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Not worth trading a book in for. Go to Amazon. Back to top. Furthermore, the third season isn't out until October, so you'll have plenty of time to catch up on the 20 episodes that are already available. No, I'm not talking about the novel — although the characters are based on Thomas Harris' books about Dr. Hannibal Lecter: a psychiatrist who also happens to be a cannibalistic serial killer.

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Lecter, and gets both twisty and artistic with some of its cinematography. I still can't believe that Orphan Black never got all the attention it deserved during its five-season run. The series follows Maslany's many "sister clones," and takes a closer look at the moral and ethical implications of human cloning.

But Maslany's varied performances in every episode are the real draw. American Horror Story is still on, but every season is sort of its own series. Every year, the show is set in a different location and follows different characters with occasional crossovers in the details. For whatever reason, Freak Show, the horror anthology show's fourth season, is usually a contender for the worst season of the series. It told the story of one of the last remaining freak shows in the U.

London to launch 'Explore The Thames' event series to discover local gems | CFOX

I really enjoyed it, though. Grimm had a great run, but it never quite got the attention it deserved while it was on the air. On the show, a homicide investigator, Detective Nick Burkhardt, learns he is descended from an elite line of guardians known as "Grimms. The show takes inspiration from the classic Grimm's Fairy Tales, and mostly follows David Giuntoli's Burkhardt, but it has an impressive supporting cast as well.

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The series ran for six seasons on NBC, giving you plenty of gritty fairy-tale fare to enjoy. I don't care how much this show didn't follow the legend, or how much people make fun of it for casting Arthur and Merlin as young, attractive guys. The show is loosely based on the legends of Merlin, the wizard, and his friendship with King Arthur, and casts them both as young men at the start of the series. It's just tame enough that kids are able to enjoy it, but adult fans of fantasy dramas will find something fun here, too. Eureka was a Syfy series that first aired in July Episodes generally involved a mysterious misuse of technology, and you can binge-watch all 77 episodes once you fall in love with the show.

The main character, Jack Carter, is just an average lawman, but winds up becoming the sheriff of Eureka by being in the right place at the right time. It's an easygoing, good-natured show with some drama, some comedy and a lot of heart. A lot of cheesy TV came out of the '90s, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch is definitely one of the cheesier entries. But it's also a lot of fun, and features a young Melissa Joan Hart in a quirky role as Sabrina Spellman. Sabrina discovers that she is a witch, and comes from a long line of witches, on her 16th birthday. The show follows her trials and tribulations in dealing with her supernatural heritage, while also juggling life as a teenager, and later, as a college student.

This one is a fun series to watch during the Halloween season, though I enjoyed it year-round when I was a kid. Unsolved Mysteries is a true-crime reality-television series that looks at cold cases, conspiracy theories, unsolved crimes and more. It uses a documentary format and features re-enactments to further explain mysteries or crimes to viewers.

Some of the episodes even featured updates to the cases, and viewers may have helped to solve at least one case.

Gems (Discover Series) Gems (Discover Series)
Gems (Discover Series) Gems (Discover Series)
Gems (Discover Series) Gems (Discover Series)
Gems (Discover Series) Gems (Discover Series)
Gems (Discover Series) Gems (Discover Series)
Gems (Discover Series) Gems (Discover Series)

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