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Permanent Awards

There is no charge, and somethin more than someone's application will be needed. Tks Hartford Courant So why for Georgia? Some people say it's to provide a more fertile environment for, um, "local politics. The WAG Award is open to radio amateurs who can provide proof of two-way radio amateur radio contact with all counties in the state of Georgia. This award is nice complement to the annual Georgia QSO Party, which in fact would be a good time to work on some of those hard-to-get counties.

The award is embodied in a nice certificate. All contacts count, old and new -- so pull out the QSL cards and see how close you already are. Conditions: All QSOs must be 2-way using the same mode. No repeater or cross-mode contacts allowed. For the basic award, all contacts must be made from the same "Home QTH.

For this endorsement, contacts with Georgia counties count no matter where they were made. Just indicate that on the application form. Applications: 1. QSOs are to be verified by 2 non-family amateur licensees, General class or higher, signed on the application sheet. The WAG Award manager reserves the right to spot-check for validity by contacting the applicant.

US "All County" holders can have the above requirement waived by submitting their All County number and award date. Single band applicants must submit a county check sheet. Five-band applicants must fill out a separate application form for each band. Submit your application MS Word. Recipients must complete and document your log 2-way radio communications with at least 25 amateur radio operators who are members-in-good-standing of the Hellgate Amateur Radio Club HARC during a calendar year January 1-December The official member list is shown below.

Using modes and frequencies legally available to the applicant, all 25 documented QSOs must occur on the amateur bands. Included among the 25 member-in-good-standing credits must be at least 5 of the officers, repeater committee members, or appointees of the Hellgate Amateur Radio Club during that same calendar year. See trailing link to current membership. No more than 10 of the 25 required QSOs may be made via repeaters ie. Point to point communications may occur between any 2 geographic locations.

Any combination of modes is acceptable 8. Recipients must have participated in 2 HARC events during the same calendar year. For the purposes of this award, participation is defined as having transmitted and received message via radio. The Gatekeeper of the Worked All Hellgate Award will review each application to determine its authenticity. If the applicant successfully completes all requirements, the Gatekeeper will direct that the applicant receive the Worked All Hellgate Award Certificate. Recipient of a Worked All Hellgate Award Certificate may receive annual endorsements upon successfully applying during succeeding years.

Succeeding applications for annual endorsements will not require a fee. HARC directors will appoint the Gatekeeper at the beginning of each calendar year. N7MSU, Bob is the current gatekeeper. A basic certificate is available for mixed band and mixed mode for 62 counties, an advanced certificate for 82 counties, and a grand certificate for all Illinois counties worked. Rules: 1. Any licensed amateur radio operator may qualify for this award by contacting licensed amateur radio stations in 62, 82, or all Illinois counties. Contacts must be direct station-to-station contacts using any mode no cross-mode contacts.

Contacts made through terrestrial repeaters or digipeaters are not eligible toward this award. Satellite contacts are permitted. Portable and mobile units may be worked, but records must indicate the county. Applicant must possess confirmation, such as physical QSL cards for each county that details the station worked, date, time, frequency, mode, and county. Requirements: Contact and confirm each of the 92 counties of Indiana. Any band or mode.

No date restrictions. SWLs may also apply. Electronic confirmations are not allowed. The award manager reserves the right to request any cards to check for validity. The award is given to amateurs who directly contact different Pennsylvania amateur radio stations.

No retransmitted contacts may be counted, including repeater and digital retransmissions, of course. Applying is easy - no QSL cards are required. If you already have a PKA certificate in your shack you can earn endorsements for it as well. History: The PKA award was created over 30 years ago. The program was dormant for a period and revitalized in The award has always been sponsored by the Harrisburg Radio Amateur's Club. The organization has over members from south central Pennsylvania and has been an ARRL affiliated club for 50 years.

Today over PKA awards have been issued to amateurs worldwide. Endorsements: An endorsement is available for working different Pennsylvania amateur radio stations in any calendar year after the year the certificate is originally issued. Application: Send an alphabetical-by-call list of different Pennsylvania stations worked. Mail your application to the address below. There is no charge for endorsements. Outside the U. SWL OK. Some of our members have their own WEB pages. If their call sign is underlined, simply click on the call to go to their page!

