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View all TV Sites. View all Streaming Sites. Sarah and Erik are destined mates. I am not one for werewolf stories but this one converted me. This one hooked me, and made me a believer. I don't know why I waited so long to read this because once I did I couldn't put it down I didn't want to I didn't get anything done that day because I read this one and the second book in the series back to back. Thank the lord my husband wasn't mad!! I am very eager to get to read the other two books and put them on my re-read shelf along with these!

The characters are funny, witty, and so likeable you just want to jump in and be apart of their group. Sarah is such an independent and strong character you can't help but root for her to be free. Serena Pettus did an amazing job creating a wonderful world of werewolves and love, hope, and some serious ass kicking! Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock had me read this and give an honest review.

I wouldn't have it any other way! Aug 07, Tanya Vought rated it really liked it. We see Sarah, alpha female, head strong, determined and running for 6 years. She doesn't want a pack life and wants her freedom. She is found on Erik's land and he offers her a job and a place to stay. She and her wolf are attracted to him but doesn't know if she can trust him.

The Temp by Serena Mackesy

Erik is an alpha male and finds the beautiful Sarah on his land. He wants to protect her and give her a job and security. He wants her to trust him and hope she can stay with him and not run away. The slow relationship that establishes between them is awesome. He truly wants to be kind, polite, friendly, show her trust and more. He is a swoon worthy wolf! I also enjoyed the other characters. I really enjoyed seeing Sarah give Abraham Erik's brother a run for his money! The truck scene was just awesome!

I look forward to seeing Abraham and Stephanie's story come September!! Aug 18, Laurie P rated it it was amazing. When I first seen how short it was I almost didnt buy it, usually short reads feel rushed to me, but even though this book was short unbelievably the story wasnt lacking at all Oct 01, Myra Espino rated it it was amazing. To Tame His Mate is one of the best werewolves-romance I've read! I love the concept and the flow of the story. The characters are not weak and they are easy to like. I love how strong Sarah was with all the fighter vibe , she's what I want and looking for a female character.

And Erik, I love Erik!! He's sweet and bad-ass in a good and freakishly awesome way! The drama was also good, I love how I got to feel excitement on the drama and issue that is happening in the story, really great! I lov WOW! I love how the story ended, just the way I liked and I'm not disappointed with it!!

Serena did a really good job in this book, it's sweet, interesting and hot! Really good book! I will recommend this book to all paranormal romance book lovers, you will not be disappointed! Jul 17, Tonya rated it it was amazing. What a great read. I could not put it down. I stopped reading and tried to go to sleep, but I had to pick my kindle up and finish reading. I love that Sarah is an Alpha Female and really kicks some butt and takes care of herself.

Serena (Orlando, FL)’s review of Shadowflame

She doesn't need a man, or anyone else to do it for her. She doesn't care if you are an Alpha, she will put you in your place if she needs to. Erik is an Alpha male that doesn't like the pack life either. A chance meeting when he finds someone camping on his property wi What a great read.

A chance meeting when he finds someone camping on his property will change his life. I had to start reading book 2 right away, after finishing this one. Definitely a series I will enjoy reading. Nov 22, Leigh rated it liked it Shelves: erotic-romance , zzbattle-of-the-books , shape-shifter , paranormal , underpages. A quick read that was not bad.

It had a few holes that the author tried to patch up with band-aids that didn't work for me.

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Sarah is an alpha female wolf-shifter who doesn't want to live the pack life, all she wants is to find her soul mate settle down and have babies. However while trying to avoid pack life has made some enemies, two alpha males that apparently won't take no for an answer. Sarah has to live off the grid in order to survive and in doing so finds herself trespassing on Erik's land A quick read that was not bad. Sarah has to live off the grid in order to survive and in doing so finds herself trespassing on Erik's land.

Turns out Erick, who is also an Alpha wolf-shifter could be her soul mate. Aug 07, Michele Skinner rated it really liked it. To Tame His Mate was a really good book. Sarah is on the run from alpha males that want her as their mate and she does not want anything to do with them. She ends up hiding on an alpha males property where Erik finds her and offers her a place to stay. When they meet, there is that instant connection that neither one wants to act upon. Soon Sarah realizes Erik is a really nice guy and not bad looking, lol she decided to give him a chance.

Turns out, they are soulmates. Loved this book and cann To Tame His Mate was a really good book. Loved this book and cannot wait until the second one! Nov 23, The BookChick rated it liked it Shelves: 3-star-read , werewolves , shapeshifter , paranormal-romance , novella. This was a decent enough read. I liked Erik but thought Sarah was a bit over the top with her, "I am woman, hear me roar" persona. Her abuse of Abe in the truck was totally unwarranted. So, he said something she didn't like. To retaliate with physical violence? It just felt too My last commentary is about the price.

Aug 11, Serena Kett rated it it was amazing. Fantastic Book. This is a supernatural read with very hot characters The Wolfe brothers in particular. Sarah is an Alpha female werewolf on the run from her past, she is a very strong character and is quite the loner until she meets Erik very hot Looking forward to reading more of the Wolfe Brothers ;.

