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Note the Coca-Cola advertising projected out from the city.

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The ruling house of Chamba governed its dominion from AD , when the dynasty was founded, until , when it was absorbed into the Republic of India, and today forms part of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Surviving all the empires that came and went in the region — Afghan, Moghul, Sikh and British — the former state was recognised in ceremonial gun salutes until Lakshman Singh, the then Raja of Chamba, died in Such examples should give pause to those who assume that forward-looking institutions have the best prospect of surviving into the future.

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Contemporary thought can understand such survivals only as instances of atavism, which will inevitably be consigned to the past. For those who think like this, it was self-evident that the Soviet Union belonged in the future; nothing remotely like tsarism would ever be seen again. When the USSR collapsed, it was bound to be replaced by some version of liberal democracy — another system that believed itself to be at the forefront of history.

From this point of view, the rise of Putin can only be an almost inexplicable step backwards.

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Closer to home, those who believe that history flows forwards are adamant that the institutions of the European Union will long outlast the nation states that exist on the continent today many of which are themselves not very old. The prospect of the prevailing European order fragmenting under pressure from older allegiances and identities — which have surfaced in the crisis in Catalonia, a country with a thousand-year-long history, and more malignly in the return of ethnic nationalism in central and eastern Europe, now including Germany — is too disturbing to be contemplated.

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Such regressive developments can only be pauses in an ongoing forward movement. But what if these supposed reversions to the past are actually glimpses of the future? For anyone who wants to understand our situation, a Maori-style concept of time of the kind Norman Davies describes may prove a better guide to events. The new dispensation that so many still expect shows no more sign of arriving than at any point in history. Rather than leaving the past behind, the world is walking backwards into the future.

This article appears in the 07 December issue of the New Statesman, Christmas special.


Sign up. Now they can WBAL Radio. The blast A booming steam pipe explosion spewed dangerous asbestos around the Flatiron District on Thursday, forcing the evacuation of nearby buildings and snarling SUN News Report. NBC New York. A steam pipe exploded in the Flatiron District Thursday morning. Chopper4 over the scene shows massive plume of smoke burying part of midtown.

Flatiron District dog owners displaced by the steam-pipe explosion have been offered a free place to park their pets. The club is offering the first five days free.

The blast happened at the intersection of 21st Street and 5th Avenue in the Flatiron District at 6. There are no reported injuries but firefighters Los Angeles Times. A steam pipe exploded beneath Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, hurling chunks of asphalt, sending a geyser of billowing white steam stories into the air and forcing Evening Standard.

A huge plume of smoke billowed into the sky and several buildings were evacuated after a steam pipe exploded in mid-town Manhattan, New York. Engineering News-Record. Asbestos has been found at the site where an underground steam pipe exploded early Thursday morning near the Flatiron building in midtown Manhattan. Reuters India. Reuters - Under the crowded streets of New York City, a network of pipes, cables and tunnels contains hidden dangers that burst to the surface this week, WXXV News A steam pipe exploded in the Flatiron District, shutting down the bustling area at the height of Thursday's morning rush.

Five people suffered minor injuries in the Associated Press.

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Several high-pressure pipes have exploded in New York City's Flatiron District, causing massive damage. A major section of Manhattan is contaminated with toxic asbestos fibers after a decades old steam pipe burst in New York City Thursday morning. Forty-four of the nearly 50 buildings evacuated after an asbestos-lined, year-old steam pipe exploded in the heart of the Flatiron District Thursday remain off Fox News.

New York City's mayor says it could take days to inspect and clean nearly 50 buildings affected by Thursday's explosion of a nearly century-old steam pipe, The Flatiron District remained a hellscape of ruptured asphalt, shuttered shops, massive vacuum machines and hazmat-suited cleanup crews Friday — one day A steam pipe has reportedly exploded near the iconic Flatiron Building at the corner of 5th Avenue and 21st street.

A nearly century-old steam pipe exploded beneath Fifth Avenue in Manhattan early Thursday, hurling chunks of asphalt, sending a geyser of white vapor A steam pipe explosion is closing streets in the Flatiron District Thursday morning. Expert engineers speculated Thursday, the steam pipe explosion in the Flatiron District of Manhattan may have been caused by a pipe failure due to age, Wall Street Journal.

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The steam-pipe explosion that rocked the Flatiron District in Manhattan on Thursday was a roaring reminder of a fatal blast that happened 11 years ago in Curbed NY. The steam pipe explosion was reported shortly before 7 a.

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  8. PIX11 New York. Brian Wong brianw0ng July 19, An steam pipe explosion at Fifth Avenue and 21st Street in Manhattan sent clouds of vapor into the air this morning Cleanup crews decked out in hazmat suits scrubbed sidewalks and hosed down buildings in the hot zone in order to wash away dangerous asbestos that Jul 21,

    Beneath Manhattan Skies Beneath Manhattan Skies
    Beneath Manhattan Skies Beneath Manhattan Skies
    Beneath Manhattan Skies Beneath Manhattan Skies
    Beneath Manhattan Skies Beneath Manhattan Skies
    Beneath Manhattan Skies Beneath Manhattan Skies
    Beneath Manhattan Skies Beneath Manhattan Skies
    Beneath Manhattan Skies Beneath Manhattan Skies

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