To obtain our Gold Certificate, a log extract showing each call sign contacted including the date, time, band and mode of contact must be submitted. The extract must be certified by two other hams. PayPal to w9ty arrl. Contact w9ty arrl. Chamlin Dr. E-mail to awards metrodxclub. This award requires only 3 contacts with contacts of the Hungarian and other visiting policemen.

There are no restrictions for bands and modes. E-mail: ha3jb t-email. Requirements: A. Application: Send an e-mailto the award custodian which includes a list of QSOs copy of the logbook only certified, no cards needed. The applicant must also provide complete name, area code and the station address requesting the certificate. E-mail: f5mdf club-internet. Contacts can be made on any band using any mode, and even repeater contacts are allowed.

Endorsements may be earned for each additional ten club members worked. Applicants do not need to be a member of the club to apply — in fact, the program from its inception has had the side benefit of helping to introduce new hams to the fact the club exists and to encourage new members to join. From that time through , awards were made, many documenting contacts with long-time and influential members of the Radio Club of Tacoma.

The cumbersome paper database system used to maintain the award eventually led to its disuse, but as of the club's Centennial year the Logger's Certificate is revived and is once again available. Simply document the members you worked preferably with a date, band and mode, for the database and submit your entry to the address shown below. The club will also produce reissues for anyone who has lost track of a certificate they received in the past.

Just provide your call sign so that the database can be searched. E-mail: loggers w7dk. The goal of the award is to recognize Amateur Radio operators that have worked at least one amateur radio operator in each of the Missouri counties St. Louis City is not in a county, so counted as a county itself. There are several classes under which you can apply for this award.

They include single or many locations, any combination of modes, bands, operator class. Just about any combinations of bands and modes, or mixed. All single bands from m to 2m. Or multiband. QRP too. If you wish to take advantage of contacting all of the Missouri counties, just propose it to the management for their OK.

Joint military exercises with US, Australia, France

The applicant also has a number of valid methods of proof: 1. Two amateur stations not related to the applicant to physically verify QSL cards of the applicant. A worksheet should be completed to show the list of counties and includes spaces for County-3 digit code - station - city - date - band - mode, and had room at the bottom of the form to provide mailing address and room for two witnesses and mailing address of sponsor.

OTHER 1. All contacts must be made after January 1st 2. Contacts may be made from multiple locations within the same state for U. They do not need to fill out the rest of the application. Two unrelated amateur radio operators holding a General Class license or higher must sign the application attesting to the facts the applicant has put on the application and that the applicant has the cards, copies of electronic cards, or QSL details in their possession. All above rules apply to special endorsements. Any amateur who works all sixteen Maine counties is eligible to receive the award.

No log entries will be accepted if dated prior to Jan. No earth repeaters or digipeaters may be used. Satellites are acceptable. Contacts may be on any band and mode. It is not necessary to submit QSL cards. Any amateur can verify your log. The honor system will govern. This covers the club's printing and mailing costs.

A contact check sheet can be obtained from the awards manager or printed from the files table below the table and notes below will not print on paper. This sheet needs to be submitted to the awards manager when the required contacts have been made. If requested, it will be returned to you along with the certificate for any future use, such as band or mode endorsements which the club may offer. You can request a document that just covers instructions and a second one which provides the actual log sheet.

Just click on the one you need. Any licensed Amateur Radio operator may qualify for this award by contacting licensed Amateur Radio stations in all fourteen Massachusetts counties. Within the US, all contacts must be made from within the same county. From outside the US, contacts must be made from within the same country. All contacts must be made using valid Amateur Radio bands and modes.

Contacts prior to December 21, are not permitted. The rulings of the Awards Committee are final. Have two other unrelated Amateurs witness that they have confirmed the validity of the contacts. The basic award will be authorized to any licensed amateur radio operator for working and confirming at least 41 of the 82 Mississippi Counties. This will be officially recognized with a color certificate most suitable for framing and display. There will be only one endorsement level available and that will be in the form of a beautiful handcrafted wooden plaque when all 82 separate Mississippi Counties are confirmed.

