Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition)

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Hotel Prestige (Aparthotel), Nouadhibou (Mauritania) deals

Original title : Heremakono. In Hassanya and French with English subtitles. Mauritanian and French drama directed by Abderrahmane Sissako, , 1h30min. Nouadhibou is a small seaside village on the Mauritanian coast.

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Amongst its white-washed buildings and melodic songs passed down through generations, lives intertwine while waiting for a hypothetical happiness I can only hope for it not to happen anymore. I already have 2 black spots on every picture with a bright blue sky and there is no one in the towns around, until Dakar, to clean my sensor. My insignificant highlight on the day is to see the shadow of my wheels between the shadow of my panniers. For a while the sun is right behind me while I am going east. It is when I am stopped at a gendarmerie checkpoint and I have 20 kilometers left to Bou Lanouar.

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The gendarme makes a phone call and tells me I have to camp with him here. But I know what I have to cycle and I know the current time and the sunset time, and it is more than realistic to make it. By the way, I have not seen any clock in this country yet. There is anyway no schedule, no opening hours, no fixed departure for the train, etc.

Things happen when they happen.

P.G.J. - LATITUDE et LONGITUDE de quelques Villes

I could have changed time zone a week ago that it would go unnoticed. Anyway, the big boss agrees to let me go from the gendarmerie checkpoint. I want to be in Bou Lanouar tonight so that from the morning tomorrow, I have the wind in my back until Nouakchott. Indeed, this village is at another right angle turn of the road, where it goes straight south. I reach Bou Lanouar with enough daylight left to look for a good auberge. There is one just at the entrance of town, but it is closed, as many businesses of the tourism industry. The village streets are just sand pistes, and pushing a fully loaded bike in the sand is as tiresome as carrying it on one shoulder.

After making the price drop bargaining here seems less playful than in Morocco, the buyer just repeats his price stubbornly until the seller agrees , I am introduced to the pregnant goat, the goat for milk and the goat soon to be slaughtered. I am completely exhausted from those 80 km with nasty wind and there is no water. It finally comes later and I can sleep clean and well, before making the last straight line of km of desert until Nouakchott.

The pregnant goat of yesterday has now twin baby goats trying to walk correctly. I get into the village to get bread for breakfast, and it is again different, very thick and heavy little baguettes. Everything here seems more expensive than in Morocco. Twenty kilometers after the exit of Bou Lanouar, I am stopped for a gendarmerie checkpoint. A second officer comes by quickly to tell me not to wait and to hurry quick quick and go until the next checkpoint.

Then a third one joins the discussion to say I still need to hand over a fiche. So I leave this confusing checkpoint, refusing the tea invitation of a shop lady, and hit the very hot road. It is significantly hotter. My water bottles, even filled with cool water, get almost instantly warm.

The most prevalent animal by the road since the start of Western Sahara is by far the exploded tire. The road also feels much more like a desert than in Western Sahara. There is very little traffic on the road. Almost no trucks. Like if there was no commercial exchange between the first and second city of the country. Unless everything is done by boat. So I look on the horizon line and try to guess what are those little shapes.

Camels or trees? They must be mirages as from one second to another, the number of little shapes increase tenfold.

Abandoned French Colonial Fort in Nouadhibou Mauritania

I reach the next gendarmerie checkpoint at after pleasant kilometers. This one is located at the crossroads with the Tasiast mine , a gold mine operated by a Canadian company. Link to WIPO website. Ses eaux sont parmi les plus poissonneuses du monde. Le niveau actuel de la production est en moyenne de Enregistrer son entreprise. Ce qu'en pensent les investisseurs. Pour en savoir plus Documents utiles Loi portant Code de commerce. Documents utiles Loi portant Code des investissements Loi portant Code du commerce. Cotisations sociales.

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Emploi et contrats. Infrastructures de transport.

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Le transport routier 5. Le transport ferroviaire 5. Les ports de la Mauritanie. Documents utiles Modifications du Code de l'eau Loi portant Code de l'eau. Le transport routier. Le transport ferroviaire. Documents utiles Ordonnance portant Systeme foncier et dominale.

Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition) Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition)
Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition) Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition)
Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition) Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition)
Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition) Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition)
Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition) Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition)
Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition) Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition)
Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition) Cest Nouadhibou... (French Edition)

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