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Passenger - Let Her Go (Official Video)

I really love the message of the song. It gives something substantiated means in my life. I may not be her but I feel like her and I really feel the music as I am listening to its acoustics. To appreciate other on the things they wish to have and let them towards their life give them the freedom to think and make them feel happy for the things they wish to do without the aid of others.

Let them be free and give them the way towards the things they wanted to soar. Love is not about pushing people for those thing they don't want to do but to let them be free and be happy for what they wish. This song make a really huge meaning to me. Their faces, their way, how they act keep running in your mind 'til make you feel suffocated.

That time you try to move on, and you feel can't ever move on then you stuck between those memories and stuck between all the lines in the song, you try to say to yourself that you can get up and leave all this, but the more effort you give, the more the memories comeback to you,. The only tips here, just follow the flow, time will change everything. Btw it is the nice song, keep it up guys. It could be about losing a mother or a grandmother that has passed too. Mothers are like the sun and bring so much to children and their families.

When they die u realize how much u miss them.

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And u have to let them go. It could be to cancer or something else. There are things like death and words that you can't ever take back. When you lose somebody that to you love it leaves a huge hole in your heart. He can't deal with the pain of his girl leaving so he drinks it away which just gives him more problems.

He didn't know he depended on and loved her so much. When he let her go he realized she was the missing piece in his is life. She was his whole world. Like the artist says you only miss something when you don't have it anymore. Without her gone he never knew her presence was why he was surviving. Watching the music video really explained it well.

Passenger:Let Her Go Lyrics

This song reminds me what I have done to my ex-girlfriend that loves me more than she loves herself. But I'm a idiot I leave her and the realization struck me but I ain't rabble to take her back to me. So when you decide a permanent decision you should think of it before because after you decide it will become a happy and painful memory.

It could mean that a man who unusually gets to know a girl and gets involved with her realises he can overcome his own desire for her when he chooses to end the relationship anyway because he wants better for her and the circumstances are not conducive for them to fulfil both their needs to be 1.

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One someone 2. At home and in harmony 3. To be able to have purpose and progress in their individual lives. Its a break up song!

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  • And its reflective of loss and grief. Nice song. And if you hurting someone just let her go and God will heal you everytime you hurt. Just pray and pray. The Great Book reminds us to achieve rest on the 7th Day. But just as it was re-taught that man ought forgive not 7-Seven, but Seventy-times-Seven.

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    We also might need to attain pose, and completely take-in our surround, m once-every-while and not only during the Weekend. Sometimes you can even notice a new shoot in a plant -- and begin to track it. That way, when it's Cut, you have memories of 'it' to soothe you, and walk-you-thru how you'd have made it better for a similar living othr' shoot. What is this song all about? All I know is. You'll only know her importance if she's gone.


    You'll just realize that you love her once that she's now beyond your reach. You'll only know everything and every importance of that person once that you already done something wrong or once that she's out of your life. People nowadays never knew that. So only know you love her when you let her go. And you let her go. Life is an art of letting go. We may lose someone special, someone important to us but we still have to live our life. Letting go of someone is not as easy as but when we accept the fact that they are no longer with us it will be easier. So, as long as were alive don't let a day passed we without saying how much do we love our beloved ones.

    Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics
    Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics
    Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics
    Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics
    Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics
    Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics
    Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics
    Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics
    Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics Passenger - Let her go - Lyrics

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