Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story

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It utilizes visual cues such as flickering lights to prompt the user to progress through the game. Watch out for the Teddy Bear. Everyone defines fear differently. This game tests your power of will when faced with potentially frightening situations and all you can do is sit still or you lose.

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Developed by a single person, this game is geared for casual gamers, families, or even people who just wish to test themselves. It could be a useful tool for immersion therapy and confronting fears—right?

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The desert edition sees various animals crawling over you like scorpions and snakes. At one point, you even get eaten by something.

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This series of games occur at various locations, and this one is the first of the trilogy. The game features two separate paths with a total of four possible endings. Due to expert audio and visual effects, the atmosphere enables a truly immersive experience for the player—along with some choice jump scares. A haunted mansion with no one but you inside— Affected: The Manor preys upon classic, long-standing fears we all have.

Expect creepy standards like ghostly girls, darkened rooms, and sudden confrontations.

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How to Handle the Fear: Play with friends! In the same way that Dead Space uses the power of unknown space to mess with your mind, Narcosis uses the depths of the ocean and mystery to entrap the player. But it is the crushing psychological weight of the unknown that gets to you over time. Wandering around in this hulking suit in an alien world, you see remnants of your former colleagues.

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You have flashbacks. What really happened down there? How to Handle the Fear: As a result of natural instincts, the game preys on those primal human fears of isolation and the unknown. Resist your primal urges to succumb to the icy waters and sloshing memories or just ride the wave and allow your mind to go where the game takes you. Oh, did we mention the fact that you constantly run the risk of running out of oxygen and dying? Some say that this horror game , while stylish, is all talk and no freak-me-the-hell-out.

I, respectfully, disagree. The pulp plays off well with shout-outs to classic horror films and other video games like Silent Hill or Bioshock. The graphics and style of animation are just stellar—especially in the context of VR gaming. As a year-old man named Robert Wilson , you make your way through a mysterious hospital.

Ultimately, you unravel the mystery of this bizarre place and who, exactly, stole your heart. Oh, and watch out for the Teddy Bear. Psychological horror games can often be scarier than even the most slender of Slendermans.

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A Chair in a Room: Greenwater capitalizes on this. You start out, seemingly as a patient in some kind of hospital performing tests. Soon after, things quickly escalate. It draws upon rational fear and learned fear to tackle somber and demented subjects without jump scares. How to Handle the Fear: Therapy? Rampant and flagrant coping mechanisms like playing more video games? Probably just a good movie. While there are increasingly more options in the world of virtual reality games, these 8 serve as solid choices from beginner to expert, from shooter to walking simulator, and more.

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The space aliens are the fallen angels. They don't have a base on the moon or anywhere in space. They are grounded to earth at this time. I only suspect the moon is another Next Level base. Post A Comment Here. Contact Information. If you need to get in touch with me, you can reach me by email at: robshelsky1 gmail. Email This BlogThis! Anonymous August 21, at AM.

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Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story
Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story
Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story
Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story
Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story
Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story
Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story
Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story
Greenwaters, A Paranormal Story

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