The Chicken and the Dog

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The Chicken and the Dog by Amanda Maxwell — Kickstarter

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  1. Die schöne Müllerin, No. 16 - The Favorite Color, Op. 25, D795.
  2. Introducing Dogs to Your Chickens!
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Source file resolution p. Save video to folders. Share video. Uploaded by a Newsflare Content Partner. Cathy Dongon, 22, spotted her rampant four-year-old bulldog Charlie physically attached to the helpless hen. She separated the pair and castigated them for the illicit tryst in her farm yard in Mindanao, Philippines, on June 1.

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Cathy said: ''We just came out and saw them doing that. We were so surprised. One of the best ways to foster trust in your dog is to train him. All dogs can be trained. So teach your dog basic commands such as sit, down, stay, leave, and come.

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Having a well-trained dog blesses your family twofold-a nicely trained dog is easier to handle and a pleasure to take places and your dog, being a pack animal, will reap the reward of knowing his place within the family pack and will consequently feel more secure, confident, and trusting. Congratulate yourself. On to step two! A great way to increase the likelihood that these introductions will go well is to prepare your dog-a happy, satiated, well-exercised dog will be so much more apt to greet his new feathery siblings with calm, gentlemanly manners.

Then, feed your dog as you normally would. In the wild, birds are natural prey to dogs, so ultimately, you want your dog to not be thinking about his rumbly tummy when introducing him to chickens. Now, let the introductions begin! With a few simple precautions, the initial introduction should go well. First, allow the chicks to settle in to their new home for a couple days. After this, they'll be accustomed to you popping in and out for feeding, cleaning, and visiting and will hopefully not be as skittish. First, put your dog on a short leash for better control, walk him over to the brooder, and place him in a sit stay.

Allow him to watch the chicks and get acquainted with their scent. Your sweet pup may be a bit wiggly and whiny at first. This is normal. Offer him some comfort by petting him and talking calmly to him. Continue to observe his manner and praise him and reward him with a favourite treat for calm quiet behaviour. Show the dog that you care about these fuzzy little peeps by talking to them, reaching in and petting them and holding them. Your dog will pick up on this. If you feel comfortable, feel free to pick up a chick and hold it near your dog to sniff.

If on the other hand your dog is not able to sit stay and is quite restless, remove him from the room as your peeps will be stressed by the cacophony in the room. Repeat this process every day until your dog behaves appropriately. Next, comes the outdoor meet and greets.

Soon your fuzzy chicks will be sprouting combs and feathers and growing by leaps and bounds. And, soon they will move outside into their coop. Or if you purchased chickens at the Point of Lay stage or adopted adult chickens from friends, you will be introducing them to your dog outside. First, I suggest allowing the chickens a few days to settle into their new home and explore their coop and backyard canine free.

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  2. Dogs + Chickens = Great Friends!.
  3. Through The Lens.

Praise him and reward him with a treat for good calm behaviour. Continue to praise his efforts. Eventually, walk him right up next the coop and place him in a sit stay, all the while praising and rewarding positive behaviour.

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  • If he behaves appropriately, lengthen the leash and allow him to wander around the outside of the coop. He'll enjoy sniffing and poking around.

    How to Get Your Dog to Get Along With Your Chicken

    While being outdoors together does some new concerns, all of the work you've done up until now has only been serving to ready your dog for his new role as friendly sibling and perhaps even, shepherd. First things first-will the chickens free range? If your dog is normally let out into the yard without a leash or cable to do his business, then you'll need to put his free roaming temporarily on hold while you introduce him to the new backyard dynamics. Again, put him on a short leash and walk him out to where your chooks are exploring and foraging.

    Put him in a sit stay. By verbally commanding your dog to sit, stay, etc. Engage your canine companion by simply talking to him and calling him by his name. This also focuses his attention onto you instead of the chooks. Give him a bone or favourite toy and continue to praise him. Time is your best friend. And maybe one day, your dog will be completely trustworthy and able to mingle with his chickens as a solo act!

    Remember though, that not all dogs will get to this point.

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    The Chicken and the Dog The Chicken and the Dog
    The Chicken and the Dog The Chicken and the Dog
    The Chicken and the Dog The Chicken and the Dog
    The Chicken and the Dog The Chicken and the Dog
    The Chicken and the Dog The Chicken and the Dog
    The Chicken and the Dog The Chicken and the Dog
    The Chicken and the Dog The Chicken and the Dog

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