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Penny who was pushed into a pile of garbage by Captain Hammer before the van stopped , assumed that Captain Hammer saved her and begins to fall in love with him. With Captain Hammer distracted by Penny, Dr. Horrible angrily makes off with the Wonderflonium, lamenting over the romance that he is indirectly responsible for.

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Horrible later manages to perfect the Freeze Ray with the Wonderflonium and talks in his blog about his next crime, at the Superhero Memorial Bridge. This fails however, due to the fact that his Freeze Ray takes some time to charge up, and also because Captain Hammer and the LAPD are watching his blog. This earns him a phone call from Bad Horse who tells him that he must now either kill to gain entry to the Evil League of Evil or else be killed for his failure and public humiliation.

Horrible has difficulty with this, as he personally dislikes murder. Moist suggests that he kill someone easy, such as a child or someone very elderly, but Dr. Horrible is even more disgusted with this idea. At the same time, as Billy, he has become close to Penny, with the two bonding with each other over conversations in the laundromat.

Captain Hammer unfortunately meets him in his identity as Billy, who reveals that he knows that he is Dr. Horrible and he plans to sleep with Penny just to humiliate him. Hearing this, Dr. Horrible loses his aversion to killing and resolves to murder Captain Hammer to secure his entry into the Evil League of Evil. As Penny's relationship with Captain Hammer grows, Dr. Horrible is busy in his lab working to perfect his Death Ray and planning how he is going to kill Captain Hammer.

Penny sits in the laundromat with two frozen yogurts, watching the door as she waits for Billy to show up. During the opening ceremony of Penny's new homeless shelter, Dr. Horrible interrupts a speech by Captain Hammer by shooting him with his Freeze Ray. Emboldened by his iminent victory, Dr. Horrible begins to gloat and taunt the audience while firing madly with his Death Ray.

As he approaches Captain Hammer, he hesitates to fire, which gives the Freeze Ray time to power down something Dr. Horrible was not aware could happen. Captain Hammer is unfrozen and punches Dr. Horrible is knocked down by the blow, and loses grip on the Death Ray, which bounces onto the floor. Captain Hammer picks up the Death Ray, and decides to use it on Dr.

Horrible tries to warn that it is now broken, as Wonderflonium must not be bounced under any circumstances, but Captain Hammer ignores him, causing a massive explosion as he fires. Captain Hammer is launched across the room, and runs off crying in pain. Horrible is unscratched, but he discovers that two stray pieces of shrapnel have impaled Penny, the handle of the death ray below her ribs and a piece of the barrel in her chest.

Penny dies in Dr. Horrible's arms and, with her last breath, she tells him that Captain Hammer will save them. The media assumes that Dr. Horrible defeated Captain Hammer and killed Penny intentionally, and he is lauded as the most feared supervillain in the world. With Captain Hammer in seclusion after Penny's death and his first experience with pain and defeat, Dr.

Horrible and Moist are able to go on a crime spree. On the strength of these crimes, Dr. Horrible is invited to join the Evil League of Evil, giving him everything he ever wanted though he is left emotionally crushed by Penny's death. While physically unimposing, Dr. Horrible possesses a genius-level intellect and an understanding of technology that far surpasses that of most of the world, enabling him to invent seemingly impossible items like the transmatter device, freeze ray, stun ray, death ray, and remote control device which allows him to operate a vehicle from a handheld device.

Many of his inventions have failed to work as planned. The transmatter device DID transfer matter, but it arrived in a different form, and the freeze ray took a few seconds to warm up, leaving him vulnerable. The death ray worked, but it was quite fragile, and the remote control device worked fine until Captain Hammer damaged the receiver on the van.

To his credit, Dr.

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Horrible seems to be one of the sole people in the world who seems to realize the media's views on heroes is hopelessly inaccurate. I wanted to run, but I felt like if I had done that he would have chased after me and things would have gotten worse. So I did, and he squeezed me so tight I felt like I was going to burst.

It took me a good ten seconds to get him to let go and I ran to the train car just as the doors were closing. He was trying to get me to miss my train so I would have to wait with him even longer. People, if you are in a situation like this do not feel obligated to give in. If possible, go to someone else near by who you think can help you and ask them to help you.

I got lucky. But not everyone does. Please, everyone, Be Safe. I sit down, pull out my ipod, and begin to play some games. This guy sits down next to me, and begins trying to have a conversation. He then asks me on a date. Now, as I stated before, I already was absolutely petrified. There are now people staring, as we are the only people standing up and not getting off… So I just start crying. Hell, I am bawling almost instantly.

Can I gain victory over hidden moral failure?

I take it, he stands up, and he escorts me off the bus. He asks me questions such as where I was going next, if I was going to meet someone shortly, if I was going to transfer buses from there. He was very polite and waited for me to answer the entire time, and my friend who I was going to be meeting there showed up.

He asked me if this was someone I knew, I said yes, and he said alright, have a good day. Cry and scream and have a temper tantrum. Not only will it throw him off, but it will get others to notice. They might not interfere, they might, but you will have gotten their attention and if you happen to go missing the next day the search for you will be a hell of a lot easier because everyone in that location will have seen you screaming and crying with a guy now very awkward with his actions.

They will know. That is what my daughter did, and three days after she went missing she was back in my arms. I pray for you and every other person like you who has this done. You stay safe now, okay? So this is the second lesson for yall. If you can not have the courage to say no or make an excuse, cry. Let out those sobs and tears and cry your heart out. Because it is going to make people notice and make people aware. Reblogging for that second story. This might save a life. I just wanna note that bus drivers can be really amazing and good ones do look out for their riders.

