Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature)

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Stories, games, piano music, song words. Merrily Dance. Piano music, song words. Viltis magazine. Vytautas Finadar Beliajus, A folklore and dance magazine, published by Vyts Beliajus from to as a mimeographed armed-services newsletter, then as a printed publication from September, to Mr. Beliajus' death in , when its publication was assumed by the International Institute of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Zeep Rd. Music of the Dinaric Zone Folk Dances. Terms, pronunciation guide, map of yugoslavia, membranophones, friction membranophones, singing membranophones, bibliography; line drawings. Benet, Sula. Song, Dance, and Customs of Peasant Poland. Dennis Dobson, Peasant life, celebrations and traditions. Bennett, J. Hebrew and Jewish Songs and Dances, Vol. London, England: Pietro Deiro.

Bentley, B. Bensel, E. Van Der Ven-Ten. Dances of the Netherlands. Bentley, Bernard J. Berger, D. Folk Songs of Japan. London, England: Oak Publications. Bergman, Marion. The Russian American Dance Book. Music and lyrics in Russian and English for 19 folkdance songs; includes descriptions for each song. Berglund, L.

Gillesdanser i Norden. Stockholm: Ars Upplaga, Descriptions for 78 dances. Bergman, M. London, England: A S. Barnes, Bergquist, Nils William. The New York Public Library, Berk, Fred. London, England: American Zionist Council, Chasidic Dance; The. Guide for the Israeli Folk Dance Leader. Guide for the Israeli Folk Dance Teacher.

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No dance descriptions. Discussions about teacher problems, dance notation, translating dance names, what makes a good teacher, starting a group, running a performing group, weekend workshops, more. Ha-Rikud: The Jewish Dance. Descriptions of 25 dances of Israel. History, background, fundamentals, teaching, choreography, starting a group, costumes. Terms, abbreviations, records. London, England: Exposition Press, Tel-Aviv: Israel Dance Society, Jewish Folk Dance Book. Dances of Palestine. Eleven dances collected in the United States; music arranged.

Holiday in Israel. Catalog of Israeli Folk Dance Records. Ten Folk Dances in Labanotation. Machol Ha'am: Dance of the Jewish People. History of Jewish dance in Israel and America, influences of ethnic groups, choreographers. Berk, Fred; Taylor, B. Bernstein, Ira G. American Clogging Steps and Notation. Ira G. Bernstein, Appalachian Clogging and Flatfooting Steps. Betzina, N; Weibel, B. Montana's Country Western Dances. Montana's Restaurant, Biblioteca dei Divertimenti di Societa: di Famiglia e di Campagna.

Biblioteka Russkogo Folklore Chstushki, Vol.

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Moscow: Sovetskaya Rossiya, Bidstrup, George and Marguerite. Folk Dances. Brasstown, North Carolina: Self published, Folk Dances Brought from Denmark. Bidstrup, George and Marguereite. Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. Singing Games and Folk Dances. London, England: Toby Press, All of these singing games are of Scandinavian source, principally Danish, and many were recorded by Georg Bidstrup, who as a child growing up in Denmark, started to play them at the age of six.

Asheville, North Carolina: Stephens Press, Bird, Bob. Bob Bird: Bishop, Brian R. The Sardana: how to dance it. Society of Folk Dance Historians, Covers the dance background, its music, etiquette, and rules.

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Instructions and illustrations. Spiral bound softcover. Blair, S. Skippy Blair on Contemporary Social Dance. Downey, California: Skippy Blair, Blake, D.

Square Dance (piano solo)

Discotheque Dances. Instant Dance. Blanchard, R. Paris: G. Maisonneuve, Blake, Lois. Welsh Folk Dance and Costume. Bloland, Sunni. An Evaluation Device in Dance. Master's Thesis Problem. Blum, Odette. Exploring Music. Teacher's Edition. Bogatkova, L. Moscow: Molodaya Gyardia. Bogolia, Kathleen M. Romanian Folk Dancing. Bonald, C. Andalusian Dances. Barcelona: Editorial Noguer, Bonnice, Sherry.

Folk Dance. Broomall, Pennsylvania: Mason Crest Publishers, For ages Bonomo, G. La Contraddanza Sciciliana. Rome: Firenze, The Golden Gate is Open, Vol. Pinnacle, North Carolina: Edward J. O'Connor, Praha, Czech Republic: Dvorana, Book Guild. Cha-Cha Made Easy. London, England: Book Guild, The Easy Way to Good Dancing. Mambo Made Easy. Handbook fo Favorite Dances. Chicaco: H. FitzSimmons Co. Handbook of Square Dances. Chicago: H. FitzSimons Co. Bottomer, Paul. London, England: Anness Publishing, The first all color guide to the most popular Latin American dances, designed for absolute beginners to more experienced dancers.

All the popular dance styles with easy-to-follow, step-by-step sequences and accessible language. Bouche, P. Paris: Editiones Jacques Vautran, Boullier, Dianna. Exploring Irish Music and Dance. Dublin, Ireland: O'Brien Publishers, An introduction to the tunes, personalities, history and lore of Irish music and dance; illustrated; for ages Bounaventura, Wendy. Northampton, Massachusetts: Interlink Publishing Group: A perceptive discussion of the history of female solo dancing in the Middle East and its effect on dancers and artists throughout the world.