Approved contacts can be made on m thru 23cm using any mode except repeater or VoIP. Mode s will not be indicated on the awards certificate or plaque. Just download, enter data, save as a new file, print and submit with application. Payment should be made using cash, check, or money order. Anyone wishing to use another payment method e. E-mail: info dxa. RULES: 1. Within the US, contacts can be made from several locations to reflect our mobile society. Outside the US, contacts must be made from within the same country. All contacts must be made using valid Amateur Radio Bands and modes.

Contacts prior to January 1, are not permitted. To apply for your Basic certificate, all applicants must submit a copy of their prefix list in alpha-numeric order, indexed on the call letters. Don't forget to include to include your full name, address, call sign and snail mail address with any and all applications. Each time you apply for an endorsement to increase the number of prefixes worked, simply send a new copy of your complete prefix list.

In the case of Band and Continent endorsements, please send these each to their own list and on making further endorsements simply submit your updated Band or Continent list. There is no start date so you may dig deep into your log and claim those past digital contacts. This is an Amateur achievement award, not a location award, so your contacts count from where ever YOU made them. Endorsements will be mailed about the first week of January, April, July and October. The table below, right, shows a short list of digital modes with the required number of confirmed and different prefixes needed to claim your Basic Certificate.

The Endorsement increment for each is also shown. The fee schedule for these awards can be viewed at awards pricing. Regardless of the method of generation, CW is not considered a valid mode for this award. The certificate s will be mailed out unfolded in a 9x12 envelope or mailing tubes. Any licensed Amateur or SWL, world wide can claim this award.

You do not need to be a member of a club to apply. Applications for Basic Certificate: 1. Send a copy of your prefix list. You need different prefixes to claim the Basic Mixed Certificate. Please checkout the table above. The requirement are different for each mode. Application for Endorsements: 1. For each Prefix endorsement upgrade please submit an updated copy of your prefix list. For Band and Continent endorsements, a separate, updated list showing your claimed prefixes. Submit any number of different endorsement applications in one package. Note: the Band and Continent Endorsements are a one time endorsement.

You can claim these for the specified number of confirmed contacts as shown below. J6 and J Proper authorized prefixes only. Maritime and interim license class prefixes do not count. Any portable prefixes without numbers must be designated zero 0. AIR counts as AI0. I understand that this application may be rejected if I fail to submit the required information upon request, or if there is any doubt about the authenticity. These include castles, fortresses, towers, walls, ruins, etc from various historical periods of Greece.

Activators will be able to register in Log stations only once. Copy of the log-book on paper or electronically in adif or cabrilo format should be submitted to the HCF Manager SV2HSY within the following one month after the activity. Important Note: Only direct radio communications are accepted. Contacts via repeaters, links, satellites are NOT acceptable. This means that there should NOT be report and signal report, type of radios used, power and antennas. Any Amateur Radio Operator who activated one castle should provide within one month the HCF Manager, a copy of their Logbook, including a picture showing the castle, the radio station and a short video.

HCF awards Conditions: 1. SWL Listeners can receive the award, by inscribing both initials the activators and the hunters in the application. If you wish a paper award sent by mail service, the fee is 10 euros for Europe Including European Russia and 13 euros for other continents.

This amount will be revised on a early basis. The HCF originator SV2HSY reserves the right to modify subject rules, taking into account that every validation for previous expeditions will still be valid. E-mail: makis. Radio contacts carried out by repeaters are allowed. E-mail: dyplom zamkisp. It reflects the rich existence of rivers, streams, reservoirs, lakes and lagoons in our province. It will be awarded to Radio amateurs and listeners with official license. Endorsements will be provided for every 10 ten rivers, reservoirs, lakes or lagoons confirmed after the initial granting of the diploma.

Certified lists are accepted by Award Manager of radio clubs and recognized groups. The cost of the Diploma is 20 twenty pesos and 5 five pesos for each endorsement.

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Internet: lu4aao. The Radio Club Argentino grants the following certificates to radio amateurs and radio listeners SWL from Argentina and abroad with a valid license. Each request must be presented accompanied by the forms in which the communications made will be detailed. Electronic QSLs are not accepted. All contacts must be made from the same radio. Applicants may use any distinctive prefix assigned to them by their communications authority, including those for contests or special events.

