Fiery Darts: Satans Weapon of Choice

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A loosely fitting stopper holding a wick was slipped into the other end of the tube and lit. It was then shot like an arrow, not at a bundle of straw or at a fortress, but at the soldier himself. Since the missile had it's own fuel source and the wick was protected by the tube, the missile kept burning until it hit something. When it hit a soldier, the wick popped out, the liquid spilled over the soldier's armour and ignited, cooking him in his own armour.


They were fired during daylight hours, so you could hardly see them coming, but when they struck, the effects were devastating. Once he can attack the mind, and short-circuit the mind, he's got us. Because then we are at the mercy of our emotions. It's our mind that keeps control of our emotions. So we have to guard our mind; the fiery darts. Most of our conflict is not in our ordinary outward life; but in our thought life.

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That's where the devil attacks us, with all kinds of evil suggestions, doubts, blasphemous thoughts. You need an effective shield that works! Some of these thought patterns are from family influences, life experiences and other psychological factors. However, researchers admit that many of these thoughts seem to have no obvious origin.

Our enemy himself will try to plant thoughts in our minds that will cause us pain, and if possible, lead us to forsake God.

Navigating Life In the Midst of Fiery Dart

The scripture tells us that it is the shield of faith. How does this work in a practice? As Mary learns why the Bible is true, and why she believes Jesus is the Son of God, she can walk over to her co-worker, open the Bible the sword of the Spirit and show her. Now the fiery dart shot at Mary, becomes the cause of the Gospel is advanced, as Mary explains to her co-worker who Jesus is, and why he is the Son of God. He HAS to believe that he is living a better way, and that His Lord would want him to stay clear of drink and get home!

Ask yourself, what fiery darts give you the most problems? That is only because we neglected to use our armour!

Reward Yourself

Shame on us! You have to deflect the attack, and get strength to push forward! When you hold up that shield, there is no missile of Satan that can harm your soul. Be careful not to leave your faith, your fresh confidence in your Saviour and Lord, back at home, or at church - it must be with you at all times! That is what the world does! How to Get Faith to work! Have fresh faith — get some fresh faith every morning from reading and believing what you read in the Bible Rom The only way to have strong faith is by studying, and learning the word of God.

Use Your Faith 2Cor — against everything that would strike against you, and attempt to turn you back! Instead of just reacting to attacks by the same old ways, like:. Genesis Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. Join me at the scene of the first temptation to sin. As with all other doctrines, the first occurrence has many powerful insights. Doubting God is the goal of the devil. If he can get his foot in the door by making us doubt, the rest of his plan quickly can follow.

What was it Jesus said back to Satan when faced with this very flaw in Matthew ? He wanted her to doubt God and His goodness.

Fiery Darts: Satan's Weapon of Choice

He likewise bombards each of us by whispering lies such as:. Another example is we idolize those who grace magazine covers or are otherwise in the social spotlight. At some point, however, they have to come to grips with the fact that we will never look like those people. Is God really in control? Why is He letting this happen to me?

Where is He? Is He really good? At such times, watch out because Satan acts like a prowling lion 1 Peter , and you must not give the devil a place to land in your life Ephesians These areas will always hinder our walk in Christ. We also tackle difficult questions that mystify believers and unbelievers.

You own 10 acres. A homeless man comes to you. To be kind, you let him live on 1 acre in the middle of your 10 acres. Within a short time his loud music drives you crazy. You drive past and see his garbage scattered across the 1 acre. Then over time his garbage is blowing all over your 9 acres.

Fiery Darts: Satan's Weapon of Choice - Janet Warren, Janet Warren Lane - Google книги

You ask him to leave. He refuses. He says he has a legal right to the 1 acre because you invited him in. This is what happens to us when we let the devil into a small area of our life. The devil quickly gains a stronghold. Stronghold means 'fortress'. The devil builds a strong fortress in our life because we gave place to him in a small area, that 1 acre.

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Satan may not possess us but he does dominate us with a favorite sin to which we have given him legal right. We can't get rid of it, even after endless cycles of confession and forgiveness. Satan's fortress in us must be broken down. Satan begins with our mind. After conversion the devil knows we now belong to Christ so he tries the next best thing - to rob our joy, to keep us down, depressed and frustrated.

The devil starts with a thought he brings to our mind. When we linger with that thought and allow it to grow in our thinking, we have given the devil an acre and he quickly expands out to more of us, because we have given him the legal right to do it. That's why 2 Corinthians 5 says "we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. So a "stronghold" is a fortress Satan occupies in an area of our mind that should've been given over to the Holy Spirit. A really vile thought comes into our mind.

Fiery Darts: Satans Weapon of Choice Fiery Darts: Satans Weapon of Choice
Fiery Darts: Satans Weapon of Choice Fiery Darts: Satans Weapon of Choice
Fiery Darts: Satans Weapon of Choice Fiery Darts: Satans Weapon of Choice
Fiery Darts: Satans Weapon of Choice Fiery Darts: Satans Weapon of Choice
Fiery Darts: Satans Weapon of Choice Fiery Darts: Satans Weapon of Choice

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