Atlantis: The Betrayals of Judas

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Possible Motives for His Betrayal

Judas Iscariot is often shown with red hair in Spanish culture [89] [90] [91] and by William Shakespeare. In paintings depicting the Last Supper, Judas is occasionally depicted with a dark-colored halo contrasting with the lighter halos of the other apostles to signify his former status as an apostle.

More commonly, however, he is the only one at the table without one. In some church stained glass windows he is also depicted with a dark halo such as in one of the windows of the Church of St John the Baptist, Yeovil. Judas is the subject of one of the oldest surviving English ballads, which dates from the 13th century. In the ballad , the blame for the betrayal of Christ is placed on his sister. He is one of three sinners deemed evil enough to be doomed to an eternity of being chewed in the mouths of the triple-headed Satan the others being Brutus and Cassius , the assassins of Julius Caesar.

Judas Iscariot

In Memoirs of Judas by Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina , he is seen as a leader of the Jewish revolt against the rule of Romans. In Mikhail Bulgakov 's novel The Master and Margarita , Judas is paid by the high priest of Judaea to testify against Jesus, who had been inciting trouble among the people of Jerusalem. After authorizing the crucifixion, Pilate suffers an agony of regret and turns his anger on Judas, ordering him assassinated. The story within a story appears as a counter-revolutionary novel in the context of Moscow in the s—s. It was included in Borges' anthology, Ficciones , published in , and revolves around the main character's doubts about the canonical story of Judas who instead creates three alternative versions.

Greg Boyd: Why Did Judas Betray Jesus?

The episode's main character, played by Berry Kroeger , recites the fate of Judas from Matthew King James version at the episode's conclusion. In Martin Scorsese 's film The Last Temptation of Christ , based on the novel by Nikos Kazantzakis , Judas Iscariot's only motivation in betraying Jesus to the Romans was to help him accomplish his mission by mutual agreement, making Judas the catalyst for the event later interpreted as bringing about humanity's salvation.

God punishes Judas, not only for betraying Jesus, but attempting suicide at dawn, by turning him into the first vampire, and making him vulnerable to silver for taking 30 pieces of silver as payment for his betrayal, and his suicide attempt at dawn also tries to explain a vampire's violent reaction to sunlight.

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Stead 's novel My Name Was Judas , Judas, who was then known as Idas of Sidon, recounts the story of Jesus as recalled by him some forty years later. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the biblical figure. For the band, see Judas Iscariot band. For other uses, see Judas disambiguation and Iscariot disambiguation.

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Main article: Gospel of Judas. Main article: Gospel of Barnabas. See also: Islamic view of Jesus' death. Christianity portal. It's like saying that all of Judas's motions burst out, burst asunder. Jerome: The Principal Works of St. Jerome - Christian Classics Ethereal Library". Archived from the original on Retrieved In Dunn, James D. The Historical Jesus in Recent Research. Warsaw, Indiana: Eisenbrauns.

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Luke 22:1-6

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    Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books. Howard Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels. The children of Judas were all said to carry the same trait, as did the members of the Iscariot clan. Many legends state that a vampire can not survive running water. Is it possible that the vampires of old met their fate upon the sinking of Atlantis? Or perhaps they still remain frozen in time awaiting to be released……. Or perhaps they still remain frozen in time awaiting to be released…… 0. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

    Among these conflicts were the Crusades, through which the Crusaders tried to take back Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulchre from the Seljukides and later the Ayyubid dynasty and the Mamluks. Even if the official religion became Islam under the Turks and the Basilica Hagia Sophia was transformed in a mosque, the Orthodox Church was authorized to remain in the city with the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople at its head. Another one of this conflicts was the Reconquista, when the Spanish Kings took back the territories conquered by the Muslim Army during the 8th century.

    The war betwween the Catholics and the Muslims ended with the taking of Granada by the Spanish forces. With the installation of the Spanish Inquisition , any other faiths than the Catholic one was deemed as heretics and punished of death in Spain and later in Portugal. During the Italian Renaissance , Jesus Christ and others Christian figures were major artistic subjects during this period.

    Many artists as Leonardo da Vinci , Michelangelo and Raphael painted events from the Bible as the Adoration of the Magi or the ressurection of the Christ. At the end of the 15th century, some clergymen criticized the Catholic Church for its luxury and wanted to reform social life.

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    Between and , the monk Girolamo Savonarola , with an Apple of Eden , took the control of the city of Florence , establishing the Bonfire of the Vanities to purge the city from its arts and luxurious objects. He was excommunicated by the Church but his new visions of religion created a new branch of Christianity in Europe: the Protestantism.

    The same events occured in France during what was known as the War of Religion. With the European explorations and colonizations, Christianity reached the other continents during the 16th century.

    Atlantis: The Betrayals of Judas Atlantis: The Betrayals of Judas
    Atlantis: The Betrayals of Judas Atlantis: The Betrayals of Judas
    Atlantis: The Betrayals of Judas Atlantis: The Betrayals of Judas
    Atlantis: The Betrayals of Judas Atlantis: The Betrayals of Judas
    Atlantis: The Betrayals of Judas Atlantis: The Betrayals of Judas

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