All contacts must be bilateral 2X. In order to guarantee the integrity of the Certificate Program, the Radio Club Argentino, through its Award Manager, reserves the right to request the supporting documentation of the submitted applications that it considers pertinent, through the means it considers appropriate.

Certificates may be requested in A4 format or in digital PDF format. Includes shipping by certified mail. For electronic award information, refer to b. The estimated time for the processing of certificate requests is 30 thirty days counted from receipt. Participation in the Certificate Program of the RCA implies full knowledge and acceptance of these rules in all its terms.

The RCA, in its capacity as creator and administrator of its Certificate Program, reserves the right to make the modifications and adjustments to its rules that it deems pertinent. These Terms and Conditions annul all previous ones. Political Division Suffix No. Santiago del Estero LU N The following certificate is granted for the confirmation of contacts with one hundred one different radio countries, according to the List of Entities of the Radio Club Argentino. For the submission of applications for the Countries certificate and its endorsements, the provisions of Points 3, 4 and 5 of the General Bases of the RCA Certificate Program apply.

You may request multiband or individual bands of , 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6 meters. The Countries certificate is awarded by the achievement in the 5 five bands of HF 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters. Contacts made after November 20, are valid. It is mandatory to prove a contact with one station in the Argentine Republic. For the application of endorsements, you must indicate the certificate number Countries duly granted of your contacts. Laureate is awarded for the presentation in the 5 five bands of HF 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters. All HF bands may be used for your contacts.

Country Prefix 1.

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Guatemala TG 2. Guyana 8R 3. Haiti HH 4. Honduras HR 5. Jamaica 6Y 6. Mexico XE 7. Nicaragua YN 8. Panama HP 9. Paraguay ZP Peru OA San Cristobal and Nevis V4 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines J8 Suriname PZ Trinidad and Tobago 9Y Uruguay CX Venezuela YV All HF Frequencies are valid for this Certificate. The purpose of this Certificate is to promote radio activity with and between Argentine stations. To request it, the presentation of QSL cards will not be required.

Work bands valid for this Certificate: All of HF. For the purposes of this Certificate, any city, town, village or populated area that has a Postal Code, assigned by the Official Mail of the Argentine Republic, is considered a locality. The localities that share the same Postal Code will be considered as different entities.

The locations assigned to more than one Postal Code will be considered as a single entity. All railway, passenger and freight stations are considered valid for this award. The initial is the diploma of class A, the highest is the Honor Roll diploma. The program has no deadline. Applicants for these diplomas can be licensed by radio amateurs around the world, as well as observers SWL who have fulfilled the terms of the diploma program.

Depending on the direction of work on the air, within this diploma program, applicants for a diploma are divided into Hunters and Activators. To identify administrative districts, their symbol symbols adopted in the graduation program URDA are used. The program is comprised of 4 separate diplomas and the Honor Roll which is a handsome metallic plaque. Each paper diploma carries a different image. For Hunters to Qualify for : 1. Class C candidate, it is necessary to conduct 15 QSOs with different administrative districts of the Ukrainian Carpathians. There is a separate set of rules for Activists which are covered in the rules.

It is possible to issue a diploma in paper form, provided that it is paid for its production and compensation for postage. Terms of issuing a paper diploma and its cost are discussed with the graduate manager separately. Applications for a diploma must be sent to the e-mail address uc uff. Be sure to include your surname, name and call sign. For "Hunters" The application is made in the form of an extract from the hardware log in the format txt or doc and attached to the letter as a file. You must also specify the email address for which you will be required to send a diploma.

In general, valid contacts in the Ukranian Carpathians stations are areas of the Carpathian Mountains which can be determined by by learning the URDA program. Valid areas reside in following Regions and the Districts which they encompass. To offset administrative district enough to hold one QSO with any amateur radio station call sign, operator , permanently or temporarily working from a particular territory. Repeated QSO on the territory of one administrative district in any callsign not counted.