Gives them a sense of urgency in the situation, as the eye contact is a way to make them feel as though you are personally asking for their help and it is now their obligation to help. It shows that you have fight in you. As with rapists, those who are physically aggressive ie. Sadly, this is not always the case, but every little bit helps. But fuck that, there be young girls out there who need a hand. So I used to be hot when I was young. I mean, model hot, because I actually used to model. But I fit a UK size 6 with a pert ass from volleyball and a cup c breast. I sometimes even happened in church.

If no older lady is available, find a younger one, or a nun, or a trans lady. We of the sisterhood know what it is to be harnessed, and I guarantee if you look frightened enough, they will help. Please get away from me! Think about what would be awkward and annoying to you and make it what you do to them.

If you make them think YOU are something to get away from they will leave you in peace. But they are a valid last resort: 5 stare at them. Like yours the girl from the ring emerging from the TV to kill them. Things like, occult star readings requiring blood, wondering whether he is the offering the spirits sent. Tell him that. Tell him you would like him to meet your lord, Vlad the Impaler, who requires much blood to be appeased.

Believe it or not, this has worked for me twice. Above all, banish the notion that you have to be polite. They were impolite by approaching you. If you can, ignore them. And if all else fails, summon Satan. Go for offended, and go for loud. Not yelling loud, but giving-your-best-presentation loud. For another, that indignant tone? Maybe you should go back to kindergarten where they teach you no means no. This is NOT the kind of thing I usually post on here, but this is something that every female [or, every person honestly, harrassment isnt a one way street]needs to see.

This is a fairly active blog, so I hope to see numerous reblogs. Blowjob, Food, and Fuck You: Table for two. Support public breast feeding and end the porn culture. Drunk, Party, and Soon Like there's a sanity meter that keeps going down the longer you keep talking to people - some people do damage faster than others, sometimes you take a hit at the mere sight of a specific person. Your goal is to survive the night prowling through the house for quiet, secluded places that you'll soon have to abandon as people show up to talk more privarely or "talk more privarely" , having the small talk that you absolutely can't avoid, and at all costs trying to avoid having the sanity meter hit zero.

That's when you have a meltdown at the middle of the party. Survive the Night The Houseparty sateenvarjopoika Substances are available as "potions", but while they help in small portions, their effect to the sanity meter becomes increasingly more flippant and unreliable the more you've consumed. Source: sateenvarjopoika 39 notes tbh Id play this.

Energy, Gif, and Money: Hide the money. There's poor people round freshest-tittymilk: pocmemes: thatonerandomgaybitchimproved: ruinedchildhood: pocmemes: Money Chadwick This is the Monetary Prosperity T'ChallaLike to charge with secluded financial energyReblog for your bank account to have the stength of the Panther….

Feel free to follow this to a T, do only a few steps, or ignore it altogether. This is for the same reason as getting your dreamies early on. Bells, axes, flowers, tree saplings, bush starts, furniture, etc.

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Knowing this will help you decide on wide or skinny paths, number of trees, color of flowers, and so on. Wide paths take up two to three tiles, while skinny paths take up only one. Skinny paths are also useful in tight areas that you need to go through. Take a screenshot of your town map and open it in Paint, or a similar program. Draw lines on your map to indicate where paths will go. You can use a red line to represent wide paths, a green line to represent skinny paths, a blue line to represent waterways, etc. This way, you can tweak it without having to change three other designs along with it.

Having a path with no dead ends that also connects the major parts of town is best. After all that, you can go in and lay down the pretty path you picked out earlier! You can only store 10 designs in your design slots, but some paths will take up all or more of those. You can have up to 4 characters, so you can have up to 40 designs—including paths, clothes, wallpapers, etc. Some might go along with the theme of your town more, so you can pinpoint those early on. Especially large spaces can be filled with parks jungle gym, tire toy, water fountain, picnic blanket , gardens statue fountain, topiaries , zen gardens zen garden, zen bell, zen bench, zen streetlight , campground campsite, fire pit, camping cot, log bench , etc.

Most can look fine on their own, and you can fill more space with trees, flowers, bushes, etc. You should have been hoarding trees and bushes while expanding your hybrid garden, so you should have plenty to work with. You still might need more though. In this case, use a simple design to indicate where trees or bushes will go eventually.

If your town is more natural, use more trees. If your town is more modern, use more bushes and flowers. Just mix and match different things with different areas of path. Try not to mix too many different types of bushes in one area. If you do mix them, do it in a pattern of some kind. Larger spaces that you filled with a park or garden can be outlined just like you lined your paths.

For example, around a fountain put a mix of flowers on the first outline or two. Then do an outline of bushes around those flowers with a couple open spaces for entryways. You just took up so much space with just one PWP!

New Song Unfailing Love Convention 2019 ¡Love Never Fails!

So experiment with different areas and see what looks good. You can always rearrange everything later. Like a lot of other things, experimentation is going to be a large part of this. As far as mixing breeds goes, combos that look nice together are cosmos and tulips, cosmos and violets, roses and tulips, and roses and lilies. As far as mixing colors go, combos that look nice together are anything and white, pink and yellow, pink and blue, purple and blue, yellow and orange, black and orange, and red and pink.

Putting out clothes and gifts for visitors to your dream town is really nice. Other things can fill up space are fruit baskets, tree stumps, mushrooms, songs, and candy. Good gifts include throwing beans, toy hammers, balloons, bubble wands, ice creams, and so on.

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