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I can never be sure who they are -- are they really the way they describe themselves, is there a "real" person at all behind a screen persona, is the screen persona a mask for a multiplicity of people, or am I simply dealing with a digitized entity which does not stand for any "real" person? Comments will be moderated.

The Tyranny of Metrics; and the Dark Web

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All rights reserved. Why, it takes all the tyranny of a strong man like Swift to keep instinct within bounds. It had its commands and its tyranny to which I was obliged to yield. Let us renounce and throw off forever the yoke of a tyranny more oppressive than any in the annals of the world.

Is the Internet a Tool of Tyranny?

On Bastille Day, the world parties in the name of France. But do you know what makes Bastille Day so important—not just for France but the history of all democracies? What Is A Bastille? Do you know what makes Bastille Day so important not just for France but the history of all democracies? Obsidian Entertainment.

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Web of Tyranny Web of Tyranny
Web of Tyranny Web of Tyranny
Web of Tyranny Web of Tyranny
Web of Tyranny Web of Tyranny
Web of Tyranny Web of Tyranny

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