One administrative region Can be claimed only once for each class. In this case, count each QSO, carried out in the new district. It is recommended to review all of the requirements prior to applying for the award. Observers SWL diploma issued on the same terms. Log paper or electronic to lu4fm lu4fm. The certificate is printed on an A4 size cardboard 4. Zip Code: — Rosario. The Radio Club Rosario makes available to the radio amateur community the following permanent certificates: T. This Certificate may be requested by all those Argentine or foreign radio amateurs who have completed the corresponding log, having made the contacts required in these rules.

The Radio Club Rosario will occasionally make expeditions to those localities that do not have amateur radios or that have little amateur radio activity. Any amateur radio is also authorized to activate areas that for some reason does not register activity, provided that the documentation corresponding to its shipment is presented. The starting date is January 1, Contacts may be made in any band, in compliance with current regulations.

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Contacts made via repeaters will NOT be valid for this award. Contacts made by satellite are considered valid. Members with current membership social status of Radio Club Rosario are exempt from the shipment of the self-directed party but must indicate to which address the certificate should be sent. The CPRA certificate will be available to all amateur stations belonging to any country in the world. The start date is set from 1 March Only cards with a contact date equal to or later than the one indicated will be accepted.

All contacts must be confirmed with QSL cards. These cards must be in the possession of the applicant and at the disposal of the Radio Club Rosario for authentication and verification when required. You can operate in any band or mode in compliance with current regulations. The Argentine Mail Postal Number Guide available at any office or post card will be the only tool to determine the postal code of the station address issuing the QSL card.

The postal code corresponding to the address printed on the card except for portable operations and shipments will be taken as a valid term. As long as this documentation is not confirmed by the Radio Club Rosario, the operation will not be considered valid. S: All Santafesinos Departments Any amateur radio who demonstrates having had 2-way contacts with the 19 departments of the Province of Santa Fe shall be granted under the following conditions: 1. You can contact stations using any band or mode in compliance with current regulations. However, contacts made by satellite are considered valid.

It is intended for officially licensed radio amateurs and listeners from all over the world. Communications will be accepted in any band and mode established within the current regulations. If the log is certified by a Radio Club or by two radio amateurs general category or higher, it will not be necessary to send the photocopies of the confirmed headlights. For these last two applications, only one self-directed envelope with minimal postage should be sent The diploma is A4 size on illustration paper printed in photochromic, and will carry the applicant's license in laser.

The cost of the diploma will be 25 twenty-five pesos for Argentine amateurs and listeners, an amount to which must be added a postage of the Argentine Mail, a fee of up to grams, for the postal shipment. The endorsements will be free of charge. This diploma as permanent, has no end date and can be requested at any time.

E-mail: lu7dsy yahoo. To achieve DXCC you need to work countries from your home country. Other modes are not acceptable. QSOs made by other members of the DXpedition are not acceptable. QSOs made by remote operation of any station are not acceptable. Box , Caboolture, Queensland, Australia Remember to include sufficient postage for the return of supporting documentation; otherwise there is no fee for each application.

A signed statement to this effect should accompany each application. To be honest, the group sponsoring this award has admitted that you will be the first to earn it. Each of the club members has a special value and thus every member as you contact them helps you to attain points. This award is open to any licenced amateur who makes a contact with a minimum of 75 different shires. The VK Shires Award will be broken into various sections as below.

There is a weekly net held every Friday at All contacts on or after 1. This is a special award for those who travel about and activate shires. Please note you need to work a minimum of 5 stations from each shire. For those who actually go and activate a shire you must work a minimum of 50 stations to be eligible to claim the shire for yourself for all parts of the award except the Nomad Award as above.

A copy of your log must be sent to the awards manager for verification. Requirements - number of Shires in each VK land: VK1 award : One Shire VK2 award : Basic 25 shires, silver 50 shires, gold all shires VK3 award : Basic 25 shires, silver 50 shires, gold all shires VK4 award : basic 25 shires, silver 50 shires, gold all shires VK5 award : basic 25 shires, silver 50 shires, gold all shires VK6 award : basic 25 shires, silver 50 shires, gold all shires VK7 award : basic 10 shires, silver 20 shires, gold all shires VK8 award : basic 5 shires, silver 10 shires, gold all shires.

