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Hello Jeff. Song to John, Pt. Silly Putty Stanley Clarke. Spotify Amazon. Then the breakthrough came, and it was as if suddenly I had uncovered a long-buried secret. I knew, at a superficial level, my dysfunctional upbringing had affected my self esteem and my ability to form romantic relationships. Journey to love showed me the true extent these effects were having on my everyday life and with all of my relationships. Day by day, the 30 days of healing revealed the deep-rooted programming that I had assimilated at an early age. For the first time in my life I realised how I had allowed this programming to systematically erode my sense of self by driving me to seek out familiar i.

Suddenly, I could see these people for who they really are and the disruptive effects they were having on my life and my ability to live a happy and fulfilling life. But most importantly, I could also see the truly good people around me, and the choices I can make to bring and keep those people in my life. As the end of the programme drew near, I noticed that the negative influences in my life had fallen away of their own accord. I completed the programme feeling more aware, knowledgeable, and with a deep sense of self-love and self-acceptance. I no longer felt the guilt, shame and pain instilled in me from such an early age.

Now, I spend more time around the caring, loving, and kind people in my life and I have a new found appreciation for myself. I set clear boundaries so that I can be confident that I am surrounding myself with truly good people.

The Journey to True Love

Instead of distancing myself and avoiding opportunities to meet a new romantic partner, I'm excited and inspired about a time in the future when I will meet someone special by making good choices and drawing good people into my life. Several months after the end of the programme, I still have the occasional thought or memory of a person or experience from the past.

These moments aren't painful anymore, but they do help reinforce the new direction my life is taking. I still write in my journal most days and reflect on how far I have traveled on this journey of love. I'm so grateful to Hayley for this gift of insight and hope - this gift of love. For anyone trying to decide if this programme is worth a try - go for it.

This programme has exceeded all my expectations and has transformed my life. I gained more in 30 days than I could have gained in 30 lifetimes trying to work through this on my own. Will you allow yourself to heal so that YOU can find love? I realised this after I had to attend an event for work and only after the event was over and I was talking to someone that it dawned on me that my train of thought had changed. All in all I am feeling a lot better mentally and I guess I believe in myself more.

For a couple of weeks now I have just felt so incredibly happy, so light, so peaceful, and so blessed. Hayley, I thank you so very much for you , your guidance and supporting me on this journey. I am so pleased I was lead to connect with you. Love your work. You are seriously so so blessed and so gifted, so beautiful and I'm grateful to have met you.

Journey-Stone In Love

Especially my shoulders. I'm smiling all the time down the street and seeing the positive in lots of things. My sister and I went op shopping all day Saturday then off to visit a friend on Sunday. I couldn't believe I had the energy to do it Can't thank you enough for the amazing gift of healing for 30 days!!!! It's a treasure. I am savouring every minute. Need to report going thru some heavy stuff at work and all sorts of things that have gone wrong that are testing but today I am feeling way more grounded, safe and happy in my own skin, than yesterday.

Last nite I woke up a couple of times. I can feel the healing, the shifts, very deep and profound. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. So I just read Day 22 of Love email. I felt all of this today. I can feel my future partner around me, but not just the presence but presence in love. It's so cool. All day I've felt like I do when I'm in love.

It's marvellous! Is exactly what I was talking to my friend about this afternoon. I feel like so much has shifted in the last four weeks during this amazing journey of discovery. It really allowed me to reach through all different dimensions of loving relationships in my life and has made me realise how interconnected we are really are as human beings.

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  • Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of insight and love - love for myself and others around me. I have so much to tell you! The healing is amazzzzzing. Yes was feeling so tired yesterday but all cleared today. Your work is amazzzing. Incredible in fact. I am so in awe.

    A Journey to LOVE - clearing blocks to finding your love

    I get a feeling of excitement when reading about my future partner! Are you still alone? Imagine if you could turn this around! A journey to love You just don't want to go back there. Imagine learning to love and trust again Imagine having that relationship you've always dreamed of Imagine enjoying the companionship with someone totally compatible, who gets you, respects you and treats you right.

    Imagine being with that special someone who brings out your true potential and loves you, just as you are, and you get to love them in return. A Journey to Love opens the doorway for you to find true love! You will receive an email every day Receive guidance daily with what is happening and tips for what you can do to help the process should you choose. I really look forward to sharing this journey with YOU! A journey to LOVE experience "After my last relationship ended - the worst yet - I promised myself that I would never make the same mistake again.

    I'm in! Sign me!

    A Journey Into Love A Journey Into Love
    A Journey Into Love A Journey Into Love
    A Journey Into Love A Journey Into Love
    A Journey Into Love A Journey Into Love
    A Journey Into Love A Journey Into Love

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