Bourque-Moreau, France. Contains plus dances as well as useful tips on teaching, with emphasis on rhythms, formations, cultural background, and psycho-motricity. Bovbjerg, Viggo. Danish Folk Dances. Bower Charles L. Handy Folk Dance Book. Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service, Written tunes as well as instructions for group dances.

No date noted, but appears to be mids.

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Comb-bound booklet. Bowers, Ethel. Musical Mixers and Simple Square Dances. Prepared for the National Recreation Association, Bovbjerg, V. Copenhagen: Danish Folk Dance Society, Chicago: Fredrick Hildman Print, Music for Danish Folk Dancing. Bowers, E. London, England: National Recreation Association, Bowers, F. London, England: T. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: J. Boyd, Neva Leona. Boyd,Neva Leona. Old Square Dances of America. FitzSimmons Co, Bradshaw, Angela.

World Costumes. London, England: The Macmillan Co. London, England: Adams and Black, Contains examples of traditional dress in many parts of the world; 16 plates in color and pages of drawings. Bradtke, Elaine. London, England: Folklore Society, Brady, C. Ball-Room Companion, The. Sussex, England: Chris Brady J. Bragaglia, A. Danze Populari Italianne. Edizioni ENAL, Brame, M. Folk Music and Dances of Ireland.

Emeryville, California: Ossian Publications Limited, A study of the history, development, and present condition of Irish traditional music, song, and dance. Special reference to the fiddle, the Irish Uilleann pipes, and the whistle. Brennan, Helen. The Story of Irish Dance. Boulder, Colorado: Roberts Rinehart, From early accounts of dance customs in medieval Ireland to the present, Brennan offers an authoritative look at the evolution of Irish dance. Breuer, Katharina. Dances of Austria. Handbooks of European National Dances. Briggs, Dudley T. Thirty Contras from New England. Burlington, Massachusetts: Dudley T.

Briggs, Brittin, Phil. Background, index. Brosious, J. Scandinavian Dances. Brower, Josephine. The Morris Dance. New York, New York: H. Gray Co. Description of terms and instructions for over ten Morris stick and handkerchief dances. Brown, Chester L. Ring bound booklet.

Brown, F. Chicago: Seul Brothers, Brown, J. The Dances of the Kentucky Folk Festival. Characteristic Songs and Dances of All Nations. Edited, with historical notes and a bibliography, by Janes Duff Brown. The music arranged for the pianoforte by Alfred Moffat. Brown, Vonnie. Crum Table Trivia. A Tribute to Dick Crum. Contras Are Fun. Brundage, G. Calling for Square Dances. Spanish Dancing. Bryans, Helen L. Toronto, Ontario: Clarke, Irwin and Co. Brzozowska, U. Piesni i Tance Kujawskie. Karakow: PWM, Buchanan, Fanny R.

Folk Dances and How to Do Them. Buckman, Peter. Budapest: Paddington Press Limited, A fairly successful and entertaining effort to tell the story of dance with special emphasis on social, ballroom and folk dancing. The text is filled with numerous photos and illustrations. Buday, George. Dances of Hungary.

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Background, costumes, coume color plates, piano music. Buglarov, S. Sofia: Akademiya Naukite, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, N.

Irish traditional music

Traditional Bulgarian Costumes and Folk Arts. Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bult, M. Burchenal, Elizabeth. American Country Dances. Charleston, South Carolina: Nabu Press, , from a book. Dances of the People. New York, New York: G. Shirmer and Co. Dances of the People, Vol. Shirmer, Inc. A second volume of folk dances and singing games; containing twenty-eight folk-dances of the United States, Ireland, England, Scotland; for performance; numerous illustrations. Boston: Boston Music Co. Folk Dances and Singing Games. Charleston, South Carolina: Nabu Press, Music, costume, black and white plates, index of dances by suitability to certain age groups.

Background on 33 folk dance in America, index of dances by countries, index of dances by suitability to certain age groups. Line drawings, black and white photographs. Folk Dances of Denmark. Generic Books LLC, Charleston, South Carolina: BiblioBazaar, Folk Dances of Finland. Contains sixty-five dances.

Folk Dances of Germany. Descriptions of 29 dances and singing games. National Dances of Ireland Rinnce na Eirann. Descriptions for 60 dances including style and handgrips, the steps and figures. Piano music included. Three Old American Quadrilles. Folk Dance Music: A collection of seventy-six characteristic dances of the people of various nations adapted for use in schools and playgrounds for physical education and play.