Please note that all VK9 and VK0 call areas do not count for this award. Rules and Requirements 1. History note: The start of local government in Victoria in occurred while it was one of the six British colonies, well in advance of the proclamation of the Federation of Australia as a Commonwealth in In the s and s, encouraged by generous subsidies, local government entities were established to provide local services, achieve community representation and to levy rates.

The s saw strong concerns about the inefficiency of local government areas, a new reform-driven state government, and an economic downturn, amalgamations of groups of them occurred resulting in a reduction to 79 today. Or via email: awards[at]amateurradio. Image: Australia-Victoria-LocalGovt After a long hibernation, the Wombat Award has been re-designed and re-instated by the S. In order to qualify for this attractive award, the operator has to obtain 15 points.

By contacting any S. The S. Club Net is on Wednesday evenings, 3. A log sheet of stations worked and points claimed must accompany applications along with payment, QSL. Cards not required. Postal applications to either of the addresses below: a. Amateur Radio Club established in to bring together local radio enthusiasts. Club net on Hf net 3.

Club holds Hamfest each year around mid September. E-mail: Email: vk3sol sadarc. The object of this award is to tour around Australia by amateur radio, making progressive contacts as you go. Valid contacts for the award are those made on or after 1 November The award is sponsored by the Redcliffe and District Radio Club, who is responsible for aspects of the award. The award can be completed, by using any or all bands and all modes. However specific band and mode endorsements are available.

Short wave listeners are eligible to participate in this award and to qualify their log must include of the call signs of both stations claimed. To complete this award requires contact with amateur radio stations located in 19 cities and towns around Australia. For Sydney and the other major cities, all amateur stations in the greater metropolitan area of the city, are included as the major city. To make things easier please use one of the many suburbs that is provided in the links on the log sheet below.

Most of the suburbs should be there. The rally may be run in either direction, i. Redcliffe south towards Sydney or Redcliffe north towards Townsville but the progress must be in order from the cities and towns listed above. The application for this award should be accompanied by a certified log extract, signed by 2 other licensed amateurs showing date, time, frequency, call sign and location of stations worked.

A proforma application with log sheet can be downloaded by clicking here for PDF format or here for Excel format. Not included in current edition - you may ask by mail, address below. The application and log sheet for this award can be downloaded above. The award is in two sections. Section A. To gain this award a VK or ZL amateur radio station or short wave listener is required to score 10 points, which is made up of contacts with members of Redcliffe and District Amateur Radio Club 1 point each and the club station VK4RC 4 points. Section B. To gain this award an amateur radio station or short wave listener is required to score 10 points, which is made up of contacts with members of Redcliffe and District Amateur Radio Club 2 point each and the club station VK4RC 4 points.

A proforma application with logs heet can be downloaded by clicking here for PDF format or here for Excel format. Short wave listeners are eligible to participate in this award and to qualify their log must include of the callsigns of both stations claimed. Mellish Reef b. Lowd Howe Island c. Norfolk Island d.

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Christmas Island e. Willis Island f. Email to qsl redclifferadioclub. On this elevation, the castle Hochosterwitz, first mentioned in , was built, initially in the possession of King Ludwig the German. Between the 11th and 12th centuries, the castle served as a haven for the population during the attacks of enemy hordes. A diploma application requires points. Each QSO with a station from Carinthia counts 10 points. Each contact with a club station from OE8 counts 50 points.

There is no band or mode restriction. The diploma application can be submitted either by post or by e-mail. Electronic diploma applications are sent to: diplom oevsv. E-mail: diplom oevsv. If you have ever traveled in Europe, you know how important rail traffic is to their economy. Each contact counts 2 points. Contacts with club stations count five points, contacts with MC members count 10 points. Here is a list of the countries. E-mail: g4gnq hotmail. It can be requested by radio amateurs and SWLs for radio communications with amateur radio stations on Heligoland from Only connections with fixed or portable stations including guests on the island of Heligoland and the dune upstream WW loc.

JO34WE apply. Each station counts 1 point per band, club stations 2 points. A club station is mandatory. Each call sign may only be scored once on each band. Connections where the applicant himself had his location on Heligoland or the dune do not count! The radio connection must be confirmed with an QSL via the office. In case of a tariff change, the shipping costs will be adjusted. For stations outside DL a fee of 10,00 Euro incl.

