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How to fix the error '404 Not Found'

It would help if you said what you'd already tried or considered, and what the results were.

How to Fix a Not Found Error

For instance, have you requested Google remove both the live and cached? What is the status of the request on Google Webmaster Tools? How long ago did you make the request? Just put blank page in place the one that gone and use redirect to your index page. If as you're saying it's coming in 5 in G. Why not give him some obvious choices -- linking to the home page, or your blog, or a featured product, or whatever?

I have removed the page from website it is just appearing only in google SERP. So why r u saying to add "meta noindex to the page"? Actually problem is my page is "abc. People can find a error on your website in lots of different places—they can click on a bad link in a search result or find a broken URL in an old email newsletter.

Regardless of the error source, you error monitoring tool s needs to help you look at every place your visitors might encounter not-found errors. Any broken link checker or error monitoring tool you use needs to tell you what the error is costing you. When visitors encounter broken pages, they leave and that means potential customers are clicking away from your website.

Or, if Google is encountering lots of errors when crawling your website, that could be costing you rankings in key search results. You need to know how many visitors you are losing due to errors. This helps you prioritize fixing the errors alongside the thousands of other things you have to do.

This article is all about how to remove google 404 error?

The error monitoring tool you use also needs to understand that visits to errors are sporadic. The next day, one hundred people might find a broken link taking them to a not-found error on your website. Any tool you use needs to constantly monitor your website and alert you when visits to errors increase so that you can fix the problem immediately.

Finding errors is one thing.

What you really need though is to fix errors —and not all error monitoring and link check tools will do that. Some tools might tell you where the broken links are located while others might suggest places to redirect the error. The more help the link check tool provides advice on how to fix, the faster you can fix the error and the faster you can stop losing customers due to those errors.

Finally, whatever tool you use to check for errors on your site, you want it to be easy to use and easy to install. Time spent configuring a tool is time you could be spending on other tasks. One of the more popular tools for checking broken links that lead people to errors on your website is the broken link crawl or scan tool. Crawl tools, like Screaming Frog or SiteLiner , check every link on your website to determine whether the link leads to a error.

Side note: crawl tools can do a lot more than check for errors. These types of tools can be incredibly helpful to quickly evaluate the health of the links within your website. Running a crawl can help you identify which links on your website are broken, which does help you identify the source of the error making it easier to know what to correct. Plus, these tools tend to be easy to install and configure. A crawl tool is useful and should be used to evaluate the health of the links and pages on your website.

However, a crawl tool should never be relied upon exclusively to help you find and fix the not-found errors your visitors encounter.

How to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

Tracking not found errors in a web analytics tool, like Google Analytics, is possible and one common method is tracking errors via event tracking. For example, you could trigger the following event onload of the error page:.

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You can also track error pages by using a specific page title on your error page then query page reports in Google Analytics to look at pages matching that title. As you can imagine, this requires a fair amount of customization with event tracking and segmentation. The good news is that, once figured, analytics tools can give you an accurate picture of how errors are costing you business. An analytics tool should be configured to help check for errors. The extra data can provide a clearer sense of priority and a clearer sense of what errors cost you.

Find & Fix 404 Errors On Your Website

Of course, there are some missing data points so this should be used in conjunction with a crawl tool. As well, using analytics tools to track errors will require some configuration, so if this is something you are interested in configuring, please contact me. Provided you have some means of accessing and reading your web log file, your web log file can provide a wealth of information about the inner-workings of your website. Among a lot of other data, web log files can provide a list of which URLs returned a error.

How to Fix Error 404 Not Found on WordPress

When everything you want to get rid of is checked, click Add to Trash queue. Then click the Trash to confirm deletion. When you click Delete Selected from the Browser, it deletes all of the checked bookmarks. It claims to work for all three browsers, but the add-ins discussed above are better solutions for Chrome and Firefox. Browser bookmarks should only be deleted within the browser user interface!

What is the Error 404 Not Found?

I can see that argument for Chrome and Firefox, but IE stores bookmarks as files in the Favorites folder. The solution: Use the older version, 4. It deleted the favorites just fine.

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