Americas Other War: Terrorizing Colombia

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    Seller Inventory M Never used!. Seller Inventory P Book Description Condition: Brand New. Seller Inventory ABE Book Description Zed Books. Seller Inventory NEW America's Other War: Terrorizing Colombia. Doug Stokes. By the time of the Trujillo massacre Colombia had the worst human rights record in the hemisphere — not because atrocities in Colombia had markedly increased, but because atrocities by El Salvador and other US clients had declined.

    Colombia became by far the leading recipient of US military aid and training, replacing El Salvador. By , Colombia became the leading recipient of US military aid worldwide excepting Israel-Egypt, a separate category always , replacing Turkey — not because atrocities in Colombia had increased, but because Turkish atrocities had declined.

    Through the s, Turkey had conducted its brutal counterinsurgency war against its domestic Kurdish population, leading to tens of thousands of deaths and probably millions driven from their devastated villages, many surviving somehow in condemned buildings in miserable slums in Istanbul, in caves in the walls of the semi-official Kurdish capital of Diyarbakir, or wherever they can. The atrocities were accompanied by vicious torture, destruction of lands and forests, just about any barbaric crime imaginable.

    In the single year , Clinton sent more arms to Turkey than the cumulative total for the entire Cold War period prior to the onset of the counterinsurgency campaign. There is nothing particularly novel about the relation between atrocious human rights violations and US aid. On the contrary, it is a rather consistent correlation.

    Terrorizing Colombia

    US aid, he found, correlated closely with improvement in the climate for business operations, as one would expect. And in US dependencies it turns out with fair regularity, and for understandable reasons, that the climate for profitable investment and other business operations is improved by killing union activists, torture and murder of peasants, assassination of priests and human rights activists, and so on.

    There is, then, a secondary correlation between US aid and egregious human rights violations.

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    There have been no similar studies since, to my knowledge, presumably because the conclusions are too obvious to merit close inquiry. Such matters arouse little interest in the West, and are scarcely known apart from specialists and the solidarity movements. The reaction would be somewhat different if anything remotely similar had taken place in those years in the domains of the official enemy. The basic principles of state terror are explained by Schoultz in a standard scholarly work on US foreign policy and human rights in Latin America.

    The transfer, which passed without notice in the mainstream, came right in the midst of a chorus of self-adulation among Western elites and praise for their leaders that may have been without historical precedent.

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    Whatever one thinks of the crimes attributed to Serbia in Kosovo prior to the bombing which, as anticipated, led to radical escalation of the crimes , they do not compare with the unnoticed actions of Western clients, not only the leading recipients of US military aid but others as well: East Timor to take a striking example from those very months, while US-UK support continued as atrocities once again escalated well beyond anything reported at the time in Kosovo by official Western sources. Funding is dramatically in inverse relation to effectiveness, and is unaffected by failure to achieve the claimed goals.

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    The facts, hard to miss, raise some obvious questions. Faith in the proclaimed doctrines becomes still harder to sustain when we attend to the relation between U. As Scott observes, reviewing many cases of U. In extenuation, it could be noted that fostering drug production is hardly a US innovation: the British empire relied crucially on the most extraordinary narcotrafficking enterprise in world history, with horrifying effects in China and in India, much of which was conquered in an effort to gain a monopoly on opium production.

    The official pretexts are confronted with massive counterevidence, and supported by no confirming evidence apart from the declarations of leaders, which invariably speak of benign intent and are therefore uninformative, whatever their source. Suppose, nevertheless, that we accept official doctrine, and assume that the goal of the US-run CI operations in Colombia, including the chemical warfare that is ruining the peasant society, is to eradicate drugs. On these charitable assumptions, US operations in Colombia are truly scandalous. That seems transparent.

    Americas Other War: Terrorizing Colombia Americas Other War: Terrorizing Colombia
    Americas Other War: Terrorizing Colombia Americas Other War: Terrorizing Colombia
    Americas Other War: Terrorizing Colombia Americas Other War: Terrorizing Colombia
    Americas Other War: Terrorizing Colombia Americas Other War: Terrorizing Colombia
    Americas Other War: Terrorizing Colombia Americas Other War: Terrorizing Colombia

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