The Bloody Hellion : Addonexus Series: Book 1

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Braxtor Trafford Publishing. O'Leary Trafford Publishing. It is obviously a play on words, Hex as in placing a curse, caliber speaks for its self, and combined, sounding not unlike a sword from English Mythology. It is really annoying that more and more frequently I see others using the name and having used it for more than 20 years and almost certainly being the original, it's a character name I have become attached to.

My Colour Is Vomit green, I puke on the tards with stupid colour sigs. My symbol is ,,! Zag is my default online name. I had that name since my first time on a Doom 2 lan. We actually became quite famous among the communities of Battlefield, Quake 3, RTCW and such for our over the top teamwork.

Theutus is described by the Renaissance magician Cornelius Agrippa as one of the order of demons known as the Vessels of Iniquity, also called the Vessels of Wrath: "these are the inventors of evil things and of all wicked arts, as in Plato, that devil Theutus" Occult Philosophy, Book 3, Chapter Agrippa's reference is to Plato's dialogue Phaedrus where the Egyptian god of magic and learning, Thoth, is described: "The story is that in the region of Naucratis in Egypt there dwelt one of the old gods of the country, the god to whom the bird called Ibis is sacred, his own name being Theuth.

He it was that invented number and calculation, geometry and astronomy, not to speak of draughts and dice, and above all writing. Theutus is a degenerate version of the great Egyptian god Thoth. Since Thoth was credited with teaching humanity numbers and their manipulation, he is naturally the god of gambling, which requires the use of numbers.

Gaming for money with dice or cards was looked upon as an evil practice during the Middle Ages and Renaissance by the majority of the European population. If we accept Agrippa's statement that Theutus is one of those demons who taught mankind "all wicked arts" he would seem to be one of the fallen angels, since in the Book of Enoch it is the fallen Watchers who instruct men in the arts and sciences of warfare, black magic, and adornment.

I design the character and once it's finished I usually ask to myself, but as if I were speaking with someone: Whats your name?. And the name usually comes up. My Youtube Channel. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. September in General Gaming. September Join eRepublik today! Tisiphone Member Posts: Cool thread. And Hideo is my favorite Neuromancer character! RealmLords Member Posts: Caleveira Member Posts: Nizur Member Common Posts: 1, Ramonski7 Member Uncommon Posts: 2, Default Member Uncommon Posts: Jhazvhug Member Posts: Maleficus - Evil-doer Addonexus - Bringer of Death.

Rothnir Member Posts: Breagha Member Posts: I'm mostly Breagha, these days. Originally posted by Bree'ah I'm mostly Breagha, these days. Cero - used it in lot of games - derived from my name and my x girl friend.

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Hexcaliber Member Uncommon Posts: Regards Hexcaliber. Ponico Member Posts: I'll mix Zag with a surname if it's needed… Hazumason, Stratos, Stormchild and such. Theutus Member Uncommon Posts: I always figure them out. Ushibaru Member Posts: October My first ol game is Luminary online and i'm using Ayakee.. Sign In or Register to comment. DATA[index][2]; pixel. DATA[index][3]; pixel2. Guild Wars 2. Final Fantasy: XIV. The Elder Scrolls Online. Star Citizen.

Everquest Next. World of Warcraft.

The Bloody Hellion  : Addonexus Series: Book 1 The Bloody Hellion : Addonexus Series: Book 1
The Bloody Hellion  : Addonexus Series: Book 1 The Bloody Hellion : Addonexus Series: Book 1
The Bloody Hellion  : Addonexus Series: Book 1 The Bloody Hellion : Addonexus Series: Book 1
The Bloody Hellion  : Addonexus Series: Book 1 The Bloody Hellion : Addonexus Series: Book 1
The Bloody Hellion  : Addonexus Series: Book 1 The Bloody Hellion : Addonexus Series: Book 1
The Bloody Hellion  : Addonexus Series: Book 1 The Bloody Hellion : Addonexus Series: Book 1
The Bloody Hellion  : Addonexus Series: Book 1 The Bloody Hellion : Addonexus Series: Book 1
The Bloody Hellion  : Addonexus Series: Book 1 The Bloody Hellion : Addonexus Series: Book 1

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