Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition)

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Chances and Problems of marketing of ecological products 3. Case study — Marketing of green buildings 4. Theoretical Marketing of green buildings 4. Practical Marketing of green buildings — shopping center development in Finland. Hence people become more and more aware of environmental problems and the pressure for companies to act in an environmentally friendly way is increasing Scott; Vigar-Ellis, , p.

Today much more than about 30 years ago, citizens, enterprises and institutions concern about these environmental problems Papadopoulos et al, , p. Thus ecological products, also called green products are increasingly marketed through green marketing. There are many chances of successfully market green products but many things have to be taken into account and to be analyzed before conducting green marketing. The aim of this paper is to describe general chances and problems of the marketing of ecological products and how problems can be mitigated.

In addition strategies will be highlighted, how to overcome these problems and how to conduct green marketing successfully. In the first place, in chapter 2, there will be an overview about green marketing and ecological products, the definitions and explanation of the terms green marketing and ecological products and what do they refer to.

Following, there will be a short description of the history of green marketing in order give a better understanding from where it emerged. Influencing factors and actors of green marketing as well as the marketing mix will also be discussed in chapter 2.

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In chapter 3 it will be pointed out how the general problems can be mitigated and which chances could be used in order to successfully market ecological products. For Chapter 4, a special case study about green buildings was chosen in order to reflect some general aspects from chapter 2 and 3 to make them more clear with the help of a practical up-to-date case. Following in chapter 5 there will be a conclusion and discussion about green marketing.

Problems will be reflected in this chapter and an outlook will be given about how to conduct green marketing successfully in order to create a win-win situation for all, the companies, the stakeholders and the environment. According to Belz , p. On the other hand, marketing can contribute to the enhancement of the environmental situation by successfully marketing ecological products and services. But the utilization of these potentials depends essentially on the extent and the kind of green marketing Belz, , p. In this paper the definitions of the following will be taken into consideration.

According to Goswami , p. The growing awareness from both customers and marketers about environmental impacts like global warming, solid waste, which is not biodegradable, pollutants, etc. One definition of green marketing is:. That means, that the human needs or wants in form of quality, reasonable pricing and performance of products or services need to be satisfied, but with the least disadvantageous impact to the environment Goswami, , p.

The most extensive green marketing or eco-marketing approaches are those, which are integrated and complementary with other functional areas of the company and which are taking into account the whole ecological product lifecycle Belz, , p. Furthermore, according to Belz , p.

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That means, that these are for example products, which:. In the s concerns about the health of the earth and its finite resources were rising due to scientific and technological research Lu et al, , p. Throughout the s, research on environmental problems took place with a focus on political reforms with reference to the usage of natural resources Lu et al, , p.

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But it was in the late s that the idea of green marketing really came up Peattie; Crane, , p. The consumption patterns started to shift towards greener products and the willingness to pay for greener products was rising Peattie; Crane, , p. Customers became more and more aware of environmental issues and national governments, especially in developed countries, introduced stricter laws and regulations Peattie; Crane, , p.

Table 1. Open in a separate window. Table 2. Table 3. Table 4.

Chances and Problems of Marketing of Ecological Products

Figure 1. Percentage of compulsive buyers by available money and current economic situation. Table 5. Discussion The purpose of the current study was to show the influence of the financial crisis versus the boom on compulsive buying tendencies in Greece and Turkey. Conclusions This study has shown that the economic framing situation moderates the influence of available money in the predicted way.

Funding sources No financial support was received for this study. Conflict of interests The authors declare no conflict of interest as financial or other relevant relationship relevant to the subject of this article. Acknowledgements We would like to thank Prof. References Belk R. Leaping luxuries and transitional consumers.

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point of sale marketing impulsives kaufverhalten german edition Manual

Why am I so unhappily neurotic about materialism? The roles of economic and emotional insecurity in the formative years. In: A. Gasiorowska, T. The influence of advertising on compulsive buying - The role of persuasion knowledge. Compulsive buying: Towards a reconceptualization.


Journal of Social Behaviour and Personality. The addictive personality is the behavior of the addict. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Compulsive buying in maturing consumer societies: An empirical re-inquiry. Medium and long-term scenarios for global growth and imbalances.

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OGuinn T. Compulsive buying: A phenomenological exploration. Kaufsucht: Kompensatorisches und suchthaftes Kaufverhalten - Theorieund Empirie [Addictive buying: Compensatory and compulsive buying - Theory and empirical evidence] In: S. Poppelreuter, W. Wein-heim, Germany: Beltz; Gttin-gen, Germany: Hogrefe; Compensatory and addictive buying behavior: Who actually cares about the economic crisis? September , , Cologne. Working Paper Nr. Copenhagen Business School. Ridgway N. An expanded conceptualization and a new measure of compulsive buying.

Description The book presents a wide selection of studies and works in the area of international communication including seven main areas: Advertising and Communication Effects; Advertising and Information Processing; Communication and Branding; Emotional, Social and Individual Aspects of Communication; Communication and New Media; International Advertising and, finally, Perspectives on the Future of International Advertising show more. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series. Markennarrative in Der Unternehmenskommunikation Pablo Neder.

Add to basket. Vertrauen Im Entscheidungsprozess Maria Neumaier. Ingredient Branding Moritz Havenstein. Ripple Effect Martin Oetting. Produkthaptik Susanna Meyer. Image-Design Maria Neumaier. Markenliebe Renee Frohling. Wirkungen des Produktdesigns Thomas C. Lebensstilorientiertes Kulturmarketing Ralf Terlutter. Back cover copy This volume presents a wide selection of studies and works in the area of international communication. The growing globalisation of markets requires of firms to take an increasingly international orientation in developing communication policies.

The goal of this book is to contribute to more systematic research in this field. Renowned communication researchers from Europe, the U. This mix of international authors offers the reader a comprehensive overview of current thinking and cutting-edge research in the area of international advertising and communication.

Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition) Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition)
Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition) Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition)
Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition) Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition)
Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition) Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition)
Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition) Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition)
Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition) Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition)
Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition) Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition)
Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition) Point-of-Sale-Marketing. Impulsives Kaufverhalten (German Edition)

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