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They — we- all sit. Blanketing the entire 4 th floor waiting room is a multilingual symphony of sound. Some who are seated are quiet, and some are somehow asleep. How close are they — we — to a long, final sleep? And that is what worries us most.

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Such an unexpected, quick death of nearly 3, people. A second pink head-wrapped woman and her husband enter the waiting room and sit near me. I wonder if this will be the first or last time I will see her here. A lab rat in a holding cage of other lab rats. A worker for the future of cancer treatment or cure. I sat here in this room of waiting two weeks ago and started a new clinical trial. Today is my second lab observation of my taking a pill that may be real, or it may be a placebo.

A cold chill comes over me, not a hot-flash this time, and I find myself longing to live through many more cool falls and cold, chilly winters. I glance around the entire room. We are the cancer-workers.

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Waiting in our work building, not far from where two much larger buildings sat 16 years ago. Those buildings had, waiting inside them, thousands of unsuspecting workers starting their usual work on their last day on earth.

Some who were in the buildings lived to remember. And today, in the same town, I sit.

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Wondering who here is falling slowly? Who is burning quickly? Who is in the right fire-escape? Who will make it out of here alive? If you are falling very slowly, do you know you are falling? Are they real or placebo? Are they working or not? We WAIT and see……. We also found ourselves roaming through the store for little things to complete some outdoor mini-projects. Also in the midst of a large Urban university campus VCU.

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We often have people approach us and ask for money -on the streets, outside stores, etc. I thought this might be one of those times.

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Shame on me. This stranger, without a buggy or merchandise in hand, who looked and followed us a little in the store, finally stopped us in the main aisle and asked me if I was a cancer survivor.

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I smiled and said I was a current cancer warrior. Fighting it daily. He asked if he could hug me. Bill, who saw all of this, walked up and said he had a bald head, too, and asked him for a hug! We introduced ourselves. Susan, Bill and Frank. He promised he and others would pray for us daily. I told him how sorry I was for his loss, but that I promised to pray for him daily, as well.

I was called to prayer. I feel guilty stereotyping Frank. This encounter was also a reminder of how much I love my husband and his sense of humor, but more his gift of compassion he shows to strangers, usually more than I find myself wanting to do. A prayer warrior uplifting a cancer warrior in the battle. Perfectly Frank.

Not sure of the specifics, yet, but going with the attitude of today is good… I hope… frankly, I pray, that all of us will choose to live DAILY without fear, in the brightness of the gift of each God-given fresh new day. I remember Easter Sunday mornings growing up. Waking early. Easter basket of goodies, plastic eggs to find with candy inside. This is the moment of monumental change.

Darkness into light.

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Winter into warmth. No matter the outside temps, southern fashion rules dictated the season change. Strappy-styled sling-backs preferred. Dark-colored clothes, long-sleeves and bulky sweaters are banished to the back of the closet.

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Light, happy colors move to the front! I remember some years in which the new white dress-up Mary Janes were stiff, uncomfortable, and caused painful, little blisters. Better Is One Day Funky Town Oh, No! What We Gonna' Do? Busy, Busy Hope's Song God Of Wonders What We Have Learned We've Got Some News Big Things Too The Rumor Weed Song Forever VeggieTales Theme Song Promised Land Larry's High Silk Hat A Bushel And A Peck I Give You Three Heroes One-Eyed Louie The Cave Medley Provided It's Laura's Fault You Are Holy Thankfulness Song Yo Ho Hero One In A Million Feliz Navidad I Love My Lips First Things First I'm Blue It takes 50 years for Sirius A and B to complete one orbit.

Their average separation is comparable to the distance between the Sun and Uranus. At the moment they are approaching their widest separation, which will occur in , so if you do fancy trying to spot the Pup through a telescope the next few years will offer the best chance. If the Pup proves too tricky, you could try Keid which is on the other side of Orion, as shown in the following illustration. I enjoyed both books. My hobby is reading about particle and physics and about the cosmos.

It is a minute detail. The hokey cokey is quite familiar in the UK. It is usually considered to be just a bit of nonsense. Perhaps there is some connection with hocus pocus. Thank you Nicholas Mee for enlightening me with more information. I will appreciate to get more like these articles. It is real pleasure to read it. Thanks once again.

Previous post: Higgs News. Ordering for Bookshops Cart About Us. Diamonds in the Sky by Nicholas Mee on November 1, The Dog Star Although the Pup is very difficult to spot, even with a telescope, Sirius is a magnificent sight on a winter night in the northern hemisphere. An Alternative Star Trek If the Pup proves too tricky, you could try Keid which is on the other side of Orion, as shown in the following illustration.

Live Long and Prosper! Thank you Nicholas Mee for the very interesting article Reply. This is a very interesting book. Thank you for giving this information Reply.

Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale
Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale
Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale
Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale
Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale
Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale
Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale Sir Pokie: A Puppys Tale

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