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No Government Grants. No Advertising. There are no comments so far. Increased promotional campaigns will yield some success, but these advertisements should also highlight the rich Afro-Brazilian culture and religions; otherwise this success will remain limited.

I find that tourists who come to Brazil have been encouraged most by word of mouth. The African-American community in the United States is one clear example. The truth is that there are numerous attractions in Brazil: music, gastronomy, history, fashion, festivals, concerts, and of course the people themselves. Highlighting all the diverse ethnicities in Brazil—including the Afro-Brazilian community—could pique global interest, and this message of ethnic tourism has the potential to also generate employment opportunities.

The black community still suffers from high unemployment as we know , so any government action to incorporate input from the business sector and civil society organizations will go a long way toward generating income for thousands of people across the country. There could be religious tours completely designed around Afro-descendant religions, or perhaps ecotourism packages around Afro-Brazilians who live in nature reserves.

These are just a few ideas—but Afro-Brazilians need the support of the public and private sectors. Brazil is preparing intensely for the World Cup and Olympic Games; this will undoubtedly mean more contracts for Brazilian companies and more opportunities to attract foreign tourists and investors. But even in , there is not enough integration of Afro-Brazilians in the effort, nor are there substantial investments in training workers or subsidizing businesses. Brazil needs to wake up and tap into its tourism potential. This is a matter of cultivating a strategic vision and putting up the investment dollars to sustain it.

Why are Afro-Brazilians unsuccessful as entrepreneurs? Three factors are at play: a lack of societal encouragement to become entrepreneurs; family members without any history in creating their own enterprises; and, above all, the persistent difficulty of accessing capital. Brazil also has never had a public policy that sought to specifically promote black-managed enterprises. A survey by the Ethos Institute showed that female Afro-Brazilians comprise only 0. Our country, which proudly presents itself as a multicultural and multiracial nation, is ranking behind nations with similar ethnic compositions.

In the next few years, Brazil will host two major world sporting events, the World Cup and the Olympic Games Beyond putting the country on the international stage and increasing the number of tourists and investors, the big question is what will be the real impact of these events in improving the living conditions of the majority of Brazilians. Consulate in Brazil, organized a series of events inviting representatives of social organizations and governments to look at how best to include Afro-Brazilians in the preparations for the games. One of the concerns of SEPPIR, a ministry of the federal government, is the fact that the Afro-Brazilian population has historically not been a part of the process of economic inclusion—the result of more than years of slavery and a lack of economic inclusion policies.

Social movement activists point out that it is very likely that most Afro-Brazilians will not benefit from the opportunities of the games, even though Brazil is attracting significant public and private investments.

Direito Eleitoral - Kultivi - Órgãos da Justiça Eleitoral - CURSO GRATUITO

In Brazil, one name is synonymous with the digital culture movement: singer and songwriter Gilberto Gil. Gil has made a career out of challenging conventional wisdom and showing sufficient interest in the role that the Internet is playing in transforming the world. It turns out Gil practices what he preaches.

Sudão: Grupos rebeldes criticam acordo de partilha do poder

In June of this year, he provided all his discography to mobile platforms like Apple and Android. Gil is one of the great enthusiasts of the copyleft —a concept advocating openness and transparency by opposing the copyrighting of artistic works. Known worldwide for his tropicalista songs—referring to the rhythm he invented with the Bahian Caetano Veloso—Gil was one of the two first musicians in Brazil to talk about the importance of digital culture. The song became an anthem of sorts for Brazilian cyber-activists. Prejudice against religions of African descent is a growing problem in Brazil.

The most recent census, taken last year, notes that more than 70 percent of Brazilians self-identified as Catholic—making Brazil the largest country of Catholic worshippers in the world. However, religiously motivated conflict typically originates among smaller, more ideological faiths.

TSE decide seguir com investigação sobre campanha de Dilma; entenda o que está em jogo

For example, police have been called in to break up conflicts between Evangelical Brazilians, who represent 15 percent of the population, and religious Afro-Brazilians, 0. The Mapa aims to relay to the press and relevant authorities any instance of physical or symbolic aggression. She had her photo printed in a newspaper of the Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus Universal Church of the Kingdom of God , the largest Pentecostal church of the country, with inscriptions incorrectly suggesting that she was a charlatan. He alleged that the temple was built illegally. This act was seen as a serious crime against human rights, in addition to being unconstitutional and the social activist protests that followed made headlines in numerous newspapers.

That caused even more dismay in Salvador being the city with the most number of Afro-Brazilian religions An English translation appears below this text, originally submitted in Portuguese.

Críticas à exiguidade dos prazos processuais eleitorais.

An English translation will appear below this text, originally submitted in Portuguese. Na cidade do Recife, por exemplo, o Porto Digital www. The following is a translation of Paulo's post originally written in Portuguese. The former environmental minister unexpectedly won almost 20 percent of voters to take the contest to the second round. However, the numbers have not been able to predict the "Marina" phenomenon, which was inspired in many ways by the election of Obama through the use of social networks, speeches directed toward young voters and the focus on so-called sustainability.

In this election, however, candidate Marina "lost winning" and is already being courted by both major political parties to give her endorsement. Marina, in fact, got what she wanted. She has history. Coming from a poor family like Lula, Marina became literate at age 16, majored in history and was the companion of environmental leader Chico Mendes.

In this election, she became the third way between political giants and developed a campaign that could be considered exemplary in terms of market and online mobilization. This is because, apart from being a poor, black nortista and ex-maid, Marina is also an Evangelical, a religious identity that overwhelmingly grows in the C and D economic classes and in the outskirts of Brazil. In the case of this election, rumors on the Internet that Rousseff was anti-Christian and pro-gay marriage triggered a conservative anti-Dilma wave.

This helped Marina. The puzzle is not easy. According to first-round results, Serra would need to get 85 percent of the votes from Marina to prevail in the next round, while Dilma only needs 20 percent. Read his AQ article. Do Brasil. A ex-ministra do Meio Ambiente conseguiu um resultado inesperado no pleito de ao abocanhar uma fatia de quase 20 por cento de eleitores e levar a disputa para o segundo turno.

Nesse jogo eleitoral vamos ver quem vai "ganhar ganhando". Leia seu artigo na AQ. The region's biggest story of the decade, China's increasing footprint in Latin America, may also be the most misunderstood. Search form Search. Our Staff Masthead Advertise Contact. Please find the original text below , submitted in Portuguese. The biggest UN event in history discusses new directions for global development.

Please find the original text below, submitted in Portuguese.

Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition) Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition)
Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition) Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition)
Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition) Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition)
Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition) Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition)
Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition) Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition)
Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition) Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition)
Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition) Ações eleitorais (Portuguese Edition)

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