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Culligan Soft Water Service of Blythe, CA

But that groundwater basin is continually replenished by river water, DeConick said.

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River water also irrigates farmland throughout the valley. Demand for Colorado River water exceeds supply, and reservoir levels are falling dramatically as the Colorado River Basin suffers through a 16th year of drought. Human-caused climate change — which is expected to bring longer, more frequent and more severe droughts — will only worsen the problem. Seven states have access to Colorado River water, but Southern California cities and farms have the most senior water rights of anyone. That seniority, critics say, means they have little incentive to conserve, because they would be the last water users to face cutbacks in a severe shortage.

Indeed, that seniority is why some Blythe officials think the city shouldn't have to conserve. More filters. Sort order. May 19, Sharon rated it it was amazing. Harris was downstairs when some new guests wanted to check in. That is always a bad sign because that is when something really bad happens. Piper got Mrs Harris up to her attic room before she could scare guests. The Prestons were very huffy and snooty. They were 3 hrs early for check in and didn't like that they had to wait an hour for the room to be cleaned.

The boy ran wild through the house and broke an a Mrs. The boy ran wild through the house and broke an angel. There is a flim crew in town to flim a documentary. Between Mrs Harris, the Prestons, the nanny and the flim crew things get pretty busy. Then the boy disappears. Is he nearby and hiding? Did he run away? Did someone take him? The nanny should have been with him. What was she doing that the boy got away from her? Get a copy of this book and come along on this roller coast and find out the answers.

See if you can figure out what happened to the boy. This story is well thought out and well written. The story flows. May 17, Disney rated it it was amazing. I love this cozy mystery series. Jasper is my favorite but he does not get much to do. I am loving the family growth between Piper, her sister, and niece.

Although Blaire was kind of quiet this book. Nice easy fast read, funny, and enjoyable. Qualities I like in this series and look for in my cozy mystery reads. Cannot wait for the next in the series. I did recieve this book as an ARC and this is my freely and honest review. Jun 06, Valerie Hartup rated it it was amazing. Great book 5!! I have to admit I almost gave up on this series but book 5 reminded me of what I loved about it in the first couple of books. Since we were talking some cooking, I was wondering who bought the set of 4 cast iron mini cookers?

Blythe Waters | Our commercial fisheries | places to fish | Canal & River Trust

I went to the link and they look like they are really nice and a great RV size. Have you tried them yet, like them? Would love to hear your review of them. At this time of year many of the items purchased from Amazon that you see here are bought as gifts. I agree with you — Those little dutch ovens would be fun to prepare, to serve, and to eat out of. Shoot I went back posts looking for the link. Fagor Michelle B.

Jewish person so most of our gifts are homemade and not costly. We tend to save the larger gifts for Birthdays and such. We do lots and lots of foods though…YUM! Food is the universal gift. Sue, Yes, right about it being the first day here in this region of the globe. Some countries started yesterday at sun down. I have 2 of those small cast iron skillets and cook everything from eggs to cornbread in them…..

Beautiful photos. Yes, I am waiting impatiently to be full time!! One year from now I will be on my way. Luckily, I do not have to go through the hassle of finding someone to buy my house. The business behind me will be purchasing it in the spring! Prices is set with a verbal commitment. Plan is to leave next fall. SS will start the following March, giving me a small income, too. I am so ready and wish it was now!! I am more of a loner, too, but would love to just say Hi and Thank you sometime. You have been a great source of knowledge and inspiration!

It sounds like you have a clear path ahead on your way to a vagabond life. I am very happy for you. Several readers over the past few years have agonized while waiting for the house to sell or other obstacles to be resolved. I was fortunate, too, to have a buyer waiting for the nod from me. Your comments about your transition from home to RV can encourage other wannabes. And I take every kind comment as a thank you for my blog.

Do us a favor please? When you sign in, could you put the 2-letter abbreviation for your state with your name or some other identifier of your choice? Several Lindas comment here and I want to remember you! All this talk about water access is getting me to thinking of getting a different TT with a bigger fresh water tank. I have a 10 gal tank now. Definitely, lots of useful info. Thanks, Sue and blogorinos. Of course you need a place for the gallon jugs hence the value of the PTV. I say all this to point out that the perfect-for-you rig need not be turned down because of fresh water tank size.

Just something to consider…. Most RV water tanks will be made out of the same material. Even better is if the tanks have a clean-out port that you can get your hand in to scrub them after some years, but we never had to a cleanout can be added. There is one weak point on RV and many boat tanks, and that is the vent. I prefer to locate it inside, or at least to put some filter medium over it. Good overview, Pen. Another thing that keeps me from drinking from the tank.

