Poems
    Have a Chair: Poems Have a Chair: Poems
    Have a Chair: Poems Have a Chair: Poems
    Have a Chair: Poems Have a Chair: Poems
    Have a Chair: Poems Have a Chair: Poems

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