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You may just love this caramel so much that you want to make a big batch for yourself or to give as holiday gifts; we won't blame you.

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And even though this pie is rather decadent, it still comes in with 12g less sugar than a popular online version of caramel apple pie. Ever been disappointed by an apple pie where the fruit was still just a little crunchy, not tender as you'd hoped for? This recipe makes sure you end up with buttery-soft fruit by first covering the raw apple slices with boiling water to soften them before they even go in the crust.

The simple act of sharing something sweet that's been made with care brings such tremendous joy.

Lemon Meringue Squares

Good desserts conjure good times and cheerful celebrations—and it's not only the taste but the shared memories that are integral to our appreciation. So go ahead and show off with these Mile-High Coconut Cupcakes. Lemon and chocolate are a lovely and lively pair in this roulade.

If you prefer milder lemon flavor, you can omit the rind from the filling. Or, if you are a bold lemon lover, don't strain the rind out of the filling—enjoy the tartness and texture it provides. The crackly counterpoint to the silky custards occurs when you sprinkle a thin layer of sugar on top and broil to melt. The caramel hardens as it cools. Take a break from traditional holiday pies and try this grape tart instead. The grapes become tender and intensely juicy in the oven. Floral, slightly bitter marmalade helps to bind the filling and balance the fruit.

More Easy Dessert Recipes:

Let the galette sit at room temperature while you complete your holiday prep so the juices can thicken. Shake up your Thanksgiving buffet with this incredible offering. Taking inspiration from the best part of classic pecan pie the sweet goo! Toasted hazelnuts offer supreme crunch and a sweetness unsurpassed by any other nut, while instant coffee and coffee liqueur deepen the flavor with delightful bitter nuances. And that dollop of chocolate-hazelnut spread? That's simply a touch of sweet genius, as is the sprinkling of flaky salt on top. Since we've nixed the baking even of the crust , you save tons of time; you don't have to wait for the cheesecake to cool out of the oven.

Make the cheesecake up to 3 days ahead, but prepare the caramel shortly before serving. It hardens quickly to a yummy praline-like texture. A deliciously dense almond cake rests underneath the cheesy spiced pumpkin layer.

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  • Almond brittle adds a spectacular finishing touch. We found that Jolly Rancher candies produced the brightest, most vibrant "stained glass. To crush, place each color in its own heavy-duty zip-top bag; crush with a rolling pin or meat mallet. You'll find sparkling sugar in craft or specialty stores, but you can also use turbinado sugar as a substitute.

    Shop for a rectangular box to hold them snugly and wrap with metallic paper for a sleek, stylish gift. These lemon bars are straight-up puckery perfection. We mix the filling together just before the crust comes out of the oven and then pour it onto the hot crust so that it sets quickly. It's a cross between a play on pumpkin pie and carrot cake: The texture and flavor are reminiscent of the former, and the layers--cream cheese mixture on the bottom, spiced carrot filling on top--are inspired by the latter.

    To get a big head start, you can make and freeze the crust up to a week ahead. A combination of butter and shortening in the crust is ideal--butter for its rich flavor, and shortening to create a flaky texture. We recommend Earth Balance shortening found with the other shortenings in large supermarkets or health-focused stores because, unlike most other shortenings, it contains no trans fats. We challenged ourselves to come up with a show-stopping dessert that uses boxed cake mix as a starting point—and we succeeded.

    Fresh carrot and apple plus a splash of bourbon boost the flavor of the layers and add incredible moisture, while the browned-butter glaze is, well, the wildly delicious icing on the cake. Not only does this cake taste like fall, but it is quite the eye candy as well. Bring this to a holiday party and impress your guests with this three-layer beauty. The nutty pastry is absolutely delicious, like pecan shortbread. You can make the tart shells and filling the day before and assemble just before serving: Place the shells in an airtight container and chill the filling, bringing it to room temperature before placing it in the shells so it's not ice-cold.

    This festive fall dessert became an instant staff favorite. A plastic zip-top bag makes it easy to pipe the web pattern onto the frosting.

    51 Beautiful Holiday Desserts

    These nutty touches allow Darcy to use less sugar than traditional chess pie recipes, which often call for 2 cups. We like the depth that sherry vinegar adds to the filling, but you can also use apple cider vinegar for similar results. It's best to make one batch of cakes at a time don't double the batter , though you can easily double the raspberry mixture. If you don't have a minibundtlette pan, you can make one large Bundt cake instead. If you have an 8-cup Bundt pan, that's ideal, but a cup pan will work, too the cake just won't be as tall. Spreading the batter evenly in minibundtlette cups can be a little tricky.

    Try spooning the batter into a large zip-top plastic bag; then snip off one bottom corner of the bag, and pipe batter into cups. For individual treats, place one cake on a tissue paper square, place into a cellophane bag, and tie with ribbon. Like salt, sour's contrasting flavor keeps sweetness in check, ultimately boosting it to its sweetest potential. We can now start shaping the truffles.

    Then I used this medium cookie scoop to portion out scoops of the oreo mixture:.

    34 Easy Party Dessert Recipes | Epicurious

    Place them on a parchment paper lined sheet tray, then refrigerate the truffles for 15 minutes. This helps them firm up a little bit. Let the chocolate harden before enjoying, either at room temperature or by putting the truffles in the fridge for a quick method. It should only take about minutes for the chocolate to harden. Enjoy, my friends! A few friends and I made these tonight for our church cookie walk.

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    Start Here! Vanilla wafers are quickly blitzed with pecans in a food processor for a twist on the traditional graham cracker crumb crust. Confetti sprinkles are found in both the cookies and the frosting for double the delight. We also love a good brownie hack. This recipe uses mayonnaise instead of butter to keep each square fudgy — a little unusual, but it really works!

    A brown sugar blondie base is topped with diced apples and finished with a tasty oat crumble. Best of all, the no-fuss crust is made with coconut flour, sugar, butter and flaked coconut. Whether you choose graham cracker crumbs or crushed gingerbread cookies, you and your guests will love these no-bake treats. Anna's dessert bars are made with a buttery shortbread crust and a sweet layer of maple. Save the trimmings from the squares and whip up a batch of butter tart ice cream to serve the treats a la mode.

    Assorted Dessert Recipes Assorted Dessert Recipes
    Assorted Dessert Recipes Assorted Dessert Recipes
    Assorted Dessert Recipes Assorted Dessert Recipes
    Assorted Dessert Recipes Assorted Dessert Recipes
    Assorted Dessert Recipes Assorted Dessert Recipes

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