By that I mean, in order to put water in, I have to open up the cap and stick a hose in it. Which means the hose has to be bacteria-free. And how long does the water sit before I drink it? I hear you. That is why we have a Berkey water filter in two sizes. We keep the small, Travel Berkey, stainless steel with two filters set up to use in our RV. The big unit we use at home because we simply like the taste of the water better than city water.

Any water we consume in food or drink or brushing teeth or making coffee or tea in the RV goes first through the Berkey. That way we are not carrying bottled water in plastic bottles which when boondocking we have to store until we find a recycle. Or refill a bunch of jugs. We find places to refill the tank and use from there. Our Berkeys have paid for themselves because we are still using our first set of filters they are good for thousands of gallons of water, and no longer buying bottled water.

We have been camping since Tenting we washed kids by swimming in the river. Soap is over rated. Then a ratty old fifth wheel and then 4 Mtrhms. We recycle um ourselves. One of your best blogs yet….. It seems like it is becoming increasingly difficult to get water and dump tanks. We went to Salida Colorado to visit family this summer. It used to be camper friendly and have free water at the Chamber of Commerce…last year they changed that, and the free water and dump was at the water treatment plant….

We swiped our credit card, and it never released the lock!!! This water conservation topic has taken off! Wow, that topic of food while RVing got a lot of responses. Also thanks re the sunset photo. Sunsets are the easiest subject to photograph for a WOW factor. After searching the web for local news stories in the areas affected I was surprised to find some interesting info.

Just a thought to ponder. I did read that Blythe was having some of those issues and trying to find ways to curtail them. Maybe applying some local pressure to open the FEMA locations for Water might be one thought since water is a base need. Someone needs to go check it out and see the locations on it. Chances are they would rather re-open the local water sites rather than all the red-tape called for with the FEMA Maps.

One look at that cute face and who could say NO to him?! Hello, I am new to your site, and enjoying your posts. My hopes are to be a full-timer in the next few years. I am not of retirement age yet so I am looking of ways to earn income on the go. I was wondering if you could give me some direction on how to earn income through Amazon? Thanks for any insight! One can earn income by becoming an Amazon Affiliate. Use that term to google and learn more. Amazon pays a commission on items purchased by customers originating at your blog. In order to make more than a few dollars a month, one has to build a very popular blog and frequently add new and original content.

I would never suggest that a person adopt the full-time vagabond lifestyle with any dependence upon Amazon earnings. Having said that, once you have a loyal readership, the Amazon Affiliate program is excellent. It is easy to set up and manage. The hard part is developing a blog that has sufficient traffic to generate the commissions and continually producing content that keeps the traffic coming back.

Good morning Sue! Nice blog entry, such a stir, and such varied and provocative comments regarding climate change. Barry and I have thought of being a worker not a host for the Forest Service in exchange for free camping but are reluctant to be tied down to one spot for too long. Hi, Bess… I have to make this quick because Reggie has run out of patience for his morning walk. This link takes you to a post about him going to orientation for a stint at the Amazon facility in Fernley, NV. Maybe she will see this and give you an idea what it is like. If not, she may mention it in a comment under an upcoming post.

I know what you mean about being tied down to one spot. About working short term gigs on the road. A season maybe would be fine. Or several short term work gigs in one state. But I would not want to file my taxes each year having worked in several states with all their filing regs. With the newest Supreme Court rulings, many tradesmen have sought to limit their own traveling because of the multi-state filings issues. Just something more to consider. But, if need be, there are a number of temp companies who have short temp assignments geared toward seniors too. I have signed up in the past for short assignments…light stuff…putting labels on CD at a CD Music factory I loved doing it and it was a fun crew to be on.

I also did some quality control for 3M surgical tape checking the rolls to make sure they were in compliance, again fun to do and easy as pie. I had no problem finding those kind of gigs too.

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I never did that but one gal who had a walking disability did. It was a godsend for her and she worked all winter on the medical tape assignment. I missed her when I headed out to other places to adventure to. We all took breaks at the same time and got to know our crewmates pretty well. It was even fun to be up early and pack my lunch for the day.

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Blythe Waters

Bookmark the permalink. December 3, at pm. Renee says:. You can go to the bathroom now. David Ainley in Houston, TX. Joyce Sutton says:. JanisP Not in Ecuador says:. Kitt, NW WA says:. Sandra Collins says:. Marilu from Northern California says:. Diane in S. CA says:. December 4, at am.

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Pamelab in Houston says:. Sidewinder Pen says:. Sounds exciting, Pamelab! Pamelab says:. December 6, at am. Linda in Austin says:.