Shipping costs will be charged. The diploma is always sent in a large letter format. Image: Germany-helgoland-diplom Application - The diploma applications can be submitted either by post or by e-mail. Email: diplom oevsv. Email: herbert. Its activities cover the whole territory of the Republic of Austria.

Each association has its own head and a presidency similar to the setup of the umbrella organisation. The coats of arms of all federal states and the logo of the AMRS are depicted on grey backgrounds. SWL on same basis as licensed stations. There is no cut-off date.

Conditions It is necessary to prove that RF connections were performed with different OE stations. All connections must be made from the same country, i. If all connections are made in the same mode, this can be noted on the diploma. Analogconditions apply to SWL's. Conditions Evidence must be provided that the applicant has made log entries without CQ and test! The log statement must be confirmed by an official FM manager. SWL OK with same conditions.

Diploma fee: The diploma fee in the printed version is 10 euros, as PDF version 5 euros. Conditions: Austrian stations must work at least 10 stations from 6 call sign areas using meters. Foreign stations must work 4 stations from 3 call sign areas on meters.. Diploma fee: The diploma fee in the printed version is 10 euros, or pdf version 5 Euro.

All connections after 1. The diploma can be obtained in all modes. If only one mode of operation has been selected, it can be recorded on the diploma. Conditions 1. Outside Europe: on any frequency bands. If all connections are made in the same mode of operation, this can be noted on the diploma. Diploma fee. The diploma fee in the printed version is 10 euros, or pdf version, which costs 5 euros. All contacts made after 1. The diploma can be obtained in all types of modes. If only one mode of operation has been selected, it can be specially recorded on the diploma. It is therefore possible, for example, to achieve a valid contact to use one station to use 20m on SSB and CW.

The diploma is X mm in size. It is four-coloured and shows all the countries that flow through the Danube or touch as a border stream. Conditions Of the 10 countries that pass through the Danube on its way from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, 9 areas need to be contacted for this award. Of the 9 of these countries, three contacts are required a total of 27 connections.

The diploma can also be applied for individual stations or contest operators.

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The diploma is x mm in size, it is four-coloured and shows, in addition to the state experts OE1 — OE9, all the corresponding coats of arms of the respective federal states. At least 3 radio connections with all Austrian federal states. All contacts are valid from 1. The diploma can be worked in all bands and modes.

If only one mode of operation has been used, this can be noted on the diploma. Diploma applications: please send GCR list or a logbook extract and a fee of 10 euros for the printed version in pdf format 5 euro. Make applications to: Richard Kritzer Aich No. The diploma is x mm in size and was designed by OE5RI. It shows the Federal Republic of Austria with all of the federal states and the city coats of arms of the respective state capitals.

All contacts after 1. The diploma can be obtained in all types of bands and modes. Conditions Requirements: 1. OE stations require a total of 6 contacts from different Austrian capitals. EU and DX stations require a total of 3 connections from different Austrian capitals. It shows the Federal Republic of Austria with all the federal states and the city coats of arms of the respective state capitals. The diploma can be obtained in all types of bands andmodes.

Conditions OE stations require a total of 6 contacts from different Austrian capitals. EU and DX stations require a total of 3 conntacts from different Austrian capitals. The diploma is Xmm in size, it is four-coloured and printed on wood-free paper. In the middle of the diploma is the castle Hochosterwitz is depicted. Furthermore, the certificate shows castles and castles from all localities in OE8. Historical background In one of the most beautiful valleys of Carinthia, rises from nature, a meter high limestone rock, which can be seen from many surrounding mountains and hills.

Conditions All radio contacts after 1. Each QSO with a station from Carinthia scores 10 points. Each connection with a club station from OE8 counts 50 points. There is no bands or mode restriction. OE9 2. All operating modes, including mobile and portable connections, may be used. Application 1. All Austrian call signs that are listed in the DIG member list are valuable guest license stations are not counted.

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A666 - Épisode 4/10

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A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition) A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition)
A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition) A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition)
A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition) A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition)
A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition) A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition)
A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition) A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition)
A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition) A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition)
A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition) A666 - Épisode 2/10 (French Edition)

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