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Jul 26, Crystal rated it really liked it. This is one book that I am glad I read. Sarah is a strong woman that knows what she wants and it isn't living in a pack and having to settle on some stupid alpha male. Yes she is a alpha female but she wants to live the way she wants to and she finally finds that with Erik. Here is the alpha male that every woman would want to have. This is a great new series and I can't wait for the next one.

Nov 16, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: epubs. I liked how Sarah was a fighter and used to being on her own so it was hard for her to trust and open up to Ethan. There wasn't a lot of sex in this story. It was more about building the relationship between Sarah and Ethan and moving the plot along. I am interested in rest of the Wolfe brother's mates now. I would have liked to meet Ethan's mom since she gets talked about some so hopefully in another book. Jan 31, Puna rated it really liked it.

LOVE this type of alpha male! Sarah is a strong alpha in her own right, that has fought, literally, to have the life she wants. While Erik is an alpha that comes from a family of alphas that don't feel the need to rule over others. Which makes him absolutely prefect for Sarah. Sep 06, Kristy rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-uf. Would benefit from more depth in the action scene, as I felt it was very brief and anticlimactic.

The actual story was okay and kept my interest enough to finish the book. I may read the next book in the series, as I'm curious enough about Stephanie's past to want to know more. Sep 17, Lisa rated it liked it. From there, the author had some good ideas and I love that she stepped out of the 'norm', but I think maybe she tried a little too much for a novella length book. Overall, the story was good, if a bit confusing at times. Hero was devoted, Roxie wasn't wanting to be with him.

I think there was just too much thrown together for this short of a book, but if the author took the concept and lengthened it out I think it would work better. Apr 04, Holly rated it really liked it. Truely, a short, sweet story about love against odds, and the urge to protect.

I found the 'sexy' version to be more fun to read than the 'sweet' one, with just a little bit more character development hidden on the sex than there had been without it. A good, short ride book, able to be nibbled and swallowed in as little as a couple of hours. I would have loved a longer story, but I guess I will have to wait for the next one.

Mar 14, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Project wolf hero was happy fighting for one world until he found he's mate and that world wanted to do away with her. Rita Lo rated it it was ok Apr 06, Sarah Ross rated it it was ok Mar 30, Feb 14, Maddy rated it did not like it Shelves: cutthroat , paranormal-romance , romance , fantasy , fairy-tale-retelling , abuse. I knew it wasn't going to be awesome, but I did not read it just to be mean I really don't need an excuse for that. I had a challenge - read a book on your tbr with the lowest rating and I got this. And I read it.

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And this is how I would characterize it - The only good thing this book has going for it is the cover. It seems like the background, the plot, the characters, it was all just a bunch of random stuff thrown together and filled w Ok. It seems like the background, the plot, the characters, it was all just a bunch of random stuff thrown together and filled with even more random stuff in a desperate attempt to keep it all together.

Like while it was made, the author just got stuck, got desperate and just threw in some more plot twists, which allowed to start from another angle again and again. An example? There was no reason for him not to meet her, since he met her friend the previous day and asked that aforementioned friend all about heroine, spending the whole afternoon with her in some bistro or some other place, I don't recall where exactly.

But to make some sort of obstacle, it was told that the society does not allow dating until 22 and a person must have parent's permission to do anything if they are not "of age". Which just raised the question of how he was able to meet the heroine's friend on the bridge, then spend the rest of the day with her without any permissions and stuff. No problem then, but suddenly a problem with the heroine? It goes on like this throughout the story.

And by the end, there were so many different twists and angles that the book was just ruined. What is the deal with the projects? They are characterized as some kind of monsters, but they are actually just wolves? Projects of who? Or what? Where did they came from? And the hero just goes around killing them? Why are there so many of them if he has been killing them for 14 years? Why is he so special that he is a project but is not evil, but others are?

Don't they also deserve some benefit of doubt? He is just killing them all, and even considers killing the heroine. That is very disturbing.

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What is even more disturbing is his relationship with heroine. He basically buys her, rapes her, lies about it, because she does not remember, then almost does it again. And then suddenly she is his mate? He came off as a calculating, mean bastard, so then [of course] there was a redeeming story about how he was raised in a pack with loving parents until he was five. Oh for crying out loud. How come he lives in a pack until he is five, does not remember even his name, becomes a project at the same time when he is five, then as the same 5-year-old, he suddenly becomes a hero of the city and is called Hero.

A busy year it seems. Not to mention the absurdity of some scenes. My favorite so far? So he does not breathe air like normal humans unless someone steps on his foot? Just awesome. He landed and cracked the asphalt? I thought he was a wolf. What kind of "landing" can a wolf do? And how come he communicates with people while he is wolf? Does he speak? Read minds? Where are all these superpowers coming from?

Does he eat toxic chemicals for breakfast? I thought he fought in wolf form. How can a wolf do kicks and twists and punches? Sooooo many questions. And that is only from a third of the book.

SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1) SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1)
SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1) SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1)
SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1) SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1)
SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1) SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1)
SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1) SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1)
SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1) SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1)
SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1) SERENA (Soulmate Trilogy Book 1)

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