Who keeps buying California's scarce water? Saudi Arabia

Pamela K. December 5, at am. The PTV came from a used van place that buys up fleets and she has served me well. December 5, at pm. Sealarkesmiles says:. Congratulations Pamelab! Even if you do have to wait a little longer it is sooooo worth it! Barbara Nashville says:. Jenny Johnson Manuel says:. Lee J in southern Oregon says:. Dawn from Camano Island says:. Thank heavens for the insurance and the Shriners!

Excellent overview and point of view regarding water situation…. Applegirl NY says:. December 4, at pm. So glad the surgery went well. What a relief. Hoping and praying for a strong recovery. Hi, Jim, That would be a great solution if a person were available.

EmilyO in NM says:. Reine in Plano says:. BadgerRickInWis says:. Same to you Emily. I will be holding you in my heart and in my prayers. Best of luck. Next couple of weeks are good traveling weather, so looking forward to the days getting longer. Velda in Roseville CA says:. Cinandjules NY says:.

Thank you so much for the info. Best wishes to your husband, Mel. Sounds like you have the upper hand! Good for you…. Denise - Richmond VA says:. Hi, Emily, Sending you some positive thoughts, prayers, and hugs. Take good care. Lynn Brooks says:. KC says:. Hi, KC, There are many sides to this issue, many ramifications to consider. You help us think deeper on this issue. Very thoughtful. How about you? Shirlene Huntington Beach, Ca says:. Chris says:. Hi, Bess, Thank you for the many kind words in your comment, especially about Spike. I do plan to post periodically some information about the cost of full-timing, living as I do.

I hope to catch up the travel recaps, possibly with maps. I worked on that a little bit today. No problem… I need a nudge now and then. I procrastinate a lot. Dasher - Tampa Bay says:. It was inspiring. So I named my Casita — The Dash. Hello, Dasher, and welcome! Welcome and glad you joined our blogorino family!

The dash……a nice reminder of the great times ahead. Enjoy every bit of it! I also put that name in te hat for my RV… Congrats on the purchase and safe move. Congratulations, Dasher! I see adventures and discovery in your future! Rhonda Fleming says:.

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Sue, thank you for your thoughtful and compassionate being. Rhonda says:. Debra Dickinson says:. Hi, Debra, Good to hear from you, long-time reader! December 7, at pm. December 8, at am. Russ says:. Thank you Ms. Have another great day. Thanks… Inspection is this Wed. Ok thanks! Sondra-SC says:. Of course, everything you write is true. Now what can we do? Rita from Phoenix says:.

Thanks, Rita, for sharing your ideas and your water conservation practices. Hi, Shirlene, I hope you enjoyed your coffee and expect a fine day ahead! AZ Jim says:. Hi, Jim, Did you see the spectacular sunset last night?

Water Conservation Tips

I appreciate the advice, Jim. Yours truly, Missy Zonie. That man bugs me! Ya think he could at least dress in something other than that old ratty sweatshirt? Jodee Gravel on the road in Quartzsite, AZ says:. December 6, at pm. Hi, Susan! A lurker from the first day and now you are here!

Sandy says:. Best wishes…. Pam and Maya says:. Hi, rand, Good to hear from you again! Interesting info… Thanks for adding to the discussion. Pookie in SE Texas says:. Too funny but true! Even the brownie uniform was a bit fu fu! Hi Velda, I was a Sea Scout too! Kerry On UT says:. Welcome to you all! Hi, Applegirl, Thanks for encouraging words for lurkers to become blogorinos! I love reading the comments…so many concerns and suggestions. Bob Wells says:. Hi, Bob, Kind of you to drop in with an invitation and information!

Good morning, Sue, Thank you for the beautiful sunset photo and encouraging words! Good morning to you, too, Denise and Gracie pup! Whoever bought the set of 4 cast iron mini cookers… Since we were talking some cooking, I was wondering who bought the set of 4 cast iron mini cookers? Here they are, Joyce: Fagor Michelle B. Those are cute but that much?? For 4 one cup pans I have a fortune in my stoves bottom drawer. Happy Hannukah, Pamela! Am I right that this is the first of the eight days? Linda says:. Hi, Linda, It sounds like you have a clear path ahead on your way to a vagabond life.

Al Christensen says:. You and Piper have a wonderful weekend, too! Cheryl O. WA state says:. Hi, Cheryl O.

The Water of Blythe The Water of Blythe
The Water of Blythe The Water of Blythe
The Water of Blythe The Water of Blythe
The Water of Blythe The Water of Blythe
The Water of Blythe The Water of Blythe
The Water of Blythe The Water of Blythe
The Water of Blythe The Water of Blythe
The Water of Blythe The Water of Blythe

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