Boston: G. Shirmer and Co, Burdick, S. American Square Dance, Vol. Huron, Ohio: Burdick Enterprises. Burgin, D. Newark, New Jersey: American Squares , Burke, William. Burleson, Bill. The Square Dancing Encyclopedia. Minerva, Ohio: Bill Burleson, Bushop, B. Sardana; The: How to Dance It. London, England: Brian R. Butina, R. Narodne Pjesme Album broj Zabreb, Croatia. Butler, A. Dance: Chassidic Chai. Los Angeles: University of California, Bygdekultur, S. Swedish Folk Dances. Stockholm: Stockholm University Bibliotek, Washington, D. The first volume fully theorizing the Korean folk dance tradition.

Folk dances from various regions are introduced and their characteristics are discussed. Byrom, Franklin. The Complete Folkdance Notebook. Bloomington, Indiana: Xlibris Corporation, This anthology of folkdances brings together in one volume several smaller anthologies publishes while he studies recreational folkdances.

The Folkdance Notebook is a report of his field research, and describes some beautiful dances used as the nucleus of social gatherings in California. The scores here are both historical records of the dances, and useable as readers for students of dance or of Labanotation. C Cambell, A. Edinburgh, Scotland: Paul Harris Publishing, Campbell, Katherine.

The Dances We Do. Chicago: The Wright Group, In Spanish. Candia, A. La Danza Folklorica en Bolivia. Caplow-Linder, E. Capps, E. Berea, Kentucky: Carner, M. The Waltz. London, England: M. Parrish, Carney, James. Scottish Country Dancing. South East, England: Collins Celtic, This Collins Pocket Reference guide to Scottish country dancing is suitable for the novice as well as the more experienced dancer.

It gives instructions to over of the most common ceilidh dances, and provides explanations of the classic steps, techniques and dress. Smaller softcover. Carpenter, L. Carpozi, G. Let's Twist! Carter, G. London, England: Tottenheim, A. Heelas, Audiences will find it to be a real showstopper! Scored for two pianos--four hands, it's infectious melody and rhythm will delight both performers and audience alike. Two parts are included. Hear Dennis Alexander perform this work by clicking on the arrow. Even though the left hand alone is featured in this beautiful "Andante Espressivo" piece, the artist will be playing above the center of the keyboard as well as below.

It is set in D Major with a predominantly eighth note rhythm and a very legato, sustained flow, nicely balanced between melody and accompaniment. Hear Dennis Alexander perform this solo by clicking on the arrow. Alfred's Basic Piano Library Playing patriotic music is enjoyable for young performers, too, either during practice or when performing for family and friends. Easy-to-master arrangements of popular and classic patriotic melodies are featured in each volume. Words are also included. Star Spangled Banner. This sparkling solo is in cut time, with 5-finger patterns that move all over the keyboard.

It's perfect for the student with small hands who wants something "flashy" and fun to play. Students will love the ending! Hear Dennis Alexander perform this solo. Click on arrow. Staccatos, diatonic triads, and chromaticism lend a contemporary feel to this solo. Careful attention to the articulations and voicing of the melody in both the right and left hands will guarantee a satisfying musical performance. In A-B form, the left hand employs a simple broken-chord style accompaniment in the A section with the melody in the right hand. The B section features a left-hand melody with right-hand broken one-octave arpeggios.

Balance between the hands and shaping the melody are two skills that can be honed in this lyrical solo. They have always been among the top sellers in my library. Now, I am delighted to share with you duet versions of many favorites from those solo books in my new series, "Just for Two".

Piano students always enjoy making music together. I hope that these duets will prove to be "twice the fun" of the original solo versions! Enjoy, and happy music making. Contents: Celebration! Contents: Downright Cute! Running eighth-note patterns predominate in varied but related themes, shared between the parts. Besides the shifts in key signatures, the dynamics vary widely, and the sweeping, ballroom style of the piece is sure to please both performers and listeners alike. Click on the arrow to hear Dennis Alexander perform "Valse Caprice". Youngsters and adults alike will be delighted with these enchanting arrangements of folk songs favorites.

Key: A-flat Major. Grade 6. Score and parts. Standard notation. Composed By Dorothy Straub, Dorothy A. Boosey and Hawkes Orchestra. Size 9x12 inches. For Piano. Piano Solo. Level: Elementary. Level: Grade 3. Music Book. Published by Neil A. Kjos Music Company. Arranged by Bob Phillips. Sound Innovations for String Orchestra. Level 5.

Bastien Piano. Bastien Piano Solos. Level: Grade 5. Full Score. Published by E. Schirmer Publishing. Score; String Orchestra. Arranged by Bruce R. Flute Choir. For 2 piccolos, 2 flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute, piano, bass, snare drum. Grade 4. Part s ; Score. Alfred Music A. Published by Alfred Music AP. For percussion quartet. For fanfare band 4 parts flexible and percussion. Catalogue New Band Music Vol. Flexible Wind. Grade 2. Score only. Duration 5 minutes, 25 seconds. Barnhouse By Shaffer. For concert band. Young Band. Level: Grade 2. Score and set of parts.

Published by C. Music by Richard Meyer.

Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature) Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature)
Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature) Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature)
Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature) Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature)
Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature) Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature)
Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature) Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature)
Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature) Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature)
Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature) Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature)
Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature) Square Dance Tune: Elementary Piano Solo (Alfred Signature)

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