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I might spend years honing my book to fine perfection in the hope of a six figure advance, but the chances of that happening are small and the risk that I am wasting my time is large. Why, that huge advance would totally make all these years of starvation and hard work worth it!

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Yet smaller opportunities with a much lower risk and commensurately lower payoff, pebbles if you like, are less attractive in the short term but more valuable in the long term. They might have set-up costs, both in time and money, but once they are rolling they can just tick over in the background.

It might not earn you much by itself, but it adds to your income and can, in the long run, be well worth doing. Other opportunities are millstones, however, to be avoided no matter how shiny they look. The cost of putting a smartphone app together, for example, is so high that only the most popular of books would be likely recoup the initial outlay.

But you should never depend on them, instead, you should accumulate pebbles.

Writing Excuses Episode 11: The Business of Writing

Ebook sales, print-on-demand paperbacks, audiobooks, merchandise — every author should be doing at least these things. And when you have a high enough profile, limited editions, box sets, and other high cost, high margin pebbles become viable too. Because these are retainer-style income streams, they are more reliable and if one fades away, others will take its place, so you have a degree of security. Here I write about publishing, self-publishing and crowdfunding. I am also the author of Argleton Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin If you want your writing to earn you a living wage then you have to think of it, to some extent, as a business.

Bandcamp, not just for music. He goes on to note, though, that the primary business benefits are indirect - that is, even the authors whose books sold well didn't make much if any money from the sales of books. I've certainly seen those outcomes in my own business, as have other friends and colleagues who've written business books.

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Personal credibility : Having a book published makes people think you're smarter and more expert. Being considered more legitimate simply makes it easier to get things done. Brand clarity: Having a book or books that lay out the key intellectual property or the core models or principles of your business really helps potential clients understand what you're about and how you can be valuable to them.

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It can also help your own staff be clearer about who you are and what you're offering. Having noted all these powerful benefits - and the positive outcomes that they can bring, let me add a note of caution. It may sound obvious, but the biggest finding was that authors who sold more than 10, copies of their books were much more satisfied with how the effort paid off than were those who sold fewer than 10, Those who sold 20, copies or higher were off the charts in their enthusiasm. So, more than anything else we measured, the number of books sold was the biggest factor contributing to the project's success.

We also found out that people who self-published, didn't use a literary agent or hire a PR firm, and didn't do a lot of public speaking, sold fewer books and were much less pleased with the process.

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So, if you have a book in you, writing it might benefit you and your business in a host of ways. And that doesn't include self-published print or ebooks - of which there are tens of thousands, increasing exponentially every year. By 'good book' I mean one that is well-written grammatically and syntactically correct, with complete sentences and understandable, appropriate vocabulary ; contains clearly stated, useful ideas; and is engaging - meaning readers will be drawn in and interested, vs.

They called it The Business impact of Writing a Book. The benefits they cited were things like "generating more leads, closing more deals, charging higher fees, and getting better speaking engagements. Here's why I think those things happen when you write a good business book:.

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The Business of Writing The Business of Writing
The Business of Writing The Business of Writing
The Business of Writing The Business of Writing
The Business of Writing The Business of Writing
The Business of Writing The Business of Writing
The Business of Writing The Business of Writing
The Business of Writing The Business of Writing

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